A Complete Guide to Shoe Copping Practices

A Complete Guide to Shoe Copping Practices

Copping Shoes

Purchasing limited-edition sneakers is one of the hardest things you can do online, especially when its release has been hyped for so long. You may discover that before going online it has been completely sold out. Once? Maybe just bad luck, but twice? They have to be a better way of copping shoes; something you are missing.

The painful part of it all is that once you miss the purchase from the sites and your go-to retailers, you would have to pay even as high as 5 times the original price. It’s also seemingly impossible to make more than one purchase, so how do you go about it if you want to resell, or gift it to yourself and someone special?

Sneaker bots are what you need. These bots are automated and they send multiple and rapid requests to the sites on your behalf, so you stand a better chance of copping the limited edition shoes successfully. You also need proxies to use with the bots to ensure they are not banned and also enable you to make more than one purchase.

Sneaker copping can** undoubtedly be a bit stressful, but doable**. You don’t need to be born with some kind of skill to be able to do it. What you need are the right tools, the right knowledge, and practice, then voila! And so in this article, we would take you from start to finish on everything you need to know about copping shoes.

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What You Need for Successful Shoe Copping

In summary, the most important items with which to begin your shoe copping journey are a shoe copping bot, a proxy service, and a server. The bot will automate the process by helping you add products to the cart and checkout faster than you could have. The multiple requests sent by bots make their use very important as your chances of successful purchase are increased.

The proxy will help you avoid getting blocked due to your multiple requests as websites frown on bot use and if you are discovered, you would be blocked immediately. So by using multiple proxies, you can alternate each per session or after a fixed time to appear organic all through. The server helps give you a stable connection and an overall smooth operation.

Proxy for Copping Shoes

As part of websites’ security, an outrageous number of requests raises a red flag and leads to an IP an. This is because no human user can be that fast to send such a high number of requests in a short while and bot use is not permitted. The use of bots can slow down a site and even shut it down. Apart from this, it can reduce user experience to other visitors and that’s why website owners don’t permit its use.

You need the best proxies if you must succeed in copping shoes when they are released. Some websites now have servers that can differentiate bot requests from human requests and if you must stand a chance, you need to use only the best proxies. Apart from bypassing security, proxies also help you bypass location restrictions so that you can cop from any retail shop irrespective of its location.

Proxies allow you to purchase more than a single pair of sneakers and are a must-have if you are copping to resell or need to gift it to those dear to you.

Features of Proxies for Copping Shoes

1 . Speed: when copping shoes, you are going against other potential buyers who are also sending a request at that point and so speed matters a lot. To even stand a chance of a successful checkout, you must use dedicated proxies that provide you with blazing internet connection speeds.

2. Secure: malware is everywhere on the internet and you need to protect yourself no matter the site you visit. Some proxies prevent ads pop up thereby reducing your chances of clicking onto a malicious website or downloading malware to your device.

3. Stable: it will be a nightmare if your connection gets lost while you are in the process of copping sneakers. So look at the features of the proxy you are about to choose, and be sure it provides you with a stable and reliable connection.

4. A pool of IPs: you need multiple proxies to avoid an IP block, and the number of proxies depends on the number of shoes you want to buy. Using a single proxy is the same as using your real IP address, and there are only several requests that can be sent at every instant in time. This significantly reduces your chances of success. Go for a proxy service provider that offers you a large pool of IPs that can be rotated when necessary to avoid suspicions.

5. IP Location: choose a proxy service that offers you IPs in the target site’s location. This will help you overcome location-based restrictions, and also avoid any suspicions.

Tips for Using Proxies

  • Choose a different proxy per session
  • Use datacenter proxies when copping from Shopify
  • Residential proxies offer better results when used to cop from Supreme, Footsites, or Adidas.


A bot increases your chances by automating the process of shoe copping so that you can rapidly make the purchases you want. you will notice that the shoe you want gets sold out before you even add it to the cart if you choose to do it yourself and that’s because millions are trying to get their hands on the same pair of shoes. So you need to stand out and improve your chances.

A bot is a program that automates your task so that it's faster and easier for you to complete. Since they are faster than humans, you can get so much done in a short while.

Not every bot can however be used to cop shoes as the bot has to meet some standards. It must be up to date, and also compatible with the target website. It should also support multiple accounts so you can increase your chances of even multiple purchases.

Tips for Efficient Bot Use

  • Use a bot that has fast captcha solving capabilities
  • Use separate billing and shipping information to maintain uniqueness
  • Use a bot that can cover different stores and runs even if the stores crash
  • Check that your bot works on various operating systems


Your sneaker server helps you get a faster connection to the target website. It also makes it easier for you to be closer to the target website’s location so that your copping can be completed way faster. What you have to do is ensure that the server is in the same location as the proxies you choose, and it should also be close to the target website. All these ensure a smooth copping process.

Other Tips to Increase Your Success of Copping Shoes

1 . Join A Cook Discord Group

A cook group is a source of information and also a platform where you can chit chat and get updates about sneaker releases. They can tell you which sites will sell what and when, and also give you links and keywords for your bot to aid in rapid searches. It helps you monitor restock, helps you get proxies, and provides resale tools and advice if you need any.

A cook group is an important part of being successful in copping and it’s necessary if you want to take copping seriously. Some bots have their cook groups which are useful so you can get setup instructions for the bot. access to a bot-specific discord group can also be your license key so hold on to it.

2. Consider Several Sizes

Even though you may be aiming for particular shoe size, it’s risky to put all your eggs in one basket as the shoe size may get sold out and that puts an end to your chances of getting those sneakers you have dreamed of. you may still get them but not on retail anymore. So what you should do is to cop a variety of sizes. It doesn’t matter your age as nobody checks shoe size with customer age. Also, you must use different accounts as you cop for the various shoe sizes to avoid your IP getting flagged.

3. Run Multiple Tasks at Once

One of the reasons for using a sneaker bot is the ability to run multiple tasks thereby increasing your chances of a successful purchase. Your bot is capable of handling multiple tasks at once, and with the use of proxies, you can run them all successfully without getting banned or overwhelmed. The increased number of tasks helps you stand a better chance of being successful as you try to get your hands on some sneaker pairs.

4. Check Multiple Sites

It’s a risky move to put all your eggs in one basket if you are copping from one website only. The site may crash, or have a limited stock that gets sold out quickly without you getting your hands on any. So instead, run multiple tasks on different websites so that you can increase your chances of success.

5. Use Other Bots

Sometimes using only one bot limits your operation. You may find out in the end that the bot you used wasn’t the best for you but by then it would be too late. Running more than one bot also helps you discover the best bot for your shoe copping operation so you can make the most out of your time and resources next time.

6. Don’t Use a Single Billing Account

If you use the same identity or billing information for all your orders, the site may cancel them making the entire process a waste of time. And so to avoid this, use different billing accounts. Remember that you are using proxies to appear as a unique user for each account, so it makes sense that you should also use unique billing information for all your accounts.

7. Get Ready for Manual Checkouts

This may seem ridiculous after all you are paying for a bot that can handle all your tasks automatically. But it’s better to be ready for the worst situation and knowing that your bot could crash without giving you any prior notice would make help you understand this tip better.

Best Bots for Copping Shoes

1 . AIO Bot

AIO which is short for All in One is one of the most popular bots among professionals who cop shoes. Its features make it ideal to purchase limited-edition sneakers once released. The bot gets updated regularly by the bot expert team, and their fast customer support makes their user experience top-notch. You can increase your chances of successful copping by choosing the right bot and the AIO bot is one you would be proud of.

2. Another Nike Bot

Another Nike Bot is another software that automates your shoe copping process so that your chances of a successful purchase are increased. You can use it to cop from retail stores in various locations including; the US, the UK, China, Australia, Hong Kong, the EU, and Japan.

Another Nike Bot supports more than 40 websites and gives you eye-catching features such as countdown support, regular software updates, and also early link monitor.

3. Better Nike Bot

Better Nike Bot is advanced copping software that doesn’t bore a hole in your pocket. It gives you useful features like a captcha solver and a background link checker. You can also use it to cop from retail stores in various countries just like with ANB.

Other features of this bot include;

  • Multithreading
  • Nike countdown support
  • Advances link monitor
  • Restock mode
  • GS size support
  • Automatic API setup
  • Captcha solver
  • Delays between sessions at random intervals
  • Twitter stream API

4. EasyCop Bot

The EasyCop bot allows you to cop from various websites and also allows you to use multiple accounts to increase your chances of success. Its features include;

  • Proxy support
  • Early link monitor
  • Multithread monitor
  • Compatible with many retail stores
  • Customizable settings
  • Restock monitor
  • Cart management
  • Notifications
  • Start time scheduler
  • Free software updates

5. Eve Bot

Eve bot comes at a reasonable price, and not only lets you cop shoes but clothes as well. It scrapes fast and has cook groups to increase your chances of success.

6. Pacsun Bot

This bot is made for pacsun.com only in the united states. Its features include;

  • Automatic addition of shoes to cart
  • Monitor pages
  • Auto checkout
  • Repeated attempts to add shoes to cart

7. ForceCop Bot

ForceCop bot is another powerful bot that allows you to cop retail stores from various locations whether you are using windows or mac OS. Other features include;

  • Mimics human behavior
  • Single keyword search
  • Free software updates
  • Restock
  • Different size selection
  • Security



Copping shoes is one of the most difficult purchases you can make on the internet due to the amount of traffic that all go in for the same kill. Using bots gives you a better advantage and chance of successfully copping, and for an even better chance, use proxies.

Copping proxies increase your chances as your bots can send multiple requests from different IPs while avoiding bans; the more requests, the better your chances. Proxies are also necessary if you want to make multiple purchases, and to ensure all goes well until the end, your choice of proxies has to be nothing but the best.

Highly recommended is limeproxies. They provide you with virgin dedicated IPs so you have great performance all to yourself. With a speed of up to 1 Gbps, and a customer care service that’s always available to solve your queries, you can expect nothing but the best user experience. There are different server locations to choose from, all of which are put in place to ensure that you get the desired results in the end.

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