34+ experts share Best SEO techniques for Lead conversion & Organic traffic

34+ experts share Best SEO techniques for Lead conversion & Organic traffic

Best SEO techniques

‘’70% of marketers say SEO is more effective at driving sales.’’

The SEO industry is booming. In fact, it’s presence for any brand can garner the right kind of attention required to boost increase in lead engagement and conversions. SEO is considered to be one of the finest ways to increase website traffic and get more views for the way the content is being showcased to the potential leads.

SEO has many benefits under its care and these benefits if implemented the right way can boost a brand’s ranking and garner more attention towards what it offers to the potential leads. ‘’SEO can drive a 14.6% conversion rate’’ which means that if a brand like yours can accommodate all the SEO techniques the right way, chances are the conversion rates and lead capture can highly increase in great numbers.

With each changing trend comes different preferences and choices which are exactly why your SEO techniques need to be conducted in a way that will matter in 2020. This article provides you with the top lists of SEO techniques that are growing popular and giving you the results needed to successfully conduct efficient lead generation in recent years.

Understanding the importance that this topic holds, we had conducted an interview asking multiple experts their opinions about the best SEO technique according to them in 2020 and here is what the all had to say:

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1 . Omar Fonseca, Digital Marketing Manager at Medicare Plan Finder who has a well established background in business, marketing and entertainment is now also an expert in Digital Marketing stated,


Best SEO Techniques

1) Guest Posting: Many websites accept guest content for publication that will link back to your website bringing significant link juice depending on the linking site’s authority. Before submitting your content, ensure that the website is relevant to your brand and your content is of high educational quality, without excessive brand promotion. Also, it’s important that the domain is of high authority and is not spammy with a quality link profile, you want to acquire backlinks that positively impact your website’s ranking in search results.

Pro Tip: Always ensure you do not already have original content that matches the topic, submitting repurposed content already on your website will save you time and effort.

2) Discover Competitors' Backlinks: Any top SEO strategy involves competitor analysis, so if you’re researching competitors anyways, you should analyze their link profiles to find backlinks they have in common which you do not. If they can acquire these backlinks, we can reach out with an email proposing content or asking for a backlink as well!

Pro Tip: Using Moz’s Link Intersect, I can input our competitors (up to 5) and retrieve a list of domains in which they all share a backlink, then reach out.

A great tool we use is Ahrefs, which is very user-friendly and powerful. The data is highly accurate and detailed; it will give you insight into the many facets of your SEO strategy and help you to improve your website very quickly. This all-in-one suite of SEO tools gives you access to web monitoring, rank tracking, content and keyword analysis, and backlink, keyword and content research. It allows you to monitor your strategic niche, grow your search traffic and take advantage of competitor research and analysis.

The Site Audit tool performs an SEO audit on your website, highlighting what parts of your website require improvements to help ensure your best ranking. The Domain Comparison tool lets you add up to 4 of your competitors to compare which helps you find sites which have backlinked to your competitors but not you, which provides great link opportunities. Finally, the Positions Explorer Tool allows you to dig deep inside your competitor’s search traffic, you can even see the keywords that the competition is ranking for in the SERPS!

A great tool we use is Ahrefs, which is very user-friendly and powerful. The data is highly accurate and detailed; it will give you insight into the many facets of your SEO strategy and help you to improve your website very quickly. This all-in-one suite of SEO tools gives you access to web monitoring, rank tracking, content and keyword analysis, and backlink, keyword and content research. It allows you to monitor your strategic niche, grow your search traffic and take advantage of competitor research and analysis.

The Site Audit tool performs an SEO audit on your website, highlighting what parts of your website require improvements to help ensure your best ranking. The Domain Comparison tool lets you add up to 4 of your competitors to compare which helps you find sites which have backlinked to your competitors but not you, which provides great link opportunities. Finally, the Positions Explorer Tool allows you to dig deep inside your competitor’s search traffic, you can even see the keywords that the competition is ranking for in the SERPS!

2 . John Frigo, a SEO Lead who also holds a chain of Brick and Mortar as well as online Vitamin and Supplement Shops including Supplement Warehouse, Best Price Nutrition, My Supplement Store, Complete Nutrition and Capitol Nutrition along with a few others stated,

As far as SEO tips, one would be using HARO, it’s a pretty low effort way to rack up some high DA backlinks that you’d otherwise never get just doing reciprocal blogging outreach. I like that they send out the emails 3 times a day so you’ll never forget and it just becomes part of your daily schedule.

Backlinks are important. I hear a lot of people saying content is king, content is king, and while I strongly agree with that idea, you still need backlinks.

Just do something. One nice thing for less tech savvy business owners is that SEO these days is much less about gamesmanship. Where as there was a time you could game the system, SEO these days makes things like having content, user experience, etc much more powerful and relevant as opposed to just knowing how to structure a page, buy backlinks and stuff keywords so I think it’s in many ways levelled the playing field for less tech savvy business owners or bloggers who are willing to put in the effort to create content.

3 . Tim Carr from WP Zinc stated, 


Use a tool such as WAVE [https://wave.webaim.org/] to identify web site accessibility issues.. Specifically, ensure legible font sizing, clear navigation and a contrast ratio of at least 3:1.

Not only is this good for ensuring your web content is more accessible to individuals with disabilities, you increase your potential market reach and income.

In our case, adjusting our CTA button colors, background colors and link text to meet WCAG guidelines resulted in a ~ 53% increase in e-commerce transactions, and almost a 13% increase in revenue week on week.

In a world of email marketing where you're told to build your email list, funnel users, drip feed content and keep them engaged, you're left with little to no time to work on your product or service.

My advice - keep it simple.

Your single goal is to sell the prospect something, turning them into a customer.  A prospect will most likely:

1 . Make a purchase (we don't need to market to them),

2 . Ask a question (we can answer their questions which should help them make an informed decision),

  1. Remain undecided about making a purchase (we need to reach out to them),

4 . Decide not to purchase (we don't need to waste resources here)

To convert those who remain undecided:

1 . Obtain their email address in return for offering something free (perhaps part of your product or service)

2 . Selectively market via email at key times in your business cycle (for example, Black Friday or a seasonal event), with a discount code

3 . Move your prospects off your mailing list as soon as they become a customer

I've employed this strategy, having tried several other email marketing suggestions, and found it to be the simplest, most cost effective and best converting approach that balances a small business owner's limited time.

4 . Pamela Bourgault from Dashthis stated,


We use guest blogging as a way to improve our SEO and increase our rankings in SERP. These high-quality articles bring in high-quality leads to our website, which ultimately increases our goal conversions by bringing in the right leads and allows us to receive great backlinks from various different websites. These articles are often used as guides and resources, which increases shareability. 

To particularly track our performance, we use our SEO reporting dashboard with DashThis, this allows our content, communications and marketing team to have an overview of our SEO performance with data-driven results in nice, easy-to-use and understand, graphs/dashboard!  

5 . Becky Livingston, Owner & CEO of Virtual CMO for CPAs and Small Business Owners of Penheel Marketing stated,

I teach a lot of website courses, and SEO is a fun one. One of my favorite SEO best practices is to use an incognito (or private browsing window) to find long-tail keywords to add to my keyword tag list for blog articles. The ProcessOpen a private or incognito browser tab. Enter a phrase related to the content you’ve created. Scroll to the bottom of the page to find popular search phrases people in your geographic area have used. Use the ones that make sense in your content; but, also write down the ones you don’t want for negative keyword lists. CTR IncreasesThis tip is very helpful for voice-related search and local business search results because it’s very targeted by phrase and geographically. According to Neil Patel, “Long-tail keywords account for 70% of all web searches.

6 . Nicolas Straut, a Senior SEO Associate at Fundera stated,

"One of my top recommendations for earning more traffic in 2020 is a mix of both on and off-page SEO. First identify a few high-search volume keywords that are relevant to your website that competitors are currently ranking for by searching their website on Ahrefs and navigating to Top Pages under Organic Traffic. If your website is younger, pay attention to the difficulty of ranking that Ahrefs quantifies and how many links you would need to earn to rank. 

Find the few keywords with the perfect combination between higher search volume, lower ranking difficulty, and fit for your site or blog. Once you have a few ideas, check out the elements of the top ranking pages like word count, information offered, page elements like graphs, quotes, and images, and how many links each have. 

Next consider if you have the writing talent on-staff to write one of these pieces and which would be easiest to earn links for. For example, perhaps one would be a great data resource that could be offered to content sites you already have relationships with that could be added to existing articles, adding value. Or perhaps another could be linked to by other articles you already have on your site. 

Once you've narrowed down your options, write a piece with a higher word count than ranking competitors, has the essential elements that readers are searching for (always credit sources), and is thorough and well-organized. Then get to work earning the requisite amount of links. With the right effort, you'll be ranking and earning traffic for your target keyword within weeks!" 

7 . John Colascione, Chief executive officer at Internet marketing services Inc stated,

In my opinion, purchasing expired domain names, or even better, existing businesses with a website they are willing to sell either with the business or without, if is also in the same niche as your business, is an excellent way to both increase your search engine rankings (SEO positioning) as well as increase web traffic to your site. Google’s not so fond of this practice and would like you to think it doesn’t work, but that’s just not so.Buying a domain name with existing backlinks, whether expired or not, will increase your link popularity and improve your search engine rankings, especially if the site was or is related to your same niche, and the anchor text used in the links matches your sites theme and on page keywords. And even if it didn’t,these links will still equal TRAFFIC; the lifeblood of any internet business.Just as a brick and mortar business survives on foot traffic in and out of their store, web businesses survive on visitors from web traffic. 

8 . Shine Colcol an SEO Specialist as well as a part of the team behind iAuditor by SafetyCulture stated,

One of the best on-page SEO techniques I do before creating content is to ask myself, "Can I give a better answer to this question?" 

My mentor, Howie Mann, graciously shared this with me, and since January this year, I've been saving a lot of time from either duplicating content and making it worse or writing new content that should be at least 10 times better.

I know I can write the best articles about a search query when I prioritize what people want and provide exactly what they want—the right answer to their question.

Because of this, we have tons of pages ranking in Google, even without backlinking.

9 . Daniela Andreevska, Marketing Director at Mashvisor stated,

One of the SEO techniques that have proven to work best for us recently is to write blog posts with a focus keyword and a lot of variations of the keyword. Stuffing the same keyword in your content will no longer help you rank as #1 on Google as search engine algorithms are getting smarter and can detect unnatural language.

It is best to use your keyword in different forms to show that that's the main keyword and topic of your post but that it is not just stuffed there with no real value to the reader.

10 . Saud Ibrahim, Digital Marketing Manager at Algedra.ae stated,

I use aggressive link building to the pages that I want to rank for with keyword-rich anchors. Of course, this is after getting the house in order, i.e. onsite optimization.

For link building, I outreach through personalized emails and generate links from guest posting, haro, news sites, etc. 

11 . Irena Zobniów, Co-Founder of Insightland.org, SEO expert with over 10 years of experience and has specialized in various SEO sectors such as e-commerce, Financial Technology and local SEO stated,

In my opinion, SEO should focus more on users’ needs, especially voice search in 2020. It seems to be obvious but we often forget about it in our everyday work. Moreover, the latest update of the Google search engine algorithm - BERT - also forces us to put ourselves in the users’ shoes.

SEO experts should include more conversational keywords in their content and create it with their potential customers’ intentions in mind. They need to think about if what they offer, meets users’ needs. The thorough research is a must in 2020. You can dig into forums, read there what they need, what they look for, what language they use to describe the product or service. It can help not only tailor your offer better but also to target different key phrases and rank higher in the search engines.  If you find it difficult to target the right key phrases, use Ubersuggest. It is a free tool that is intuitive and helpful for marketers and SEO experts.

In building valuable content, the https://answerthepublic.com/ tool can be useful, thanks to which we will be able to completely exhaust a given topic using all possible expressions that users can enter (now and in the future).

BERT update forces also optimization for voice search. It is another step forward in this direction and marketers cannot ignore this shift. They should take care of the technical audit of their websites and content and include voice search into their marketing strategies in 2020. 

Moreover, it is worth paying attention to rich snippets and emoji in metadata, which are used more and more often, and rightly so, because it is one of the elements influencing the improvement of CTR.

12 . Gregory Golinski, Head of Digital Marketing at Your parking space stated, 

My favorite SEO strategy in 2020 is to add questions and answers in our content, so that they appear in featured snippets.

Featured snippets can send you lots of traffic. Ranking for position 0 in featured snippets is the new number 1!

  1. Nikola Baldikov, a Digital Marketing Manager at Brosix stated,

Your content quality would always matter a lot. So mind creating great content and build links to it. This is the most simple but effective strategy. What I can also suggest is using Haro to build authority links. And last but not least, don’t forget about your social media profiles.

Talking from personal experience, after optimizing our profile on Pintrest, we increased our visibility from 500 to 27.4 k monthly viewers. Social media is still a ranking factor, so it should not be underestimated.

14 . Jakub Kliszczak, a Marketing Specialist at CrazyCall stated, 

One of the best working SEO techniques for 2020 is prioritizing the on-page user experience/user design. Let me explain: too many marketers focus on hard-coded rules such as keywords density and proper keywords distribution. While all of that is important, no one will consume your content if it's unappealing and hard to go through. At one point, we decided to change the branding and with it came the change of our website and its look. Therefore, we decided to reinvent our blog and how its main page and the single-article page looked like. With the intention of making content more skimmable, clean, and intuitive we've managed to get up to 500% more on-page time for some of the articles. Although some articles didn't score such high gains, each and every article did better than before when it came to keeping users reading. All in all, putting the UX and User Design first helped us better the SEO metrics that let to better rankings.

  1. Alayna Frankenberry, a as the Marketing Manager for BlueSky ETO continues to refine her marketing knowledge by earning inbound and digital marketing certifications from Google and Hubspot stated,

Here are some of the strategies that I’ve personally found the most helpful:

1 . Optimize for search intent. This is more important than ever after Google’s recent BERT update. Optimizing for search intent means not just asking “what is my ideal visitor searching for?” but also “why are they searching for it?” Then, create content that matches the search intent. For example, someone searching “buy cashmere holiday sweater” won’t be attracted to a blog post titled “10 reasons Why You Should Buy A Cashmere Sweater.” Consider their intent—they have likely already decided to purchase a sweater and are now at the decision stage of deciding where to make their purchase. For this reason, they’d be much more attracted to a post like “Looking to Buy a Cashmere Sweater? Check Out These 10 Hot Holiday Designs.”

2 . Ditch single and double word keywords. Think about it—it’s pretty hard to optimize for search intent with a keyword that’s only one or two words long. Here’s an example: the keyword phrase “professional jockey.” That’s a very specific query, but type it into your search bar and check out the results: https://imgur.com/UwcZHMO Is the searcher looking to become a professional jockey? Are they trying to improve their gambling odds by researching an upcoming horse race? Or are they simply hoping to buy some underwear from the Jockey clothing site? Simply bumping up your key phrase to 3-4 words can help target your ideal visitor, boost your rankings, and attract traffic that converts.

  1. Adam Lumb, an En site manager at Cashcow Ltd stated,

I think one of the most underutilized SEO methods is using Google Trends. Even in 2020, long after the tool was made available, it is still often overlooked by Google’s other products and other third-party SEO tools. However, it is personally my favourite way of measuring the popularity of seasonal keywords which are great for supplementing your traffic.

Depending on your niche, you can find keywords that are only searched at specific times of the year. One very apt example is Black Friday, where search volume skyrockets in November before sinking dramatically for the rest of the year. Using Google Trends, you can analyze when these kind of terms become popular and plan your content schedule around them.

In terms of traffic, you can often beat your competition to the SERPs by publishing content early. This allows you to start collecting more visitors as soon as the volume starts to rise.. The CTR will also likely be high as the keywords will almost certainly be long tail which makes it easier for you to match the content. Both traffic and CTR are likely to be boosted further by less competition. Finally, it’s often the case that better matching content leads to improved conversions and/or increased business.

What’s more, you can even use seasonal content to boost other areas of SEO. For starters, it’s another page that’s (hopefully) ranking highly and therefore has potential to attract backlinks. Secondly, you can point internal links to your top pages if relevant.. This gives your top pages a bit of extra link juice while also being a possible referral for users.

  1. Seth Hurd, a Senior Account Manager at Brighton Agency stated,

The first thing I did a few days after the Google BERT release on 10/25  was to add prepositions for that ag clients that Brighton agency serves. Historically, "to," "for," "in" etc. have been "stop words" for Google, but now it appears that the natural language processing (NLP) is reading those.

The thing that hasn't changed after the update is that we put a lot of emphasis on quality link building.

  1. Khris Steven from Khris digital stated,

One of my all time favorite SEO techniques is thorough onpage optimization whereby I build a strong information architecture based pages based on what my audiences want and interlink them together.

Internal linking is by far the underutilized SEO strategy by webmasters which I have been using in knocking my competitors off.

All I just do is publish supporting articles linking to my main article to boost it's rankings.

I use a tool called LinkWhisperer to automate this process.

  1. Louis Watton the marketing executive of Shiply stated,

'I believe link building is still the best way to increase rankings and therefore traffic in Google's eyes. My number one tactic for building links is outreach. What this entails is monitoring your brand mentions online, and when there are mentions that aren't linked, your reach out to either the webmaster or the author of the article and simply ask for a link to be put in! The hard work is already done in that people are talking about your brand, all you need to do is capitalise on these mentions and turn them into juicy links!

My favourite 'easy' link building tactic is broken links. If your website has been around for a while, there's a chance that you have some links pointing to broken pages. By redirecting these broken pages to the most relevant active pages on your site you can reclaim links in seconds!'

  1. Antti Alatalo,Co-Founder & Marketing Director of Cashcow Ltd stated,

When we launched our first affiliate website, we used YouTube influencers to drive traffic on our website. YouTuber did a video of our website; the person showed how the site worked, what kind of casinos we have listed on our website and then choose a casino and started playing there. 

We got a lot of referral traffic from those videos. What was more interesting was that we started getting more traffic with our own branded searches. We also saw that our other keywords got a significant boost in rankings.

  1. Bernice Quek, the Content Marketing Specialist of Traffic Bees shared two insights on this topic with 2 of her clients opinions on the same,

1 . Addressing Decreasing CTR

In recent years, webpages from across all industries are facing substantial decreasing organic click-through-rates (CTR). This can be attributed to the increasingly crowded organic search results as Google continues to add sections like answer boxes, ads and ‘people also ask’ boxes among others.

Therefore in 2020, it's best to place a renewed focus on standing out in search results and increasing the CTR through the following techniques:

a. Including primary keyword in all our URLs

According to Google’s Search Engine Optimisation Guide, one of the best practices for webmasters include using URLs with words that are relevant to your site’s content. From this, we understand that Google’s search engine actually uses your URL to find the best match for a user’s search query. Therefore, optimising keywords in your URL with a tool such as Yoast SEO, for a perfect query match will improve your CTR significantly.

b. Adding a meta description to all pages

While meta descriptions do not directly affect Google rankings in the search results, they still affect the CTR. A unique meta description for each page does more than occupy space in search results. When you do not provide a description, Google simply pulls snippets from your page, which can often be uncompelling and incomplete. On the other hand, a well-written description allows you to engage your target audience, which ultimately improves the CTR and help your chances of ranking higher.

A decreasing CTR can be discouraging for all businesses. However, understanding ways to adapt to these changes can help to grow our sites consistently and gain an advantage over competing sites. 

This is exactly what one client, Gavin Gn from New Age Polish stated the above pointers.

Another client, Bernice Quek from M&P International Freights stated the below pointers,

2 . Building backlinks

Over the years, building backlinks has become increasingly important as it is a huge ranking factor. Having backlinks tells Google that your site offers quality content and is worth linking to.

a. Be a podcast guest

In 2020, keep a lookout for opportunities to become a guest speaker on a podcast. This is great as it requires minimal preparation since you'll be invited to speak about a topic of your expertise. At the end of the podcast, it'll be transcribed on the podcaster's website together with links to your page.

b. Guest blogging

Websites such as Medium are great platforms to guest blog on. You can write about anything related to your industry, and strategically link back to relevant pages on your site. Search strings can also be used on Google to look for relevant blogs within your niche to do guest blogging.

c. Content syndication

Using search strings, websites that do content syndication can easily be found. Reach out to the editor and pitch your piece of content at least 2 weeks after it has been published. Ensure that the republished article includes a canonical tag and links back to your original article so that your page gets the link juice.

Aside from building links to your page, these 3 SEO techniques also build your brand authority. The more you get your brand name out there and profile yourself, the more you'll be viewed as a reliable company. 

  1. Charles Ferrer from Dilate digital stated,

One technique that can work well is to improve pages that already receive a good amount of traffic. If you have products that appear on the first page of Google and in particular the first 5 positions for a number of search terms. Focus on attracting people to click through to your product page from Google's search results.

Rich snippets such as 'review snippets' should be at the top of your list. If you can get these to appear in the search results this can attract a significant amount of organic traffic than what you're already receiving, additionally this can also help with conversions as you build more trust for consumers.

The example below shows the importance of these review snippets taken from Search Console. for one of our clients. It's filtered to rich results data (rich snippets), between September and October 2019. The client had a number of review snippets implemented so what you see at the start of September is a constant graph. 

However during a few site design changes by their web development team, review snippets were accidentally taken away during the end of September and what you see at the start of October till the end of the month is a 35% drop in clicks and impressions. We were still able to maintain some impressions and clicks through other rich result features we had implemented, but the bulk of the drop is from the removal of these review snippets. These were eventually added back in and the client was able to recover from the 35% drop at the start of November.

23 . Adeel Shabir, a Content Marketing Executive at GigWorker stated,

SEO is the best way to market yourself and make a presence on search engines. But, it requires a lot of time and patience. SEO has been taken into consideration in the past year and coming years because they are free marketing ways.

Following are the top SEO techniques in 2020:

1 . Voice search is using and will be trending in 2020 because it's easy just to say what you need. Amazon, Google, and many others are working on this way of communication over the device and searching for answers over the search engine.

  1. Providing quality content. Content on the internet come in different ways. But blogging is the first option when people are searching for content because if it has something interesting to offer than it will shine through the search engines. Creating a quality content has been the biggest achievement in 2019 and it will be more appreciated in 2020.
  2. Video content is on the rise. Youtube and other social media platforms that consist of video content are more easy to be attractive because a 1 mint video has much more attractiveness than a 1000 word blog post.

24 . Joseph Colarusso from EMS digital and CORE Search Marketing stated, 

One SEO technique is to use questions in the page title. Our research suggests that questions in the page title impact click-through rate. As part of David Leonhardta test, we optimized 50 page titles with a question. Overall click-through rate across all the pages increased 14% over a three-month span. Click-through rate increased for 32 of the 50 pages.

25 . Stuart Leung, a vape industry leader and VP of Marketing at Breazy stated,

Pitching Your Content as a Resource (Off-Page)

If your website hosts a blog with valuable content, consider pitching one of those content pieces as a resource. For example, if you have a finance blog that has useful information, pitch it to an authoritative finance resource page. By getting an additional link to one of these relevant resource pages, your site will be in front of a new audience and you'll receive more traffic. Ensure that your blog includes internal links so when visitors land on that page they can easily navigate to other pages throughout your site.   

Optimize Tile-Tags (On-Page)

Title-tags decide how search engines read your title. It's also the first thing searchers see on a search engine result page (SERP) after typing in their query. Optimizing your title-tag will ensure your page is populating on a SERP when consumers are searching for relevant queries. You can optimize your title buy utilizing third-party tools such as SEMrush and finding the best terms based on search volume and relevance.   

26 . Stacy Caprio, Founder of Growth Marketing stated,

One underlooked SEO strategy I've been using successfully, especially in light of the recent Google updates, is to make sure your content is next-level, high-quality and engaging, as opposed to thin, hard to read content that’s only purpose is to target a specific keyword. Your content should be interesting, answer the user's question and draw the reader in. This makes sure visitors will spend time on your page and engage with your site. When users are spending more time on and engaging with your site at each visit, search engines see that as a sign your site is high quality, so your overall rankings will go up. When people visit a site and then hit the back button quickly, search engines will penalize your site. Making a site that is interesting and keeps users' attention is a content marketing tip that will help your user experience and SEO.

  1. David from THGM Writers stated,

Once you have the technical basics taken care of, the best SEO in 2020 is the same as it was in 2019. And in 2018. And in 2017. And in every year since algorithms first began looking at off-page signals. Do original research. Provide human interest numbers that have to be sourced back to you. The types of links this builds are very natural, to begin with. That means that they will never be caught in any Google penalties for trying to game the system. Secondly, some of them are bound to be high-authority links from legitimate publications. Third, the link text used is bound to be varied and related to your niche. Depending on the topic, it might continue to build you natural links for years to come.

  1. Nick Leffler from WPHubSite stated,

The best SEO technique for me is to focus on one topic and go deep on it. That means finding the right group of keywords that are all closely related and creating content that answers different questions about them. With proper optimized on-page content and good internal site linking then your content will rank well.

I have used this page to get some of my companies into top pages of search results without getting a ton of backlinks. Backlinks are important but focused content that goes deep on topics and answers questions is more important. You can only fake it with backlinks for so long.

29 . Alexis and I'm the SEO Strategist at Elite Digital stated,

A few of the best SEO techniques in 2020 is, firstly, to optimize your product descriptions (for e-commerce websites). As search engines prioritize long-form content, make your product descriptions long and informative. Because it is a product description, increase the scannability of your product descriptions with headers, bullets, and numbering.

Since people don't typically want to read too much, this will allow users to pick and choose the information they want to know about. Within these descriptions, strategically insert keywords and search terms your audience searches (based on keyword research). This same strategy can be used for service descriptions as well on your website.Another technique is to ensure technical SEO is stellar on your website. A lot of websites are ridden with technical SEO issues that can impact rankings.

Making sure the technical SEO components on your website are perfect gives you an advantage over your competitors. Sites often have broken pages, broken internal links, and missing alt tags for images. Performing a site audit on your website using tools like SEMrush will allow you to see where you need to improve technically to improve your site speed, rankings, search visibility and traffic.

Lastly, an important SEO technique in 2020 is generating quality backlinks to your website. Backlinks can help to improve a site's organic ranking, increase referral traffic and increase the trust of your website, enhancing your site's overall position on a results page.This can be done in a variety of ways, from producing blog posts and articles to performing manual backlink outreach (reaching out to writers and blog platforms to reference your site within a public article).

  1. RJ Bryan from RJBryan.com stated,

Next year will be my 7th consecutive year as a full-time Entrepreneur. I’ve run, owned and sold multiple online businesses.

A simple and highly effective technique to use now and in 2020 is ‘question posts’. At first glance (plugging them into your fav SEO tool) they usually have a low search count. Most would be 10-60 searches per month and very few are in the low thousands. But do not despise small beginnings.

These keywords are full of buyer intent which means higher conversion rates, lower bounce rates, and increases traffic. Google, in the past year, has shown how much they value ‘question posts’ with the growth of the snippet post. Yes, snippets have been around for a while but they are getting higher in priority.

We as SEOs have to remember that Google’s intention is to give the searcher THE best answer as fast as possible. Answering a direct question does that.Make sure you use bullet points, numbers, steps, etc. because google favors those posts.Also, if you have a paragraph and about 6 bullet points, the snippet ends with a hyperlinked “more items...” 

Here are 2 of the best place to find question posts and ideas?



31 . Carmen Varner an SEO Consultant for Small Businesses stated,

Businesses love focusing on influencer marketing and other popular trends, but what about SEO?

To get ahead of 2020, start doing keyword research for keywords and phrases related to your business right now. Today. Start now because SEO is a slow, long term game. You can optimize website copy, blog posts, About Us pages, and even photos to increase potential eyeballs and organic traffic. 

When everyone else is concentrating on their social media presence, finessing your website SEO might be the most important thing you can do in 2020. SEO is one of the top marketing methods for my client. 

We've seen a consistent improvement in organic search traffic, web clicks, and referrals by doing competitive keyword research and creating SEO-friendly website copy and pages. 

32 .Brian Coulanges, President Of Guerrilla Insights LLC stated, 

Advanced Search Engine Optimization Advice To Make Your Site Rank In 2020

To market your website, you need to know about search engine optimization or SEO. Your goal is to land the number one spot on the first page of the search engine results pages, and you can't do that without knowing these tips on performing SEO for your site.

Increase your website traffic and the revenue from your site by ensuring it has no broken links or pages. Broken links prevent customers from navigating your site. Broken pages are even worse since then; the content is just missing. Broken content can't be indexed by search engines either, which is also poor marketing.

A way to bring your website to the top of a list in a search engine is to promote your website or product on various aggregator websites such as Digg, Fark, Reddit, or StumbleUpon. The more prominent linkages you can create through sites such as these will provide more credibility to your website. In turn, give the search bots more evidence that your website it valuable and worth putting near the top.

Don't do any more SEO until you have web analytics in place. It would be best if you had web analytics software so that you can see which SEO methods are working and which are not worth your time. Without this software, you will not be able to optimize your SEO effects and could waste a lot of valuable time and money on methods that don't bring any results.

Unleash the power of your URLs, by including your site's keywords and phrases in them. In turn, it increases the density of keywords on your web page and highlights the relevance of each component of your website. Make sure that you do not include more than three or four key-phrases in the URL. For instance, as a user, how much would you trust a URL like this: www.domain.com/pets-dogs-cats-animals-furryfriends?

By making the URL of a website with precise keywords, you will enhance the ease of their search-ability on search engines. The URL of a specific webpage will also make it easier for individuals who are visiting your site to navigate around. Ultimately, by having obscure and complex URLs, it will make it harder for those pages to show up in the top ranking of any search engine.

Optimize your site using breadcrumb navigation. Breadcrumb navigation means including a series of links that lead the viewer to incrementally back to the homepage of your website. These make it easier for visitors to find their way around your site and increase the incidence of your target keywords, plus the search engine spiders can index your site more easily.

Learn how to promote using social media. Only posting links to your company website is not advertising - it is spam. Providing content as a reason to visit your website is much more effective, and it also allows consumers to feel as though you are interested in their wants and needs.

Your website should always be easy on the eye for comprehension and simplicity to read. Include features on your site, such as larger font size options, and always make sure your website is clear and concise. This will help it rank higher in search results. While you are trying to optimize your site to get the best search engine results, keep the reader in mind as well.

In search engine optimization, every use of a keyword will benefit a website. Savvy webmasters remain aware of this and include keywords everywhere, even in file names and URLs. Not every keyword use is treated equally by search engines, but all of them have some positive effects. URLs and file names with keywords contribute their little bit to optimizing search engine results.

You should avoid 404 errors at all costs. A 404 error happens when a user attempts to visit a page that no longer exists or never existed in the first place. When you update pages with new links, be sure to use a 301 redirect. The redirect will automatically take the user to the new link when they arrive at the old one.

Keep your website updated with new substantial content. The search engines rank sites higher that are actively being worked on and updated. Sites that stay stagnant without having real content updates added tend to drop off the rankings, so make sure you are adding significant additional content regularly.

To maximize the effect of your photo ALT descriptions, include specific keywords like image or picture. Many people using image searches use one of these two keywords. Taking advantage of that will give your photo a higher ranking and bring you even more image search traffic. Try to vary what keywords you use to attract traffic from a variety of sources.

Take these tips to heart. Perform daily SEO on your site and watch it start jumping over other sites in its journey towards the top. You won't be able to achieve the rank that you desire without regularly applying the necessary search engine optimization. Still, if you make it a daily priority, you will enjoy much success.

  1. Christine Glossop, an SEO content specialist at Looka stated,

For 2020, there's one trend that SEO writers need to catch onto quick: the low effort guest blog is dead. While it's been years since Matt Cutts famously declared guest blogging dead, the practice is still alive and well. But it's changing. For years, websites have been flooded with guest blog offers and they've gotten choosier along the way. 

Still, most SEOs haven't caught up, still sending cold emails with poorly written, low effort, link-stuffed posts. In 2020, that doesn't cut it anymore. This year, your guest blogs need to be bespoke, well-researched, and providing more value to your host sites than they do to you. It's a buyer's market—and SEOs need to catch up. 

  1. Jeff Romero from Octiv Digital stated, 

Focusing on the basics of on-page SEO still go a long way with Google even in 2019. Marketers can start revamping their SEO by looking to information in their Google Search Console profile to see what pages are receiving impressions with little to no clicks and with search queries are driving impressions. A low CTR is a good indication that titles and descriptions are not eye-catching and need to be rewritten. Crafting well-written title tags and descriptions based on what people are searching about your business will grow CTR from Google as well as your organic traffic. 

Additionally, it’s important to frequently revisit keyword research with tools like SEMRush and Ahrefs. While Google Search Console will show you which searches are driving impressions, alternative tools will inform you of where the opportunity is for keywords you may not even be ranking for. Use keyword research to better inform your title tags, descriptions, image alt text and of course, body copy. Depending on how large your site is, this can be a quick task or one that takes a few weeks to refresh every so often.


SEO stands for search engine optimization which as it names states functions more towards optimizing a brand’s website in the search engine and enhancing it in a manner where potential prospects can easily spot their solutions and search engine can find the ideal expertise in a brand.

SEO is a great way to pull in organic and genuine traffic which a brand requires so that the leads can add impactful value in the long run. For instance, when you look out for a lead, the main agenda here is to capture the one which will add high value to your business, not all the leads you receive will be impactful, some can even be ignored hence with SEO, the main factor here is to capture only those leads which will matter to your brand.

By adopting and implementing the SEO techniques, your chances of witnessing better lead conversions and organic traffic raise in better numbers.




The first step in SEO is to identify which data matters. You cannot sell your leads content which will not help them at all, the main point here is that your prospects have come to your page so that they find a solution to their needs and if you don’t have what they are looking for their next action would be to walk away.

Ensure that the solution you are providing to your prospects is relevant to what they want to see and read. In order to find out what your prospects really want you can try the method of web scraping. The web scraping process can help to extract any kind of data over the internet so that the user can easily monitor and identify what exactly they need to improvise and work on.

With web scraping you can easily identify the following information:

What content is trending?

What content prospects want to read?

What are their expectations for their needs?

What type of content will draw prospect attention?


Another factor that makes an impact on effective SEO practices is by setting up a mobile version for your prospects to read your content. Today the world has gone digital which means that a desktop isn’t the only way your prospects will read your content, they will prefer a more convenient read if it’s also available in a mobile format. ‘’Mobile-optimized sites are more trusted by 51% of consumers half of consumers don’t trust websites that aren’t optimized for mobile. They would simply avoid the companies who have a poor mobile website.‘’

Your SEO tactics remain wasteful when you are not able to target the users who rely more on a mobile-friendly experience. To ensure that your content is mobile-friendly, you can conduct the following steps:

Frame the screen properly so that the content is being displayed clearly

Ensure that the content is visible well

The framework should be user-friendly

Put options for prospects to link to your content page 


‘’According to data released by Google, 53% users abandon a mobile site if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load.’’ It is simpler, would you be alright to wait longer just to see a screen? Understand this, out of the thousands of SEO blogs, a prospect has shown interest to see yours and when they visit your website and have to wait, chances are their interest can fade away. It takes only a few seconds to retain the interest of your prospects, you might as well do it right.

To retain your website loading speed quicker, you could:

Analyze the visuals your place, ensure that it isn’t too big for the content

Identify any factors which can cause a hindrance in your loading pages

Avoid placing any big measures such as placing long videos because it can slow down the loading page


‘’51% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best ROI.’’ If you had the option to choose between watching a video or reading a longer content, you would choose the first option. Today many users prefer a video when it comes to understanding a solution. A video is more attractive, creative, colourful, pleasing and draws attention much quicker.

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Video content is one of the greatest ways you can showcase content, for instance when you are creating SEO blogs, adding a video can also retain your prospect attention to read more and stay longer on your page which can win you extra time to convince your prospects about the solution you are offering. To create efficient video content, you can try the following:

Create visually appealing videos

Write meaningful content

Write in short sentences say for 1- 2 sentences

Use appealing colours which soother the eyes

Use better images

Readable fonts


The great thing about SEO is that it helps to optimize your content via search engines with the help of brilliant tactics, one such is using the right keywords. When your prospects use a search engine to find their needs, they type in keywords to help search engines direct them. For instance, if you want to find this article, you would use keywords such as ‘best SEO’, ‘best SEO techniques’, ‘SEO techniques’. 

If this article has placed any of the keywords mentioned above, then this article will be able to rank and appear in front of your prospects. For this reason, it will become easier to rank your website if you use the right keywords. To retrieve the right keywords you can use a web scraping technique where you can easily scrape the information related to the keywords competitors are using and what are the common keywords which are being used by your prospects.

By extracting the data you can easily use those keywords in your SEO content and rank your content higher when your prospects use those keywords to find the relevant content. 


The SEO content which you write will soon fall old when you publish new blogs according to your planned strategy. Not all your potential prospects would have seen your old content hence it is important that you always reshare, update it and keep it alive. For instance, you might have written a content which spoke about the how the internet was a few years back, today the internet has changed a lot, so in the same content you update the present-day information and share it amongst your prospects. This will be better to drive more traffic as well.

To keep a track of your older SEO content you could:

Keep a track of your previous blogs

Keep a closer eye on the new information

Conduct regular updates and share to your prospects


SEO tactics can only be successful when your target audience is happy with what they see. For instance, say that new technology has been launched in the market relevant to the industry you are in, now you can’t just write content that explains about that technology, you need to also mention how it can be beneficial for your audience as well. Hence creating any SEO blogs which answer your target audience queries is one of the most successful SEO techniques.

Source: Canonicalized

To create what your target audience expects, try answering the below questions:

 What does your target audience want to read?

What are they expecting from your SEO blogs?

What topics are interesting to them?


The best way to conduct efficient SEO activities is to always keep a closer look at your performance. You could apply the right keywords, present the blog your audience wants but if you are not able to understand how each of these actions is performing, it won’t help you to create better SEO techniques in the future.

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For instance, if you have used a few keywords in your blog, you need to keep the analysis of whether those keywords are enhancing your SEO content on the search engines. If a few keywords are not making its mark, you can eliminate them. Conducting a regular analysis will only help to enhance your SEO content better in the search rankings.


Another effective technique of SEO techniques that work better is linking internal links.’’A blog post should have 2-5 internal links.’’The internal links could be anything such as your website, your other blogs, all of these links make a difference. See it in this way, your prospect needs to retain longer on your page and when you link any internal blogs it makes them explore what you are offering them much more.

For instance, whether you are writing an SEO guest blog or a generic one, when you place more internal links you increase the engagement of your prospects towards the solution you are offering them in the form of the solution you’ve created to reach out to them, such as blogs, posts, videos and much more.

Source: TechnoFAQ


Another aspect of SEO technique is the way you set your headings. For instance, your content could have all the knowledge which your prospects require, but if you have an uninteresting heading, it might not catch a larger audience’s attention. Did you also know that when you create an impactful header, adding a keyword always impacts your ranking on the search engine?

For instance, if you have created an SEO blog on the topic how to manage your SEO performance and the keywords being used is SEO analysis, SEO performance, you could frame your heading along with the use of those keywords such as ‘ How to enhance your SEO analysis for better increase in organic traffic?’, ‘ How to improve SEO performance to achieve better conversion rates?’ 


This can be a tricky action but if managed well it can spark some great conversion numbers. Out of the thousand SEO content being shared online every minute, it takes only a few seconds for a prospect to walk away from your content if they didn’t find it interesting enough to tap their attention.

This is a problem because what you are using the content medium to tap your potential leads and when they are not able to retain longer how can you build that trust in the words you have written? how can they possibly understand that the solution being offered to them is the ideal one?The main agenda to conduct an SEO technique more effectively is to grab the attention of potential prospects and continue to retain their attention for longer.

You can try the below tips to hold on to prospects attention longer:

Add videos for longer attention capture

Add more storytelling examples

Include pictures and infographics to capture more attention

Frame the blog in easy lines instead of a long paragraph


According to a survey conducted by databox, it has been claimed that a blog post should be between 1,000-1,500-word range. Writing SEO blogs can increase your traffic but do you know how much you need to write? Cardinaldigital shared

The modern prospects of today are curious, they require answers for everything, even in the most obvious answers. For instance, if you are writing about how SEO can help increase organic traffic you can’t just state the obvious, you need to indulge in more content such as:

What is SEO?

Why is it important?

Why does it matter in retrieving organic traffic?

How can brands benefit from such actions?


Another factor that determines an efficient SEO technique is the factor to produce high-quality content. You can’t just create video content with minimal information or use any kind of keyword which adds no value to the content. As a brand, you are depending on content to capture and attract qualified leads which will matter to your business which is exactly why every SEO content that goes online, you need to ensure that when any search engine crawls through relevant data, your content is the one that needs to be understandable and efficient enough to be ranked higher. 

In order to create efficient quality content:

Have strong pointers for the blog

Apply relevant sources of information to prove the data you are writing

Write the content with subheadings and not like a simple essay

Create the content in a manner where the words engage with the prospects

Conduct regular optimization of the blog

Use quality images 

Use only high-quality references and links


Source: Nichehacks

Backlinks are links that direct a user reading the content to another page. As seen above, when you click on any of the highlighted links, you are directed to the page where the highlighted statements have been drawn from. This is also another brilliant hack of SEO techniques. For instance, this can be beneficial to promote your older blogs or get prospects to be redirected to your website page.

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For example, the image shown above, when you click on the highlighted link you will be immediately taken to another page which in this case is another blog that speaks about the given statement. The greatest benefit here would be you can retain prospect's attention for longer and give them the opportunity to drive closer to what you have to offer them.


Topic clusters include links that redirect a person towards understanding a particular topic. So say for instance that you are speaking about SEO as a whole topic, so a topic cluster would be like, ‘Understand the importance of SEO here’. What happens here is the reader's understanding of what SEO is but with topic clusters a reader can be directed in detail to another topic to enhance their information better. This is a great SEO tactic as it becomes easier to retain the prospect's attention and make them stay longer on the content page.


Source: Content Marketing Institute

Snippets are what appears in a box when a prospect searches for a solution. Since it appears as the first thing on the search engine page, there are high chances to reveal more clicks. With snippets, appearing in such boxes can be beneficial since it draws more attention, confirms a click as well as showcases that the content holds a higher expertise knowledge of the topic.

To get on the featured snippet, you could apply the following practices:

Create answers for queries which your prospects would most likely enquire about

Answer more and more questions so that when the chances of your content raise to the box

Make use of good keywords when writing your content or answering queries

Increase the questions you answer regularly

Fix a definite word count and stick to it

If you are adding any visuals or videos, ensure they are all of a high quality


‘’Did you know that 50% of all searches will be conducted by voice by next year?’’

In fact, many of your prospects have already started doing that right now. With the voice search option, prospects can easily find solutions for queries instead of them having to type them out. If technology is making an easier route for the way users can easily find information online, as a brand it is important that you make use of such an opportunity in order to cater to your target audience needs much better.

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The voice search is simple, for instance, if someone says, what are the top ways to conducting efficient SEO? The search engine will immediately showcase articles similar to the topic being asked for and imagine if your content is the first thing they see? How cool would that be?

To ensure that your content appears the first thing via the voice searches you could:

1 . Research better on the keywords

  1. Include impactful keywords on the header and the body of the text



‘’SEO Industry is poised to reach $80 billion’’ and with the growing years, the number can continue to double. SEO techniques as mentioned above if implemented well can benefit multiple brands with great numbers. 

To conduct SEO techniques such as the ones illustrated above require the right kind of data whch can help a brand like yours to plan and strategize your SEO tactics better hence it is suggested that you could utilize the solutions of a proxy server.

Proxy servers are a great medium to view any data from any sources without your identity being revealed. For instance say if you want to check your competitor's keyword usage or rankings, you can use a proxy server to view that information whilst remaining anonymous. Isn’t that great?

To ensure that you can conduct such an activity always make sure that you are investing in a good proxy server which is great in security and speed and can help you achieve better SEO results in a shorter time span.

SEO is trending and will increase its demand and popularity over the years, what SEO technique will you be incorporating? What technique do you believe would have more impact? We would like to hear it from you.

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