10 Private Proxies Best Practices

10 Private Proxies Best Practices

Private proxies best practices

Proxies have become the solution for the modern businesses of today.

Businesses have become digitized and the online world has become the source for modern businesses of today to conduct efficient selling measures.

Proxies are another unique solution to technology development. The need for its existence arose because despite the online world being efficient enough to conduct an advantage for the business of today, it lacks in terms of acquiring the information it needs to deliver.

Proxies solve this issue by ensuring that this process is being conducted without any identity reveals which makes this solution the most used one amongst many brands.

Proxies are your modern solution providers and for your business to succeed better in whatever actions are being conducted online, incorporating it with the use of proxies, especially private proxies, is what you need to start commencing today.

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What do you mean by private proxies?

Proxies are solutions that allow brands like yours to access information online without any risks attached. For instance, you could access what your competitors are doing and they would have no clue that the one accessing them is you.

What proxies do is eliminate that one issue that reveals your identity, IP address. Your IP address can be detected and can give away the location you are residing in which alerts the website or the source you are trying to access about you crossing their barrier.

Proxies are of two kinds, public and private proxies. Many brands opt for the public proxies because as the name suggests anyone can use them, there is no limit to the users and above all it's FREE. But did you know that you are eligible to certain threats when using such a proxy, for instance, your workload becomes slow, there is no security in your actions and more.

This is the reason why private proxies are the best choice for users and businesses indulging their actions more towards conducting online activities each day.

Private proxies are dedicated proxies which means that your brand can use it only which again brings you multiple advantages such as all the activity you conduct is being seen by no one, the internet will not slow down any of your activities because it's just one user incorporating it, there is no worry of outsiders seeing your actions and much more.

Private proxies are great and are the ideal choice to use when your business conducts multiple activities for brand growth.

10 private proxies best practices


1. Conducting market research

The market in your industry will continue to change and when that happens, your brands needs to tweak the solution and the strategy you are selling because that is what will be trending in the next few days, you simply cannot miss out on that.

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With proxies, this becomes an even simpler process. You can just simply continue to access the market information whenever you need so that you always remain on top of the market game. Accessing the market information at the right time helps you to stay alert by the new trend that can make way giving you time to make the necessary tweaks required to sell your solution better.

2. Monitor competitors

The agenda of your business is to be successful and for that to happen, you will need to outsell your competitors and push your brand as the ultimate solution provider in the eyes of your potential prospects. But how can that happen with the competition rising so rapidly? Here is when private proxies can help.

Private proxies can help to access any of your competitor's information be it pricing or the way they engage with prospects and many more. You can easily access any information you want without having the fear of your competitors acknowledging your presence. Using a private proxy to access such information that matters to your business is crucial because with such information you can modify the way your current strategies are and enhance it better to sell better to your prospects.

3. Sustains brand reputation

The businesses have gone online and hence it is so easy to find anything online, prospects also use this platform to give their opinions on numerous things, even on businesses. The feedback can be good and even bad. As you are aware it takes just one bad feedback for a prospect to take a step back about thinking to invest in you and hence if that happens you could be at a huge loss.

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With private proxies, you can eliminate such a hassle. Sometimes a bad review on your brand could be done intentionally and avoiding that is a better strategy to sustain. With private proxies, you can easily scan and access your brand feedback and eliminate them before your prospects see it. When such an action is conducted frequently, it becomes easy to showcase your brand’s reputation in a positive manner.

4. Conduct efficient SEO activities

SEO is another great way to drive more traffic towards your website and is dependent on multiple brands like yours to capture leads. To conduct SEO activities isn’t that easy because there are already so many of your peers who are already doing that, so how can you stand above from this crowd?

Here is when private proxies can help rescue you. Using private proxies you can conduct multiple SEO actions without any hassle such as, identifying which blogs prospects want to read the most, accessing the keyword your competitors are using and implementing it in your blog, using the right backlinks which will drive more traffic, all of these actions can be conducted without any hassle with the use of private proxies.

5. Access restricted content

As mentioned earlier, private proxies are a wiser choice when it comes to accessing information that cannot be accessed. For instance, now you want to grow your brand, the online world has information but it isn't relevant to help your business growth, hence you try to access websites or sources that contain that quality information you are looking for.

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Since it allows only restricted users, using a private proxy to access it can be possible. What would happen here is, the private proxy would give the impression that you are a part of the audience who is allowed to access that information and will hide your real IP address. So when the website sees your new IP address, they will assume you are part of the accessible audience and the content will be viewable.

This action is great because you now have the liberty to access any information you wish to see without any risk attached.

6. Manage multiple accounts

Just one account isn’t enough when it comes to selling via the online platform. If a business has multiple accounts extending the outreach of its solution has a wider scope of achieving a good sales number. Hence it is wiser to use private proxies to conduct this action because if you try to have more than one account on the online platforms, chances are you can be detected as suspicious activity and your account can be blocked.

Private proxies offer you a good number of IP addresses that you can use in order to manage your multiple accounts. From the online side, it will look like multiple different user's accounts but from the other end, it will be you managing all of it. Imagine how great would be your conversion rates and how many deals you would be most likely closing due to this action?

7. To post ads

Ads are trending and it is one of the ways to capture the attention of prospects. Whether it is Facebook ads or Instagram ads, such ads are most widely used as it is a good sales measure. There is also another place where many brands post their ads, it is popularly known as ‘Craiglist’ Similar to Craigslist, there are multiple other ad pages where brands use to post their products.

Using a private proxy you can make use of such a platform. You can indulge your prospects from across the globe with such a platform. Not only will your traffic be driven much higher but you will be able to capture organic leads quicker.

8. An extra sheet of protection

There are many brands that deal with confidential information and if this information leaks online or is stolen, the brands incur a huge loss. Hence to avoid that from happening using private proxies while conducting confidential information is better because as mentioned earlier private proxies are dedicated proxies which means that you would be using it only and hence no one apart from you can view your actions.

9. Conducting web scraping activities

Today for a business, getting data is important because that data can help a business to modify and guide them towards a better business strategy. This directly impacts their sales figures which is why using web scraping can be very beneficial. Web scraping is the process of extracting information from any website or source. The information is stored in your system so that you can use it to monitor and make changes in your strategy accordingly.

You can conduct web scraping regularly but the chances are that you can be at risk of being detected as spam hence using it with private proxies is a better way. With private proxies, you can conduct web scraping without any fear of being blocked or being attached to any risks. You can scrape any website you want and no one will even know.

10. To sell better on social media

Social media is another great place to capture leads. Today with the use of social media, prospects are using such a platform to conduct research and learn more about brands. Social media for a business is another great place to capture the attention of leads. Using private proxies, you can make use of social media even better.

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With a private proxy you can easily try to find out information which can help you to attract your leads better for instance, what type of posts attract them, how do they expect a brand to reach out to them and more. Using such information you can easily make use of it by applying the theories in your current strategy.


Invest in a private proxy because it is considered to be one of the most reliable proxies.

You can also check this pricing intelligence.

For your business, using a private proxy can yield you the benefits you need for your business to grow.

Having said that, where are you planning to use your private proxies? We would like to hear from you.

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