11 lead driven ways to use a proxy server for your business

11 lead driven ways to use a proxy server for your business

use a proxy server

“We’re entering a new world in which data may be more important than software.” – Tim O’Reilly, Founder of O’Reilly Media.

Data is what will drive your business to achieve success in 2020. In fact it is the strongest asset your business has it provides a guideline or rather a road map on which successful road your business needs to take to remain the highest amongst the top competition in the market. 

use of proxy server

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The image above is the perfect explanation of how business growth is being measured. There is SEO activity, content development and much more, but if you analyze closely, you will understand that for all those activities to be conducted, the need for data is vital in the process.

But despite understanding the cruciality data holds, did you know that the online platform doesn’t hold data that would be relevant to your brand? The online platform offers a pool of information, but not all the data that you are available to you act as an asset for your business, so how can a brand like yours retrieve only quality data that matters?

With technological development, the rise in solutions is witnessed that could add an advantage to multiple brands like yours. For this solution, the use of proxy servers is what will help you to retrieve data from any source so that your business is able to create a solution that matters. 

Proxy servers help a business grow better which is exactly why your brand needs to start implementing it in your regular actions. So how to use a proxy server and in what ways you can use it, is exactly what this article aims to explain to you.

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A proxy server is a solution that helps you a brand to access any kind of information from any source without the fear of their identity being hidden. For instance, say you want to access information from your competitors in order to understand what their particular strategies are the first step you would do is to send a request to view their website. 

Instead of the request reaching their website, the proxy server will receive it first. The proxy server will change your IP address and then send the request. Once your competitors approve of the request sent, you can then access their information.

The reason why proxy servers change your IP address is that this address can give away your current location. For instance, now your competitors have only limited their data access on their website to certain users. If you are not a part of those set users, chances are you would either have the request denied or be blocked. The way they find out is through the IP address you hold.

What a proxy server does is it hides your IP address and showcases another IP address so when your competitors receive it, they will think that you are a part of their users and give you access. When this action is being conducted, proxy servers ensure that nowhere at any point will your identity be revealed.

With proxy servers holding such a benefit, imagine what would happen when you apply them to your current work activities. It will undoubtedly help you retrieve data that you use to enhance your current solution and sell much quicker and better to your potential prospects?




Conducting marketing activities isn’t an easy process. The right process requires the right strategies to help a brand achieve the results it’s expecting. Conducting marketing activities such as campaigns that need to be sent from the company are all hugely dependent on data. From identifying the different types of leads such as warm, hot or not interested, the marketing campaigns will be framed accordingly. But with such restricted data how can create a campaign that will garner more leads.

Proxy servers are the solution. When you use a proxy server you will be able to identify what exactly are your leads looking for in your solution. You will be able to gather that data and create a campaign that matches the vision of your prospects. So when a prospect receives it, they have no choice but to explore more about the solution you are offering.


Capturing a lead, nurturing them and then converting them into a sales lead is a tiresome task. To convince the prospects of today is difficult since they are already well aware of the solutions being sold in the market hence to cater to their queries, it is ideal to research about the needs of such prospects. But as mentioned earlier, the data available online won’t be as important for your brand. Hence to conduct the right research of prospects needs with data which matters it would be wise to use a proxy server.

A proxy server will be able to provide you with all the relevant data that can help sales reps to frame their sales pitches in a manner that can help them sell better. With the data in hand about the common prospect queries, with every call sales reps can easily cater to them without any hassles hence closing more deals and increasing the conversion rates higher. 


‘’Social media users grew by 202 million between April 2018 and April 2019.’’ Social media is one of the fastest ways for any business looking to tap leads quicker. The users on any social media handle have grown higher and continues to grow. But with so many of your competitors already using this platform to engage with prospects, how can you manage to capture your prospect's attention?

With proxy servers this is possible. Proxy servers can help you to understand what kind of activity works better on social media. For instance, maybe your prospects would like brands like yours to engage with them with the help of video or infographics or other forms of content. When you have such a piece of information in hand, you are able to draw their attention and immediately grasp them. Social media is the hub for modern businesses of today to cater to prospects just the way they wish to be catered and with a proxy server, having all their data helps you to enhance social media engagements with them more effective. 


‘’57% of B2B marketers stated that SEO generates more leads than any other marketing initiative.’’ SEO is considered to be one of the most efficient activities to capture leads in the form of search engines and content. To deliver the right SEO tactics there are many techniques that need to be incorporated such as using the right keywords, backlinks and writing the topics which users want to read, hence every brand tends to spend half of their time researching how they manage this activity more effectively.

With proxy servers, the research can be conducted in a more efficient manner. With proxy servers, you have the opportunity to access data from your competitors and view what SEO blogs they write upon or what comments have the prospects given on each of their actions. You can also tap the keywords they use which makes them rank higher and more. When you conduct this action, you are able to apply such effective strategies in your processes and outsell your competitors much quicker and better.


Another essential factor where proxy servers play an important part is setting the right price. Pricing matters in business and to set a price it takes a lot of research and considerations. As a brand you cannot set a too less price nor a high price, the price needs to be set according to the value it provides. Prospects evaluate whether a certain product is worth the price and is adding the value it's offering.

To acknowledge this factor using a proxy server is efficient. With a proxy server, you can access information on competitors and analyze how they are setting their pricing strategies. You can also access your prospect's recommendations or feedback to understand how much they are ready to pay for a product and the reasons attached to their actions. By conducting these actions it becomes easier to set the right price which would make your prospects invest in your solution.


For a brand to succeed better having the right information in hand is important. For instance, many brands today invest their revenue in conducting multiple pieces of research with the help of CTO’s or data scientists who can help to use data to retrieve insightful results that could matter to a brand. But when data itself is so minimal how can the right predictions or the right accuracy be implemented in such an action? 

Proxy servers ensure that every data being retrieved is of added value. Whether it is a competitor's website, social media or any other source which is limited or restricted, the proxy server ensures that when you use it to conduct any online data retrieval activity you are able to access all of it. When the insightful data is in your hand, it becomes easier to create a solution that will impact the way your brand will perform in the near future.


How many times have you witnessed that amongst all your lead activities there are a few leads which don’t match the solution you are selling to them. These leads are not the ideal ones for you and will not be able to add any value to your business, but by the time you realize it, you have wanted a portion of your revenue already. The competition is so fierce that every lead capture needs to be done quickly or your competitors will capture them.

Hence using a proxy server will be able to help you here. With a proxy server, you can access social accounts and other sources of information which provide you with the knowledge of your lead. Have you ever felt that your solution is a much better product than what your competitors are selling? If yes, it’s time you capture their audience and sell them a solution much better than what they are receiving at the moment.


Prospects wouldn’t even look at a product when they identify that it holds no benefit for them. Not all prospects have the same needs, they all differ, for instance, maybe some prospects find proxy servers to be much better and believe that a brand should regularly update and offer new features regularly whilst some would prospect wouldn’t mind having a simple proxy server with minimal features. 

How can a brand like you cater to what your prospects actual need? With a proxy server, it is possible. Proxy servers let you access any information related to your prospects, for instance, the reviews on your competitors, recommendations on websites and any other source which speaks of what exactly their needs and how they are looking businesses to meet them. With such quality information, a brand is able to plan and strategies action steps to cater to such prospects and win them over much quicker and faster. 


For a brand to sustain in the longer run, it is important to also retain the image it has created amongst its prospects. But with competitors increasing and the competition growing higher, there are instances where a brand has been defamed for such reason. This can cause a problem because in the current market it won’t take much time for a defamed brand to fade away.

But with proxy servers, this can be eliminated. By crawling websites, it ensures that any bad reviews or unwanted reviews are removed so that whenever your prospects view any information about your brand, it is always positive.** **


For a trend to be popular and for it to soon fade away takes a small amount of time. If you wish to see your brand soar higher you need to constantly be updated about what the latest trends are. When you apply the latest trends, you are able to sell faster to your prospects. The value of your solution becomes much better and more efficient.

Hence using a proxy server can be beneficial. With a proxy server, you can always stay updated on what is currently working in the market. When you keep regular updates you are able to adapt to the change faster and enhance your solution to sell better to your prospects. For instance, if a trend has become popular, applying it on your current solution will help you achieve the below factors:

  • More prospect attention
  • Higher prospect satisfactory rate
  • Higher sales
  • More deals closed quicker


How can a business sell better to their prospects? When they are able to sell what exactly their prospects expect from them. For a brand, the most important factor which matters in the creation of an effective solution is the needs of the prospects. With the changing market, trends change as well as the choices of prospects, and imagine if you were able to retrieve all the advice, reviews and feedbacks of prospects towards a product, wouldn’t you be able to sell much better?

The proxy server ensures that this action can be conducted. For instance, using a proxy server you could access information on your competitor's feedback on their products. Analyzing that you can apply the missing factors the prospects have found in theirs and complete it in your solution. When you commence selling that solution, it will garner the same prospect's attention and then convincing them to become a sales lead by investing in your offering becomes much easier.



“Every company has big data in its future, and every company will eventually be in the data business.”Thomas H. Davenport, American academic and author specializing in analytics, business process innovation, and knowledge management.

Proxy servers can help your business to utilize data which is considered to be one of the biggest assets for any business. There are multiple proxy server providers in the market, which offer great benefits to help brands like yours to conduct a secure and efficient online activity.

Always keep in mind that when choosing a proxy server you need to opt for a paid one who offers a good number of IP addresses and is strong in security. Also, ensure that the proxy server meets all your requirements. Proxy servers are the modern solution to accessing data from a restricted website.

What do you think of the article? Where are you planning to incorporate proxy servers in your work activity? We would like to hear from you.

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