Limeproxies vs USAProxies

When searching for datacenter proxies online, you might get overwhelmed by the number of providers that turn up in the search results. To make matters more complicated, each of these companies claim to offer the best proxies. Since you know that some of them are just bluffing, the logical course of action is to test some of the proxy providers that you find.

Testing is another tedious process, and can even be costly if the providers you choose don’t offer free trial of their services. To help you choose the best datacenter proxy for you, we’ve come up with this side by side comparison between Limeproxies and USAProxies. We can also give you two full days to test our proxy service all you want.

Limeproxies USAProxies
Virgin Proxies Yes No
Dedicated IPs Yes Yes
Speed 1 Gbps 1 Gbps
Locations 22+ Countries US
Authentication Method Username and IP based Username and IP based
API Yes Yes
Free Trial Yes (2days) No
Any time Instant IP refresh Yes No
Setup Time Instant 24 hours
IP Whitelisting Yes Yes
Renewal Yes Yes
Authentication Update Yes Yes
24/7 Live Chat Support Yes No
Ticket Support Yes Yes
Phone Support Yes No
Dedicated Account Manager Yes No

Limeproxies is way ahead of USAProxies in terms of features, support, proxy server locations and also supported protocols. Let’s examine some of the features and functionalities one by one.

Virgin Proxies

The importance of offering virgin proxies is rooted in the fact that there are several proxy users that have dubious online activities. These people hide behind proxies so their real IP address and identities are masked, and the proxies they use are oftentimes tainted. There may be websites and online platforms that have blocked the proxies because of the users’ activities. When these proxies are re-assigned to a new user, the new user will face IP blocking issues because of the previous user’s activities.

Since virgin proxies have never been used before, you are safe from this situation. You are the first one to use these proxies so they don’t have any record with websites.


Limeproxies support SOCKS which makes our proxies compatible with any protocol, web traffic, and online programs. HTTP and HTTPS, on the other hand, can only process websites that have HTTP. SOCKS is also notably more secure compared to HTTP.

2-Day Free Trial and Money Back Guarantee

To see if Limeproxies is a fit for your business processes, you can avail of our 2-day free trial with no restrictions. We understand how important it is to screen any digital solution you use, which is why Limeproxies is among the few providers that offer this.

Aside from the free trial, Limeproxies also have a three-day money-back period, so your hard-earned money is secure. If for some reason you decide to cut your plan within three days from the date of subscription, you can still get your money back.

Proxies from Different Locations

While USAProxies only have proxy servers within the USA, Limeproxies have multiple server locations all over the world. Aside from different states in the U.S., we have servers in Austria, Australia,United Kingdom, Germany, and other countries. Check out the complete list of proxy server locations here.

24/7 Technical Support

No matter where you are from and what timezone you’re under, you can expect a prompt response from our technical support team since they are available 24/7.

Dedicated Account Manager

You may also reach out to the account manager assigned to your account for concerns that are immediate or when you don’t feel like talking to a customer support agent. We take your satisfaction and comfort seriously so we assign a dedicated account manager to each of their client.

Anytime IP Refresh

There are websites that have very stringent standards and even when your activities does not fall into the illicit or illegal category, they will block your proxies. Limeproxies has developed a unique feature to counter this by allowing clients to change their proxies once through the Anytime IP Refresh feature.


Everything we highlighted here are not merely features that clients will later find out to be exaggerated. You can do your own research and compared these two proxies, or you can try our service for free for two days. This way, you will know have a first hand experience of the features we talked about here.

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