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With the number of webpages today reaching over 4.6 billion, there is bound to be competition for traffic. The number grows more and more each day and that makes the competition fiercer, but the good news for website owners is that you can improve your site and stand a better chance of being visible and highly competitive amongst others.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process that helps to improve web pages by optimizing various elements both on the site and offline so as to enable search engines and human users to have a better experience. Without SEO websites may get lost amongst the lot and never make it to the top spot in search engine results pages. And so to monitor the progress of your site from SEO, you need an SEO ranking report.

SEO reports are essential as they help to locate areas of your site that need to be improved, and they also monitor the progress of your site and its impact.

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1 . It ensures that your site can be crawled and indexed: for search engines to understand what the content of your webpage is about, it first has to be crawled. SEO is important because it makes it possible for the bots to crawl your site properly and then store the information it finds in indexes.

2. Creating great user experience: different algorithms like penguin, hummingbird, panda, and mobile-first indexing all try to make sure every site is up to a good standard so that users can have a good experience while on it.

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3. Improve site ranking: every site owner wants to be ranked at the top of search engine results pages and with SEO, your site gets optimized and will be rewarded for quality by getting a good ranking.

4. Increased site traffic: having your site at the top of the search engine results page means your site is more likely to be clicked on by visitors who are looking for the content you have to offer. This will increase the traffic to your site because reports show that top results usually have a 30% CTR.



Every website makes use of blocking techniques to protect its data and resources against unwanted visitors and malicious activity. The malicious activity could be an attempt at hacking the site for data theft. Usually, a site prevents these attacks by requiring every visitor to sign in or have to solve captchas before proceeding. To further enhance the security of a site, IP based blocking techniques are being used and they flag, ban, or disable a user account using some specific parameters.

In order to avoid having your IP blocked as you attempt to get an SEO report for a website, you need to understand how IP blocking techniques work and try to avoid triggering them.


Every site has requirements that are specific to them. Their security and use of blocking methods are largely dependent on what can be done on the site; do they need to sign in? Are they only able to view pages and can only post after creating an account?

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Take Instagram for example. They focus more on user-agent and have most of their users logging in through mobile apps. Facebook requires geolocation as its users make use of both mobile apps and desktop sites. Craiglist is a platform that is location specific and gives a limit to the number of accounts and other features that a single IP can perform. Ecommerce sites that sell tickets for instance also put a limit to the number of purchases that can be made per household and they do this using the IP address.

So your best shot at avoiding getting blocked by a website is to know its interest and focus.


The target website has some requirements that it may need from your computer and this information is mostly used to provide you with better user experience by displaying content in the right format for your browser, and also saving passwords and items that have been added to a shopping cart. The information the site requests from your computer is known as your device fingerprint and it is used to identify you as a unique user on the website.

Device fingerprints can provide a good deal of information about the user. Information that can be gotten includes the browser user agent and browser minor version, content-encoding and language, operating system and version, browser history, plugins and fonts, browsing pattern, screen resolution, and color depth, font rendering, java version, graphics card type, canvas rendering results, audio API, WebGL renderer, battery info, webRTC, device IDs, and your IP address.

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With so much information at the disposal of the website, it may seem overwhelming to try to prevent being identified by a website. With multi-login you get a different browsing environment, thereby replacing your fingerprint with a different one. This way the website doesn’t recognize you when you visit.


The most important decision to make here is to make use of the right type of IP service as the type of Proxy service provider you choose will greatly affect the success of the task you want to carry out on a website. Limeproxies provides you with a pool of IP addresses to choose from, and with great performance proves to be exactly what you need to complete your task.

If the IP you need is to enable you to manage multiple accounts on social media, then it is better that you make use of a static residential IP as this is a real IP from an internet service provider for commercial purposes. This IP is applied to one account and does not rotate, making it the best choice for filling forms online or to post and make a comment on a post. Static IPs fix the problem of rotating IPs which can ultimately cause you to be blocked.

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Rotating IPs are not bad and find their use in scraping with your bot or crawler. This type of IP allows you to bypass blocks that target countries, cities, a particular carrier, and even ASN.

The right settings too will go a long way to prevent you from being blocked. Some sites have a maximum number of requests that are permitted within a time frame. Going past this limit is an indicator that you are using a bot and you will be served a captcha to solve, or your IP might even get blocked altogether. So to prevent this, rotate the IPs based on the number of requests.

Some websites make use of a maximum number of requests and also block requests from IPs of certain locations. To get around this, make use of IPs that are not from the targeted city or area, and rotate between the IPs based on the maximum number of requests one IP can send.


The terms of service of most sites are simple enough for you to understand what is acceptable. An example is seen in Facebook’s terms of service that states that advertisements you display must match the geolocation of the account in use. In this scenario, you must ensure that the IP you are using is city targeted rather than the country targeted.

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Going against the terms of service probably because you forgot or misunderstood can cause your account to be blocked or disabled. If you want to avoid getting blocked due to non-compliance to terms of service, you should read it rather than hit continue or agree automatically.


Most websites protect their servers against various events like hacking and reduced speed, all to guarantee great user experience in the end. One of the most common attacks servers get is Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS). What it means is the use of more than one IP, server or connection to overload a particular site or server, leading to it shutting down.

This attack is an example of extreme overloading but other less extreme but equally destructive practices to a server include having many connections to the same site at the same time. Everybody wants to get a lot done faster but overloading the server will also affect you at the end of it shuts down.


SEO ranking reports are the only real way to tell conclusively that your SEO techniques are working and making your website into what it ought to be. These reports also show you where your site is lacking and so gives you the opportunity to fix it for the ultimate goal of ranking higher and gaining more traffic in a world full of competing webpages. A website’s defenses could kick in especially if a third party is involved in taking care of the site’s SEO and providing the ranking reports, and so to avoid getting your IP banned, you will find these tips very useful.

Choosing the right IP for every job is key to the successful completion of the job, and that is why Limeproxies is highly recommended when the need arises to change IP while providing the report.


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