13 Benefits of Social Media Marketing for B2B lead generation

13 Benefits of Social Media Marketing for B2B lead generation

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

You need to start selling the 2020 lead generation style.

Yes, your cold calls and emails will be there but you know how your prospects are right?

They expect brands like yours to always give them more than their expectations.

And to be honest, the faster you cater to such prospects, the better are the chances of your brand improving and growing at the same time.

The tough competition isn’t going to stop but that doesn’t mean you can’t sell smart and when we mean smart selling, we mean getting your brand on Social Media.

Social media is proof of smart selling because when you know that your prospects hang out there often, the smartest way to capture them is to be present there awaiting to tap them.

Social media is powerful, is here to stay and will drive better results than you can expect. ‘’73% of marketers believe that their efforts through social media marketing have been “somewhat effective” or “very effective” for their business.’’

If your a business:

  1. Waiting to grow
  2. Want to tap leads quicker
  3. Want your business to have an established name

Then you need to get on Social Media and we would like you to give you all the reasons to believe us:

Let’s get you on a tour.

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A great thing about social media is that it lets your prospects understand that a brand like yours is in the competitive market. Social media lets you build your identity so that your prospects are aware of your existence. Today social media is used as a platform to learn and understand about the new things happening in the market.

So imagine, if your prospects are aware that their needs can be catered to the solution you are offering, through this channel, the number of prospects views will increase. This is a great reason for you to consider using social media marketing for your business. 


  1. Make your logo and brand name visible better
  2. Create an image in your prospect's mind when they see your brand
  3. Be unique and different from your competitors


You have started your brand for a reason, your main aim would be to serve your target audience through this method which is easier than the one your competitors are providing. It is important that you convey the same to your prospects so that connecting with them takes place on a smoother plate.

The best way to convey that message is through social media, with your comments, engagement with prospects you are able to give them the impression of what you believe in as a brand. This is important because as you are aware the number of users on social media is increasing ‘’Social media users grew by 328 million between October 2018 and October 2019’’  and with your brand’s mission being showcased it becomes easier to grow and sell your brand’s solution. 


  1. Be easy to understand and simple to read when stating your brand’s motive
  2. Speak more about the benefits your brand offers 
  3. Address an issue and then convey how and why your brand is solving it


Another great reason why you need to use social media is because it can help you retrieve your prospect's data better. This data is important and it can be anything such as testimonials, opinions, competitor's information, and many more. Your prospect data is significant for your brand when engaging with them.

For instance, when you are aware that your prospects are looking for a particular solution with multiple conditions, you can cater to them accordingly. For example, say Simon is one of your prospective leads and he is looking for a solution that is budget-friendly and is easy to use and is way better than the solution he is using at the moment.

You as a brand once you receive this data, you can engage with Simon and showcase your different pricing strategies and what it includes and you can even go on to compare the best things your brand has when compared to the competitor product he is using. This will help you sell in a more convenient manner. 


  1. Use web scraping tools to capture data even from your competitors, it becomes easy and helps you capture data quicker
  2. Use the data to study your competitors and prospects better so that you can frame you selling strategies accordingly

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When you make life easy for your prospects to try out your product, you are grasping their attention towards you more. Multiple times prospects leave a brand because they were not able to connect with them and this is an issue which social media eliminates for you. With a social media handle, you can start engaging with your prospect better.

For instance, with a social media account, you can share videos, visuals about your team, insights about your product creation, and how your team functions, your product details, and more. Along with this if you post regularly with different types of content such as educational or facts or simply information, you are drawing your prospect to learn more about you. 

A better prospect experience completes all actions such as educating them about your brand, making it easier for them to find your brand, for them to visit your website, and simply make their actions easy to understand. 


  1. Create links for prospects to click on to learn more about you
  2. Make it easy to find your account on social media by using one image ora visual the could remember
  3. Post regularly about any content you wish to and the best times to post are ‘’Wednesday is the best day to post on Facebook. The safest times to post are weekdays from 9 a.m.–3 p.m. Sunday has the least amount of engagement for Facebook during the week. Early mornings and evenings, before 7 a.m. and after 5 p.m. have the least amount of engagement per day.’’


Another reason to love social media is that it helps you capture more loyal prospects. When you make your social media handle more engaging it becomes easier to tap your prospects to continue following your account. The more prospects you are able to capture, the higher are your chances of converting them into loyal customers.

Coschedule proves, ‘’It’s an obvious direct correlation: If customers follow you, they are more likely to choose you versus your competition. Furthermore, if they’re loyal customers, they’ll increase your traffic.’’


  1. Have more offers and discounts and even debates so that your prospects tend to follow your page
  2. Start giving free things for every prospect that joins your page or more
  3. Also, ask open-ended questions so that your profile converts into a healthy discussion of the topics and more views increase of that post or comment.


Writing frequent blogs, posting social media posts on a regular basis can help you capture prospects better. Content is another great way to exhibit your brand, retain the attention of your prospects, and compel them to conduct their next action by visiting your website. Content can be in any form, social media posts, long-form content, short-form content, and more. 

For instance, say you have written a blog on social media perks, and your prospects view it, when they are hooked they would like to hear more from you which will make them visit your website and hence giving you the option to convert them into a sales lead.


  1. Add visuals and videos to retain the attention of your prospect for long
  2. Write relevant content for the purpose of helping your prospect find a solution for their needs
  3. Focus more on writing long-form content
  4. Use simple and easy language for your prospect to understand
  5. Explain benefits more when writing about any topic 


SEO stands for search engine optimization where it plays a vital role in ranking your website. This process ensures that whatever SEO activities you conduct such as SEO content writing or placing links in your blogs or any other content, is effective. For instance, to rank your blogs better you can make use of keywords.

Placing relevant keywords that your prospects would use to search for your article can help exhibit your blog on the top. Also adding backlinks where you can place in between your blogs can help your prospects click on it so that they can either get diverted to more detailed information of your blogs or your website. This is a clever way to get your prospects tapped into your brand quicker. 

SEO plays a great way to optimize your website and with such tactics that they offer such as keywords, it brings your brand one step closer to your prospect's view.


  1. Use web scraping tools to capture the keywords to place in your blog
  2. You can also use a proxy server during capturing your keywords even from your competitors as it will help hide your identity through the web scraping process
  3. Place backlinks in relevant statements such as if you are saying social media is great, you can place a backlink which can guide them to either how your brand is doing it or any other social media-related blog to enhance their knowledge

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Another reason to invest in social media is that it is free. You can go right now and create an account on any social media handle. For instance, if you wish to start on Instagram, you can simply head to the application, sign in, and create an account and get started soon. If you wish to do more, you would have to invest a bit.

For instance, on Instagram, you have the option to promote your social media content and the cost depends according to your choices. 

Source: Newsfeed

This will help you align your budget well and make the choice. Also, social media doesn’t require much physical investment, you just need the application which can be downloaded and viewed even on your smartphone. 

Also, social media handles help you by providing stats for the activities you conduct. For instance, the below image is Instagram displaying the results of the social media posts, that is how many prospects have saved the post, shared with others, and more. This can help you conduct the right activities to enhance your presence on your social media handle.


Have you seen some ads go viral?

The reason being multiple if those viewers were on social media. One post which one user liked was shared and tagged in the ad or social media post and that’s how the ads go viral. You can do the same with your brand. All you need to do is create a great social media post which will help your prospects stop scrolling and viewing your post more. You can get an example here to get started. 

Let’s view the below example:

As you can see Coke did this brilliant ad when it was time to see the next royal wedding. This would undoubtedly go viral don’t you think?


  1. Use creative visuals
  2. Keep it simple and easy


Social media is another great way to engage with your prospects. For instance ith Facebook, you have an option called Groups where you can engage with like-minded people and have discussions, so imagine what would happen when you join, you will be able to show your expertise and capture the attention of your prospects better. Also, with comments, you can capture the attention of your prospects when you post your opinions on your competitor's posts.

The more you engage with your prospects, the better are your chances of taping them towards your brand and social media make this process convenient. 


‘’88% of consumers trust user reviews as much as personal recommendations.’’

Do you see the arrow, it is pointing at a statement where it is mentioned that Matt has purchased from the brand, this is exactly what social proof is all about. 

Social proofs make a big difference because it helps in making an impact on your prospects' decisions. For instance, if you see that someone has already bought this product, it is understood that you too would give it a try, this is the power of social proof. Social proof gives statements that will help any of your prospects who visited your brand to understand that purchases are being made at the moment they are scrolling. 

Social proofs can help you make sales instantly. To learn better, you can go here


Another way social media can help you to grow better is by exposing your expertise about the industry you work in and the product you are selling. When you share your expertise you are informing your prospects of your knowledge which will compel them to follow you more to learn about what you have to offer. This is a great way to capture their attention.

You can exhibit your expertise and get noticed by your prospects via different ways such as:

  1. Posting your opinions on topics being shared
  2. Joining groups or communities to share your knowledge
  3. Responding to users on your comments and engaging with them

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Hashtags are trending and you cannot miss them out when it comes to social media. Hashtags give you another opportunity to exhibit your posts outreach furthermore. For instance, say if you have shared a post about social media you can use relevant hashtags such as #socialmedia #social media is good and more. So what happens is when your prospects type any of these hashtags, your post too will appear. 

You can learn better here.



Kicksta helps you to grow organically on Instagram. It uses AI technology to help you grow organically without any risks of spams or bots or even fake followers. To get started on Kicksta, the process is simple, it helps to find profiles that are similar to yours, it auto engages with their followers and lets them follow you back. It is pure real engagements in a secure manner.

Best features:

  1. Provides advanced targeting
  2. Provides VIP email support


  1. The numbers users are receiving with this tool is high in number in reference to their growth
  2. Simple interface to track actions and do more


Standard plan- $49/month, Premium plan- $99/month

G2 Ratings:



Later is the number one marketing platform for Instagram. It lets you plan, schedule, and analyze your posts on any of your social media handles apart from Instagram such as Facebook and more. It focuses on you growing your business on social media rather than just spending more time posting. 

Best features:

  1. Conducts Auto publish for all Instagram business profiles
  2. Let’s you import media from any place
  3. Saves posts to your content library


  1. Let’s users plan their Instagram activities for the week in less than 20 minutes
  2. Organizes and manages all videos and visuals
  3. Let’s you identify and repost user-generated content


Business plan- starts from $19/month

G2 Ratings:


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Lightroom lets you create amazing photos no matter where your location is. It is a cloud-based service that lets you edit, store, organize, and share photos across many devices. 

Best features:

  1. Provides 1TB cloud storage and more
  2. Manages any number of photos you have easily
  3. Provides Adobe Sensei machine learning to recognize people and themes


  1. Provides easy to use a tool such as sliders and more
  2. Cost-efficient solution which suits multiple users


Lightroom plan- $9.99/month, Photography plan- $9.99/month, Creative cloud all apps- $52.99/month (This plan is for individual users)

G2 Ratings:



Canva lets you design different types of things such as posters, flyers, and more which you can showcase on your social media handle. It has a variety of templates and design types. 


  1. You can get started for free
  2. You can design anything you like in minutes
  3. It is not necessary that you need to be a pro in designing, this application lets you design the best


Costs $12.95/month for a team member

G2 Ratings:



Quuu lets you put your content curation on autopilot. It is the best source for you to capture content and is all hand-reviewed by the experts in-house. It can help you share the best content on your social media handle to boost better growth. All you need to do is connect to your social media tool, choose your interests, and how many suggestions you would like and let Quuu take care of it from there.

Best features:

  1. Integrates with any of your scheduling tools such as Buffer and more
  2. Provides 500 categories for you to choose from with regards to the topic such as marketing or real estate and more


1 . Lesser time is required to conduct this process which means more time focusing on other important things as well


Free plan, Pro plan- $19/month, Business plan- $50/month

G2 Ratings:




So here you are with all the significant reasons to invest in social media marketing.

Your business has created a solution that multiple prospects would be looking for and when you engage and grab their attention on such a platform like social media, you are opening more successful doors to better sales opportunities. 

Let’s take a quick summarization of what you’ve covered in this topic:


  1. Social media is a great tool to capture your prospects
  2. 13 Benefits of Social Media Marketing for B2B lead generation covered are using content to capture leads, increasing prospect loyalty count, making use of efficient SEO techniques, using social proofs and more
  3. best social media tools such as Kicksta, Later and more

So, tell us which technique will you apply first? What are your views on the topic? Do you believe that your presence on social media matters too?

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