13 Best Email Scraping Tools for Sales Prospecting in 2020

13 Best Email Scraping Tools for Sales Prospecting in 2020

Email Scraping Tools

‘’More than 40% of salespeople say this is the most challenging part of the sales process, followed by closing (36%) and qualifying (22%). If you find prospecting to be the most difficult part of your job, you're not alone.’’

Capturing leads, nurturing them and finally convincing them to become a sales lead is not an easy task, being in the sales industry, you are well aware of how the process happens.

Living in the 2020 market and e-commerce competition, if you were asked to conduct the traditional method of cold calling, you would hesitate because you are well aware of how your modern buyers are today. So how can sales reps like you be able to cater to such modern buyers more quickly and efficiently?

The answer to this question lies in this article. Getting higher sales numbers requires hard work in the right place and what if this article told you that there is one method that can help increase your sales conversions as well as provide you with the techniques that can help you achieve those goals?

Sales in 2020 need to be quicker, more efficient and more effective, which is exactly why the ultimate solution, ‘Email scraping tools’ is the perfect technique to impact your lead and conversion rates.

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Email scraping is the process of extracting email addresses online to cater to them later. For instance, when you scrape a source for email addresses, what your next action would be to target those email addresses and convert them into a sales lead. This is a great technique as it helps sales reps like you to cater to leads much quicker.

The need for email scraping was developed because to capture leads is a longer process. From conducting cold calls and emails and then following up continuously can consume a lot of time for sales reps like you to make a few sales conversions. Hence understanding this, email scraping comes as a blessing to help achieve sales targets much quicker.

With email scraping, even sales reps like you can benefit from the advantage it offers. Have you ever wondered when seeing your competitor's website that the solution you are selling is much better than theirs?

Email scraping helps you to take action for the thought mentioned above. Scraping emails can be helpful with:

1 . Targeting ideal prospects much quicker

  1. Helps to sell better to leads

  2. Captures lead attention by offering alternatives much better than the solution they are incorporating

Understanding this, we have curated the top 13 best email scraping tools which can help you conduct this process with much ease and understanding.



Zoominfo is an easy interface that allows users to find the email addresses of business with just one mention. Ranked number 1 by their existing customers, Zoominfo offers three types of solutions for marketing, enterprise as well as sales. With Zoominfo you have the ability to close deals better, have control over them and grasp better lead activities more efficiently. 


  1. Sales solutions

  2. Marketing solutions

  3. Enterprise solutions


  1. Contact and Company search

  2. Account targeting

  3. Database Management

  4. Campaign optimization


1 . Offers great features to users

  1. User-friendly application


  1. If you wish to acquire Zoominfo for your entire team, it can make your pockets heavy

  2. Zoominfo users have experienced a crash of this application at times which could halt your current work activities


Zoominfo provides 3 types of pricing strategies.The first one is for Professional, second is for Advanced and the third is for Elites. Excluding the other two pricing, Elite has additional features. To understand their pricing, you need to request the pricing once you’ve decided which matches your needs accordingly.




A dedicated email scraping tool that helps to retrieve B2B emails and helps to connect with those leads to strengthen your lead activities much better. Skyrapp understands how important your business is which is exactly why they ensure that you receive only verified B2B emails.Skyrapp conducts such an activity from any source be it Linkedin, a particular company website and more.


1 . Finds verified emails on Linkedin

  1. Find leads from company websites

  2. Finds verified email addresses for anybody you want

  3. Gets email addresses from any organization

  4. Find all emails in a database


  1. Chrome Extension

  2. Email finder

  3. Bulk Email finder

  4. Domain search

  5. API


  1. Conduct automated action for pulling in multiple prospect emails from one source

  2. Provides easy interface navigation for users to understand better


  1. While it helps to scrape emails quicker during the process, users have claimed to receive wrong emails as well

  2. Poor customer support assistance related to any skyrapp.io queries


Skyrapp has 5 pricing options. The first one is free, the second is for Starters which is $49 a month, the third is for Seekers which is $99 a month, the fourth is for Enterprise which is $199 a month and lastly, the fifth pricing option is for Global which you can get at $299 a month. Depending on the pricing options you use the user limit and emails per month are set accordingly. The higher the package you use, the higher the email and user count will be.




Conducts efficient scraping and crawling activities with ease and efficiency. It is such an easy application that even a beginner can commence its use without any hassle. Trusted by many well-known clients, it is considered to help many brands to achieve the expected benefits with its scraping tool. It also offers a secure scraping activity with IP rotations and cloud platforms.


1 . Scrapes data with one click

  1. Has cloud services

  2. Offers schedule scraping

  3. Conducts IP rotation

  4. Deals with any websites

  5. Can receive activity results in any format you need


1 . Enterprise solutions

  1. Data service

  2. Web scraping


  1. To utilize Octoparse users need not conduct any coding activity

  2. Efficient for scraping big and complex websites


1 . Absence of API link in the free mode

  1. Absence of this application in mac installed and mobile android native platforms


Octoparse offers 4 types of pricing options. One is a free plan, the second is a Standard plan which costs $75 a month, the third one is a Professional plan which costs $209 a month and the last one is an Enterprise plan which starts from $4899 a year. For the Standard and Professional plan, you have a free trial option. 




Hunter believes in data transparency which is exactly what they aim to deliver to their users. From identifying email patterns to saving a lead, hunter ensures that any lead activity is listed. out with better clarity. The email scraping activity is easy with hunter, all you need to do is enter a domain name and commence finding the email addresses.


1 . Domain search

  1. Email finder

  2. Email verifier

  3. Bulk tasks

  4. Campaigns

  5. API


1 . Capture any email addresses from any website

  1. Verify the email addresses you have in hand for accuracy

  2. Get the email addresses for any professionals you wish to seek


1 . User-friendly application 

  1. Quicker in conducting its email scraping activity


1 . The features list it offers is not much

  1. Doesn't have a LinkedIn extension means you cannot scrape emails using this social platform which could be a hassle for B2B businesses.


Hunter.io offers 5 types of pricing strategies. One is a free plan, the second is for Starters which is $49 a month, the third is for Growth which is $99 a month, the fourth is for Pro which is $199 a month and the last one is for Enterprises which is $399 a month.




Offering the most accurate databases of emails Rocket reach allows you to build a good connection with the professionals who matter for your business. Be it marketing, sales or recruiting, Rocket reach is great in delivering verified data that matters. Also, connected to the top apps, now syncing and connecting with such apps has become easy with Rocket reach. 


1 . Advanced search

2 . Chrome extension

  1. Bulk lookups

  2. API

  3. Outreach Integrations


1 . Provides accurate activities

  1. Complete other actions which competitors miss whilst conducting the same service (provides personal email addresses too)

  2. Use intelligence reports to understand better results

  3. Remaining up to date with latest trends


1 . If your looking to build multiple leads, this application is right for you

  1. Identifying leads is easier with this application and the data it provides too is reliable


1 . Offers a very low amount of free searches for users who opt for the free plan

  1. Lacks delivering basic UX functions


Rocket reach offers 3 types of pricing plans which can be billed either monthly or annually. The three types of pricing they offer are Essentials, Pro and Ultimate. If these 3 were billed monthly the cost for each would be Essentials- $ 59, Pro- $119, Ultimate- $ 299. If these 3 were billed annually, the cost for each would be Essentials- $ 468, Pro- $948, Ultimate- $ 2388.No matter which plans you consider, Rocket reach ensures that the below factors are included in any of the pricing plans you choose:

1 . 24/7 support

  1. CM and ATS support

  2. Export to CSV

  3. Bulk Lookups

  4. Full API access




A sales automated platform, Prospect.io is a dedicated solution to lift the burden of capturing leads on behalf of sales reps. Prospect.io doesn’t just find email addresses for you, it also verifies it so that you always have quality data in hand. It also keeps track of the activities so that the data can help them to improvise better on the solution they are offering their users.


1 . Prospecting

  1. Emailing

  2. Analyzing

  3. Synching


1 . Verifies email addresses

  1. Conducts cold emails and campaigns

  2. Eliminates data entry

  3. Tracks down every single activity


1 . Efficient in automation and conducts easy follow-ups

  1. Simple and easy to use application


1 . There are chances that while email scraping, wrong email addresses can be retrieved

  1. The pricing plans are too high causing a few users to not try it


Prospects.io offers two types of pricing plans, one is for Starters and the other is for professionals. The plans can be paid either monthly or yearly however for the professional plan, you need to request a demo. For Starters, if the billing is done monthly the cost would be $79 a month plus $29 a month per additional user. If the billing is done yearly for Starters the cost would be $69 a month plus $25 a month per additional user.




Sales Navigator is the right approach to meet the requirements of the modern sales reps of today. Whether it is conducting sales prospecting or closing deals with this application both the processes have taken one step towards delivering an efficient result. 


1 . Finds relevant prospects to sell them better


  1. Sales prospecting

  2. Closes deals


  1. Gives updates on any lead action and alerts users with notifications for any changes

  2. Suitable for any customer and business category such as a small or medium business and even an enterprise


1 . Few sections of the tool require manual effort

  1. The data saved will never be in the place you want it to be saved which makes it difficult for you to find it when you need it the most


The pricing details for Sales Navigator hasn’t been mentioned. However, you could visit their page and fill out a form to get in touch with their sales team and also to view a demo of the tool.




Slik ensures that the sales data being received by users is an efficient and impactful one. Slik offers high-quality custom sales data to help the modern sales reps of today to capture leads much more quickly and conveniently.


No information provided


No information provided


1 . Can access huge databases which have the updated information of the lead emails

  1. Can search a vast number of contacts to scrape email addresses


1 . Lacks to deliver an outreach feature to users to integrate the contacts

  1. Accuracy of the activity still requires improvement


No pricing information has been provided for Silk however when you visit their website you could schedule a call with them to get better insights on the product as well as the pricing.


Not provided


Scrapebox Email Scraper offers multiple features, add ons and plugins making it a vast tool that caters to its multiple user's requirements. It’s frequent updates ensure that every user is conducting email scraping activities with rick features only. It is a free tool that offers many benefits such as proxy support, site crawler, adjustable user agents and much more.


1 . Email scraper

  1. Name and Email generator

  2. Proxy harvester and much more


1 . Fast multi-threaded operation

  1. Highly customizable

  2. Numerous add ons


1 . Has inbuilt proxy support to ensure that email scraping can be conducted by users on any restricted websites without the fear of getting blocked

  1. Supports https URLs to ensure that this application can work better with any online social platform


1 . To conduct email scraping with this tool can be slower since it is a free application and the users will be many

  1. Conducts constant updates which can be annoying for users


Scrapebox email scraper is a free tool. In case you wish to seek a lifetime license, you need to conduct a one-time payment (the amount is not mentioned). Any updates or features listed are all free to use.


Not provided


Email Extractor is a Google extension that helps in extracting emails from various sources such as local HTML documents, text files, cloaked emails and more. It is an automated process that speeds up your email scraping activities with minimal supervision. It also offers any offline support as well as eliminates any duplicate email addresses so that users like you can experience a clutter-free and quality data.


1 . Extract Email Address from Web Pages Automatically

  1. Extracts Emails on Ajax Pages as well, for example, Google Search

  2. Extract Email Address from Web Pages Automatically


1 . Extracting emails from various sources (text files and more)

  1. Filters duplicate email addresses

  2. Auto saves captured email addresses


1 . Showcases no advertisements

  1. Eliminates any duplicate email addresses during the process hence giving users on quality data


1 . When it comes to configuring this application, users will need to have technical knowledge. This could be difficult for non-technical users


Email extractor is a Google Chrome extension which means that is free and can be connected to your system anytime you wish to utilize it.




Aeroleads helps to find email addresses, phone numbers as well as B2B data with the help of its Chrome Plugins. Aeroleads is considered to be the number 1 prospect generation and B2B lead generation software on the web. It also offers great support assistance via chat, email and even over a call. 


1 . Uses Linkedin to retrieve email addresses from business professionals

  1. Find data relevant to each contact (name, profile and more)

  2. Export or transfer data to the tools and formats offered by Aeroleads

  3. Great support assistance


1 . Email addresses and phone number finder software

  1. Email addresses and phone number finder software for Chrome extension

  2. Email addresses and phone number finder software for Firefox extension


  1. Provides a convenient interface for users

  2. Sales reps can easily connect this application to CRMs without any hassle


1 . Limited to delivering only business emails and phone numbers of the corporate and not the person

  1. Creating a list of the email scraping from contacts can be difficult using this application


Aeroleads offers 4 types of pricing plans which can be paid either monthly or yearly, For monthly payments the first plan is called Take off which is $49 a month, the next one is their most popular plan called Climb which is $149 a month, the next one is Cruise which is $499 a month and the last one is Enterprise where you need to email them to know their pricing quote. For yearly payments the first plan would be Take off which is $490 a year, Climb would be $1490 a year, Cruise would be $4990 a year and the last one is Enterprise where you need to email them to know their pricing quote.




Voila Norbet focuses on 3 crucial factors of email scraping, identifying leads, verifying them and enriching them. No matter which source you want to conduct the email scraping activity on, Norbet extension ensures that its presence is available at that very moment. Whether it is sales as a whole or sales in the form of content marketing, PR and other forms, Norbet ensures that users will always receive quality information which will enhance their lead generation activities much better.


1 . Find leads

  1. Verify emails

  2. Enrich contacts


1 . Sales

  1. Recruitment

  2. Content Marketing

  3. Business Development

  4. PR

  5. Any other service from your end can be included too


  1. Offers accurate email details to users

  2. Offers the best tools to conduct efficient email scraping activities without any hassle


1 . If you hold multiple information about a prospect, this tool could eliminate a few of the header fields which could confuse you

  1. Doesn’t support quite a few platforms such as Mac, Windows, Mobile- IOS and Android native


Voila Norbet offers 4 pricing plans which can be paid either monthly or yearly. For the monthly payments, the plans for each would be Valet $49 a month, Butler $99 a month, Advisor $249 a month and Counselor $499 a month. If you conduct the payments for the plans yearly, you receive a good discount such as Valet $39 a month (Saved $120), Butler $79 a month (Saved $240), Advisor $199 a month (Saved $600) and Counselor $399 a month (Saved $1200).




Listgrabber specializes in helping its users especially sales reps to build a lead list from various sources. Whether it is the company name, email or any other information, Listgrabber ensures that all this vital information is captured well. Even with the help of online directories, association websites, membership directories, and MLS listings, Listgrabber makes sure that your critical information is captured without any hassle. 


  1. One-click transfer

  2. Accuracy

  3. Captures lead quicker

  4. Captures multiple email addresses

  5. Hotkey feature

  6. Automatic updates

  7. Extract emails

  8. Identify duplicate contacts


1 . Extracts business email addresses from online directories

  1. Helps you conduct lead generation much quicker

  2. Helps to build business mailing lists


1 . Uses Excel to extract the information and place it there so that mail outs are possible to be conducted by users

  1. Supports Australian Yellow pages as well


1 .Need to purchase new versions every year to continue using the rich features this application offers

  1. If you want to scrape huge information, chances are this tool could crash during the process


You can purchase the listgrabber license with the following pricing options, 1 license- $249. 95, 2 license pack- $449 and also includes a 10% discount which makes it Net $224.95 / user, 5 license pack- $1.059 and also has a 15% discount which makes it Net $212.95 / user. Lastly, you have the 20 license pack- $ 3984 which has a discount of 20% which makes it Net $199.95 / user.




IconWhat is Email Scraping?

Email scraping is the process of extracting email addresses online to cater to them later. Email scraping takes place because it can help engage with the right prospects quicker.

IconHow to do Email Scraping?

By investing in email scraping tools, this process can be conducted. To name a few are Rocket Reach, Hunter.io, and more.

IconEmail Scraping tools chrome

The top 5 email scraping tools via chrome are AeroLeads chrome extension, EmailDrop, Hunter for Chrome, Alore Email Finder Chrome Plugin, and Find That Email.

IconEmail Scraper Free

The free email scrapers available are Email extractor Pro, Online Email extractor, Uscraper, Atsign and more

IconEmail Extractor from website

The list of email extractors from websites is Zoominfo, Skyrapp.io, Octoparse, Hunter.io, Rocket reach, and more.

IconInstagram Email Scraper

The list of Instagram email scrapers is Hunter, Skyrapp.io, SalesQL.com, Kendo, Getprospect.io, and more.

IconEmail Scraping Jobs

The email scraping job lists are Voila Norbet, Listgrabber, Aeroleads, and more.

IconFacebook Email Extractor Chrome Extension

The list for Facebook email extractor chrome extension is Email extractor, Email exporter, Email Hunter, and more.

IconTwitter Email Scraper

The list of twitter email scrapers is Social media extractor, Twitter Data extractor, and more.

IconSoundcloud email Scraper

The list of Soundcloud Email Scrapers is Scrapebox email scraper, Hunter.io, and more.


Receiving email addresses of prospects is one of the easiest ways sales reps like you can increase your lead conversions much higher and quicker. While conducting email scraping with the help of email scraping tools on a more regular basis will yield you better benefits but there is also a risk attached to it, the fear of getting blocked due to the high usage of conducting such an activity.

Hence it is ideal to use a proxy server that can safeguard the email scraping tools you apply. Investing in a reliable proxy server can help to hide your identity much more securely with proxies so that whenever email scraping activities are being conducted, it takes place without any hindrances. 

Which email scraping tool are you planning to incorporate? Why do you believe the tool you've chosen is ideal for your sales activities? We would like to hear from you.

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