Ultimate Guide to buying Instagram Proxies for Instagram Automation

Ultimate Guide to buying Instagram Proxies for Instagram Automation

Instagram Proxies

‘’Instagram is the second-most downloaded free app in the Apple app store’’

Instagram is beyond just a platform that posts and shares videos and images of an individual.

It has grown into a platform where even businesses are finding their brand growing much better than it did before,  ‘’200 million Instagram users visit at least one business profile daily.’’

But with such great popularity comes a big risk, the risk of not performing the maximum from your end.

While Instagram can help you grow your business, it is no longer a one person job, for any brand having just one Instagram account isn’t enough, you need more traffic and more social media activity, hence the creation of multiple accounts, multiple activities are conducted on a larger scale.

However, the drawback here is you can have just one account with your IP address alone, having more, will just put your brand under the suspicious activity and also having just one person conduct the Instagram activities repeatedly each day is going to waste the person’s time to do more for your brand.

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So how exactly can you use Instagram the right way, to be more specific, conducting online actions without any time wastage, more securely and tapping more conversions and leads from one channel?

Our article will be your guide. We have covered everything that will help you understand Instagram better, how to deal with it better, how to manage and squeeze the right amount of conversion rates better and also how to make this channel more secure when committing all the actions on it.

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The greatest thing about Instagram is that it helps you to connect to the right audience. Many brands waste a lot of their time trying to reach out to the wrong audience and when they realize it, it’s too late.

With Instagram, this isn’t the case. Instagram gives you the option to target who you want to, it allows you to conduct ads to the audience who you believe is the right fit for your solution.

For a business, the main agenda for successful sales should be solving the needs of the audience and that can only happen when you are targeting the right ones. Instagram ensures this takes place.


How can your brand connect with the multiple audiences you have? You cannot cater to each and every audience personally, can you? You need a solution which can help you to attract your audience and as well as help you to connect with them emotionally.

That is exactly what Instagram aims to help you deliver with its post option.

With the use of high-quality images and videos, you can convey your brand’s message and connect with your audience emotionally. The videos and images you use can convey volumes that your prospect can connect with.

They would be able to relate to it and visuals once seen have chances of being retained in the minds of theirs.


Instagram isn’t just about posting online, as mentioned earlier it is more than that. It is a great medium to sell if you know how exactly it should be done. Instagram has multiple features that let you conduct sales action. It has Stories, posts, highlights and much more which can help you to reach out to your audience without any hassle.

As a brand, when you sell to your audience, the main focus is to first capture their attention, retain their attention and finally move that attention into action. When you use such Instagram features, conducting the mentioned process doesn’t take much.


Another great thing about Instagram is that the traffic rate for business pages has the chance to increase. The reason being an ad or a post has caught the attention of a prospect and they are visiting your page to learn more.

This is great because it provides your brand with the opportunity to showcase a piece of elegant yet insightful information that can satisfy their needs better.

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With Instagram how well you create and manage your page matters because if your page entices the attention of your prospects, chances are they will click on your posts and might be your website to learn about your brand.


Imagine how well your brand could grow if you target even a small number of prospects using such a platform. With Instagram ads, Instagram business features your brand has the liberty to reach out to any of your prospects from anywhere in the world. It doesn’t have to be restricted to the country you are living in. 

Wouldn’t that be great for your brand?


Another reason to love Instagram for your business is the high rate of engagement. With your constant posting activities, you compel your audience to engage with your brand better.

For instance, say if you have a post speaking about your products' new feature launch, you could turn it into an engaging post by asking your audience what are their opinions and how they would use your product?

This can cause multiple comments and increase your page traffic as well which is exactly what is needed when you want to push your brand closer to your audience interest. 

So how can you outsell your competitors on Instagram? We have covered the top selling strategies for you to get started with.




Instagram accounts can be created in two ways, one is the normal one which prospects have and the other is a business account. The difference between the two accounts is obvious. While the regular account shows simple stats for any posts being shared, a business account offers to exhibit more information on that.

You can get detailed insights into your posts such as the age of your audience, time your page experienced high traffic, as well as your account, will give your prospect the option to contact you directly since you can place the communication method such as email, calls, text.


Once you have created your business account, your next step should be what is your aim in conducting such an action? The reason why this process is important is that you are using a platform that has the highest number of active users. With the statistics mentioned in the article, it is obvious that Instagram is a great medium when it comes to selling and if you are not going to create a plan to accomplish your goals, how will you even start your Instagram marketing activities?

Before you can even initiate the engagement and the posting activities, sit down and understand what is it that you are expecting from such a medium?:

1 . Higher sales numbers

2. More deals to close

3. Higher engagement

4. Brand awareness or more

When you are clear about how you want to achieve your goals, Instagram marketing becomes a smoother journey to travel on.


The next step for an effective Instagram marketing activity to be conducted is to identify who you are doing it in the first place for. Many brands commit the mistake of just selling to anyone and everyone which isn’t the right way of doing it in the first place.

For instance, say you are a vendor who sells proxy servers, your target audience would be more of developers, researchers and people who indulge in online activities more often.

Your sales graph will hit the right numbers when you are selling to the right audience. Your audience will add value to your business and will indulge in helping your brand grow. If you are to invest your time in selling to everyone, closing deals would take place but your brand growth would never reach its heights.



When your prospects come on your Instagram page, they will find out all they need to know about your brand via the bio you have written. For instance, in the bio, you can mention all the necessary information whereupon reading your prospects will have an understanding of what your brand is about, what they do and why they should be exploring it?

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The great thing about Instagram business accounts, you can add additional features such as how they can communicate with you, such as via email or call. You can even add your website link to your bio.

You also have an option to speak in a few words what your brand is all about. Choose this as a chance to reveal the benefits your brand holds. 

You need to capture your prospect's attention, don’t send them away confused, even when they walk away they should realize that your brand can cater to their needs and they need to come back for more.



Have you ever looked at a logo or an image and at once realized what brand that image was or where you had seen that image? This is the same when you create your Instagram account. By placing a profile picture, you are giving yourself an identity that will be present in the minds of your prospects.

Ensure that when you create or select a picture to be placed at your profile picture, it should be done according to the instructions mentioned below:

1. Should not be too small

2. Should be attractive

3. The colour should catch attention (ex: red and yellow)

4. The words written on the image should be visible

5.The photo should be clutter-free

6. It should be an image that is worth sticking in the minds of your prospects



Source: Marcom Alliance

‘’1 in 4 Millennials and Gen Z-ers look for Stories of the products or services they want to buy.’’ Instagram Stories with its existence has gained massive popularity. Today every user on Instagram views the stories and for this reason alone it has grown to become a popular medium which even a brand like you can incorporate.

Whether it's your product launches or a message you would like to share with your audience, using Instagram stories to convey such activities can help to extend your brand outreach. 



Instagram ads are another way to exhibit your solution. The best thing about conducting Instagram ads is that its analytics can help you to understand your brand’s performance better on Instagram.

With Instagram ads, you can set which audience you want to target, how it appears and much more. With the Instagram ad analytics you can identify which posts are working well and which type of posts, prospects want to see more from your brand. 

Did you know that if you conduct the above actions on more than just one of your Instagram handles, chances are your lead conversion rates can increase 2x higher?

Let’s learn more about this.



The number one reason for businesses to have more than one Instagram account is due to the fact that they can engage with multiple types of audiences from different locations.

For instance, a brand like yours can create a separate account for users in the USA, or Australia or Japan and cater to the needs of the users in that particular country. 

The benefit here is as a brand, your outreach in global countries will be higher, you will be able to cater to your target audience's needs no matter where they reside, your chances of conversions are higher as well as since you will be catering to a number of leads.


As a brand, there wouldn’t be just one product that you will be dealing with. It would confuse your prospects when you tend to sell more than one product on your Instagram page hence creating a separate account for all your products gives you the opportunity to sell them better and allow your prospects to understand what the product is about completely.

For instance, when you share all your products on one Instagram account, chances are:

1 . They will be confused

  1. They might not remember all your products

  2. It will be too much for your prospects to take in when you exhibit the line of products you have 

However, on the other end, when you create a separate account for your products, chances are:

  1. You can earn better revenue with the advertisements for that product
  2. Your prospects can explore and understand each of the features of your product much better
  3. It becomes convenient to tap prospects who would like your product and convert them quicker


Not all your prospects are the same. Each of them will have different preferences, tastes, and choices which make their needs different too. Engaging on Instagram is necessary and the way you engage in Instagram matters because it helps you to create a unique batch of content dedicated to serving such prospects.

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With the help of multiple Instagram accounts, brands like you can show different sides of your business to develop the trust of prospects as well as attract them towards learning more about what you have to offer. For instance, you could create dedicated accounts where you can show:

1 . How well do your employees function?

2.What are the activities you employ in your organization?

  1. What goes into the making of your solution?

  2. Existing prospects testimonials

There is an issue here, how can you conduct all your Instagram actions each day?

Whether it is commenting on a post or engaging with your prospects or even following up with them, how can you do all of these activities without compromising your other workflows?

Here is when Instagram automation/bots can help you.


Now when you have different products, you cannot exhibit all of them in one Instagram handle can you?

It would be better to create multiple accounts but the more multiple accounts you create from one IP address of yours, the more are your chances of appearing as spam.

Hence it is necessary that you need to work smart and invest in a solution called Instagram bots.

As you know, bots are machines and Instagram bots are machines that will help you conduct your repetitive work online. Whether it is posting daily or liking or commenting on groups, Instagram bots will conduct your repetitive work on behalf of you.

This will be helpful because bots will help you focus on other tasks which also requires your attention.  

There are multiple Instagram bots services that you can get started with, we have covered the best ones for you.




Jarvee is an Instagram solution in the form of a software where it automates any number of Instagram accounts you have.

If you had to manage four or five Instagram handles a day, it becomes difficult and there are chances of you losing out on vital actions or information and such risks cannot happen to your business. Apart from Instagram, Jarvee can also enhance other social media handles such as Linkedin, Twitter, and more. 

It is very easy to get started on Jarvee, all you need to do is customize the settings you require for your accounts as seen in the image below and your account will be managed on its own without any hassle or confusion.

Whether the case is to follow up with your prospects anytime round the clock or to post your content online, just a tweak in settings can help you conduct this action without any errors. 



Ingramer is another Instagram bot option for you to start using. It’s been seven years of its existence which means that it is well knowledgeable of what Instagram actions need to be conducted and how it can be done well.

It provides multiple enhanced features such as automation process for likes, comments, follows, and unfollows, reports, hashtag generations and so much much more.

The best factor of this bot is that it is conducted with the help of artificial intelligence software that conducts actions just like how a human would perform.



Social Captain is another dedicated Instagram bot that you need to get started with. Starting from 2017 it uses AI solutions to conduct targeted marketing automation, capture real likes and comments, and much more. 

The platform is very simple, you need to just input information such as locations or hashtags and this platform will get everything conducted under its automation process. Another great thing about this platform is that it lets you start with a demo dashboard so that you can get acquainted with this medium well.

While all these actions are great for you Instagram actions, they do hold a risk. A risk of being caught while managing your multiple accounts, or being caught and treated as suspicious activity and being blocked.

It is important that all of this is being avoided with the use of an efficient solution, Instagram proxies.


Proxy servers act as a mediator between a user and the information it wants to access. 

Let’s understand this with an example:

If a user wants to access information from a website it will send a request. The request instead of it reaching the website, it reaches the proxy server. The proxy server will change the user’s IP address and send that request to the website. Once the website approves of the access request, the information will be viewed by the user.

There are different types of proxies that can help you conduct multiple Instagram actions better such as:

1 . Static residential IP proxies so that manage multiple Instagram accounts

  1. Datacenter proxies so that you can easily grow your Instagram actions with maximum results
  2. Rotating residential proxies so that you can create how many ever Instagram accounts you wish

There are many instances where you must have realised that your IP addresses have got blocked. This generally happens because you were trying to access information from a website which was restricted. At times many websites tend to block users who don't match their restrictions. 

For instance, one website would have put the restriction that only UK users can access their website information, now if you are staying outside of the UK, the minute you try to access the information, chances are you would either be blocked or denied.

As technology evolves, so does the solutions it offers, with a tool like proxy servers there are many reasons why it is considered to be an efficient solution for businesses:

1 . Proxy servers can help access any data you wish to review

  1. Proxy servers ensure that the identity of any user is hidden

So when you use the proxies for Instagram bots you can easily conduct multiple activities such as continue your actions on multiple social handles of your Instagram account, conduct research to grow better, and more.


‘’ 63% of Instagram users log in at least once per day.’’

And the number will continue to grow with time since the online platform is bound to keep growing more further in the years to come.

Instagram with its multiple features is making it possible for brands like yours to do so much with a social media presence, and with the support of bots and proxies, your brand enhancement has risen to the top much sooner than you expected. 

You have everything you need to kick start your brand on Instagram and manage it well, it’s time for you to shine better than your competitors and we wish you luck for that. 

So tell us, what do you think? Did you find this article helpful?Would you like to add more to this topic because we would love to hear from you.

Also, to read more such helpful content, do watch out for Limeproxies more often.

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