How social media proxies can help manage several social media accounts?

How social media proxies can help manage several social media accounts?

several social media accounts

Social media marketing is getting more and more competitive with each passing day. 45% of the total world population uses social media networks, with more than a million new people joining social media every single day. Not only do the marketers have to draw the customers in and convince them to buy their products, they also have to make sure that the social media sites consider their content as valuable enough to be promoted. If the latter does not work out, then their social media account can even be labelled as ‘spammy’ due to its inability to reach the users out there.

As this is a fear that marketers often grapple with, they have to constantly look for newer ways to reach out to their audience without getting flagged by the top sites. One of the ways to do so is by creating more than one account on each site. Most websites tend to put a limit on the number of accounts that can be created from the same IP address. Once that limit is crossed, the site can either choose to block the IP address in question, or freeze the accounts created by that IP address.

When you’re looking to create multiple accounts on the same platform, there are a few things you need to figure out. Firstly, they need to find out how many accounts they can create using the same IP address. Secondly, they have to figure out a way to overcome the limitations placed by certain sites.


Brands and businesses can choose to create multiple social media accounts for several reasons. It’s the first step to helping your business grow through a substantial number of followers, by letting the users learn about your business. Once your account is identified as a regular and legitimate one and has been around for quite some time, organic followers are bound to flock in.

When creating multiple accounts, it’s imperative that you be careful. Read up the rules and guidelines of the social media websites on which you’re creating your accounts, for if they were to discover that you’re violating the rules, you could be banned from that platform forever.

Affiliate marketing is another reason to create several accounts on the same social media platform. This especially comes into use when you’re trying to sell different kinds of products to different groups of people. For example, if you’re trying to sell jewellery as well as sports equipment, those two categories will appeal to two different demographics and sets of people; therefore, you will have to sell these items through two different accounts. Each separate niche and target market should have a separate account dedicated to them. Not only does this portray you as an expert in the respective niches, but also lets you interact and have meaningful conversations with the people who belong to your target market.

Last, but definitely not the least, having multiple accounts helps you keep a close eye on your competition. It lets you have inconspicuous conversations through which you can discover the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors, find out where you stand in the battle, and chart out your future strategy accordingly.

Create several accounts on the same social media platform by using social media proxies. This way, you keep your identity safe, and aren’t at the risk of being caught or having your IP address blocked or your accounts frozen. While using social media proxies for your social media accounts, there are a few things you should take care of:



Using a free, public proxy for social media accounts is one of the biggest mistakes people make. Users can be tracked by their IP address by social media networks. Not only can it lead to being banned on a social media website, but you will also have to spend time finding another social media proxy that’s accessible.

Another issue with free proxies is that most of them are either blocked or run by scammers who just want to steal your personal information. This puts everything, including your financial details, at risk. Also, using a public proxy is time-consuming as they are super-slow since the bandwidth is shared by a lot of users.

The best option is choosing a paid proxy. LimeProxies, for example, can provide you a package of 10 proxies at $9.99 a month, post their 50% discount. 

Don’t go for semi-dedicated proxies, because in case one of the individuals you’re sharing your proxies with messes up and gets banned from a social media website, it will end up being an issue for you as well. Instead, go for dedicated proxies. This lets you manage your social media accounts as you want, without letting anyone else’s behaviour affect the way you handle your accounts. 


Marketers are often content with using just one proxy all the time. They go on posting multiple updates and managing all their accounts without changing their proxies. However, if you aim to stay ahead in the game, you have to go with rotating proxies. A rotating proxy is a proxy that keeps picking different IP addresses from a pool of proxies. This ensures that they aren’t easily recognised by the web servers, thereby decreasing the chances of them getting banned by websites.

All you need to do is enter the rotating proxy information into the tool or web browser, post which your proxies will automatically rotate after a certain amount of time. As a result, you get a fresh IP address every hour or so. Once your IP address constantly starts to rotate, it will be much more difficult for social media networks to realise that you’re using bots or multiple accounts. 


You’re using social media proxies so as to create multiple social media accounts, which can tempt you to create the same kind of account again and again. However, that will leave you susceptible to being detected. Therefore, make sure that you create unique accounts.

For example, if Facebook gets a hint of duplicate content being posted on multiple accounts, your accounts are sure to be shut down, due to which you will lose access to all the content across all your accounts. Even if it seems to be time-consuming, dedicate your efforts into making them unique. 


Social media bots have been popular for quite a while now due to their ability to automate various processes. Be it getting followers on Twitter or commenting on Facebook groups, they can indeed help you save a lot of time, especially once you develop a steady following. Although they are great tools, you have to be careful with them.

The one thing you have to always remember is to make it appear that your accounts are being run by a human being. Therefore, even if you’re using a bot, ensure that its activities are normal. If you have to add followers, see to it that you add a maximum of 10 or 20 a day instead of 200. Similarly, comment on just a few posts instead of spamming accounts everywhere with your endless comments. Think of how much you want to put into your accounts, and have the bot replicate it. Just make sure that your bots don’t go overboard with their activities.

Additionally, choose bots that are as targeted as possible. Moderate their settings and configurations in a way such that they go after targeted followers and leave comments that make sense. If they comment in a way that make you seem like a spammer, that will be a loss to your cause.


When you use proxies to log in to your various social media accounts, you have to be mindful of the proxy’s location. Proxies originate from different locations, and your provider can have proxies from innumerable locations, such as New York, Germany, Canada, and so on.

If you happen to log in to your Facebook account with an IP address from Ohio in the morning, and a German IP address at noon, it might think that something is wrong and lock your account. Therefore, pick proxies that are from the same general location, so that it doesn’t look like you’ve been hacked.

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Now that you have some substantial amount of information on how to use proxies to manage several social media accounts, you can start building your empire. It’s important to remember to take things slow. Look into which proxy will best suit your needs. LimeProxies, for example, offers great service and options for social media marketers to choose from. LimeProxies provides both premium as well as private proxies. It is particularly beneficial as not only can social media marketers request a test proxy, but can also request for a complete refund within three days of using the proxy, in case they face any hurdles.

Take small steps and use one social media proxy at a time for different social media platforms. If you perform a barrage of online activities at once, it will put your proxies and IP addresses at risk. Therefore, measure out the field first, employ these tips, and soon you will see your accounts develop the following you desire, which you can then use to expand your brand and business.

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