Industry-best Proxy Network for Affiliate Link Testing

Test affiliate links from anywhere in the world; unlock localized affiliate links; verify affiliate links, and secure your affiliate programs with Limeproxies.

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Affiliate link testing made easy with Limeproxies.

Is your affiliate program trustworthy? Are you losing clients and reputation because of wrong links, bad affiliates and malicious websites?


Secure your affiliate programs

Keep tabs on your affiliate programs, verify ads, discover wrong links, and malicious websites as early as possible with Limeproxies.


Anonymized targets

Mask your IP addresses with Limeproxies advanced proxies and spy on your affiliates without restrictions or detection.


Premium quality proxy

Gain access to our highly advanced proxy pool to bypass IP bans and track affiliate links from any location of your choice.


User friendly

Use Limeproxies affiliate link testing proxy to set up any software of your choice. Run multiple affiliate programmes and manage your clients- guess what- It is super easy to use.

Here’s why our Affiliate link testing proxy is the Industry-best

Do you test affiliate links and how they work for people around the world?

Still not sure?

  • Unlimited sessions: Check your affiliate links with unique rotating IP addresses for each connection. Use our extended sticky sessions to keep the same IP address for a longer time.

  • Global access: Gain access to affiliate links in any country of your choice with Limeproxies affiliate testing proxy

  • Run checks on affiliate links: Use our proxy API to test localized affiliate links and drive traffic to your site through your affiliate programs.

  • Customer satisfaction: We offer premium quality for all your proxy needs. Use Limeproxies affiliate link testing proxy today, and you will always come back for more.

  • 3-day money-back guarantee: Get a refund after three days if you're not satisfied with our product. No questions asked.

Ready to use Limeproxies for your affiliate link testing? Get started!

24/7 support, Choose any location & Top quality

How our proxy network works

  • Select a proxy location. Random IP - get a random IP address from our proxy network Geotargeting - get an IP address for cities or countries you choose to visit.

  • Select a session type Rotating session: rotate IPs on every new connection Sticky session: use the same IP address for an extended period (10 minutes max)

  • Access any target without detection Hide behind routed IPs of real desktop and mobile devices.

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Customer Support

We provide premium support through our innovative Campfire Support system that sets us apart from other providers.


Global Subnets

We provide Proxies from multi mixed subnets from nationwide locations. We have more than 1000 subnets.


1 GBPS Speed

Unmatched blistering speed of 1000 Mbps/sec. Works Great for high performance, multithreaded softwares.


50+ Locations

Choice of several international and US geo locations, with high speed and 24/7 support 365 days a year.

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