How to choose the best proxy for E-commerce activities?

How to choose the best proxy for E-commerce activities?

proxy for E-commerce

‘’It’s estimated that there will be 2.05 billion global digital buyers in 2020.’’

The E-commerce industry has grown to become one of the best markets your prospects could ever imagine.

Imagine instead of having to wait for your favourite products to stock up or making time to visit a physical store, all you have to do is sit back wherever you are, switch on your smartphone and start clicking and shopping.

Isn’t this a more convenient approach that is expected in 2020?

Your prospects understand that the market will keep changing, they are also aware of the technology upgrade taking place, so in obvious terms, they would expect brands like yours to make their purchasing decisions much easier and better for them.

The E-commerce industry without any doubt will continue to grow, ‘’In 2020, ecommerce sales are expected to account for 15.5 percent of retail sales worldwide’’ so it’s necessary that your brand starts to incorporate and commence your e-commerce action with a more enhanced solution.

What solution is best for your e-commerce business will be revealed in the course of this article. But before you can head there, let’s first understand or rather get a thorough knowledge of why the emphasis of e-commerce actions should be prioritized more.

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What is E-commerce?

E-commerce refers to electronic commerce, a business that is conducted via the online platform. The world has gone digital, a time when visiting the local shop was a trend then the modern scenario demands business owners to create a shopping experience where a user can simply with one tap purchase all their needs anytime, anywhere.

The 2020 market is evolving, technology is growing, we live in a scenario where every buyer wants to live and experience convenience in their life. For instance, instead of selling products door to door, you can use social media to reach out to a larger audience to sell your products. This is exactly what the world of e-commerce indulges in.

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The e-commerce business has many different models such as business to consumer (B2C), business to business (B2B) and much more. ‘’Online shopping is becoming more popular than ever, and by 2021, e-commerce sales are expected to reach 17.5 percent of retail sales worldwide.’’ The e-commerce business has sparked a revolution in the way prospects can view or even reach out to find their needs. Due to the rise of such a convenient platform, the rise in advanced online payment and moe other factors have been witnessed.

Going digital is one of the most convenient and easy solutions for any business owner who is looking to walk with their prospects, satisfy them and help them find their needs much more closely and with e-commerce booming with the recent years, we are sure its benefits are here to explain why it is the greatest miracle of the 2020 era.

Pros of investing in E-commerce


**1. Cheaper to start up


When compared with physical stores, e-commerce businesses are easy and simple to start with. They have a minimum fee to begin, thanks to a few domains which make this happen. Unlike physical stores, e-commerce doesn’t have to spend on hiring employees in the beginning or renting a place and neither buying equipment.

**2. 24/7 service


The best part of e-commerce business is that they allow buyers like us to shop whenever it is convenient for us. Unlike physical stores set timings, e-commerce has no limitations to the hours of shopping. For instance, you can even purchase a shoe at 3 am or 6 pm or even at midnight without any hassle.

3. Global market

Numerous e-commerce businesses provide you multiple options to choose from. Just by sitting at the comfort of your home you can access brilliant collections of foreign and domestic designs. With e-commerce, your market expands internationally as well. Just imagine, the choices and options you have at your fingertips.

**4. Showcase the highest selling product


Since you use a website/webpage, to showcase your products to your customers across the globe, you can immediately catch their attention better when you put up the bestsellers the minute your customers, view your website. This plays as a good marketing strategy which will help you to grow your business better.

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5. Personalize your website

Personalizing your website can work like a magnet to pull your online customer’s attention. With personalization, you can connect with them through few tactics such as giving them a warm message as they land on your page, offering them assistance as they scroll your products and helping them to choose the best options available.

6. Easy communication

Unlike physical stores, in e-commerce business, you will not be pestered with constant communication. You can easily shop without any disturbances. In case of any help required, every website has a chat option or a calling medium, which makes it easy for you to grasp instant help only when required.

**7. Can accept high orders


In e-commerce, the problem of continuous orders is not a hassle. Unlike physical stores, there are no long queues hence you can easily place your orders whenever you want. This advantage works well as it saves time and the actions are conducted without any waiting time which is a win-win for all customers like you.

8 . Can grow easily

E-commerce grows better with online ads, videos and content marketing. It helps to pull traffic and works as a convenient way to pull their customers toward them. Hence unlike physical stores, e-commerce would focus more on increasing their online advertising budgets instead of buying a new place or investing in other additional expenses.

**9. Drive traffic with content


For e-commerce, content marketing plays a vital role in increasing their traffic. Your investment in SEO, Google ads, Facebook ads, Creation of videos are all easy tactics that can be implemented to drive more traffic towards your page. It is also a convenient mode of sales as it helps to target a larger crowd.

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**10. Can get customer data easily


Ideally, before you make a purchase or after a purchase, the e-commerce sales process asks the customers to fill in their details. This works as an advantage for e-commerce businesses as it can connect better with customers by sending them offers via text messages or sending them surveys via emails.

A study conducted by oberlo.in claimed that the e-commerce market will have a high number of online buyers, 2.14 billion people in 2021 to be precise. This is exactly why growing it can help you enhance your business better when the competition in this industry is working its way higher.

10 brilliant tips for E-commerce growth


**1. Improve your current sales strategy


Keep changing the way you assist your online customers. Add a free coupon or have a monthly offer on your products, these are all tactics that would retain your customers to buy from you more. Make your service towards them more personalized and ensure that you’re always keeping them contented.

**2. Don’t restrict your target audience


Don’t limit your target audience to just one kind of person. For instance, you have a business of selling funky t-shirts. Your target audience is teens. Funky t-shirts are also preferred by people above 21 also. You need to cover such audiences as well. Research about your audiences better and reach out to them quickly.

3 . Form partnerships

Get into a partnership with other brands so that you can grow quickly and easily. Partnering with other brands also allow you to give your customer a wider choice to choose from. For instance, if you sell bags, you can connect with a venture that sells handmade bags too. This increases both the parties’ profit as well as the brand image.

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4 . Get into smartphones

Everything happens in a click of a button with the use of a smartphone. Ensure that your targeting mobile commerce as a part of your trade. When you make it convenient for your customers to view details of their product via their mobile, you are showcasing how convenient and easy your business strategy is.

**5 . Don’t include middlemen


Your business helps you to opt for the B2C e-commerce model. You don’t require a middleman to help you here. Due to its user-friendly experience, you yourself can connect with your customers directly and assist them better. You will be able to explain to your customers more personally about your product and improve your sales growth.

6 . Deliver good customer experience

Unlike physical stores, e-commerce is a personal selling platform where customers can just click and choose what they want. Ensure that you have tools that could assist your customers to better such as a live chat or a call option. When your customers reach you quicker, the better it is for your business growth.

7 . Sustain your progress

If you’re dealing with your customers via mobile or through your website, ensure that the process conducted remains consistent. If you fail to keep them happy on even one platform, your customers would reconsider buying from you. From social media to your mobile apps, maintain the consistency of serving them better.

**8 . Don’t add unnecessary cost


If you’re going to charge unnecessarily for shipping or delivery charges, don’t be surprised when your customer leaves. Give your customer an advantage since they are shopping from you. Allow your delivery charges to be free or offer a 20% off. Doing this keeps your customers happy and strives them to shop again from your business.

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**9. Research


Your customer’s tastes and preferences change with the trends. It is important that you understand what your customers are looking for and how you can exceed their expectations. This is crucial when you develop new products and also when you partner with other brands.

**10. Offer discounts and freebies


Who doesn’t like sales and free complementary products? Add a free gift for your online customers and watch them visit your website more often. This may seem like a minor tactic to drive traffic, but it plays a huge role in attracting your customers.

Did you know that all the actions listed above can be enhanced even better?

You do remember about the solution you read about in the beginning, don’t you?

That solution is known as ‘Proxy servers.’

What are proxy servers?

Proxy servers act as a mediator between a user and the information it wants to access. For instance, say if a user wants to access information from a website it will send a request. The request instead of it reaching the website reaches the proxy server. The proxy server will change the user’s IP address and send that request to the website. Once the website approves of the access request, the information will be viewed by the user.

There are many instances where you must have realized that your IP addresses have got blocked. This generally happens because you were trying to access information from a website that was restricted. At times many websites they end to block users who don't match their restrictions. For instance, one website would have put the restriction that only UK users can access their website information, now if you are staying outside of the UK, the minute you try to access the information, chances are you would either be blocked or denied.

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As technology evolves, so does the solutions it offers, with a tool like proxy servers there are many reasons why it is considered to be an efficient solution for businesses:

  • Proxy servers can help access any data you wish to review
  • Proxy servers ensure that the identity of any user is hidden

Understanding this, it is advisable for brands like yours to invest in a proxy server which has all the factors which make it efficient for your work requirements. But before you hop into investing in a proxy server which type of proxies will you choose?

How to choose the best proxy provider?


**1. Great support system


All users may not be technical when it comes to resolving any errors with the proxies. Hence a good private proxy provider would be the one that offers great support in times like these. The support systems need to be 24/7 present to cater to users who are experiencing any problems. Support services are looked upon by multiple users hence it is necessary that when you invest in a private proxy service provider, their support game is on point.

**2. High internet speed


Another feature you need to keep in mind when choosing the best private proxy server is the speed rate. As a business, there will be much work for you to conduct using the online platform and in this case, if you have a slower internet speed, chances are your work will slow down and so will the productivity levels. Hence to avoid that, it is advisable to invest in a proxy service that offers a good internet speed so that you can conduct efficient online activities without any risk or stoppage.

**3. High number of proxies


Another feature you need to take into consideration is the number of proxies being offered to you. Conducting online activities with so many limitations isn’t safe as your brand can stand a chance of being blocked. To avoid that invest in a private proxy server that offers you a good amount of proxies so that your IP address doesn’t get tampered. The number one reason why many brands like yours fall under the trap of getting blocked is that your IP addresses disclose the location you reside in, hence when you invest in the best private proxy services, you decrease the chances of revealing your identity.

**4. Good security


Another feature you need to keep in mind when investing in a private proxy service is whether the proxy is secure enough. Every proxy service will be passing through requests and saving data in the cache so that it becomes easier for you to view the same data another time. But because it is saved in the cache there are chances where it can be exhibited or exploited hence it is necessary for you to identify which private proxy servers are better in terms of security so that you are able to conduct efficient online activities without any errors.

The Bottom Line…

Proxies are the secure solutions needed when you have the online platform as a source of revenue.

Ensure that when you plan on investing a proxy server solution, always opt for a dedicated one and also who offers a good number of IP addresses. This will not only enhance your activity better but also help you continue your daily business actions without any risks.

So, what do you think of this article? Was it helpful? When are you planning to invest in a reliable proxy to conduct an efficient E-commerce activity?


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