How to Use Instagram Bots for Your Business?

How to Use Instagram Bots for Your Business?

Instagram bots

Instagram bots or growth service as some people prefer to call it takes control of your account’s activities like giving likes, comments, follows, and DMs, making it possible for you to appear on many people’s activity feeds. An increased occurrence of your username to properly targeted audience will increase your profile visits, followers, and website clicks.

An Instagram account that has good content and properly automated targets and guidelines will generate interactions that are seen as organic and translate into profile visits that won’t cause a ban on your account. An account however that has uninspiring content and has poorly automated targets and guidelines will interact with people, who will find out it is inorganic and spam. They generate bad user experience and are a fast way to lose your potential customers.

The high emergence of these badly automated bots that spammed the platform is the reason why Instagram closed down a bunch of well-known automated services in 2017, and also announced its intention to curb inauthentic activity on the app. In other words, Instagram is cracking down accounts that make use of bots that the community sees as spammy, and also accounts who buy followers, likes, and comments.

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The Deal with Instagram Bots

Instagram bots are really a huge time saver and beneficial to your brand’s reputation on Instagram, they have a bad reputation on their own. The use of automated interactions on Instagram using bots is technically a violation of the terms and services and by breaching this, you stand the chances of having your accounts banned or deleted. Technically a violation because not all use of bots leads to bans. If you use them in the right way your interactions will be organic and natural and your account will not be found out.

When bots are used to schedule content, interact with followers or other tasks, it gives room for you to handle the beneficial tasks like content creation and engaging with the community.

Benefits of Using an Instagram Bot

The benefits of using an Instagram bot are pretty straight forward, they include:

  • You save a lot of time as the bots handle many processes
  • You grow your number of followers
  • You can generate reputable social proof
  • It encourages increased traffic to your website from new followers

In general, you are exposed to a lot of possibilities with the use of bots. It is not a random process and its success depends on the approach you take.

How to Use an Instagram Bot without Getting Banned

If you desire to tap into the huge benefits of using an Instagram bot, then you have to do in a way that is in accordance with Instagram’s terms and services.

1 . Get Targeted

The better your bot’s activity is targeted, the less chance it has to raise alarm with the Instagram team. The best Instagram bots will allow you to use super-targeted filters for your automated interactions. For example, with bot service instazood, you have access to a range of targeting options like:

  • Accounts – this focuses on the followers of a specific account, for example, tour competitors.
  • Hashtags – this targets accounts that use certain hashtags when posting.
  • Location – targets accounts found in a specific place only
  • Characteristics – further filters accounts by gender, language, follower counts, and the number of posts.

2. Follow the Rules

There are some rules you need to follow to prevent your account from being banned. These rules are contained in the terms of service but there are also unwritten rules that you need to know while using bots to automate activity. There are:

  • Take a natural speed even if you are using a bot. if you start following and unfollowing thousands of accounts in a day and posting so much content in a day it is suspicious and obvious a bot is being used. Start slow and increase the speed of your bot’s activity gradually as your account grows.
  • Do not follow everyone and post everything. Avoid the use of actions that are not useful to the goals of your business but instead use filters and target relevant accounts, hashtags, and geographics so that all your actions will be related to your goals.
  • Use the automation filters of your Instagram bot to follow accounts that are active because a level of activity from your followers matters too. Follow accounts that have a minimum number of posts on their page, and are following a number of other accounts too.
  • Your presence is also very important and you have to make it known. Having all your activity automated can easily raise red flags and could get your account banned. Even if you are using a bot, also log in, respond to comments, like posts, share content, post stories, and have an organic interaction with your audience so everything stays under the radar.
  • Automated interactions are great for follower growth but won’t have a good effect if you do not publish good content. It doesn’t just end at publishing good content but you have to do it regularly and consistently.

How Instagram Cracks Down On Bots

They do this using three methods:

  • Instagram would send you a push notification telling you that they are removing unauthenticated likes and follows from your account they identified were generated by a third-party app. They will send you a notification that your account information has been compromised because you shared it with a third party.
  • They send you a notification asking you to change your password which will disconnect you from the third party services and the interaction automation stops. This is not because your account is necessarily compromised but is a way to disconnect the use of third party services.
  • They send you a push notification that you are using a service that helps you get likes and followers and they will block your account from interacting for a specific period. If this happens, it is either because you are using an automation service that isn’t safe, or because you are automating your likes in a spammy way. If you get this message, stop trying to interact and you can either change your automation provider or program your interactions at a slower rate. If you do this, the temporary block will go away within the specified time and you’ll be able to continue interacting.

The use of Instagram bots to automate your interactions increases your likelihood of getting these notifications, so it is best to prevent its occurrence by staying safe and using the safest bot services out there.

What to Look Out For When Choosing an Instagram Automation Software That Will Keep Your Account Safe

1 . Automated Activity Speeds

Instagram has set limits for the number of times an account can perform an activity be it likes, follows, or DM within the hour before it is flagged as spam. If you are ignorant if these limits and you automate the activity speeds of your bot, you will be putting your account at risk. Those limits are kept secret from the public, but the teams behind the bots take care of this query and figure out the activity limits on Instagram. So making use of a bot that has built-in activity speeds will prevent you from going over them as you stay within safe limits. Making use of automation providers that do not have this service integrated into their service leaves you at risk of going over the limits and you stand the chance of having your account banned.

2. Free VPN Purchase and Set Up For Your Account

Instagram flags spam accounts by their IP addresses too. If you log into your account using an IP from a different location, and your automation service logs in using a different IP address, your account will be flagged. Choose automation services whose providers offer a unique proxy will help you solve this issue as the IP addresses will remain the same.

A good proxy that is secure and has a lot of IP addresses to choose from is limeproxies. The chances of your account being flagged due to inconsistency in IP address will be taken care of.

3. A Reliable and Committed Team That Provides Good Customer Service

Instagram automation service companies are not difficult to begin and that is why a lot of them are popping up daily. When choosing an automation company, chose one that will stay with you for long and not shut down along the line. With this in mind, the best companies to choose from are those who have existed for long and have good reviews from users for their customer service team. If the software provider you are targeting doesn’t offer personalized customer service, it is unlikely that they will offer your assistance if you have any issues along the line.


Using Instagram bots is a great way to take some tasks off your plate and let you do more sensitive jobs like content creation. The bots will take charge of other activities like follows, likes, and help build your Instagram page, making it very suitable for business promotions and increased sales. It also increases traffic to your website if you do everything right. The wrong use of bots can lead to a permanent ban on your account and that is the opposite of what you want to achieve.

One of the ways to ensure you use bots safely it to make use of a proxy with it. This is to prevent a difference in IP addresses when the bot logs in to carry out automated activities as it is a red flag and will lead to problems in your account. Limeproxies offers you a safe and secure proxy with more than 50 IP locations in the US and internationally to choose from. This way, you can maintain a single address and reduce the risk of a banned account while you utilize the benefits of a bot on your Instagram account.

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