Avoid Instagram IP Blocks with a reliable solution

Avoid Instagram IP Blocks with a reliable solution

instagram ip ban

‘’1 billion people use Instagram every month’’.

That is a whopping number and with time the number will definitely go higher since the modern businesses today depend on this platform to generate qualified leads for their business. ‘’200 million Instagram users visit at least one business profile daily.’’

Understanding the priority that Instagram leverages on businesses, this social world is now trending with multiple ads, sponsor pages of brand’s products and much more. Instagram has now become a hub for businesses to identify their target audience and serve them their expected needs are. 


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But despite the platform, Instagram, providing the opportunity of engaging with potential prospects, have you wondered why Instagram IP blocks take place? This can be a problem if it happens often because it reduces your chances to engage better with your prospects as well as lowers the rate of advertisement which you are keen your prospects should view in order for them to understand more about your existence.

Keeping this in mind, we had interviewed a few professionals from the industry to bring light on their opinion about Instagram bans and what according to them would be the right solution to avoid Instagram IP blocks.

1. Peter Mead, Director of Marketing at Bitcoin Australia has over 20 years of experience in Digital Marketing and also is an avid cryptocurrency investor, meetup organiser and advocate for cryptocurrency.  He stated,

Peter Mead

You must look like a unique user to avoid getting an Instagram ban.  To keep it authentic you will need a new IP address of a real device. These IP addresses are known as residential IPs or residential proxies. Your best bet is to use residential proxies with sticky IP sessions for Instagram. The sessions let you use the same IP address for around 10 minutes, which is enough for a quick session to get in your interactions and likes.

However, the best cure is prevention. Instagram tends to block users that only follow and like accounts regularly, you should mix it up with commenting on posts too - this can help circumvent the spam algo.

2. M.Mustafa M. Aslam, a Digital Marketing Executive stated, M.Mustafa M. Aslam

I have faced an IP ban on Instagram once.. And I didn't even do anything wrong, I just changed devices and tried to login a few times. Anyway, I got around that ban by using a VPN. I was quite skeptical at first. But after a bit of research, this was the only solution available that made sense. Your IP is banned, then change your IP, simple. I bought a VPN subscription, a cheap one, with a money back guarantee of course. Put it on, logged in and it worked. 

But for a few days I had to use the VPN to access instagram as my own IP was banned. It was frustrating though, but there was nothing else that I could do so, you know, desperate times. Anyway, after a few days, the ban was lifted. So yeah, I handled it like this. 

3. Marvin Smith from DKR Group LLC stated,

Marvin Smith

A week ago, we were blocked on Instagram and we don’t know the reason why. But, we know now what’s the main cause: 

First of all, do not post content that violates the copyright. Remember that anyone can notice and report it. Keep an eye on what you post: the content must be unique, or at least use photo bank service and make sure the owner of a particular picture is aware his work is being shared by you. This is also applicable to music and video content, so you should carefully check whether you can include that video or that particular tune in your post. 

Secondly, an unusually high activity, especially in case it comes from a freshly registered account deemed extremely suspicious by Instagram. Mass following, unfollowing and liking lead to an imminent ban. It’s better to make your account look as ‘human’ as possible. 

Thirdly, If you often change the IP-address or accessing your account from multiple devices, you also risk being blocked. Notably, all violations of Instagram policy accumulate. So if there was a temporary ban for your account or certain actions were already blocked for your account in the past, we strongly recommend to make everything possible in order to not break the rules in the future. Otherwise, your account will be in harm’s way of being banned forever. Fortunately, this preventive measure is not end-all like it used to be. Contacting Instagram technical support on this behalf became much easier now. 

Fourthly, Post Natively. Don’t Use Bots or Auto Posting Apps. Instagram changed its terms of service. These changes resulted in a lack of tolerance and the creation of penalties for using automated apps and bots. Using a social media posting site to schedule posts to IG is a no-no. As is using a bot program to follow, comment and like posts. 

Fifthly, Don’t Be Spammy. Being spammy in Instagram’s eyes can get you banned. You want to limit posts to 3x per day. And try to spread them out if you can. Avoid posting 10 images in a row, as this aggressive posting can trigger a ban. Don’t go on a crazy follow, like and comment spree.

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Have you ever tried to access information from a source that has a limitation for users? Have you ever posted multiple ads on behalf of your clients numerous times? Have you engaged more than the required time with your prospects by continuously conducting several activities on repeat?

If you have done any of the above, you have fallen under the risk of an Instagram ban. Instagram ban refers to the process where a brand is not able to access or conduct their actions on Instagram. If your peers are able to access or see information and you are not able to, then you should realize that you have been banned.

The online world is huge and with privileges to access information, it has converted such a benefit into a malicious event. With the increase in ad fraud, today many social companies are limiting their data and other information under safer bars. Even a small mishap, for instance, posting more than the required amount of ads a day, Instagram will detect you as a fraud and consider you to be spam or suspicious activity.

But with brands depending on such a high level of social media handles, how can one prevent such actions from taking place? How can a brand like yours conduct a hassle-free action without fearing the chances of being caught in the act? How can a brand like yours avoid Instagram IP blocks?

With technology evolving and creating unique solutions, there is one such solution which is ideal for conducting any online activity without any fears or display of identity. The solution is popularly called as ‘proxy service/proxy servers’.


Proxy servers are the solution that sits between a user and the other website. For instance, say you want to access information from a website so that you can learn how to enhance your Instagram sales better. But the website you want to access has a restriction. Now if you send a request or try to get to access it, Instagram will detect you as suspicious and immediately block you.

Hence it is wise to use a proxy server here. What happens is before the request can reach that website, the proxy server will get it first. It will change the main cause of the problem which is the IP address and then send it to the website. Once the website approves, the information can be easily viewed by you.

The main reason how a website can easily detect you or how Instagram can get to you is because of your IP address. Say you are posting multiple ads in one go, this action doesn’t sound normal hence Instagram will detect it and immediately consider you as spam. Hence in order to conduct efficient business activities online via Instagram, it is ideal to use a proxy server for your actions.


instagram ip ban


Earlier if you posted more than the set number of ads, the action would be to block your IP address. But with a proxy server, you can easily add how many ever ads you want to post. What a proxy server will do is since it offers numerous proxies, you can use them to hide your identity and post more ads on one account.

Instagram will not be able to detect it since it will be unaware that it is coming from the same account. What the proxy server does is, it hides your IP address so the fear of being detected itself is eliminated hence it avoids Instagram IP blocks.


To cater to your prospect's needs, you need all the information you can to understand what it is that they are looking for. When you search through account information of your competitors, you can easily find your target audience, but when your rivals account is restricted, conducting any mishaps will alert Instagram to block you. Hence using a proxy server here will be beneficial.

For instance, using a proxy server will help you view any information you like as well as keep a closer check on your competitors account, the proxy server will hide your IP address so that you can easily conduct this activity with ease.


Managing a business account on Instagram isn’t a joke. In fact, from engaging with prospects to posting ads, chances are conducting this activity regularly can lessen your internet performance. We live in a century where every new trend has a reduced time frame and if your internet is slow, you will be missing out on opportunities. But if your using a proxy server this wouldn’t be the case.

For instance, when you post ads continuously you will be using one dedicated proxy which means that the work being conducted will not be restricted due to any hindrance and you can easily post ads without any stoppage. Even if another person is using your Instagram account, with different proxies, a proxy server assures you that the internet performance it delivers will always stay high hence helping to avoid Instagram IP blocks of your brand.


As mentioned, the online world is filled with dangerous crimes such as data breaching and much more. Hence with the Instagram actions being conducted by you such as posting videos, photos and creating ads, chances are these could go away in the hands of the hackers who could steal your information and pretend it is you. When that will happen, due to no mistake of yours, chances are your account can get blocked without you even understanding the reason why.

Hence to avoid that using a proxy service will be beneficial. The proxy server ensures that whatever activity is being conducted by you is being done under the safe light. If you are storing information or accessing information, it creates safeguards the data and ensures that no risks are entering your system.


If you are an agency or a brand that heavily depends on the social media world for your bread and butter, you are in for a treat. When you conduct activities on behalf of your clients such as posting ads, there are times where the use of few internet pages can deviate your employee's action which can cause a mishap which will detect any suspicious activities.

Hence the greatest thing about proxy servers is that you can block out all the other possible distractions so that your employees conduct efficient work without any hassles. When so many users are on Instagram, for a business it develops a double opportunity to capture the right leads, hence with a solution such as a  proxy service, eliminating any mishaps beforehand serves a better pathway.


  1. Static residential IP proxies so that manage multiple Instagram accounts

  2. Datacenter proxies so that you can easily grow your Instagram actions with maximum results

  3. Rotating residential proxies so that you can create how many ever Instagram accounts you wish



Instagram is growing to become the hub for businesses to escalate efficient lead capture hence using this platform will be the ideal decision. With the existence of best proxy services on your account, it not only makes your life easier by helping you to conduct efficient business activities where it avoids Instagram IP blocks as well as deprives you of the fear of being caught.

When you are investing in a proxy server always ensure that it is a paid proxy service, has good security measures, offers great internet performance and is impactful in its usage. Also, keep a check on the number of proxies and IPs being provided and most important the proxy must help your brand to always avoid Instagram IP blocks for your brand.

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