Limeproxies vs GeoSurf

When it comes to choosing the right datacenter proxy, it requires takes a lot of time and testing. Here we are providing an extensive comparison between Limeproxies and GeoSurf to ease up your process.

Limeproxies GeoSurf
Virgin Proxies Yes No
Dedicated IPs Yes (with all the plans) Shared and Private
Bandwidth Limited Limited
Speed 1 Gbps 1 Gbps
Authentication Method Username and IP based Username and IP based
API Yes Yes
Any time Instant IP refresh Yes No
Fully Automated Dashboard Yes Advanced/Complicated
IP Whitelisting Yes Yes
Renewal Yes Yes
URL Whitelisting Yes No
Authentication Update Yes Yes
24/7 Live Chat Support Yes No
Ticket Support Yes Yes
Phone Support Yes Yes
Dedicated Account Manager Yes Yes

Most of the features with Limeproxies and Luminati are found to be the same. However, two important points that make Limeproxies standout are the virginity of the proxies and dedicated IPs with all the plans. Limeproxies Premium proxies are virgin proxies that are not used before. This is quite useful for using proxies in different situations.

Why Limeproxies recommending using Virgin proxies?

Do you wish to end up with a proxy IP address that to a user who was previously involved in illicit online activities? It is unusual for a user to be allotted a proxy IP address that has been blacklisted. As long as you are using a reliable proxy service provider like Limeproxies that provides Premium Virgin proxies, there are no worries.

Next, we have is a Dedicated IP. So why dedicated IP you must be thinking, right? Shared proxies are simultaneously used by multiple clients. Dedicated proxies are only accessible by you, while you maintain your subscription. There are few other reasons to decide why dedicated IPs should be prioritized to use instead of shared ones.

  • Control over the Proxy:

As you are the only using the particular IP/proxy, you have the command over the proxy to use it and how it works. This provides better security for your usage and also provides better protection again the IP being blocked. Using the same IP by other users for the unlawful purpose will also put the IP under

  • Speed of the Proxy:

It is important to consider the speed of the proxies as it can lag us behind in the business and also take us well ahead of our competitors. IPs being shared means others are also using the same IP and speed of the proxy is also shared. This can also result in a very low output response. With the dedicated IP from a dependable provider, it is guaranteed that you will get the speed you are promised with and the server load is always under control.


Most providers can only handle HTTP and HTTPS protocols, which is good if the websites or platforms you’re accessing are running on HTTP and HTTPS too. What if the website uses other protocols? That’s where SOCKS comes in. This protocol makes Limeproxies an all-around service, giving users the ability to process any kind of traffic, protocol, and program.


Most of the providers do provide all the basic features and some additional features. What matters is whether all the extra features are really beneficial for you or not. With unique features like Virgin proxies and providing dedicated IPs in all the plans, the Limeproxies standouts from the competitors.

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