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For any successful business, the code to tackle the tough competitors is to sell better than them with good profits coming your way.

Just understanding about your competitors isn’t enough, you need to do more to sell better than them, which is why you need a solution that can make this process easier.

Researching about your competitors is a good start but it will take you a lot of time to learn from their gaps and then start applying, a different approach to your business.

What if you were told that you could do this activity in half the time of your research?

If you wish to conduct your business on Amazon, or have a business on Amazon and want to do better with your competitors, then 

this article is for you, in fact, the solution that we were discussing above can help you soar better on Amazon.

The solution you need to hear about or rather start applying is called ‘Web Scraping’.

We have covered everything you need to know in this article about the solution that can help your business to grow better on Amazon:

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Web scraping is the process of extracting information from a source or website which contains valuable information and scraping all of that and saving it in your system in the format you would like to view it in such as CSV file and much more.

Previously, if a company needed to extract information from a website, they would opt for the method of copy-pasting. But the drawback here was when it comes to large data the copy-pasting would consume a lot of time to conduct the action and when you copy-paste big data the website slows down alerting the owner of suspicious activity.

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But with web scraping, this isn’t the case. In just a few minutes you can easily extract information without slowing down the website which is why it has grown to be popular. To conduct web scraping activities is convenient, all you need to is:

1 . Select the website/source you want to scrape

2. Choose the data which you needs scraping

3. Run the web scraping code

4. Save it all in your system

Web scraping matters and your focus on it is required, allow us to explain it better.



There are tens and thousands of data available online but not all that data is relevant to help your business grow. As a brand you know what is required for your brand’s enrichment and hence with web scraping, extracting only that portion of essential data that can help brands succeed faster in their lead capture activities.

For instance, if you want to scrape data from your competitor's websites, web scraping makes that happen without the competitor's website slowing down or having any risk of any brand conducting this action to be detected. 


A brand can enhance its solution when it has the right data which exhibits the requirements needed to improvise the solution. Web scraping provides accurate data because all the data being driven is from sources that have been following it or from platforms where prospects have mentioned their opinion on their expectations about a particular product.

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All of this contributes a valuable data collection to brands which can help them to improvise their solution better. Since brands have an analysis of what their prospects are expecting, it becomes easier to adapt to the modifications and also plan out the next possible changes before the new trend hits. 


A brand success can only be retained when a band continues to serve the needs of all its prospects even with each changing trend. But how can that happen when the trends have no time of their arrival? With the data collected, brand’s can have an idea, it might not be the exact prediction but a simple analysis of how their solution will be looked upon a few years from now.

Not only that aspect, but brands can also have an analysis of how their prospects will look at a product. For instance maybe the current product offered by a brand is great, it has all the features and the prices are great, with web scraping you can get data which will help you analyze what more are prospects looking from the product for instance maybe they want few features to be automated or they want a specific feature and so on.

Web scraping ensures that you get the data that can help you still cater to the prospect's needs no matter the changes and still retain the success crown for longer. 


The harsh truth is if you want to be successful, outselling your competitors can win you over some brownie points. With web scraping, you can easily scrape any information which will most likely help your brand to hover in front of your competitors.

It could be their pricing strategies, their prospect reviews and any other information which will most likely help in catering to your very own prospect needs. The market is growing and changing all the time when it comes to conducting activities which can pull your brand closer to assisting their needs better, web scraping is an ideal tool for that action to take place.


To capture the ideal lead for a brand, it takes up a lot of research time to find the right audience which fits a brand’s target audience. Wouldn’t it be easier if you could just have a list that consists of the leads which can be interested in what your brand has to offer? Web scraping lets this happen. 

There are moments where you find leads in the most unimagined places, for instance, your blog post comments, or if someone has shared your post and even leads can be found within your peers activities as well such as their engagement sections of the individuals they interact with openly online, all these prospects stand as a potential sales leads for your brand. 

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With the help of web scraping, you can easily scrape such information, get their contact details as well as email addresses without breaking a sweat and conduct efficient cold calling and emailing on the spot. This not only saves a lot of time for the sales agents to find them through the crowd but also speeds up the process much quicker than imagined. 

It is very easy to get started with web scraping, just get started with the languages.



Python is one of the most common coding languages. With reference to web scraping languages, this is popularly used for such a process. For any web scraping activities, Python is considered to be the finest in ensuring that this process is conducted without any errors.


1. Beneficial tool for web scraping because it includes two impactful frameworks which matters while conducting this process, Scrapy, and Beautiful Soup.

2. The use of ‘Beautiful Soup’ application in python is intended for quick and efficient data extraction practices.

3. It contains advanced web scraping libraries which makes Python a better hit when compared to the remaining web scraping languages.

4. It contains a variety of the finest data visualization libraries for users like you to function better with.


Node.js is most suited for data crawling activities that practice dynamic coding activities. It also supports distributed crawling practices. Node.js uses Javascript to conduct non-blocking applications which can help enhance multiple simultaneous events that would be taking place. 


1 . Beneficial for streaming activities

2. Can conduct API’s as well as socket-based activities

3. Has a built-in library

4. Can conduct basic web scraping data extraction activities

5. Has a basic stable communication


Ruby is considered to be one of the open-source programming languages. It has a user-friendly syntax which is easy to understand and can be practiced and applied without any hassles. The greatest feature of Ruby is that it consists of multiple languages such as Perl, Smalltalk, Eiffel, Ada, Lip along with another new language. Ruby is well aware of how it needs to balance functional programming with the assistance of imperative programming.


1. It is a simple web scraping languages

2. It is more on the productive process

3. No signs of code repetition take place

4. You require less writing for such a language

5. This language is supported by a community of users

6. Supports multithreading

4. C & C++

C and C++ are a great execution solution but it can be costly when it comes to conducting web scraping. Prowebscraper recommends, ‘’it is not advisable to use these languages to set up a crawler unless it’s a specialized organization that you have in mind, focusing only on extracting data.’’


1 . Simple to understand

2. Can write own HTML parsing library according to your requirements

3. Can conduct such a web scraping language better with dynamic coding

4. It can help to parallelize any scraper you use without any effort

5. PHP

PHP may not be able to be the ideal choice when it comes to the creation of a crawler program. In order to extract information such as graphics, images, videos, and other visual forms, using a CURL library is better.

The best thing about the curl library is that it can help to transfer files with the help of protocol lists which have HTTP and FTP in it. Having this can help you in the creation of web spiders which could be utilized to download any kind of information from the online platform.


1. Uses 39 MB of RAMusage

2. Uses 3% of CPU usage

3. It runs 723 pages per 10 minutes

Web scraping can do alot for your business such as scraping your competitors' details that sell the same product as yours, by comparing you can easily create your brand strategy and pricing in a better manner that can help you be on top of your competition always.

Apart from this, you can do so much more such as capturing your leads and enhancing your lead activity.



The key ingredient to tapping leads is to find out first which is your target audience. When you don’t engage with the right target audience, your chances of converting leads becomes relatively less.

Hence with web scraping, you can easily find out which audience will be best suited for your brand. You can scrape websites of your competitors and monitor which leads are great for your brand and start engaging with them sooner.


With web scraping, you can easily collect lead information without any hassle. So many times, your competitors or other sources have a sign-up option for their leads to engage with them.

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If you scrape such data you can easily retrieve email addresses and phone numbers which will help you to tap leads and convert them into a potential sales lead. For B2B leads the number one way to go ahead and win leads is through referrals and when you can collect such information it becomes quicker for you to assist them too. 


The market keeps changing and so does your client's preferences. Before your competitors can even plan their next move it is crucial that you hit the target audience first With web scraping you can subscribe to daily data capture from sources so that you are always aware of what your current clients are looking out for.

For B2B lead generation, web scraping helps you to monitor the raw data you have in hand so that you can apply the solutions when you plan your next lead generation action. 


For B2B lead generation to take place, many things are vital as mentioned in the above pointers, the right target audience, the contact details and the update on client preferences. With web scraping, this can all be assisted. Since all the vital information is being extracted it is put to good use with your lead generation activities.

This data that you receive is important because it helps you in nurturing your clients at the right time whilst tackling the huge competition in the market. 


‘’49% of B2B marketers site social media marketing as the most difficult lead generation tactic to execute’’

Today every client of yours is on social media. But the sad reality is that there are so many of them but you might not be able to find them all. So many different social media handles, multiple users, constant engagements can lead you to miss out on a few essential leads which could cost your brand a high value. With web scraping this is possible. 

You can extract any information about your clients from Instagram, Linkedin or Facebook and even get a hold of their community so that you can keep a closer eye on who you can engage better with. With almost everyone imprinting its presence, it’s great to capture B2B leads with such a platform that has potential leads right closer to you. 

While you learnt about the lead growth for your Amazon business, web scraping can also help increase your brand growth on the same platform. We have collected the top ways of doing this.



The online world as mentioned earlier consists of vast data. Any information you need today, the online platform is room to provide them all. But from a business point of view especially brands like yours, not all the information that is available online will serve your purpose concerning brand growth. Hence this is the reason why web scraping exists. 

The use of web scraping here helps to extract only those information which is relevant. For instance, scraping information about competitor's pricing strategies, client reviews, feedback of clients about various topics such as new product launches and so much more. All these can conduct quality actions to serve such clients more easily and quickly. 


Did you know that the quicker you assist leads, the easier it becomes to convert them into a sales lead? The competition is getting tougher, more and more competitors are joining in the race with you to capture qualified leads much quicker and if your brand is going to step down slower, don’t be surprised to witness lower lead conversion rates. The use of web scraping here is it helps to reach out to clients before the competitors can even realize. 

With web scraping, extracting information such as a client's views on similar products like yours, their expectations on a particular product, what solutions they expect a product should deliver will all impact the improvisation of your current solution. When the data comes in quicker, the process to sell an exceptional solution becomes easier to cover through. 


Fewer brands today display their data to their audience. But despite providing such an advantage the data shown is normally not the data that a brand could benefit with. For instance, say a brand displayed its organization roots, history and achievements, how can a brand like yours benefit from it? 

Due to this gap, the use of web scraping can benefit here. With web scraping, you can easily extract all the other information that a brand hides from the public eye. 

This would be the data that you can use to improvise and update your current solution to become the one ultimate source for leads to draw towards your brand. Since the solution created meets every lead's expectations, the conversion rate of such leads is higher. 


Web scraping can be very beneficial for this pointer. Tapping leads and converting them into a qualified sales lead isn’t just a tiresome task, it is tougher than it used to be. Today’s leads are more knowledgeable which is why they need to be tapped at the right time. With web scraping finding those leads can take the huge burden away from conducting this activity far away. 

Web scraping can help extract data of leads from various sources for instance, if few leads have commented on the competitor's website, leads that are showing interest in a blog relevant to what your brand to offers, a website with many followers and you believe that your solution is better than what it is offering, all of this information can be extracted with just one click. 

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The benefit here is that sales agents will be able to tap them quicker since these are all the warm leads that are looking for their needs to be satisfied in unique ways. For instance, a user on your competitor's website is simply following them because the solution being offered is similar to their needs.

But since the market keeps changing needs to change, sales agents can take advantage by offering them a solution that will meet the next possible preference of that lead and win them over to their side. 


Nurturing leads is crucial because when it is nurtured well, there is a high chance that it can be converted into a qualified lead. But with so many changes, strategies and other works to focus on, how can brands conduct repetitive tasks such as daily nurturing of leads? The easiest way to answer is through the process of automation. With web scraping, this automation can be conducted successfully. 

With the use of web scraping, relevant data will be collected, the data will then be monitored and applied to different strategies conducted by a brand, once the data has applied a brand can conduct efficient automation for nurturing the leads where the outcome will match the expectations set by the brand. 

To ensure that the automation is conducted efficiently, conducting automation for web scraping can help speed up the process and retrieve quality data whenever needed. This data can then be applied to other works that can be conducted in an automated manner hence delivering effective workflows.

Since you're now aware that web scraping can do so much for your Amazon business, there is however, a risk attached, a risk of being caught while doing this activity and then having your IP blocked.

This will cause a stoppage in your work hence it is wise to conduct such an action securely with a reliable solution. We have got you covered on the most reliable solution you can get started with.


Proxy servers stand between a user and the website it wants to access. When a user sends a request to view a restricted website the proxy server will receive the request first and then send it to the website. The reason why a proxy server receives it first is that it changes the IP address.

Many times you get blocked when viewing restricted sources of information because your IP address speaks about the location you are in. What a proxy server does is it helps to eliminate that issue by hiding your actual identity and giving another one.

When it comes to web scraping for your business activities, proxy servers are beneficial. While you continue to scrape the multiple websites, proxy servers ensure that your identity is hidden and that the scraping activity conducts quicker. 

There are multiple brands that offer proxies that can be used for Amazon,most of them are residential proxies. We covered the top ones for you.



Smartproxy provides residential proxies that can be found in multiple locations. About 10 million IP addresses are offered by this proxy service provider. They offer a monthly package pricing option and also a 3-day money return policy.

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This proxy service provider offers only 40 thousand proxies in locations US and Europe. It goes on to offer a 24-hour money-back guarantee which is reasonable and quick since they offer no other medium to get started with their solution. Their pricing packages are great because they offer multiple features one being unlimited bandwidth which is applicable on any of the pricing packages.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      


This proxy service provider is a subsidiary of Microleaves. They offer an IP pool which consists of 31 million IP addresses from across the globe. They offer a dedicated Amazon pricing proxy solution which is great. With this proxy service provider, all you need to do is pay for the number of proxies that you wish to buy.


While web scraping will help you scrape valuable information from Amazon, proxy servers ensure that this process is taken care of in a secure manner.

You have everything at the moment to soar higher in your business, an efficient solution, and a secure process, it’s time you get started.

So tell us, what did you think of this article? Was it helpful? Would you like to add more to the list? We would love to hear from you on the same.

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