How Plugins can Interfere with your Online Security?

How Plugins can Interfere with your Online Security?

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  1. Threats to Online Security:
  2. How plugins threat online security?
  3. Ways to improve your security

Internet, a system of networks which connects computer devices around the globe, which was developed to simplify the interchange of information and opinions, is a household name now. It comprises a huge number of local and global private, public, academic and business networks, that are connected with each other via arrange of wireless, automated and optical technologies.

The usage of internet is very common today; millions of people store their personal and financial information and access Internet on daily basis. With the extensive range of networks that is regulated through Internet, the security of the networks is often at risk, and we are well aware of the threats that are prevalent. Cyber criminals and hackers are usually at the sentry to avail the opportunities of this loophole, to use the people’s personal information for illegal purposes. Computer security, therefore, is the much-concerned matter for all the internet users.

There are multiple ways through which you can secure your networks and computers. Like message authentication code, security token, multi-factor authentication, pretty good privacy, all of which with their specific procedures and methods provide certain ways to control the threats to your online security. If not able to avail these methods, there are other simple ways, like proxy service, that can also serve as a means to secure your networks. Proxy is basically another computer through which your internet requests are accessed without revealing your personal IP address. A best proxy can also secure your network and computer by transmitting authenticated and filtered content. You can buy proxy to ensure reliability as free proxies are often less reliable and safe.

Online Security:

Online security or Internet security is referred to the measures taken by different companies or people to secure the networks or computers connected to the Internet. As the Internet involves a great danger of security threats, which consist of hacking, viruses and other cybercrimes, so multiple procedures are applied to ensure the safety of data stored online and the transfer of important information of managing social media , such as encryption etc.

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Threats to Online Security:

The online security of your computer and other devices can be threatened in a number of ways; some of the very common threats include:


Malwares consist of viruses, spywares, shareware, key logger and computer worms that get into your computer through any spiteful software. They retrieve the particulars of your virtual information and the details of your online actions to provide them to the illicit sources.


Sometimes, cyber criminals pretend to be legal websites of online business administration’s to acquire your financial details like your bank account details and credit card numbers etc. They used techniques of email spoofing to fake their emails as the ones from the legitimate sources.

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Application Exposures:

Some of the applications, the ones with open exposure that you install are at a verge of being attacked because of some weaknesses. In some cases, these applications can lead to a complete access of your systems by the hackers.


Plugins, additional software codes, are also a threat to online security as some of them may contain links to illegitimate sources and websites, controlled by the scammers.

What are Plugins?

A software constituent that any of your computer program or application requires to do something which it cannot do by itself, is called a plug-in; they tend to add a special characteristic to your programmes. Some of the plugins are used in web browsers frequently like virus-scanners and search-engines; your media files also sometime need a plugin to play a media content. The common and most popular examples of plugins are Adobe Flash Player, Quick Time Player, Java plugin etc.

Why Plugins are used and how do they work?

Plugins are used for several purposes like to add new features and to decrease the size of an application. Third-party developers can generate aptitudes to spread an application by using plugins.

Plugins register themselves to a host application and have a protocol for the transaction of data.   Plugins cannot work independently; rather they use the services which the host application provides. Host application also enables the end-users to install and update plugins.


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How plugins threat online security?

Although it is a good idea to install plugins to enhance the features of your computer programmes, yet, at the same time, plugins can happen to be a threat to your computer security. As mentioned above, scammers use numerous tactics to hack computer programmes, plugins are also one of the ways. Some of the plugins are a trap used by scammers which appear to be as legal software. The users who install such plugins are often at a risk of security dilemmas.

The plugins employed by scammers contain malware and by installing such plugins your computer can become infected with certain viruses and worms. Some of the very common plugins like Flash Player, Java Script, Pdf etc. are often exploited by the hackers, who avail the weaknesses of these plugins to utilize them for their own personal purposes.

The diffident plugins of your browsers and windows, having a huge user foundation, invite many scammers to manipulate your programmes and systems. Word-press, for instance, has many susceptible plugins on its sites which are being exploited by hackers and scammers. According to a survey, the weaknesses, at danger of being misused, grew largely in Adobe plugins in the year 2015; majority of the weaknesses were related to the Adobe Flash Players.  In these situations, such loopholes are a chance for the attackers to exploit these plugins and damage your computer programmes.

How plugins can be secured?

If your plugins are a room for attackers to use because of certain weaknesses and loopholes, then there is need to secure those plugins. For this purpose, you should update your plugins on regular basis to minimize their flaws. Media and other security sites can also help you stay aware by giving warnings. Outdated versions of plugins should not be used and you also need to be picky while choosing plugins to avoid the risk of attackers and exploiters.

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Ways to improve your security:

There are various solutions to make your computers and networks strong security wise, like, network layer security, multi-function authentication, security token etc. Many individuals seek to secure their networks and are therefore often at the lookout of the instruments that may help to improve the security of their systems. Several companies are developed with an aim to provide means for improving online security. Apart from the above-mentioned methods, proxies are also used as a means to secure your computer and online activities to some extent.

Proxy is mainly any other computer that works as a centre to ensue your internet requests without using your personal IP address. Proxy service serves as a medium between your computer system and other computers on an internet, and ensures your privacy. Proxy is used for multiple purposes like filtering web content and to download some content not available otherwise. Many proxies are available on internet, some of which are free while some need to be purchased. Many companies and websites offer the best proxy service to facilitate their users, and it is better to buy proxy because free proxies are often less authentic and reliable. Some also offer VPN proxy and Private proxy to increase reliability, as a private is available to be use by a single consumer at a time. The best proxy is often the one which is not free, it is good to buy proxy because their authentication is guaranteed.


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Often sometimes even the paid proxies cannot be trusted enough to be completely perfect. For an efficient private proxy, you need to have a reliable company. Limeproxies.com is one perfect place to avail the chance to enjoy the best of services and the most reliable private and VPN proxies. It not only works efficiently having multi-threaded software’s, but also offers more than 40 geographical locations with multiple international and US geographical locations. It presents a 24/7 guarantee of support and service and you can also change your proxy IP anytime if you want. At limeproxies.com, you are never made to share an IP address with anyone else and they provide exclusive premium private proxies. Also, there is a fully automated control panel and you can add maximum 25 IPs to be authenticated for proxy usage.


Limeproxies.com offers quality products and services at extremely affordable prices. There are different packages having 1 or more proxies per month that are available on discounted rates. Like 1 Proxy/month with high speed and 24-hour service and with 5 subnets and 2 locations is available at $5, and the package including 100 Proxies/month with the same services is available at $100 after a 50% discount.

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This  proxy service provider comprises of 1 Gbps speed and 100+ subnets with 99.9% guaranteed uptime. This service is an ideal choice for several solutions including Ticketing Proxies, Gaming Proxies, Socks5 Proxies and others. This proxy service also tends to response instantly to any kind of technical support issues that arise.

Therefore, when it comes to buying proxies from proxy service providers, you should opt for the one that provides guaranteed and fast services; and limeproxies.com is undoubtedly the ultimate choice for it. You can check their link to enjoy the free services and to know about their packages with price and other details.

Majority of the population is now aware of the concerns for online security and the threats that it poses. So, the users should regularly update and apply instruments to strengthen their online security.


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