Tips To Become A Great IT Security Manager

Tips To Become A Great IT Security Manager

IT Security Manager


  1. Network Protocols
  2. Software Development Technology
  3. Security Architecture

IT security or Security of Information Technology – it is a very crucial concern nowadays. With the increase in technological development, there is an increase in the number of confidential documents with IT companies’ and also there is an increase in online thefts. These people buy new technologies by owing 100 pound loan no credit check. Therefore the responsibilities of every IT security officer to protect the network, infrastructure, and computer system are increasing day by day. Nowadays each and every job is computerized and by the latest and advanced technology, all the information and data are digitized. Smartphones and computers can help us do almost all kinds of job, so it is very important that the information that is given to an online website should be secured.

All the organizations and the half of the US population are on a high alert after the online fraud happened to Equifax. They are cautiously maintaining and focusing on the cybersecurity. But the fact is it’s not that easy to protect the secret data from the cyber fraud or hackers. They have the capabilities to tear a loophole on the database and steal all the information. These hackers can be compared to real life supervillains. So IT security officers are very precious in the field of digital information security. They protect the organization’s all the time like a superhero. Security of the information and data of clients are also the very key role of the information technology security engineers, the administrators of the system, chief information security officer, chief technology officer, security officer in-charge of network systems, application security officers.

Some of the specific minimal requirements of an IT security Manager that needs to be fulfilled are as follows.

In order to become an Internet Security System Officer (ISSO) following basic things are necessary:

Completion of graduation

It is necessary to complete the higher secondary education with pure science (subjects including physics, chemistry, and mathematics). Then it is very important to have a bachelor’s degree in an IT-related subject. It will be very helpful if the graduation is all about computer science or information technology. Basic knowledge in computer and good grip in technical computer languages are very important. They need to a computer geek in order to become a good IT security officer.

Updating knowledge

Higher studies are not mandatory for almost all IT organizations and IT related firms. But daily updated knowledge of new technologies and hardwares should be at the fingertips of an IT security officer. He should have well grasp over the latest digital developments taking place around the globe. Hackers find new ways to steal information, so current trends should be on the mind to prevent any kind of online fraud. They need to be two steps ahead of hackers or online robbers so that at the time of threats then they can combat it very efficiently.


It’s not that important to be certified as an It security officer. But if a reputed company gives CISSP (Certified Information System Security Professional), it will be very easy to secure a job and get a gateway on the technology market.  Besides gaining experience in the firm one will have a CISSP certification, which will make his CV very strong. The International Information System Security Certification Consortium grants this CISSP. There are almost 1 lakh CISSP certified members in the world.

There are few things of which an IT security Manager should be aware of –

risk management

The Risk is the probability of a chance of being in the loss. It generally occurs due to loopholes in the information database, and time mismanagement.  

Risk management can be solved by doing the following things like –

  • Risk identification – the risk should be identified before it strikes. An IT security officer must have the ability to presume a risk or threat and have the system built in such a way that it immediately detects a breach of security and can counter it in no time.  
  • Reduction of the effect of the risk – if it is not possible to completely stop the risk then the system should be capable to at least reduce the intensity of damage or isolate the affected system from the rest.
  • Following the pattern of the risk – they can learn from previous threats and analyze them and find out the cause and type of threat struck the system. This needs to be done so that next time when such a threat strikes, the system is ready to combat it.  

After managing the risk there should be a precaution manifesto to follow –

  • A proper description should be noted down so that it can be prevented next time.
  • Risk probability counter should be planted which will give an alert when it’s occurring.
  • Liability potential should be checked properly.
security management

In the field of the operating systems, security management is the process that secures the integrity, privacy, and availability of any system. OS security handles and measures the threats, worms, viruses and tries to protect the private databases.  It follows a long process –

  • Regular update of OS patch.
  • Antivirus should be calibrated properly.
  • Online accounts should be checked properly.
  • Incoming and outgoing network signals should be checked properly.
  • Security management also involves the process of authenticating the malware, checking the one time password(OTP), creating a support against program and system threats. US Department of computer classified the computer security in four divisions: A, B, C, and D.

  • Type A

  • It is the highest level of security which involves specified and verified techniques.

  • Type B

  • It gives essential protection system which has the property of the C2 class system. It is also classified into 3 types which are B1, B2, and B3

  • Type C

  • It has audit capabilities which provide protections and user accountability. There are two classes of type B which are C1 and C2.

  • Type D

  • It is the lowest level and has the minimum protection. The example of Type D is MS-DOS and Windows 3.1.

    network protocols

          These are the formation of proper rules, policies, procedures, and definition which helps to communicate between devices and form a topology under a network. It helps to monitor end to end process with time and builds’ up a prototype communication system. There are different network protocols which were made to maintain the smooth communicative decorum

  • TCP/IP and HTTP are the basic data communication protocols under network security protocols.
  • Implementation of the security system over network communications which includes HTTPS, SFTP, and SSL.
  • ICMP and SNMP are the examples of network management protocols.
  • The network protocols also imply the basics of communication which helps the system to connect with another and mutually that can share their data.
  • Most common network protocols are

  • ATM
  • Local talk
  • FDDI
  • Token Ring
  • Ethernet
  • Ethernet protocol is the most commonly used protocol which is used to trigger the carrier sense multiple access/collision device (CSMA/ CD). The Ethernet protocol has developed its speed to 100 Mbps to increase the fast transmission. This fast Ethernet is used in different hubs, multi-stations, and network interference. In the mid of 1980 IBM build the token ring to access the network data passing which was known as token passing. The data signal travels from one computer to another computer system with the help of this ring. Before the vigorous use of Ethernet protocol, this token ring was mainly used to transmit signal from one workstation to another. To connect two or more local area networks primarily we used FDDI (Fibre Distributed Data Interference).  ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode) is used for very high-speed data transmission. It has the speed of 155 Mbps.

    So these systems must be well in within the grasp of an IT security officer and a detailed knowledge of all the Communication processes and systems between two servers or two PCs or even communication between n-number of systems. So in the process of becoming a good IT security officer, he must be an expert in an online digital communication system.

    software development security


    It is an ongoing slow developing process which involves peoples and triggers the application towards integrity and confidentiality. It brings up the development process of the system and updates the database so that it can be useful for all purposes.

    The application environments are very challenging. It makes the system more complex and as a result, the cyber thieves make a wrong use of it. Trojan horses, worms, logic bombs, agents, viruses, and applets are the biggest challenge for an application development security

    A software engineer not only builds’ up a secure software but also helps an analyzing the network problems used in stake-holding or managerial purposes.

    There are some basic manifestos which software security officers should follow. They are-

  • The data should be protected from disclosure, alteration, and destruction. That means those who are authorized to access the data or information,will only be able to access the information. Others will not be able to break through the security system.
  • All the information should be collected from whom the request has been made. Information only from trusted and designated sources must be received and shared among the group of employees working on the project.
  • The man, who made the request, should know his rights and privileges.
  • vpn and wireless

    Virtual private network or VPN is the most wirelessly used gateway to transmit data from sender to receiver to one system to another system. It allows the users to connect securely through the internet. The flexibility and the speed helped the wireless network to gain popularity very fast.  The certificate authority should allow the VPN to build up a wireless connection. So after that, there are a few steps to create it. Such as –

  • Home: Introduction to wireless network.
  • Step 1: Server will ask for its requirements.
  • Step 2: The server will be placed properly.
  • Step 3: The server will check its certification.
  • Step 4: Authenticating and configuring the server.
  • Step 5: Wireless and the VPN server will be configured.
  • To become a good cybersecurity officer one should have a good knowledge of VPN. The cyber hackers are used to hack through VPN and all the personal information is compromised.

    security models

    Access control is the selective restriction in the world of physical security and information security. It gives the authorization for entering and consuming the data properly. Login credentials and locks are the two main keys for access control. The main concept of the IT security model is to maintain the scheme for security policies. The model is distributed properly to secure the confidential data which is transferred from one system to another system.

    In the physical security model the access control is mainly done in the area of money transaction system like ATM (Automated Teller Machine), online ticket counters etc. It helps to keep safe and secure transactions.

    Access control is referred to restricting any trespassers in an authorized property. The function is also the same. The legal cyber security team works with the help of this kind of security models. The physical security is all about a person but in the case of cybersecurity, it’s difficult to find out the main culprit. To prevent the main malware anti-malware system is very essential. Electronic fraud and malware can only be cured by keeping the eye on the security system made by the security department headed by the IT security officer.

    database security

    The Database is the only fuel of the network operated vehicle. So the security of the database is very important. The word database security means to protect the collective confidential information.. There are some basic components of the database security, which are

  • Data stored in the database.
  • DBMS (Database Management System).
  • Database server.
  • Corresponding database applications.
  • There are some ways that can analyze the database security

  • Implementing strong and multiple factors of managerial controls the database can be secured.
  • By doing capacity testing and stress testing and examining the network strength, the database can be made secure.
  • Existing system should be reviewed properly an unbiased security officer and then new security system should be planned accordingly.
  • Software security is the secondary plan of database security.

    It helps to protect the software or rather the database against the malicious attack. Any software of good strength and security can prevent viruses. So to secure any kind of databases we have strengthened our software. If the software commands are used predominantly then the command injections can be used.

    database recovery

    Media recovery is a big issue nowadays. So to recover the data through the data pipelines is a big issue. A major responsibility is to prepare the database administrator to make the database as it was. If the problems were very genuine then it is very tough to recover them. There are some recovery methods which involves different steps.

    • Errors and Failures

    Different types of problems are involved in a normal database like Oracle. The input-output system should be much secured. If it is not steamed up properly then it will be in danger. ** **

    • User error

    The user should handle the data machine very sophistically so that many human errors can be minimized. The User is actually the main man behind all the data business. This type of error can be reduced by giving a proper training to the user. The data recovery should also be an agenda for the data users.

  • Statement failures

  • When a logical failure occurs, a statement failure also takes place. Experts who are handling the program should also have the knowledge of Oracle program. Oracle program is very necessary nowadays for handling the data system. If there is a statement failure, the Oracle gives its output quickly. The aborted oracle process is detected by the background process of oracle. The background process of Oracle is known as PMON.

  • Network Failure

  • Many network systems were operated by different local area network circles. When several databases are connected and any urgent works are going on in the network operations, it is very important to have a good connectivity. If any kind of network failures takes place then the system software can be tampered. A normal execution of a client might be interrupted by this kind of network failure. A two-phase network distributed transactions also can be failed by a network failure.

    security architecture

    Above all the points were basically about the security systems. This is the main manifesto which an IT security officer should follow. The security architecture is all about the positioning of the database and security controls.  It is one of the main components of the database security systems. It is developed to give guidance to the user. The connectivity between the two databases systems is created by following system architecture protocols. The security policies involve the types of accessibility of entities, the functions of the entities, the working times of them. The security architecture should be built up by the IT experts with the help of IT security officer.

  • Importance of an IT security office

  • Information security increases the core strength of a technology hub. A security team is important to build up a secured system in any IT firm. It aims at safeguarding the assets of the firm i.e. the confidential information and documents of clients.

  • Benefits

  • $93,250 is an average annual income of an expert information security officer. Many international Information firms also pay $1,45,000 per year. It is considered to be a very respectable job in the world of information technology. Many young crowds are motivated and choosing this type of career options. The opportunity to grow in this pathway is a very good choice for any kind of person who loves technology. The study of this kind of career is not that much difficult but very interesting to pursue. By getting CISSP certification from any kind of reputed organization anyone can be a Network administrator, information security administrator. Interpersonal skills and technical skills are very important for this kind of job. This knowledge will also open the gateway for the positions of IT project manager, security director, security architect. Someone can become the highest level CISSP officer after working in these positions.

    IT security Manager

    Besides all the technical knowledge on the IT related subjects and technologies, a good IT security officer must have a good amount of HR skills inculcated in him. He must be a very well managed and well-behaved team leader or project head because he will always have to maintain a team of good IT staff who will build the security system of an IT firm according to his instructions. He will also need to have skills of instant decision making. There might be a situation when a threat strikes the system suddenly and IT officer will have to make an instant decision so that the threat can be controlled and further damage to the system is not made. So he needs to have instant decision-making skills.  


    It requires a lot of skills to become a Great IT security Manager and be able to safeguard his company’s confidential information. He needs to be a good team manager, a good leader, a good computer or IT expert having all the updated knowledge about the digital world, Alongside, he should have a very good presence of mind, good communication and verbal skills too in order to interact with client firms or negotiate with customers. Therefore the above are the first and foremost requirements of a Great IT security Manager.


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