How to Choose Proxies to Unblock Instagram

How to Choose Proxies to Unblock Instagram

Proxies for Instagram

Instagram’s growing population makes it a very powerful social media network with a lot of potential benefits for social media marketers. As of June 2018, Instagram had 1 billion users and it shows no signs of slowing down as it expands every day. Despite the fact that it is very popular, it is banned in some nations like China and North Korea. Apart from being banned in some nations of the world, it is also banned in some specific areas like at school, workplace, and also public libraries. Each ban has its own reason and policies backing it up and for public places, the reason generally behind the ban is that it is a huge distraction and can reduce productivity.

Apart from Instagram access being blocked by those in charge of internet access in the various locations you may find yourself, Instagram can also block your personal account. In this article, we will discuss the best way to handle the issues of blocked accounts as you make use of proxies to unblock Instagram.

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What Is An Instagram Proxy?

Instagram proxies are like regular private proxies that you can use to manage more than one Instagram account for business marketing purposes. Having more than one Instagram account allows you to reach out to a wider audience and to have an effective communication with them. Just like regular proxies, Instagram proxies stand between the user and the internet, so whatever data that is sent or received from the net passes through the proxy rather than directly. This implies that all requests from your computer are routed through the proxy and your real IP address is concealed. The difference between regular proxies and Instagram proxies is that Instagram proxies have been well optimized for Instagram use without any issues.

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Before now, proxies didn’t need to be specially optimized to be used with Instagram for automated tasks on more than one account. But that is no longer the case now as Instagram’s anti-spam detection systems are smart and can detect the use of a proxy with an account. Once such an account is detected, the account gets blocked.

Even though such security updates have been made on Instagram, proxy service providers have also updated their services by learning how Instagram is able to detect the use of proxies with accounts and have used this knowledge to build proxies that cannot be detected by Instagram. An example of such a proxy that is safe and secure for your use with your Instagram accounts is limeproxies. Using this proxy and following the best practices will save you from blocked Instagram accounts.

What Is The Work Of Instagram Proxies?

If you make use of Instagram bots to automate your use of multiple Instagram accounts, using Instagram proxies will prevent your accounts from getting discovered. Instagram doesn’t allow you to own more than 5 accounts per IP and you will incur a ban on all accounts if you exceed this number.

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It is even a more serious offense to make use of an automated bot to run your accounts and so if you must utilize bots, you need a proxy. Proxies hide your IP address and only that of the proxy is visible and so you can manage more than one account and not raise any red flags. Even if you make use of the best proxy services, not following the best practices will still have your accounts banned. With a bot that doesn’t act like a human, it will become obvious that you are automating your multiple accounts and this is against Instagram’s terms of service.

Are Proxies Needed To Unblock Instagram?

While using Instagram, you may come across various types of blocks from the system. You may get blocked from using or performing some actions and it is usually as a result of using an action too much in a short time. Such action blocks include follow or unfollow blocks, upload blocks, and like blocks. If you skip too many stories in a row you may notice that you get a story swipe block.

You do not need to make use of a proxy if you have been blocked from performing some actions on Instagram. Your solution in such a situation is to leave your account without performing any actions for some days, or perform other actions and avoid trying to perform the blocked action. Doing this will allow the blocks to be lifted and you will be able to use your account fully.

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If another Instagram user blocks you and you need a solution for that, the only thing to do is to open another account before you can have access to their profile. The use of proxy won’t be helpful in this situation also.

**1 . Blocked Personal Instagram Account


If you find out that your personal Instagram account has been blocked, it could be for a number of reasons. Usually, your account could get blocked if your IP is classified as malicious or suspicious, or your access is restricted because of some activity that goes against their terms of service. Whatever the reason is, a proxy is the only alternative to get around the ban on your IP as you’ll be seen as a different user.

**2. Blocked Locations for Instagram


Some locations do not permit access to Instagram due to a ban and restriction placed by the authority. This could be as a result of political reasons amongst others and so with the default IPs, you would not be able to have access to Instagram. With a proxy, however, Instagram can be unblocked for such users as the proxy takes the traffic through its server and not straight from the computer to the internet. Following this method, your internet service provider won’t know that you are accessing Instagram and you won’t be blocked.

**3. Instagram Business Account


Product promotion is better done with the use of digital marketing as you have the opportunity of reaching out to a wider audience. The use of social media as a medium of marketing is a practice that will surely help your brand grow. The use of just one Instagram account, for instance, will limit the number of potential customers you can reach and so to reach out to a greater number, you will need more than one Instagram account.

It is not a problem if you choose to have multiple Instagram accounts, but having more than 5 accounts using the same IP is where the problem begins. Social media platforms frown at fake and computer-operated accounts and so having more than 5 will be looked upon as fake and get banned. The only way to get around this is with the use of a proxy.

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Limeproxies is a perfect example of proxies you can use for Instagram and they offer you new IPs from multiple locations you get to choose from. So you can be in the US and make use of an IP from Australia. This solution will allow you to have multiple Instagram accounts on the same device without getting blocked, helping you more effectively promote your products and services by reaching out to a wider audience.

**4 . Instagram Proxy for Use in School and At Work


In schools, there are numerous restrictions placed on different websites. This is to improve the concentration of students by eliminating distractions. Instagram is definitely one of the sites that your school has blocked you from gaining access and the only way to gain access is to unblock Instagram with the use of a proxy. With this, you can have access to your Instagram account and post pictures and videos, like posts from other users, and also follow others. In other words, you will have full access to your account with the use of a proxy.

The same thing also applies to the majority of offices. Many websites are blocked out to ensure that you do not make use of work time to surf the internet for your own pleasure. This is because of the belief that if you have fewer distractions you will be more productive. Just as it is a good point not to use work time uploading photos and liking posts, what happens if you are done with work for the day before the close of work? At that time it won’t be wrong to have access to other sites like Instagram. The only way to bypass the block would be with the use of a proxy.

Using Instagram proxies will conceal your actual IP and what will be used to access the internet will be the unrestricted proxy IP so you remain anonymous.

How to Get Instagram Proxies

There are different types of proxies available for your use with Instagram but not all are ideal for you. A widely available option for use are public proxies and this is because they are free. Being public implies that they are being shared and this is a con on its security and also reliability in terms of speed. As mouthwatering as this may be, you will pay for this move in the end if you opt for it.

It is better to always buy your proxies as the proxies you pay for are secure. Secure proxies are faster and offer more security to your accounts. When choosing your proxy providers, ask yourself questions like are they legal? Are they fast? Do they offer a good number of IP locations? Answering these questions will help you in making the right choice.

In checking out the legal status of your proxy, do not buy from just any random person. Buy from companies only. A good way to get information about products and services is through reviews. Check for reviews and know what people have to say about them.

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It is common practice to have companies exaggerate on the efficiency of their products. Some Proxy providing companies also exaggerate the speed of their proxies and you will confirm their claim by going through the reviews too. A legit and trustworthy company won’t have to lie about their services. In judging their speed, however, bear in mind that there is a buffer between you and the internet which could cause delays sometimes.

Different proxy providers have a different number of locations. It is always better to go for proxy providers with a higher number of locations so that if you are in need of a variety of locations, you can comfortably switch IP.

Limeproxies is a company that meets the above criteria for selecting the best proxies to unblock Instagram and even offers you more. They have a lot of geo-locations from which you can choose from and at great speed. So you can be sure of secure and fast connections, and a variety of pf locations to choose from if and when the need arises.

Software That Can Help You Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts

If you want to manage your multiple Instagram accounts with a bot, there are quite a few options that promise the best performance and will satisfy your needs.

[**1 . IGram Tool



The IGram Tool is a great option to manage your Instagram accounts in an automated way. The perks of using this Instagram account creator include multi thread support and automatic email verification so that you can open multiple new accounts in very little time. After creating the accounts, you can make them older or start using them as they are.

Making your accounts get older is a strategy marketers love to use as it gives them an air of being in the business and in existence for a longer period. To avoid getting banned as you make use of this automated software, use your account moderately in the beginning and then after a while you can step up your marketing efforts.

[**2. Instazood



Instazood is another tool to automate your Instagram account. It handles some processes in the running of your account and automates them and you can make your choice as it has filters and customizable options. If you want to make your account look more legit, Instazood is the software for you. You can get more likes and followers with this tool and in all make your account look more legit in the eyes of your prospective customers

[**3. PVA Creator



PVA Creator is one of the best tools for you if you plan on making use of automated multiple Instagram accounts. It is useful to you from accounts creation and also auto confirms the emails and includes multi thread support. All of these put together ensures that you can open many accounts rapidly. It doesn’t only open lots of accounts for you, it also helps you manage them all.

How to Unblock Instagram Using Proxies

If your Instagram account has been blocked, there is nothing you can do about it and you will need to open a new account. You may notice that when you try opening a new account, it gets banned again even without you doing anything wrong and only shortly after opening the new one. This is because the ban on your first account must have flagged your IP address. So what then can you do to remedy the situation? The answer is to use proxy to unblock the Instagram ban.

Proxies work by changing your IP address so that Instagram doesn’t see you as the same user and your account doesn’t get flagged. You can even have multiple accounts from one device if you use several proxies as they offer you different IPs.

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In order to do this, however, you will need good proxies for Instagram which look like real mobile or desktop proxies. If you use proxies that have data center IP addresses, you stand the risk of being banned as data centers don’t usually have the need for any social media account.

The use of proxies is also important if you are using automation tools to run your Instagram accounts.

Why You Need To Use Proxy for Instagram

The need for a proxy for your Instagram accounts cannot be overemphasized especially when it concerns marketing. You get to reach a wider audience and let potential customers know about your goods and services but doing this doesn’t come without some barriers. The use of a proxy will help you overcome some of them and this is how:

1 . Location tags when used under your posts will help to draw attention to your profile as those within that area will get to see your posts. If however, your target audience doesn’t live in your area, your posts will not bring you as much attention as you would desire because of the obvious distance between your market and target audience. With a proxy, you could use the IP of any location and specify your target audience appropriately so you can reach out to them more easily. Also, the use of Instagram is prohibited in certain areas and so using the IP remote to the location would get banned when trying to access Instagram. If you are in such a place and you have a business or brand to promote, you can do so unhindered with the use of proxies.

2 . The easiest way to manage many Instagram accounts all at once is with the use of bots. Bots make it easy to keep in touch and do more but their use is frowned upon by Instagram and so they get banned. So to get your bot working smoothly and at a reduced risk of ban, it is best to use a proxy with a bot. it is more effective if you use a different proxy for each account but this depends on the type of proxy you are using.

  1. The use of a proxy gives you other benefits like having your multiple accounts comply with the privacy policy, choice of location and other parameters, fast page loading time, continuous operation of data center, and also data processing sequence.

Types of Proxies for Instagram Automation

All proxies that are ideal for use with automated Instagram accounts will be paid for as free and public proxies are not secure and reliable causing you great loss in the end.

**1 . Residential Proxies


Residential proxies are a unique kind that routes a user’s requests through IPs of real devices that are provided by internet service providers. Using this proxy make your requests seem like they are from real multiple devices and so Instagram doesn’t see them as spam. Residential proxies are not much in circulation and have earned a high level of trust, so using them is a good way to maintain multiple Instagram accounts and not get banned. Bear in mind that they can be quite expensive though.

**2. Mobile Proxies


Mobile proxies route their user’s requests to access the internet through mobile devices. So you can see that the proxy providers have a network of mobile devices through which their customer’s requests are routed. These proxies are in fact the best types of proxies for use with automated Instagram accounts and here is why.

Residential proxies have permanent IP addresses but mobile proxies do not. The mobile network operators give IP addresses to each mobile device when an internet connection is required and after the internet connection is off, the mobile network operators switch it off. Other users under the same network share the same IP address temporarily when they need internet access and so Instagram doesn’t block the IPs. This is because of the likely possibility that thousands of users using the same network will suffer from the ban and have no access to the service, considering the fact also that most Instagram users make use of mobile devices to have access.

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**3. Private Proxies


Private proxies make use of datacenter owned IP addresses. Instagram and most other social media websites recognize such IPs as spam because they are not assigned by any internet service provider but are rather owned by datacenters.

Not all private proxies get recognized as spam and blocked. Some proxy service providers have their ways of evading Instagram anti-spam filters and allow you to make use of them in managing your automated accounts effectively.

Multiple Instagram Accounts Management Best Practices With Proxies

If you are new with using proxies and managing multiple accounts, it is most likely for you to make some mistakes as you begin and these mistakes may cost you your accounts. So to ensure that you are safe and your accounts are not flagged, these best practices will act as a guide for you:

**1 . Go Slow


When using a bot to manage your multiple Instagram accounts, resist the temptation to go all out at once from the start. If you send out a lot of content from the start and you have too much activity going on, it will be classified as spam and you could get blocked. Acting human is the best way to avoid any sanctions on your account and this involves going slow and steady just like a real human would. Have the bot act at the same speed a human would. Going slow will also give you enough time to create valuable content and gain you more followers.

If you have already made a mistake and your account is blocked, you will have to unblock the proxy. Sometimes all you need to do is to log out and then log in again. Or you could wait for some days and then try again. If all these do not work, then you need a new proxy. Some proxy companies will allow you to trade out the blocked proxies for the unblocked ones. After getting a fresh one you just swap it and use the new proxy information in the automation tool.

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**2. Do Not Share Proxies


Keeping your proxy to yourself is the only way you can be sure that no wrong actions will cause a ban on your accounts. It is not wrong to be nice but some things are best kept personal and that includes your proxy. If you share your proxy with a friend or colleague, the person may make a mistake like creating more than the acceptable number of Instagram accounts and cause a ban on your proxy. Remember that when an account is blocked, the associated IP could also be flagged and all accounts related to that IP could also go down. So you will end up with a blocked account for what you know nothing about. Keep your proxy to yourself so that you can be responsible for whatever happens.

**3. Use More Than One Instagram Proxy


As already stated, there is a limit to the number of Instagram accounts an IP address can have. So even when you are making use of a proxy, do not overload your IP with multiple accounts. To be safe, use a different proxy for each Instagram account to avoid any mistakes or IP overlaps.

**4. Use Proxies That Are Fast


The speed of a proxy is going to play an important role in the running of your automation tool. Since many processes will be automated, it will need fast speed to carry out the processes and finish them on time. A slow connecting proxy will leave you frustrated as the processes will take longer to complete. Before you choose a proxy service, check their reviews for the speed it offers according to real users, so you can be sure it can handle the tasks it has from the bot.

**5. Always Pay For Your Proxies


Free proxies are rampant and come with mouth offering offers that may be difficult to resist especially if you are on a tight budget. But the cons here outweigh the pros and you should truly stick to paid proxies over free ones. Paid proxies are not shared and so are faster and more secure. What’s more, is that you could easily be hacked if you use free proxies.


**1 . Can I Use Free Proxies For Instagram?


It is not advisable to use free proxies for anything as they are less secure and reliable. Using them for Instagram that has policies against the use of proxies is an even worse choice. Your data could be stolen and you could easily get hacked. If you must make use of a proxy, make use of a private proxy which you pay for.

**2. What Type Of Proxy Do Instagram Bots Need?


Bots, in general, need HTTP proxies and Instagram bots are inclusive.

**3. Can Shared Proxies Work On Instagram?


The use of shared proxies on Instagram is a waste of money as you will discover in the long run. The possibility of getting blocked is very high so they can’t work on Instagram.

**4. How Many Proxies Are Needed For Each Instagram Account?


You do not need to make use of more than one proxy per account because it is not suspicious for an account to have one IP. So one proxy per account is great.

**5. How Do I Avoid Bans On My Account While Using A Proxy?


Using a proxy doesn’t make you immune to bans and restrictions if you go contrary to the proper usage of Instagram. Each proxy or IP address has a maximum number of accounts that are permitted for use, so avoid your automated accounts being banned, and avoid using more than the accepted number of accounts per proxy. You also need to mimic human behavior and not do too much in very little time. Spread out your tasks over long hours so that your account won’t be banned for suspicious activity.


Instagram is a market place that has an abundance of potential customers for your business. Selling your brand on Instagram is a very effective way of reaching out to a wide audience and an even better approach is with the use of multiple accounts. As effective as this may sound, it is frowned upon by Instagram when the account limit per IP is exceeded and it often leads to a ban. The solution to getting around this problem is to make use of a proxy to unblock Instagram and allow you to bypass the restrictions that exist. Your choice of a proxy goes a long way in determining how effective your bots manage your multiple accounts, and how secure your accounts are.

Speed, security, and reliability are some of the most important factors to consider before buying a proxy as these are all very vital in the running of your accounts. Limeproxies offers you private and secure proxies that you can use for your accounts, and at fast speeds. So you can perform multiple tasks on your multiple accounts and stay under the radar without red flags or bans.


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