10 best practices for Instagram ads for 2020

10 best practices for Instagram ads for 2020

Instagram ads

‘’63% of Instagram users log in at least once per day and 42% check multiple times per day.’’

Instagram is growing to become one of the most highly used and highly regarded platforms for a business to sell to its prospects. The online world has not just provided a platform to surf the internet always, it ensures that using such a medium can help businesses like yours to flourish in the way your current prospects want you to engage with them.

Social media has opened a convenient door for businesses like yours to engage better with potential prospects. According to a study, ‘’an average of 2 hours and 22 minutes are spent per day per person on social networks and messaging‘’ which means that whatever ad you post on Instagram will be viewed by such an audience anytime.

The greatest thing about Instagram is that its ad option allows you to sell better. For instance, when you create an ad on Instagram it appears something like this,

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Your prospect will immediately identify your solution as an ad when they see the ‘Sponsored’ word on top. The best thing is this ad can be viewed via stories and when your users are causally scrolling their page.

Another great factor about it is that businesses can use Instagram ads to target any audience, even if they are not following them. For instance, your prospects even though they haven’t heard about you or aren’t following you, they can still view your ad.

Instagram is no longer a place to just engage and post pictures, it has grown better in its application. It is now allowing businesses to have a separate business account as well as engage better with various features it provides such as hashtags, posting ads and more. Instagram is the hub for businesses and using its ad feature can help soar your business higher.

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‘’200 million Instagram users visit at least one business profile daily.’’ 

This again is proof that your business account on Instagram is being watched and is being viewed even at this very minute. Instagram is great for your business and the reasons being:

1 . Instagram provides insights that can help you to capture much more attention of your prospects. When you create ads you are not just limiting the view to one audience, you are even targeting a new audience that will be compelled to draw towards your solution.

  1. Instagram has a great option where you can make use of its features to sell better such as their hashtag option where you can expose your postings to a larger audience. For instance, say if you use a hashtag such as #B2Bsolutions, and if your prospects type it in the Instagram search bar, chances are your post will appear to them. Another example of Instagram features could be the ‘Story’ option where you can post videos or pictures so that your audience can see it while they scroll through.

  2. Instagram has many users and not all those users make use of this platform to casually scroll through their account, a few of them are looking to purchase their needs with the vendors available online. This opens opportunities for businesses to cater to the needs of their prospects much quicker and better.

  3. Instagram uses the medium of creating brilliant images and videos which are a good technique to capture the attention of your prospects. It will help you to explain your solution better as well as sell them much faster than the other physical methods or techniques you would apply.

Instagram is great and if your business is not looking towards selling on it yet, you could be missing out on a lot already. In this fast-paced environment where the market keeps fluctuating, what needs to be constant is the way your business engages with prospects and if you want to sell better, using Instagram marketing tactics such as ads is the better option.


Instagram ads are what will expose your solution to your potential prospects. In simpler terms, it will sell your solution faster and much better. Instagram ads function very easily. All you need to do is whatever you're showcasing on your Instagram account, you need to make that go viral and Instagram ads helps you to conduct such an action.

All you need to do is promote your solution by paying an amount for a stipulated amount of time, then choose which is the target audience you want to hit and finally set a schedule for when that ad needs to be posted. The ad will appear during the times when your prospects would be casually engaging on their account.

There are many different types of Instagram ads which you can engage in such as:

Source: Swat.io

1 . Picture ads- Here you are posting images and trying to sell to your prospects in such a manner. You could attract your prospects through eye-catching visuals and great captions.

2. Video ads- An example could be such posts where you explain your solution in the form of a video clipping. Hubspot stated, ‘’Social media posts with video have 48% more views’’ which clearly states that if you are going to use videos to explain your solution better than chances are your selling rate can be increased. While visuals help to capture the attention of prospects, videos to play a significant part in conducting the same action.

Source: Swat.io

3. Carousel ads- These ads allow you to spoil your prospects with the choices you show them. With such ads, you can easily exhibit your solution in the form of visuals, no matter the number. As you can see above you can easily execute more than 2 images to give a detailed idea of what your business sells to your prospects. When you create such visuals, it helps to garner the attention of prospects as well as capture their interest to invest in what you are offering them.

Source: Swat.io

4. Story ads- ‘’62% of people say they have become more interested in a brand or product after seeing it in Stories’’ which states that your ad on stories can result in your brand receiving a higher view. Stories are now being viewed by many users and hence what happens is when your ads are being spotted in between the scrolling, chances are your prospects will actually click on it to view what it is all about. This is a great prospect capturing strategy where the quick interest of such prospects is catered to on the spot.

While this seems all great to apply, did you know that if you have such stats and data in hand already, it becomes easier for your brand to cater to your prospects?

Yes, when you have reliable data in hand it becomes much more easy to sell to your prospects. For instance say if your prospects want to view more of videos, you could strategies with your tea and create more videos which will help you to garner more potential prospects.

But how exactly can you capture such quality data when the online world has not lifted any restrictions from viewing such data?


Web scraping is the process of extracting information online from any source whether it is a website or any other platform. Web scraping can scrape through any form of information without alerting the information holder. For instance, you can scrape your prospect information from Instagram to understand what type of ads draws away their attention and what would actually compel them to click and view it.

This information can be helpful as it helps you to create an impactful selling strategy that works. What happens next is your business is easily catering to a large number of leads and your conversion rates are skyrocketing huge numbers. To conduct web scraping isn’t a tiresome task. All you need to do is select the website you want to scrape, choose the data, place the scraping code and you will find all that data information saved in your system in the format you want to view it as such as CSV file and more.

But since web scraping can be conducted numerous times, did you know that it can still be risky and chances are your brand can be blocked, hence it is wiser to use a secure solution to conduct such activities where no risks are being attached.


Proxy servers can be defined as a strong fence that stands between a user and the information it wants to access. For instance say if you want to scrape your competitor's information such as their lead details and all, you can conduct that scraping activity with the use of a proxy server. The proxy server will ensure that your IP address is hidden so and helps you to scrape with your competitors having a clue that it is you.

IP addresses are the reason why many businesses get blocked as it gives away the location but the proxy server is such a solution that eliminates this issue. With a proxy server, all you need to do is attach it to any of your online actions and it will take care of any of your online actions that are being conducted. 

Since you now have all the tactics and measures in your hand, it becomes easier for you to conduct Instagram ads in a more efficient manner. Hence it is now time for you to understand what are the best ways you can conduct efficient practices for your Instagram ad activities.



The number one reason why an ad fails to give you the expected results is that the audience it was targeting is wrong. For instance say if you have a business that deals with proxy servers, you cannot sell to a brand that doesn’t use your solution in its work front. Ensure that whenever you create an ad, you must keep in mind that the target audience you want to target should be relevant. When that happens it becomes easier to sell to the audience and hence your conversion rates improve as well.


You cannot just place one ad and expect your prospects to come to you immediately. You need to start experimenting with your ad. You need to create ads that can help to provide insights that you can cater to. For instance, how many prospects clicked the ads, viewed it and more. All of these insights can help you to enhance your ads better which will, in turn, help your business to sell much better to capture potential prospects.


Another way you can enhance your ad is through the method of choosing which ad is best suited to describe your business requirements. As seen above, all you need to do is choose the ad you want to engage with your audiences such as visuals, videos, and carousel. Your ad is what will compel your audience to reach out to you.


The hashtag trend is what can help you to expose your ad much better. Using hashtags has its own benefit since you are able to extend the ad outreach more. For instance, say if you are selling your current solution and in the caption section you mention the hashtags related to your industry and product. When a user wants to find your product, all it needs to do is type the word and your ad should appear because the words used have been included in your ad via hashtags. 


Source: Pinterest

Another factor that can enhance your brand better is to make use of CTA’s wherever possible. If you are showcasing your ad via stories or posts, always ensure that you have a CTA button which has the words like ‘learn more’, ‘swipe up to learn more’. CTA is used to push your prospects to come closer to your business. The CTA’s main agenda is to compel prospects to click on the ad.


Another factor that can help to enhance your ads is conducting through the help of influencers. There are many influencers present and with the help of influencers, chances are you can get your ads more exposed to the audience which matches your industry. For instance, say if you choose one popular influencer from your industry and that person agrees to share your band on their platform, your ad gets exposed to their wider audience. 


Another way to enhance your Instagram ads is by writing captivating content. Content is important because that is what will stop your prospects from scrolling and stop to see what solution you have to offer. Ensure that the words you use are short, crisp and is powerful. Your ad should turn heads and it should make your prospects to click on it. That is exactly what will help you capture your prospect's attention. 


If you are creating ads via visuals or videos, ensure that everything you incorporate is of good quality. For instance, when it comes to exhibiting visuals, use only high-quality images when it comes to exhibiting your ads in the form of videos you need to ensure that the images used are of high quality, the colour used is pleasing to the eyes and the fonts used to attract attention. All of these factors are important because your every ad matters.


Captions are another way to sell better to prospects. What happens here is when you post an ad you will exhibit a product and on the caption, you will mention a brief about it. Use the caption as another tactic to sell better to prospects. In the caption, speak about how your solution can benefit your prospects, speak more about why your solution is ideal for them. The more benefits you list down for your prospects to read, the better their interest will develop to explore more about your solution.


Another way to enhance your ads better is to conduct it on a more regular basis. When you don’t conduct ads on a regular basis you won’t be able to be remembered in the minds of your prospects. You need to give an impression of your existence and posting regular ads will help you in doing just that. Create a schedule and plan which ad you want to post on which day. These tactics can help you sell better.


Instagram ads are the modern technique of selling. Using a social platform that has grown to become such an engaging and selling factor for a brand, Instagram is a great medium to increase your brand growth and conversion rates.

While the market keeps changing the one thing that needs to be taken into consideration is the ways you use to engage with your prospects. In 2020, the best way to cater to prospects is through social media platforms and that is exactly why Instagram is the better option. Even the data that the online platform provides can be easily retrieved with solutions such as web scraping and proxy servers. 

When investing in such solutions ensure that you choose one which fits all your business requirements. For instance, when it comes to web scraping you need such a solution that can help you to scrape any of the information no matter the size of the data. Even when it comes to choosing a proxy server to ensure that you opt for a paid one which is offering a good number of IP addresses.

So what do you think? Which practice are you planning to apply to conduct efficient Instagram ads for your business? We would like to hear from you.

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