Top 10 Mobile App Ad Networks for Publishers in 2019

Top 10 Mobile App Ad Networks for Publishers in 2019

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In this extremely competitive market, launching your own mobile app ad network can seem like a pretty daunting task. After all, dealing with the low revenue and click-through rates isn’t exactly a walk in the park. According to a survey, there will be a total of about 14 million mobile app developers by the end of 2020, whereas the current number is estimated to be over 12 million.There are several aspects you need to perfect within an overcrowded space, namely app development, attaining user adoption, and detect just the right balance of monetisation. Even if your development and marketing strategy is perfect, the absence of a sound app monetisation model could puncture your goal of becoming a successful app publisher.Monetising an app is about a mix of various models, including paid downloads, in-app purchases, in-app subscriptions, and in-app advertising. Of these, integration with mobile app ad network is a very important factor.


An ad network for app publisher can be defined as a bridge that connects the advertisers to the publishers. Imagine there’s an advertiser looking for reputed platforms to get his ads published, and at the same time, there is also an app development company searching for ads to be published on its app. Ad networks for app publishers and advertisers find each other.

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Basically, the job of an ad network is to collect the unsold ad inventory from various app publishers and then proceed to sell them to suitable advertisers. In fact, one of the most lucrative ways to monetise mobile app ads in this day and age is through display advertisements.


Data states that 52% of all internet traffic worldwide is derived from mobile devices all over the world. This percentage has doubled in the last five years alone. It’s this growth that has made the popularity of mobile ad networks grow viral. 

If you’re looking to generate revenue for your mobile app, read on to find out about the best mobile ad-networks that will help you achieve that. Be it gaming, cross-promotion, or editing, these mobile ad networks are the best in the market. 



AdMob is Google’s very own mobile ad network. Owned and operated by Google, AdMob has earned its place as a leading ad network platform that offers cross-platform proficiency. The USP of this mobile ad network is its high cost per mile and the highest fill rates it provides. It currently has over one million app users from all over the world, and the number is rising steadily.

As it’s one of the best mediation platforms, you get access to over 40 third-party ad networks that aid in maximising your revenue and accelerating your fill rates. Even if you’re new to this domain, you have nothing to be afraid of, as AdMob is extremely easy to use, and it even provides you with various solutions and tools. This platform also allows you to cross-sell any apps of yours or your friends’ to your current users.


The second-biggest mobile ad network after AdMob, Millennial Media provides an eclectic range of smartphone advertising solutions to numerous advertisers and developers. It supplies an extensive length of advertising options across different OS platforms and device types including 360 degrees and banner ads.

Through the help of location, behavioral, and demographic options, it empowers the app development companies to pursue deep targeting. This is particularly beneficial for the small-scale companies, for they can take advantage of the advanced self-service solutions offered by Millennial Media. Developers can manage their own in-house ads and also provide impressions to the third-party networks. This platform is particularly popular in the US due to the full range of advertising options it provides across all OS platforms and device types.


Unity Ads is the pioneer of the mobile gaming domain that made video ads a natural part of the game. Hailed as one of the leading app monetisation services offered by Unity Technologies, it was among the first few to integrate video ads as an organic part of the gaming experience.

Unity Ads gives an opportunity to the developers to monetise their player base through rewarded videos. Boasting a user base of over a billion gamers, it has carved its place as one of the top 3 most trusted ad network companies in the gaming domain. If you’re someone who already uses the Unity engine in your apps, then you don’t need to add an SDK to it. Since the ads are organically a part of the game, they help enhance ARPU and offer a higher lifetime value to the players.


If you belong to the world of game app publishing, you should be knowing about Chartboost. Primarily targeted towards gaming app publishers, not only does it offer the best app monetisation services. but it also excels in the department of cross-promotion. Chartboost is mainly focused towards the installation of the latest gaming apps, and offers the best of both worlds to both the publisher as well as the user.

Chartboost is the preferred option for several gaming app publishers as it helps them in keeping an integrated user base. With users constantly looking for new games, and app publishers looking to attract more and more users through promotions, Chartboost comes as the perfect option. Chartboost also assists the app publishers in improvising their current campaigns by providing them with the necessary analytics.

With Chartboost, app developers have the advantage of being able to directly access the published data. Chartboost allows you to control as to who are the advertisers advertising on your app and also determine their location. This gives you the power to moderate what kind of ads get published on your app.


With the Facebook Audience Network, advertisers can help their ad campaigns go beyond the social media platform and into different mobile apps. The Audience Network can be viewed as a collection of mobile apps. Where Facebook advertisers serve ads in the mobile that have the Facebook app, using the same analytical and targeting tools that Facebook does. Post this, Facebook uses the same native ad products in Facebook Audience Network to deliver more optimal results.

As an advertiser, all you need to do while creating or editing an ad is enable the “Audience Network” in the placement section. Post which you will be able to run your Facebook ads on the Audience Network. It pays both on clicks as well as impressions. One negative aspect of this ad network is that it doesn’t provide you a list of the advertisers. Despite that, it boasts a base of 3+ million advertisers worldwide.

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A leading user-acquisition platform, Leadbolt not only provides advanced partner match technology but also dynamic ad delivery. For those mobile advertisers looking to acquire and reach out to quality users on a larger scale. Leadbolt is the ideal platform. It provides you with targeting options at an advanced level through its analytics-based algorithms. which enables you to find the most suitable audience to engage with your app.

With a global reach of 65K+ apps and a reputation of dealing with premium ads, its real-time analytical capabilities assist the advertisers with optimisation on diverse platforms. In order to help the app developers get the assurance. That the advertisements are indeed helping in enhancing the user engagement experience, it provides them with app engagement data. Using the Direct Deals Marketplace, publishers can directly connect with the premium advertising partners.


Spanning a presence across India, UK, Europe, South Africa, and the US, InMobi is one of the largest and most popular mobile app ad network. MIIP, which is its ad delivery platform, is one of the most highly rated delivery platforms out there. InMobi gives app developers the chance to boost their revenue and enhance user engagement.

Personalised advertising experience is what the users can savor with this platform. InMobi also helps in cross-selling, retargeting, and reactivating users by offering better brand engagement opportunities. With the ability to analyse over 120TB user data every month. it offers the UDID-less tracking feature for mobile apps, event tracking, and conversions.

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Supersonic presents a one-stop solution to all the app publishers and developers for their advertising and app promotion needs. Aiding the advertisers in monetising their apps, Supersonic works with the best in the industry to ensure that your app is viewed by the targeted audience through active user engagement.

Having a ginormous network of over 500 million active users. this platform is extremely effective. For small developers as well as those who are looking to promote and monetise their apps.


A next-gen app monetisation platform, Fyber serves over half a billion users on a monthly basis at the present. This global technology organisation offers an effective Ad server, Mediation, and Exchange products to establish different revenue options. The next-gen app monetisation platform it offers to its mobile publishers has been immensely successful. This platform that helps in restructuring all the monetisation strategies can be defined as a comprehensive mobile SSP stack.

Fyber has a unique feature called Autopilot that helps to boost the ad revenue options for the app developers. As a developer, you will have direct access to over 180 DSPs, and also be able to connect with various global brands. You will also be able to boost your KPIs as you receive real-time reporting from this platform.

Developers will no longer have to deal with the hassle of manually controlling the mobile ad network priority. Fyber helps you find the highest bidder by running campaigns through programmatic, direct, and mediated networks.


Known to deal with the Fortune 500 companies. AdColony is proudly associated with over 85% of the top global publishers currently. Reputed to serve high-definition mobile videos at different devices and internet speed. This platform earns its applause for displaying top-notch quality of ads and content.

AdColony also offers services to digital marketing companies, namely innovative mobile video integration, instant play HP technology, and monetisation solutions. The major advantage you will have with AdColony. Is that you will be able to reach your local as well as international audience due to its global presence.

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If you come across blocked webpages, use a proxy server for mobile app ad network, the best thing to do is use a proxy. LimeProxies, for example, protects all your internal information and lets you browse as much as you want until you have all the required data. LimeProxies’ simple design lets you dig out as much data as possible in the simplest of ways. If at any given point of time, you face an issue. LimeProxies’ efficient team of professionals will be right by you to sort out your issue.

Choosing the right mobile app ad network can lead to a significant increase in revenue. Similarly, selecting the wrong one can negatively impact a user’s experience on your app and cause a loss in revenue. Therefore, it’s always best to evaluate each and every mobile app ad network’s benefits and features before you choose the one that’s best suited to your needs and requirements.

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    IconWhat is Mobile Ad Networks?

    A mobile ad network is an integrated system that connects advertisers and publishers to match the inventory of suppliers with the demand of the advertiser.

    IconHow we can monetize our Mobile App?

    You can monetize your Mobile App with the following actions, creating email lists, advertising, SMS marketing, In-app purchases, and more.

    IconHow do I create a Network Ad?

    You can create a Network Ad by purchasing a domain or allowing the ad server support to conduct it on your behalf. Receive a White label in 24 hours. You can then start to use the white label ad server from then on.

    IconWhich Ad Network is best for Android and iOS?

    The best AD Network for Android and ios are ADMob, StartApp, Ironsource, and more.

    IconCan I use multiple Ad Networks in Apps?

    Yes, you can use multiple Ad Networks in Apps.

    IconHow do App Ads make Money?

    App Ads make money via the following ways, Subscriptions, Advertisements, Sponsorships, Referral marketing, and more.

    IconBest mobile ad networks for publishers

    The best mobile ad networks for publishers are Media.net, Admob, StartApp, InMobi, and more.

    IconWhich ad network pays the most

    The ad networks that pay you the most are Adsense, Clicksor, Vibrant Media, and more.

    IconMobile app advertising

    Mobile app advertising lets app developers be paid for them serving ads on their app.

    IconHow much do mobile ads pay?

    For Android devices the average CPM is $2, for ios it is $5. For mobile interstitial ads, in 2018 it costed, $3.50.

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