20 Quick SEO Tips to double your blog traffic within a week

20 Quick SEO Tips to double your blog traffic within a week

SEO Tips For Blog

72% of marketers believe that relevant content creation is the most effective SEO tactic.

Did you also know that ‘’81% of businesses think their blogs are an important tool for their business.’’ Blogs have become another way of engaging and capturing leads for the purpose of converting them as a qualified lead. 

Content marketing with SEO’s existence has made selling to prospects online a much easier task. Today many prospects seek the online world as a medium to find all their needs. 

Apart from the usual routine of cold calls and emails, the content has risen to be an exceptional method to capture leads attention and retain their interest through every blog they read.’’Better content can drive traffic to a blog by up to 2,000%. ‘’ which is exactly why SEO is required to conduct efficient content activities.

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SEO stands for search engine optimization. SEO function to help your website and your content to be optimized better on search engine results page. For instance, you are writing blogs on a regular basis, just like you, there will be thousands of brands who would be writing blogs on the same topic, so when your prospects search the topic you are writing, how can your content be the first thing that they see?

This is exactly what SEO stresses. It ensures that your content has all those factors which will result in a higher rank among your competitors. It also ensures that your website design is user-friendly and easier to view or read through. The reason why your website needs to be easy in terms of its design is that when Google wants to find relevant websites that share relevant links, your website should be easily spotted. SEO has a lot of tactics under its plate to conduct this action such as SEO keywords, backlinks, quality content and much more. 

‘’The first position on Google’s desktop search results has a 34.36% click-through rate.’’ which means that if your prospects want to search your content, it should appear only on the first pages of any search engine, one such like Google. No one would like to go beyond the second or third page which is exactly why it’s time for you to monitor, manage and optimize your content strategies in a manner that will increase your traffic for the better.


SEO Tips For Blog


If your prospects are searching for ‘How to use the right keywords for SEO?’’ will you instead give them an article with the topic ‘How to use the right backlinks which can impact your SEO blogs? The obvious answer is no, you need to write content which matters, which is needed and which makes a difference. Deciding on blog activities is one thing but incorporating it the right way matters. Hence follow the below factors to accommodate the right blogging strategy:

1 . Research on the topic which your prospects want to hear from you

  1. Write relevant content according to the topic mentioned
  2. Frame your content in a way which will help your prospects understand how you're satisfying their needs

When you are able to bring valuable content on the table, the traffic towards your page and website instantly lights up. 

Use tool for finding plagiarized content: https://www.prepostseo.com/plagiarism-checker


Did you know that by incorporating the right keywords, chances are your blog can appear first? Your prospects would use relevant keywords to find information such as ‘best proxy server’ or ‘good proxy server’. You can incorporate these keywords in your blog so that when they type it, your blog appears to them first. This is one of the great ways to increase your blog traffic since many prospects would click on what content you have to offer them for the information they seek.

However, don’t forget that you cannot place these keywords anywhere for no reason. For instance if your keywords are good proxy server’ you cannot place it in a sentence such as ‘proxies are a great medium for B2B businesses and they provide good proxy server’ the statement itself wouldn’t sound right, instead you could use it like ‘There are many good proxy servers available in the market which can help your B2B business grow’.

To find all the relevant keywords try using web scraping techniques where it can easily help to scrape information online so that you receive the impactful keywords which will push your content towards achieving great traffic in return.

Use tool: Ubersuggest.com


As you have done the job of selecting the right keywords to ensure that you even place it in the right way. When you're placing the keywords make sure that it is standing out from the sentence. Keyword density must be between 1-4% in the blog and also ensure that it doesn’t appear to be crammed up as mentioned in the second pointer. When a prospect reads the blog it should be smooth and fluent, when you force the keywords into a sentence it can stop the prospect from continuing further and even make them want to go away to read another article. Latent semantic index rule works here.


‘’When people hear information, they're likely to remember only 10% of that information three days later. However, if a relevant image is paired with that same information, people retained 65% of the information three days later.’’

Has it ever happened to you that when you see a post made by a company, at times you don’t remember what content has been written but the visual is still fresh in your mind? This is one of the greatest advantages of visual content. Have you noticed that whenever you scroll any social media handles when you see a visual, you stop to read what it contains? This is exactly what you need to put in your content:

1 . Adding a visual helps prospects to remember what they have just read

  1. Adding visuals helps prospects to understand who you are
  2. Adding visuals can drive more traffic since it will attract much attention and pull prospects to see what you are offering
  3. Adding visuals helps to understand solutions in your blogs much better than just writing plain content

Traffic is driven when multiple prospects show up constantly on your blog or website and adding visuals helps this action to be taken more spontaneously. Add cartoon strips, video snippets to make it visually appealing.


‘’A title tag is an HTML element that specifies the title of a web page. Title tags are displayed on search engine results pages (SERPs) as the clickable headline for a given result, and are important for usability, SEO, and social sharing.’’

Title tags are crucial because it gives a small understanding of what the content is with reference. For instance take an example of this title, 20 ways blog SEO can increase your traffic performance right now, it clearly states:

1 . About SEO related content

  1. How SEO can help increase your blog traffic?

Similarly, it is important that while mentioning the title tags, you should also include the keywords. You would have the keywords mentioned in the article which will push your content on the top, but you know what would enhance it better? When you use this on the title. So if someone wants to search for a blog with keywords, the title of your content would appear to rank it higher. Thus this action helps you to be spotted at the earliest and much more easier.


Don’t just use the front page of your website as the main source of information. Segregate your information with valuable content so that when a prospect wants to learn more about you, the content written will guide them easily. What makes category pages better is that many prospects never stick to one page of content if what they have read interests them, they would love to explore more of it hence use this as a great opportunity and write relevant content with reference to the category pages. 


Whenever you frame any SEO blog, it would be wiser if you link other websites to your page. What happens is not only will the blog be more enhanced, it will rank higher as the link being placed is from a reputable source.The great thing is that there is no loss, you get promoted and you are building a good bond with top professionals who can help share your content. Conducting this action regularly helps you receive good traffic in return. The below image can explain you better:

Source: Small business trends


‘’Out of the marketers who’ve been using social media for at least a year, 58% have seen improved search engine rankings.’’

When you write a blog the main intention is to:

1 . Assist prospects needs

  1. Answer all their queries
  2. Help them towards achieving their needs

When you write a blog you have completed half the work of assisting your prospects needs, you have created a solution and its time to showcase that solution to all your target audience to help them find their needs. Hence it is important to find out where you can place these solutions? Today social media is the new hub where all prospects depend on such a platform to find a solution for their multiple needs. 

When you place the blog written on such platforms, the traffic rises higher as you’re easily targeting such prospects. Ensure that the blogs being conducted on a regular basis are shared in the right channel. The more your blog reaches out the better traffic is being received by you. 


The online world has become a platform where you can easily find all the solutions you need. The greatest thing is there is one such solution that can help you identify which blog topics will work and which won’t. This solution is called web scraping. Web scraping is the process of extracting data from any place online even your competitor's page counts and saves it in your system so that you can easily monitor and improvise on your current strategies.

Web scraping can help identify which blog topics work and which don’t, it can also help you to analyze every information about blogs online, from the keywords to the performance for each blog topic so that brands like you can easily cater to a good number of successful blogs. With the technology growing and developing in abundance, it is wise to use such a solution to help enhance your rankings online and increase our traffic more generically and organically.


There are thousands of content online, no prospects will open each blog to identify which is the ideal one for them, hence capture their attention immediately by writing an exceptional meta description. Meta descriptions appear below the topic and provide a brief about what the content is about in 1-2 lines. The advantage here is prospects can easily get an idea of what the content is all about and then click on it. So if you managed to grasp their attention in these 1-2 lines, you have won yourself a lead that wants to learn more about you. 

To ensure that you have great traffic towards a blog, consider the below seo tips for a good meta description:

1 . Make it short and simple

  1. Easy to understand
  2. Should let prospects understand clearly what you are offering
  3. A crisp description which is easier to read


When you conduct your regular postings, you will receive a good amount of traffic when you implement the above steps, but what do you do about the blog you posted three days back or a week ago or even a few weeks back? There are still so many prospects who are yet to see the content topic you have written, they would still be searching for a solution which your blog has, hence when you update or refresh your blog and share it again, you will be able to receive another set of good traffic from genuine leads.

By adding more SEO keywords or backlinks you are simply promoting the post to a wider audience and when you constantly refresh your blog you are constantly getting back good amounts of traffic from different blog sources. Always prioritize your old blog posts as well as it can help to drive traffic once again.


Blogs are great but did you know that when you portray the same in video content or if you include a video in your blog, chances are your content will be highly remembered. Shilpa Shad, the co-founder of Hummingbird Web Solutions states, ‘’Shilpa stresses that one of the best SEO tips is quality over quantity: just because you have a large number of indexed pages doesn’t always mean your site’s going to attract a larger volume of organic traffic.’’

Video marketing is a great way to sell your blog content ‘’Video content is 50x more likely to drive organic search results than plain text’’. Imagine this, a blog whether long or small should have a motive that prospects should understand at the end what solution was provided, hence with video content it becomes easier for prospects to remember what was displayed. Even if you convert your blog post into a video completely, the use of keywords will help to drive sufficient traffic. 

When prospects search for content, if there was an option to read or view a video they would choose the latter ‘’While only 20% of people will read the text on a page, 80% of them will watch a video.’’ Keep in mind the following SEO tips when creating seo oriented videos:

1 .Enter short and relevant content

  1. Use visuals
  2. Place information in paragraphs so that prospects can understand
  3. Keep your videos short and simple
  4. Ensure that you use keywords when promoting your content


Snippets are content which appears in a small box when you search for any content.

Source: Optinmonster.com

If your blog appears in the snippet box that means it will be highly clicked by prospects. Since it is the first set of information seen, snippets are a great way of creating an impression. To get on a snipper ensure that the following SEO tips are achieved:

  1. The content is simpler to understand and is relevant
  2. Make use of great headers so that it becomes easier to spot the content
  3. Use cross-device properly
  4. Have a good amount of social engagements
  5. Make sure the external resources you use are impactful


Did you know that you can still receive high traffic from blog posts by simply framing them into different formats such as videos, podcasts, infographics and much more? All these formats are running the content industry by storm because every brand today exhibits its content in such a manner. So why should you miss this opportunity? To drive more traffic, you can follow this SEO tip by continuing to create blog posts as well as ensuring that the increase in the traffic converts the same blog posts into a video form or explain as a short infographic. Either way, prospects would be compelled to view what you are offering them and hence draw them towards learning more about you and your brand’s solution.


There are thousands of content being written each day. Not all those content sticks longer than they should. Some of them get eliminated because of content saturation. Steve Rayson, founder of Buzzsumo stated, “authoritative research and reference content continue to gain links.” Due to this your blog stands longer on the search engine pages and doesn’t fall prey because of content saturation.

In order to sustain this activity, ensure that your blog posts are always long, it would be great if you keep it 2000 words and above. Also, the keywords you use ensure that they also are connected to your blog posts, all phrases, statements, keywords being used should be related to the blog topic. 


Have you ever walked away halfway through reading a blog? What made you do that? This is one of the most common problems when it comes to creating online content. Not all prospects will stay they may either find your blog too boring or would either find it hard to understand. To drive traffic and improve its performance in the blog posts, you must ensure your blog posts are top-notch. Consider the following factors to retain your prospects attention for long:

  1. Make the content easy to read
  2. Every sentence should be connected to the next so that the prospect will continue to read according to that flow
  3. Use videos, visuals, infographics, quotes, statements, statistics in your blog as it helps to retain the attention of prospects and make them want to learn more
  4. Answer all the queries which you believe prospects would enquire about after reading the blog
  5. Use links and keywords which are relevant


How many times has it happened, that you didn’t click on a blog post because the title didn’t catch your attention? This is a crucial problem and it can affect your SEO blog performance. To avoid this issue, keep a check on how you frame your headlines. Make sure your headlines consist of the following:

  1. Short and crisp
  2. Use keywords
  3. Add numbers and brackets
  4. Frame an interesting heading where your prospects become curious, have the urge to click and will help find a solution to their needs.

When you apply such an SEO tip headlines are great, the traffic for blog posts sees good performances.


How can you boost your traffic with your SEO blogs, try to share triggers? When you complete a blog, towards the end always ensure that you leave a statement or a question that triggers prospects to share it. For instance, say you are writing about SEO blog tips, you could place a question, in the end, saying’ Which tips will you use right now? Or which tips are new for you, do share with us by tweeting us. All of these are a great way to engage with prospects and also get more prospects to indulge in what's happening.

It is simple when you share a post, you attract more people to view a post. When such an SEO tip being applied, the blog posts which you shared for a particular brand, receives a good amount of traffic which hence improves the blog performance.


Try writing more articles in SEO form and place links of other SEO specialists content in your blogs. When you do this you are driving great traffic. The great thing about this action is that you get to be placed in a specialist page who indulges in SEO related content. This can help you gain insights on how they are functioning with every blog and give you the opportunity to improvise better. 


Once the above actions have been completed in the curation of your next blog post, the next step is to keep a watchful eye on the performance. The market keeps changing and so does the interest of prospects. For instance, maybe today prospects would like to read more about SEO tips but tomorrow they would want to learn why they need SEO tips for their brand growth, hence having such a piece of information is better in hand as you can easily align your blog topics according to the preference of prospects. This gives you the opportunity to curate efficient blogs whose traffic performance will be much higher.



Blogs are crucial and with every rising day, its importance is being witnessed by many brands. Preparing the right blog requires a great amount of data but with the restrictions online due to online crimes, a bridge has been created to access it. 

Hence using tools such as web scraping can help extract relevant information which could frame your blog topics more efficient and lead driven. Scraping multiple data might not be considered as safe as it should be hence using a good proxy server can help to create secure scraping activities. Proxy servers a great solution to scrape through any website without having to reveal any identity. It also acts like a protective shield safeguarding any information being accessed at you.Apart from the security, web scraping with proxy servers also helps to enhance the ranking for any SEO blog. Since the information is being provided to you via web scraping chances of you tackling competitors and ranking blogs becomes higher.

What did you think of the article? Was it the SEO tips helpful? Which SEO tips are you planning to incorporate today?

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