Embrace the unlimited possibilities with the best Craigslist proxies

Deploy your Craigslist campaign strategies without any hitch. Limeproxies provides you with premium residential, Craigslist proxies that take the limitations away in one swipe.

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Residential Proxies Features

Residential proxies are IP addresses of real devices. None of the proxies in our pool are related, so they cannot be banned collectively.


Access over 40 million unique proxies

Whether you want to scrape lots of data or need to automate a lot of posts, Limeproxies gives you access to all the unique proxies you can ever need.


Enjoy the best Craiglist proxies

Achieve more in less time with limeproxies’ top-grade proxies. Our IPs are higher by 3.1s avg. and 127% overall performance than other residential proxy networks


Your unblockable proxy network

With a network of over 40 million IPs attached to individual residential devices, Limeproxies boast of a robust network that cannot be banned by any network

The #1 proxy provider for all Craiglist Bot

Utilize our entire Craiglist proxy pool on any browser and Craiglist bot of your choice

Works with all major Craigslist bots:

  • Clad Genius

  • Scrapy

  • Craiglistssoftware.me

  • Classified Live Ads

Tap into the benefits of our residential proxies

Each of our residential proxies come from actual, local devices in various locations.

With this unique value, Limeproxies is able to help do more with Craiglist

  • Tap into the international market - Want to tap into the markets of various locations on Craiglist? Utilize Limeproxies’ geo-targeting, residential proxies to access and post your target ads on your desired location.

  • Test multiple Ads with ease - Quit the slow and impossible process and leverage Limeproxies’ unique Craiglist proxies to post loads of ads from various accounts on various locations at the same time.

  • Operate like a pro - Are your bots getting flagged or banned? Let Limeproxies come to your rescue. With our unique rotating proxies, you can keep your bot safe from Craig’s restrictions.

  • Beat the competition - Gain all the data you need to understand how your market works on Craigslist and strategies effectively with our Craigslist proxies. Our premium residential proxies give you the chance to do all these.

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Customer Support

We provide premium support through our innovative Campfire Support system that sets us apart from other providers.


Global Subnets

We provide Proxies from multi mixed subnets from nationwide locations. We have more than 1000 subnets.


1 GBPS Speed

Unmatched blistering speed of 1000 Mbps/sec. Works Great for high performance, multithreaded softwares.


50+ Locations

Choice of several international and US geo locations, with high speed and 24/7 support 365 days a year.

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