Reasons to Choose Ruby on Rails for a Quick Start of a Project

Reasons to Choose Ruby on Rails for a Quick Start of a Project

Choose Ruby on Rails

Is it worth developing an online project with Ruby on Rails implements? Surely, it is, and we’ll tell you why, so you’ll see what advantages you can gain in the end.

However, we shall primarily discuss specific examples of thriving solutions created by means of RoR technologies.


Each programmer is well familiar with such a service. GitHub represents a popular online resource for developers. It’s a rapidly expanding platform supporting a large database of programmers, which proves that the Ruby on Rails tools can ensure websites to smoothly cope with heavy pressure.


Those who’d like to design their own internet shops are happy to apply for Shopify to pursue their dreams. The software in question provides all the settings required to build advanced e-stores.

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Being RoR-powered, Shopify serves over 500.000 users. Furthermore, its owners keep implementing new properties and functionalities, meaning, solutions built with RoR techniques prove being scalable.


We shouldn’t forget about such a service developed on the Ruby on Rails basis.

Being an internationally known resource, Airbnb remains an **indispensable online helper **for those who travel, since the platform serves for people to find places to sleep while their travelings.

Thanks to being built with the RoR technologies, Airbnb is impressively flexible and scalable. By the by, the chosen approach has supported Airbnb’s fast designing, thus, its owners managed to take advantage of extra time to install new great parameters.


Who hasn’t heard of the given video games streaming solution? The original idea was to establish a particular society for those who love gaming. Nowadays, the Twitch audience is happy to benefit from all possibilities the site offers, namely, playing, communicating with like-minded people, observing online battles, or watching their recordings.

As you can guess, such a solution must be powerful enough to ensure its smooth and high-quality functioning. Ruby on Rails features help Twitch handle the load with dignity. The service runs perfectly, being capable to bear high pressure.

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There exist more software designed on Ruby on Rails basis, however, now we’d like to distinguish concrete reasons why developers shall apply for RoR techniques while creating online resources to make their projects advanced and in-demand.

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The very first thing we should mention is the impressive speed of the Ruby on Rails frameworks creation, since the practice shows RoR platforms get designed up to 40% quicker compared to others.

Such increasing speed is feasible due to a variety of multiple contributors, such as:

  1. Lucid syntax together with the simplicity of the RoR programming language enhances and facilitates codification stages.

  2. Thought-after conventions serve to ease configurations. Moreover, website owners manage to cut costs of involving new programmers, cos fast-track configuration is pretty easy to delve into the detail.

  3. There’s a broad array of ready-for-use Ruby on Rails solutions, for instance, complimentary libraries, various extensions, code elements, console generators, and the like. In fact, developers can also apply turnkey tools made by other programmers during designing sites with RoR.

  4. Ruby on Rails guarantees convenient managing of databases, so you’ll be able to build a practically identical code for all databases concerned. That means you could start your project, and decide on data storing techniques later.

  5. The technology is proud of its built-in auto testing toolkit allowing to quickly move on to the phase, when it all operates seamlessly and trouble-free. The transition to the mentioned stage is the one taking the longest time on the way to implement the startup.


If applying fresh trendy technologies to develop an online resource, you risk that such new-fangled software will stop being supported any time soon. Undoubtedly, that unwanted turn of events would adversely affect your startup.

When building with the RoR tools you’ll be safe, since the framework in question is one of time-tested software.

More importantly, updated Ruby on Rails versions continue to appear regularly, providing developers with new sophisticated functions.

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Speaking of convention and convenience of configurations we mentioned earlier, it’s important to note that complying conventions would enable intuitive coding, which may later be transformed easily and fast, and every programmer will manage to take care of it, even if they didn’t code it.


RoR startups are built on open-source codes, that ensure its financial efficiency. Ruby on Rails software is guaranteed by the cost-free license of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, meaning it’s fitted with ready-for-use implements, which accelerate procedures, making the overall development much cheaper.


The Ruby on Rails fame was gained with the possibility of RoR software to scale. Entrepreneurs expect their businesses to grow and evolve, thus, it’s wiser to envisage such ability at the outset.

Fortunately, Ruby on Rails powered projects are truly scalable, consequently, they always manage to match evolving business requirements. On top of everything else, RoR instruments will guaranty your service to handle as many users as you want.


Here’s another reason to go for RoR technologies while creating a web resource. The community of Ruby on Rails programmers is extensive. Why would that matter?

Firstly, it serves as one more proof of such framework relevancy and significance. Secondly, you’ll easily find RoR experts to take care of your project and hire a professional design team.


We would advise you to apply RoR techniques to protect your platform properly, cos you wouldn’t want to find your website hacked one day, would you?

Ruby on Rails creators realize the importance of security issues, thus, they’ve taken all necessary measures: RoR built solutions are protected against possible SQL or XSS threats.

Additionally, password encryption is implemented, and users’ private details are secured. In the overall, security is of the highest quality.



1 . Data caching means. Caching plays a significant role for larger-scale startups. RoR provides all necessary standard facilities in this regard, which makes the technology stand out from its competitors.

  1. Advanced testing implements. We’ve mentioned auto testing earlier, moreover, the ecosystem of the given software grants instruments to test all code areas in order to keep an eye on quality.
  2. Localization. Online projects, no matter at what phase of designing they are, might be translated into different languages.

Summing up, we’d like to underline that lots of projects built on Ruby on Rails are relevant, famous, and trustworthy, since the RoR framework bolsters the chances of such success and prosperity.

And it’s pretty clear, cos the technology assists with decent code programming that allows test faster and launch quicker.

All the techniques mentioned above ensure strong competitivity, and service owners have a good chance to drive revenue almost instantly.

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