How to track Youtube Rankings?

How to track Youtube Rankings?

Track youtube ranking

You can double your lead count right now with just one simple method.

This method plays a great role in attracting the attention of your prospects, retain their attention for longer, and finally get them to come to you.

You can place this method in your blogs, share it on your social handle, and watch how well your lead capture rates improve.

Your 2020 goals need to be smart when it comes to lead generation activities, which is why an investment in this method which you call ‘Youtube’ is necessary.

‘’More than 500 million hours of videos are watched on YouTube each day.’’ which is why you need a great video rank or rather an exceptional video rank that will skyrocket your chances of capturing your potential prospects.

So if you’re new to this or are doing it from before but can’t see the results, the below steps are going to help you rank your Youtube videos better.


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You are aware that when you place any keywords in your blog, the minute your prospects search for it on Google or any other search engine, your blog will appear. Now imagine applying this same technique with your Youtube videos?

Don’t you think that there will be higher chances of your video being ranked higher? All you need to do is find the right keywords which you can apply when describing your video’s purpose. To find relevant keywords, you can always go on Google and type the word and the results will be displayed. 

As you can see in the image above, the minute lead generation was typed so many options were available. This can help you find the relevant keywords you need. Apart from this, you can also try the method of web scraping. Web scraping scrapes any information online and saves it in the format you want to see it in such as CSV file or more.

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You can scrape even your competitor's website and find the keywords they are using and use them for your videos. Also, there are multiple keyword research tools available in the market that you can use to find the right keywords which can help you rank your videos better.


Have you ever felt like rewatching a video again? What makes you watch it multiple times? The answer lies in the way that video is able to capture your attention. This is exactly what you need to do for your Youtube rankings as well. When you are to capture the interest of your prospects till the end of the video, chances are they have liked it and will most likely share it or watch it again.

When a video gets more views, your video will rank high because if so many of your prospects are viewing it, there will be something in it, isn’t it? 

Bonus Tip: It is super easy to glue to your prospects to your video, all you need to do is:

  1. Write relevant video content 

  2. Use simple words and short sentences

  3. Use high-quality images and videos

  4. Let every visual being shown is connected to the next one

  5. Use soothing colours and attractive images

  6. Give more examples to explain your prospects about the topic you are sharing


If you're going to say the following things at the end of your videos such as:

1 . ‘As we reach the end, we would like to hear about what you have to say’

  1. ‘This was our opinion, we would like yours’

  2. ‘What do you think of this? Which technique would you use for xxx?’

When you end your videos such as the statements above, it becomes easy to get your prospects to start the engagement. The more engaged your prospects are with the video, the better are your chances of creating a hype of your video and getting it in the eyes of many viewers. Thus if this continues to happen, your videos can rank better.


Do you know that the more subscribers you get, the better are your chances of ranking your video? For instance, there are thousands of videos on Youtube at the moment, how do you stumble upon the most popular? This has happened because the subscriber count for that video is high.

How do you get your prospects to subscribe?

When you create real and insightful video content and ask them to subscribe, the purpose should be that you can help them find all their query solutions. So instead of you saying ‘Subscribe to my channel and help me grow’, you can say ‘Subscribe to my videos so that you can receive a notification for your next query answers’. 

This will help your prospects to hit that subscribe button and continue receiving videos from you.


Another great way to rank your videos is to ensure that your prospects are pushing your valuable video content to others as well. The more shares your video receives, the better are your chances of your videos being ranked well. Have you ever wondered how viral videos get on your screen when you open Youtube?

The simple answer is the social shares were more. So get your prospects to share your videos more. You can even reward them for their actions just like how Dropbox does. Dropbox tells its prospects to refer their friends and they get more storage space. You can do the same, you can offer a discount on your products when your prospect shares your videos.

This is a great strategy to get more shares of your videos. However, apart from this tactic, you can also get your prospects to share on social media as well. Get your peers or friends to share the same so your video views are increased more.


CTA stands for call to action. This is a powerful tool because when you apply for a CTA, chances are the next action of your prospects would be to click on your video. You can add any CTA’s which can guide your prospects to learn more about your brand.

For instance, say that a prospect is viewing your SEO guideline video, by the end of the video you could add CTA’s such as ‘learn more about SEO by clicking on this link’ or ‘Sign up to receive easy SEO tricks that can help your business grow.’

You can also link your other relevant videos so that you can retain the attention of your prospects for long. This is a great way to increase your video views and thus rank it better.


If you intend to capture your leads or nurture them via your video, you need to ensure that the video quality is being treated as an utmost priority. The focus here isn’t to create multiple videos, the focus here should shift to how you can create a good quality video. You don’t want your prospects to see a blurred vision of your video, or be unable to view even one image.

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It isn’t difficult to create a high-quality video process, all you need to do is conduct the following actions and your set to rank your videos better:

1 . Use only high-quality images

  1. The video should fit in the screen, nothing should be halfway cut by any device

  2. The video quality should be clear so that every information or image is viewed better

  3. Work on your video resolutions accordingly


Another great way to increase your Youtube video rankings is through the method of SEO. As you are aware that SEO is a great tool to enhance your lead generation activities, if you apply the same to your videos it can help to rank it much higher.

You can start by writing an exceptional title and description which clearly states what your viewers will be expecting to see that video and why they should see that video. You could conduct your SEO activities here by placing keywords in the description and title so that whenever a prospect searches for relevant content related to your video, it will pop up. 

To write the best descriptions, you can use this guide to get started


Your video is being created because you want to help your prospects identify a solution for their needs. Your main agenda here is to speak volumes about how you and your brand can help cater to them better. Your videos will be based on solutions that you want to exhibit to your target audience.

Now as you are aware that social media is a great platform to share, there is also another platform that can help you get more views, ‘Quora’. Quora is a great platform to post answers to questions. You can share your videos and answer multiple questions related to the content you have in the video. You can also do the same action on multiple other similar platforms like Quora.

So, for instance, if you have a video created about Lead generation tactics you can answer all the questions with reference to that subject. The more you share on quora, the more followers you receive and soon you become an expert who everyone would like to ask their questions too.

As you can see for one question, there are multiple answers, so what you can do is, you could write a small content answering the questions and place your link in the content. So when a person views it and clicks on the link, they will be redirected to your video. Quora is a good platform and using it to rank your Youtube videos is a wise call.


‘’Video content is 50 times more likely to drive organic search traffic than plain text.’’  Your blog post is a brilliant place to retain your prospect's attention to learn more about your brand. While your blog will help your prospects find the solution they are seeking, and addition of video in the right places can help to retain their attention for longer. 

As a prospect, if you had the option to click on a video that can help you understand a topic better, wouldn’t you opt for it? This is exactly why placing videos in your blogs can help your Youtube videos to rank better. Another great reason to conduct this action is because when you place keywords in your blog and videos, the minute a similar keyword will be typed, your content will appear first.

And you are aware that prospects will click on the first blog they see.


While you work on acquiring new leads for your business, don’t miss out on your existing leads. These are leads that can help you earn more prospects through the medium of the word of mouth marketing. They could share your video links with their peers and friends and increase the demand for your video. 

Your sales process doesn’t end with lead capture, you need to convince your existing leads that you can continue to add value to them which is why informing them via email or posts about your new videos can keep them hooked onto their seats.


Source: Fipp

As you can see in the image above, if you would have liked the video being played, it is understood that you would like to see more of it. Now imagine all of that video options are available to you at the end, wouldn’t you want to continue seeing it?

This always happens, when a person views a video and sees another video topic in front of the same owner, they would like to click on it and explore more. This is exactly what you have to do for your prospects as well. Create a video series so that your prospects continue to be hooked to learn more about you.

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For instance, if you are speaking about social media, you could create a series with all those videos that emphasize on the same topic. And just like how the image shows above, you can create the video series and place it at the end of each video to direct the actions of your prospect to jump on your next Youtube video.


The purpose of thumbnails is to allow users to control what they wish to see. They are small in size and can be clicked by users to have a look at the complete picture or video. Though it may not completely enhance your Youtube video rankings it can contribute a small part of it. It is important when creating a thumbnail you create it in a manner where it looks engaging and attractive because on the basis of that your prospects would click on the video.

You can even create your own thumbnail with free tools being available online.


When you create a youtube video, the number one aspect you would cover is that the outreach of your video should be seen by almost all of your target audience. Now your target audience could be anybody including viewers from different parts of the globe and even those with hearing disabilities.

It would be better if you could add CC to all of the videos you create. This will help your different types of audiences to understand what your video is all about. Adding captions is a great way to make your videos more understandable and easy to understand.


As stated earlier, apart from Quora you can also share your videos on social media. ‘’Social media posts with video have 48% more views.’’  Everyone is on social media today and it is through this platform that your new prospects can find the solution through your brand. Share your videos as much as you can on your many social media handles. 

The more exposure your videos get the better are the chances of your prospects seeing it and hence that is when your views increase and your rankings get better.


If you can partner with other brands and get featured, it can benefit your video rankings as well. You will get their audience to view your videos and hence increase the demand further. You can even partner with influencers in your niche and get them to promote your videos as well.


Content matters and what you write in your Youtube video content is exactly what will retain your prospects to continue seeing it. A Bad content or rather a non valued content cannot help your prospects to retain their attention for longer. You could have the best video creation but if your content fails to add value, your prospects won’t be staying for long.

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Bonus tip: You can work on better video content by following the below tips:

  1. Write simple statements which speak the benefit of the topic

  2. Convey the purpose of how you can solve an issue of your prospects

  3. Give more examples which your prospects can remember

  4. Keep your content short, crisp and simpler to understand

While you conduct the above actions, you can also work on how you can track your Youtube rankings. While observation, research, and analysis can help you understand better about your growth metrics, there are two tools that you can use to track your rankings better.



Accuranker is a tool that focuses on tracking keywords. These keywords play a role in ranking your videos from the crowd. The tool is user friendly and great for beginners to get started with. All you need to do is create an account and add your Youtube channel and then begin to add the keywords you want to track.

Best features:

1 . Every 24 hours, keywords are updated

  1. Every second hour, keywords are refreshed

  2. Keyword data is always up to date

Capterra Ratings:



Source: Shoutmeloud

TubeBuddy is a chrome extension that you can use to track your keywords. It is a free extension that can integrate into your Youtube channel and you can start conducting activities with ease.

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Best features:

1 . Offers advanced keyword research

  1. Guides you on how you can rank your videos better in search engines

  2. Helps you get more views and subscribers for all the video that you post

Capterra Ratings:




Ahrefs suggested the following tips to rank better Youtube videos:

1 . Invest in topics which have a high drive for traffic

  1. Include timestamps and thumbnails

  2. Work on closed captions

  3. Focus on optimizing videos


Thenextweb suggested the following tips to rank better Youtube videos:

1 . Conduct keyword research and monitor the rank

  1. Place keywords on your titles

  2. Create videos which can be viewed in a smartphone as well

  3. Work on closed captions and subtitles for all videos


Smallbiztrends suggested the following tips to rank better Youtube videos:

1 . Don’t invest in fake views for any of your videos

  1. Personalize your channel for better views and to increase rankings

  2. Link videos on Q and A sites

  3. Create professional videos

  4. Use Youtube analytics to improve your Youtube video performance so that ranking is done better



With these tips, your every Youtube video stands a chance to be the best amongst the crowd. 


1 . A list of 17 answers that can help you rank your Youtube videos better were mentioned. To name a few are working on video content, sharing videos on social media, getting featured on other video, creating video series and more

  1. There are 2 tools that can help you track your Youtube video ranking which are TubeBuddy and Accuranker

  2. Experts advice on this topic were multiple such as create professional videos, don’t invest in fake views, put keywords on your title, work on closed captions and more

While you have the tips to rank your video, you can also make use of another efficient solution popularly called ‘Proxy servers.’ This is a solution that can help you research the type of videos you want to create and share with your prospects. While you find the right video content, the proxy will ensure that there is no hindrance when you visit sources that are restricted or inaccessible by you. 

So, what do you think? Which technique will you start to apply first?

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