Use SEO private proxies to create your back links database

Use SEO private proxies to create your back links database

What is SEO

What is SEO

Are you a website owner? Do you know the importance of SEO and backlinks? Also, do you know how you can create backlinks using private proxies? Let us discuss them one by one in this article.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the dynamic procedure of increasing the quantity and quality of visitors to any website by gaining good page rankings in the algorithmic search engine results. It is not as easy as it sounds. Only if you use decent SEO techniques, you will be able to move to the top of the search results.

SEO is reasonably the most crucial factor that determines the success rate of almost every website on the WWW (World Wide Web).  Making your SEO right should be the first priority on your list of strategies that you have planned for the development of your website.

What are Backlinks?

What are Backlinks

There are more than 200 parameters based on which Google provides a rank to any website. And without any doubt the main parameter considered by Google is Backlinks.

Backlinks are actually the hyperlinks which are linked to your website from other websites. Your website’s Google ranking is directly proportional to the number of backlinks. Which means the more backlinks your website has, the higher Google ranking you will get.

One thing that you should always keep in mind is not every Backlink has the same value from Google’s perception. Google checks how authentic is the website linking back to you. Google also checks domain authority which is measured on the scale of 0 to 100. Getting backlinks from the websites which have a higher domain authority than that of your website is what you need to focus on. You can use the tool ahrefs.com to check the domain authority of your website as well as other websites. A backlink from a website which has a higher domain authority than that of your website will hold very less value if the website is not related to your website in terms of content or the products or services you offer.

What is a proxy and how it works?

Every system in a computer network has a unique IP address. No two end devices can have the same IP address in the same computer network. The Internet is smart enough and it knows how to send the correct data packet to the correct computer on the basis of the IP address.

A proxy server is basically a computer(server) on the internet with its own IP address (which could be multiple in number) that your computer knows. When you initiate a web request, your request goes to the proxy server first. The proxy server then forwards your web request on your behalf to the web server, and then revert back the response from the web server to your computer.

While forwarding the request the proxy server can make changes (if it is configured in such a way) to the data packets you send. For example, a  proxy server can mask your IP address, so the web server doesn’t know exactly where you are in the world. It can also encrypt your data, to prevent your data from getting intercepted by any hacker. It can also act as a firewall by blocking and allowing certain inbound and outbound traffic as per the requirement. Basically, when you use a proxy, you are rerouting your traffic from your original ISP server to the proxy server. This has a number of benefits in terms of SEO which we are going to discuss in this article.

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Advantages of using Backlinks:

  • The backlinks on popular websites will not only help you in SEO but it will also help you in bringing prospects to your brand.
  • A search on Google, Yahoo, and other search engines produce a lot of traffic. But not all traffic is produced from searches. The traffic produced by users click on the backlinks is very much comparable to the other sources of traffic. Even a single link on a well-known website will help you in gaining a steady traffic to your website for years. One very useful fact about this type of traffic is that it is highly convertible.
  • They are high chances that if someone gets to read a good content and if he/she discovers a backlink pointing to your website, they will click on the backlink to know more about your website and the products and services you offer. You can see the power of a mere backlink which can bring you more customers  without any extra effort. They might join and support your social media campaigns or they might read your blog and then share the same with their relevant folks.

    use SEO private proxies
    How to use SEO private proxies to create backlinks?

    Basically, there are two types of proxies: public proxies and private proxies. Public proxies are easily available for free and are used by multiple users at once. Private proxies are dedicated proxies which are paid. You must be wondering why anyone will use paid proxies when free proxies are available? You should know that free proxies don’t come alone, they bring a bunch of issues along with them. They are slow, overused, heavily shared, and they don’t work all of the time. In worst cases, they are just set up with an intention to steal your confidential data from you. With dedicated paid SEO proxies, you get an assurance that they are not abused before and your data are in same hands.

    Use of SEO private proxies to develop backlinks is not the safest option, apparently more risky for your websites. As there are great chances that Google would take action against your website by putting down your ranking.

    However, when SEO private proxies are used with SEO tools it is safe and it gives good output in terms of developing backlinks.

    Now since you have an idea of all the points that were needed to understand the main concern of this article, i.e use of SEO private proxies to create backlinks, let’s walk you through some effective tools:

    1. Content Bird SEO tool: The first tool that we are going to discuss is Content Bird. For creating good backlinks you need to have a proper content marketing strategy, and you can achieve it with Content Bird. Using this tool you can create good backlinks based on content marketing. You must be wondering how it works? It actually hunts for websites that hold the potential to provide high-quality backlinks, not only that, it also keeps an eye on your competitor’s backlinks. After the research is done, it helps in building quality content for taking advantage of these backlinks. Considerably more effort is needed than many other tools, but the extra effort gives out a great result.

    2. ScrapeBox SEO tool:  ScrapeBox is one of the best tools for creating backlinks. When it comes to scrapeBox it is also called a white hat backlink building. Are you wondering what is white hat backlink building? It means the link developing process looks very organic with this tool. This is a very authentic backlink building tool that will not only help your website in improving their rankings but also help in keeping it there for the long.

    Everything goes well as long as you use Private SEO proxies. Otherwise, Google will discover and will quickly blacklist your IP address, and you won’t be able to perform backlink creations. Let us discuss the process of using ScrapeBox to develop good backlinks. As a start, you need to use the harvester to find backlink possibilities once you find the potential websites you need to use comment poster to drop comments on potential websites. Embedding links and anchor text to your comments is always a good practice in the process of creating backlinks. ScrapeBox has one amazing feature, it can go through CAPTCHAs seamlessly, rest assured it will not get stuck in processing CAPTCHAs. You can also check the status of backlink creation by running the link checker. Do not think that these are the only option provided by ScrapeBox. The features we discussed were only a few. ScrapeBox is packed with many tools, what you need to do is go through the application and try all the possible option and see the combination of which features suits your requirement. Once intelligently configured according to your business requirements, it will be really handy to use.

    3. Link Assistant SEO tool:  Link Assistant is one of the amazing tools that can be used with SEO private proxies. Another amazing thing about the development team of Link Assistant is that they keep on updating their algorithm which goes hand in hand with Google algorithm updates.With this application, you can create high-quality backlinks, keep an eye on your backlink outreach, and also you can keep track of your backlinks. Quality is the prime concern of Link Assistant tool. Which means you are not supposed to create around 1,000 backlinks in a single day with this application. It is slow, but at the same time it is uniform and this is what any backlink building application is supposed to be.Well, its slow and steady nature or in other words its search engine-friendly algorithm doesn’t bother Google or other search engines, and you get a good ranking in return. You are still not sure whether you should go for this application or not? I am happy to inform you that it has a free version along with the paid versions, so you can test it for your business purpose before you actually make the purchase. Let us go through what Link Assistant claims about their application.

  • Hundreds of link opportunities at a click : Choose your research technique from 10 most effective prospecting mechanisms (guest posting, directories, reviews – you name it), or create your own research method with any search operators of your choice. In seconds, LinkAssistant will find hundreds of the most relevant prospects for you. This is a huge time-saver for any SEO.
  • High-quality link prospects: Gather all kinds of stats and insights with one click to check the value of potential links. You’ll see the value of the prospect by looking at its quality factors, such as Page/Domain Authority, Domain age, Alexa, social media metrics, etc. LinkAssistant makes sure you avoid all potentially harmful links!
  • Easy outreach right from the app: Gather all contact emails automatically and contact link prospects straight away, right from the app. Use handy email templates for every type of outreach to make your emails feel personal, or create your own templates. Easily track sends and replies, flag important emails so you don’t forget to reply or follow up. Stay in touch without any effort and get the links you are after or delete the links you don’t approve off.
  • One-click link verification: Run regular link checks to make sure your acquired links don’t get taken down, switched to no-follow, or have the wrong anchors. Contact partners right away if a link fails verification!
  • Customized link building reports: Link Assistant’s reports are customizable, white-label, and designed for all devices. You can easily share them with clients by uploading your report to the cloud and receiving a shareable link. Looking for a way to automate reporting completely? Set up a scheduled task, and LinkAssistant will build reports on autopilot and deliver them to clients on your schedule, as a direct link or attachment, in a plain text or custom HTML email.
  • 4. Ultimate Demon SEO tool: Ultimate Demon is developed by Edwinsoft. Ultimate Demon can help you in expanding your client base. It is actually a kind of tool that once configured, works automatically. It is very impracticable to think of increasing the traffic on your website and to improve its rank drastically to the very first page of Google search without backlink building. Following the very old way of visiting many websites and creating accounts by verifying emails and submitting content on every website you visit is nearly useless and a worthless procedure. But, using Ultimate Demon you can easily do it at a very fast rate. Ultimate Demon has an excellent system that can create accounts on potential websites by verifying emails on your behalf and submit your content on those websites. They call this process as “Seamless Submission”. It is a highly trustworthy system for  Seamless Submission. With this application, you can build as many as backlinks on your website. It offers multi-threading support which helps you in submitting links quickly without many efforts. It is true that it takes some time to arrange the content together, but the fine result justifies the waiting time. You just need to make sure that content is not the same for every website, it should be different enough so that it can pass through the search engines without getting discarded for being a piece of duplicate content. Its interface is so user-friendly that even a non tech person can use it.

    5. Money Robot Submitter SEO tool: If you were looking for an SEO tool that can target a group of sites all at once then you can go ahead with the Money Robot Submitter application. This tool already has a rich database of good websites, using which you can get many numbers of links without putting any extra effort. Not only that, but this application also has its own scraping tools that automatically find resources which saves you from extra efforts of finding websites to get the content submitted. Which actually save a lot of time that otherwise had to be applied in the backlink building process.

    6. Like many other good SEO applications, its submission process is also 100% automated, which includes the email activations as well as email confirmations. Money Robot Submitter application also has the capability to bypass CAPTCHAs. This software actually uses Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome to resemble real human activity which makes it easy to pass any robot detection mechanisms. Its great features have not ended yet, as it also has an automatic rewriting tool embedded in the main application to prevent your submissions from getting flagged as duplicate content. This is indeed very helpful and very important as the duplicate content will not help you in getting good rankings. Apparently, if your content is flagged as duplicate your website might lose its current ranking. This application also gives you an option to monitor all of your backlinks. This is very useful in creating reports, and even more useful if you want to show insights to your clients if you are working for any client.

    Money Robot Submitter offers 7 days free trial + 7 days money back guarantee, if you are not satisfied with Money Robot Submitter you can easily get the refund and their support team is always available by chat (Skype, Yahoo messenger) e-mail, via their ticketing system and they are also available on their forum.

    Check also this pricing intelligence.

    7. SEO Spyglass SEO tool: If you are website owner who just doesn’t want to build a great number of backlinks. But, you want to build quality backlinks. Then you should use SEO Spyglass SEO tool. This software, when used with the web proxies, works great for backlink creation. This tool actually searches all of your competitors’ inbound links. After that, it finds out the Google rank for all of the collected links. Then, it calculates the traffic hitting every link and also the age of different websites. This calculation gives us an idea of the links which are worth targeting. This particular series of procedures prevent you from wasting your time and efforts on backlinks that are not going to help you in gaining a good rank.

    SEO Spyglass is not just a backlink building tool. As it also has embedded tools for keywords, analytics, reports, and SEO. This application will be a great help if you want to manage your clients’ accounts.

    8. Advanced Link Manager SEO tool: Advanced Link Manager is a good SEO tool that can be used for backlink building. You may use this tool to find the link opportunities which are available online. Using this application you can actually spy on your competitors to find out where they are getting their backlinks from. You can also keep a track of important backlinks using this application.  It also provides a trial, so that you can test it for your business purpose before you actually make a purchase.

    9. GSA Search Engine Ranker SEO tool: If you want to build backlinks as quickly as possible then GSA Search Engine Ranker is an amazing  SEO tool to serve your purpose. It builds backlinks to your site 24 hours a day. You just need to configure it once and once it is set up, the after process is completely automated. It works great with private SEO proxies, just set it up with your the proxies and wait for the magic to happen.

    Many other SEO tools ask you to provide the list of submission websites. These tools claim that they are automated, but they make you do the most of the work. But the GSA Search Engine Ranker is actually an automated tool. As it doesn’t just find the websites automatically but also make submissions on your behalf. It also allows you to create multiple projects at once so that you can build multiple backlinks for various websites at one time. This is actually a very great feature if you are working for multiple clients.

    This application also uses SpinnerChief which means you do not have to bother about duplicate contents on the various listings. It is a one-time pay tool, as it gives free lifetime updates and a lifetime license.


    In this article, we discussed the use of private SEO proxies along with many SEO tools to build Backlinks which helps in gaining a good page rank.

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    As backlinks are very beneficial for your website, you will try creating as many links as possible. But, before you initiate the backlink creation mission, there is something you should never forget. When you use the combination of proxies and tools, it is very obvious to think of creating many numbers of backlinks. This is not at all a good thought, as Google and other search engines check if the links are organic or not. A crazy number of links will indicate that the links are not organic. It is possible to use the tools without the proxies, but that would be a great mistake. As you are going to collect a lot of data and build a lot of Backlinks. If you won’t use proxies there are great chances that your public IP address may get banned.

    Stay tuned with the blog we will keep updating the tools and methods. Should you have any queries related to backlinks generation using SEO private proxies. Write to us in the comments section below. Buy Private Proxies Now!

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