15 Facebook Marketing Tips from Influencers 2020

15 Facebook Marketing Tips from Influencers 2020

Facebook Marketing Tips

‘’1.62 billion users visit Facebook daily.’’

What was launched in 2004 as a medium to connect with friends and families, is now being used even more by businesses who wish to engage with their prospects via such an effective channel.

Social media is growing and Oberlo proves it, ‘’Social media statistics from 2019 show that there are 3.5 billion social media users worldwide, and this number is only growing.’’ When the world is finding its solution via online platforms, it would be foolish for a business to not be there.

Facebook is one example of social media that has sparked or rather grasped the attention of multiple businesses like yours to indulge in the sales methods here and why not?

When almost half of your prospects are using the online platform to find the ideal solution which can cater to their needs, why can’t your brand take a huge leap and present your solution in front of them?

Imagine how well would your brand grow and what difference would the conversion rates, closing deals, and sales numbers have?

Your brand needs to start selling on Facebook and if you require a tad bit more convincing, our second category will be useful to you.

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Facebook is considered to be another efficient medium of communication. What is supposed to be just a medium of connecting with a friend or family, has now included another connection which is taking place between a brand like yours with your potential prospects. In the current scenario, any queries can be resolved by just going online.

All a prospect needs to do is conduct online research and they have a list of brands that fit their needs well. Your brand needs to be a part of that list which is why selling on Facebook should be your priority. It doesn’t take much to set up your own page, but once it is completed, your brand is in for a good exposure.

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When you communicate in a way that your prospects want to be communicated with, you are making their lives easier as well as pushing your brand towards a successful route.


As you are aware of the number of users online on Facebook, imagine how well would your brand look when it is catering to multiple prospects? The great thing about Facebook marketing is that it gives a brand the right identity it needs. It creates an image or rather a vision about a brand in the minds of prospects so that they can turn back and visit it.

With consistent Facebook marketing activities being conducted, your brand is not just making a name, it is also simultaneously speaking volumes of your brand existence which can confidently answer all your prospect's needs. This is important and it continues to be of importance because that is when you see the difference. 

The more your brand outreach is further, the better are your chances of assisting multiple prospects with your solution.


With Facebook marketing, you are not just selling to one locality or to one country, your audience is diverse and huge which provides you with the opportunity to sell better. For instance, if you are working in a particular country and are a vendor of selling proxy server who is conducting its sales via Facebook, your audience is going to be from different parts of the globe. 

When a prospect sees your product and understands that your solution can cater to its needs, they would confidently explore your brand and might as well even invest in it. Another great thing about Facebook is that it helps you to sell to a particular set of audience who are the right fit for your business.

There are thousands of audiences, but not all are going to add value to your business, hence you are able to connect with multiple audiences who are your genuine prospects and that is exactly when your brand grows thicker in identity.


Another reason to love Facebook for your business is competitor research. Do you know how exactly your brand can achieve success much quicker? When it is able to outsell your competitors. The market is getting tougher, there are new faces in the market that are selling the gaps being missed out by your business or from your peers. 

At this time, if you are going to keep a closer check on what they are doing, how will you be able to sell better than then? With Facebook this is possible. Facebook gives you the liberty to visit your competitor's page, view their comments, likes and interactions so that you can get an idea of what is it that your competitors are missing out on.

When you are able to fill that gap, you can improvise your own solution and make it much better than theirs. When such an action happens, there is no doubt being left that your brand is selling solutions that are the best in the market. 


Selling to prospects doesn’t need to be about contacting them every moment, yes this is one way of selling to them. But with social media on the rise, there are some other methods that can help your brand to sell better to prospects. Facebook offers you that in the form of content marketing.

With Facebook, you have the choice to sell to your prospects via a different content medium such as long-form blogs, social media posts, video content, infographics, and even any other visual form content. Such actions help you to capture your prospect's attention, retain their interest and help to convert their actions into exploring your brand more.

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Selling to prospects shouldn’t be just about sales, the main focus should be trying to help them find their need. When they are indulging with your brand, you need to follow more than just the sales pitches in front of you. Understanding this, Facebook gives you another medium where you can get sales done more efficiently. 

Facebook is important and now it has been proved why with the information you’ve just read above. It’s time for you to conduct it in your marketing activities which is exactly what this article can help you with.




Source: Social media examiner

There is a difference between creating a personal account and a business account on Facebook. A personal account is a generic account where you can post your photos, videos and much more with your followers. With a business account, you can conduct the same activity as well as strike individuals that have liked your current posts and even visited your page.

Such statistics are important because it will help your business to grow better. The main agenda of indulging in Facebook marketing is to help your business grow its existence so that prospects know there is a reliable solution available for their needs.

With a business page, you can give a brief about your company, share your solution via posts and watch the number of engagement, activities that take place on your page. This will help you strategize your business better.



Source: Constant Contact

Another important marketing tip you need to take care of is your Facebook page URL. Did you know that if your URL is not relevant, prospects see it in another way, for instance, they might think it's not the link to the original page and many other thoughts. Remember that when your prospects catch their attention seeing your ads or one of your posts, the link should be such that they should understand that it is your business page they are going to be viewing.

Avoid adding unnecessary information on the link such as www.facebook.pages.com, instead of out it as www. Facebook.com (your brand name). It will look more genuine and it would be easier for your prospects to remember you. 



Source: Wishpond

Do you know what grasps one attention when they visit a Facebook page? The cover photos. When compared to the profile pictures, a cover photo is much wider and one can place a good photo for the user to understand what it is. This same can be applied to your business page.

You can set a picture that speaks about your brand or the solution you are selling. For instance, say if you are a vendor of a proxy server brand, you could include your logo as a profile picture and as a cover photo you could explain the benefits of investing in your solution. 

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So when a prospect visits your page and the cover photo is the first thing that they see, it becomes easier to understand what the page is promoting and why they should invest in it.



Source: Erno Hannink

After enhancing your way with the cover photo, the next gaze will go on your profile picture. Don’t place any image which adds no value nor speaks about your business. When a prospect visits your Facebook page, when they walk away from it, they need to remember your brand in their mind. A visually pleasing graphic will do the job in this scenario.

When choosing a profile picture to ensure that it's attractive, it has the right colours and the prospects shouldn’t find it difficult to remember it. If you are placing your brand’s logo, ensure that it is not blurred and is very much visible. If you are placing a picture, you need to ensure that it is visible and it’s an image that is unique from your peers. 

Choose the visuals in such a way where your prospects are able to recognize you from the crowd and land back on your page to find the solution for their needs.



Source: Smhack

After your done with the visual images of your brand, the next Facebook marketing tip would be to write a good brief about your brand. Facebook has an ‘About’ option which helps your prospects to understand who you are, what you do, where are you located, contact details and more. 

This will help your prospects to understand a brief about your brand and will be compelled to learn more about you. In a simple sentence, you can mention what your brand’s purpose is, set the location of your brand, mention the website link to your brand, enter contact details to reach out to you as well as list out the timings your brand is available to assist them.

All of this will be helpful because say, for instance,

a prospect has visited your page and want to learn more about you, instead of them waiting for your reply to their queries they can just head to the ‘About ‘ page and contact you directly or visit your brand with the location you have listed. Either way, the prospect engagement process will take place much more efficiently and quicker. 


Another great Facebook marketing tip is to earn the mentioned badge, ‘ ‘Very responsive to messages’. 


Source: Hubspot

Do you know why multiple prospects don't’ return to a few brands online? The main reason is that brands fail to reach out to their prospect's queries on time. It either replies too late or doesn't reply at all and this reason is enough to drag your prospects towards the competitor's page.

The great thing about Facebook is that if you reply to your prospects early say within 15 minutes and are responsive to all of them on a more consistent basis, Facebook will appear this ‘Very responsive to messages’ badge under your cover photo. This badge can be a great trigger action to make your prospects engage with you better because if prospects realize that your brand will respond to them much earlier, they would be compelled to interact with you?

However, if your response level is moderate hen you will get a badge under the cover photo stating, ‘Typically replies within an hour’.


Source: Hubspot

In case you don’t respond at all, there will be no information mentioned. You are using Facebook marketing to enhance your brand better so it is important that you take every feature on Facebook seriously as it contributes to making your brand look better under the positive light.

Work on getting the first badge and watch how your engagement levels increase faster.



Source: WebChameleon

Another great Facebook marketing tip that is sure to turn multiple prospects heads towards your page is the achievements your brand holds and what better to exhibit it in the ‘Milestone’ section. Head over to your page and next to the ‘Events’ option you will find the Milestone option will appear.

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Whatever achievements your brand has received all the years, any events being conducted by your brand, awards being received, recognitions and much more can be listed under the ‘Milestone’ category which will appear in your ‘About’ section. This is another great way to grasp the attention of prospects as they will invest in a brand that is well recognized amongst the tough crowd. 



Source: Oberlo

Another important Facebook marketing tip is to make use of CTA’s. CTA stands for a call to action and as the name suggests it is considered to be one of the best ways to push a prospect to click on that option. For instance, say if you want your prospects to read your blogs, you would set up a post saying that this blog can help them in such a query and to know more, you would use words such as ‘Click here’. These two words when placed at the right time can drive great traffic to the page.

A brilliant way of using CTA’s is you can place it in areas where your prospects would visit often such as the ‘About’ page and more. You can place impactful CTA’s such as ‘Click here to know more’, ‘Explore Now’ and more. All of these trigger a good number of prospects to hit that button. Also, you can decide where you want the page to guide prospects since they click on any of the CTA’s such as your website or blog page accordingly. 



Source: Shoptab

When you see your Facebook page, you are under the impression that there can be only a limited category such as ‘About’, ‘Home’, ‘Photos’ and more. Facebook allows you to not just stick to such categories but to include more. This is a great opportunity as it can help your audience to explore more about you.

For instance, say if you include an ‘Event’ category, your audience will be able to witness all the events being conducted and attended by the brand which will help develop a good impression about them. You can also add another custom tab such as ‘Awards’ displaying your brand’s achievements over the years. 

When you are using Facebook as a marketing platform, you need to realize that the more you explain about how your brand has helped others and how they were benefited, the better are your chances to capture your potential prospect's attention.


When you use a social platform to sell, the main factor you need to keep in mind is that your posting actions should be consistent. You cannot post a stack of content on one day and then leave it for a month, your prospects are visiting your online platform to cater to their needs when you conduct your posting activities regularly, your brand existences shows.

Also, when you post regularly, ensure that you are not posting every one hour. You don’t want your prospect to be overwhelmed with so much information. When it comes to Facebook marketing, your focus should be creating meaningful content that is insightful. Even if you post twice a day, ensure that the content your posting adds value.

When your prospects view it, they should be compelled to explore your Facebook page. Keep in mind, conduct your posting activities moderately and ensure that the content being posted is of high quality.


Not all your prospects would be active on Facebook at 6 am or 9 pm, so does that mean that your posts would get lesser views? If you don’t conduct research on what are the best times to post your content on Facebook, there are higher chances of receiving lesser actions on your post. 

Hence ensure that you are conducting good research with the help of Facebook analytics to understand what are the best times to post and on which day. This will boost your Facebook marketing activities and give you the expected results. Luckily for you, Hubspot has shared the list:

‘’The best time to post on Facebook is 3:00 p.m. on Wednesday. Other optimal times include 12:00–1:00 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays and 1:00–4:00 p.m. on Thursdays and Fridays. Engagement rates are 18% higher on Thursdays and Fridays, and weekdays from 1:00–4:00 p.m. tend to see the highest clickthrough rates. On Fridays, Facebook uses spikes by 10%. The worst times to post on Facebook are weekends before 8:00 a.m. and after 8:00 p.m.’’


‘’Blogs that post daily get 5 times more traffic compared to those that don’t.’’ Blog posting is great and in fact, it is one of the greatest ways to retain the attention of a prospect. For instance, with a great header, you are first capturing the attention of the prospect, with the content you are providing, you are retaining the attention of the prospects. Such actions are necessary because when the blog is informative, prospects will be compelled to explore your brand more.

Post more blogs on relevant topics that your prospects want to see. To get an idea of what exactly you're prospect needs, you can use tools such as web scraping, where it helps to scrape relevant information from any source or website. Using that information, you can identify which blog topics are more of interest to your prospects and continue to post them. 


‘’Facebook posts with photos saw the most engagement over any other type of post, accounting for a whopping 87% of total interactions.’’ And why not who doesn’t get attracted to a visual image? A good image has always stopped users from scrolling so that they can get a better view of it. If there is good content attached to it, users won’t hesitate to click on the link mentioned there.

This is exactly the type of strategy your brand needs to follow. Imagine what would happen when you continue to post brilliant images and videos which are informative, insightful and beneficial for your prospects? The highlights of such activity would be higher conversion rates, better brand existence, higher sales, higher engagement and much more.

There are thousands of competitors selling the same solution as you, what makes you different. In a time where prospects want to know about their solution in a quicker manner, using high-quality images and insightful videos will do the work for you. Hubspot has created a cheat sheet to help you format your visuals in a better way:

‘’ Cover photo: 851 px wide by 315 px tall, Profile image: 180 px wide by 180 px tall, Highlighted image: 1200 px wide by 717 px tall, Shared image: 1200 px wide by 630 px tall, Shared link thumbnail image: 1200 px wide by 627 px tall.’’

Also share you're emphasize on videos also because, ‘’Between April 2015 and November 2015, the amount of average daily video views on Facebook doubled from four billion video views per day to eight billion.’’


Another smart Facebook marketing tip would be to invest your time in conducting Facebook ads. With Facebook ads, you can easily understand how well your page performance is. The advantage of this measure is that you can target which audience needs to see your post, you can then with the help of Facebook analytics study what posts are doing better and what needs to be improvised.

This will help you to shape the way you format your ads and lets you focus on the ones which are the most liked or rather preferred by your audience.


Change is never constant. There will always be some change taking place which is why you need to be alert of what's happening on Facebook. Have they added an extra feature? Have they eliminated a tab? All of these changes are important because as a brand it will help you to utilize it before others can do it. 

If Facebook has released a new feature and you were updated on it, you can start implementing it even before your peers have given you the opportunity to sell much faster. Always stay alert and remain updated about any changes taking place via this social platform.

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After acknowledging the best tips which can help your brand to conduct Facebook marketing activity better, there is also something which this article needs you to know. 

Yes, the above tips can help you conduct Facebook marketing activities well, but there is also another unique solution that can help you to enhance your Facebook marketing tactics even better?

Popular in demand as well as loved by brands who want to succeed better via their online actions. Your brand needs to meet ‘Proxy servers’.


Proxy servers are the right solution to conduct any online activities. It acts as a wall where a user’s identity is hidden. For instance, say you want to access some information from a restricted website, what happens is if you try to access it directly, your IP address gets blocked because you are not permitted to conduct such an action.

If you are using a proxy server, you are able to conduct the above action. With a proxy server, you can even access what your competitors are doing without even them getting to know you. What a proxy server does is it eliminates the need for sharing your IP address. It makes you conduct an action anonymously and offers a different proxy.

Incase if the IP address gets blocked, it will not affect your original one. With a proxy server, you can do so many Facebook marketing activities. To name a few are monitor what your competitors are doing and improvising on your own solution, getting a closer look at what your prospects are expecting from a brand like yours, capturing relevant information that can make your Facebook marketing activity much better and more.

Facebook is important and if you want to sell better in the current scenario, you need a solution which can help you get all the relevant information to help you kick start on the right track using such a platform. Invest in a proxy server, it is considered to be one of the most efficient, secure and reliable solutions for online activities.



Get your brand on Facebook and indulge in the best marketing tips provided above so that your business can skyrocket much faster than your competitors.

When it comes to investing in a proxy server, ensure that you are looking at two significant factors, one being a paid one and the other being a good number of proxies.

The business industry is going digital and social, if you want to sell better actually much better, get your Facebook marketing tactics on point and begin.

So, where are you going to start? Which Facebook marketing tip will you hit first?

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