Top 10 Facebook marketing best practices

Top 10 Facebook marketing best practices

Facebook marketing best practices

‘’Facebook has 2.41 billion monthly active users.’’

Facebook is trending and it is soon becoming one of the most influential hubs for the modern businesses of today to conduct their business activities. Facebook, created as a medium to engage with one another, is now using that same tactic to encourage interactions between a business and their potential prospects.

In 2020, if your brand isn’t on Facebook, chances are you are missing out on opportunities that could spark a small connection between you and a potential qualified lead. If you haven’t prepped on your Facebook marketing strategies, this article will be able to help you out.

Social media has become a platform where right from identifying your ideal audience to converting them into a sales lead, can take place by just applying the right Facebook marketing best practices. To make your brand more successful and to utilize the social media bliss, Facebook, following the below strategies which help you tap leads, nurture them and convert them into a qualified lead without any hassles.

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Facebook marketing best practices


To create a Facebook marketing strategy, the number one thing which needs to be accomplished is the activity goal. The goal could be anything, from framing the right blog topics, sharing the posts, engaging with prospects at the right time, all of this matters. The whole agenda of using Facebook is to drive more leads which will add high value for any brand it associates with.

In a world where social media has now become a platform to understand the fall and rise of any brand creating an activity goal is mandatory. To create an efficient activity goal, answering the following questions can be very beneficial. 

1 . What will I show my target audience?

  1. What type of route will I take to engage with them?
  2. What type of advertisement will capture the attention of my prospects?
  3. When do I start engaging with my prospects?
  4. Which content form will be more beneficial for my business?

What exactly do my prospects expect from me?

When should I post my solutions online?

When you are clear of what activity you wish to apply and what results you are expecting from it, capturing quality leads becomes less of a hassle. 


The main reason why many companies fail to sell or fail to succeed in their brand higher is that they are selling to the wrong audience. When you have a great solution and the right marketing tactics, and still find yourself in a tough spot as to identify why the sales numbers aren’t rising? the problem isn’t with you, it's with your actions. 

Identifying the right audience for your solution is necessary in order for you to sell better and increase a healthier conversion rate. Utilizing Facebook is a great way of getting it done. With Facebook’s connection, you can easily find and add the connections you feel are best suited in your target audience frame. 

On Facebook, you also have the option of suggestions, where if you add a prospect to your lists, you get similar recommendations which could help you grasp much more relevant prospects. Another way to find your ideal audience is through the method of web scraping. Web scraping helps to extract information from any information source or website. For instance, you could scrape your competitor's page and retrieve all its target audience in your system without them having a clue, and then use that information to engage and win those prospects towards your side.


Another great way of conducting Facebook marketing best practices is to engage with prospects. As mentioned earlier the number of active users is huge and in fact, if you are able to engage with at least ¾ of the audience it would increase your chances of closing better deals. Using Facebook as your handle, there are many ways you can engage with your prospects.

1 . Sharing blogs 

  1. Conducting quizzes
  2. Having a Q & A session where you could ask a question related to the problems prospects face and help answer it by portraying your solution as the right choice.
  3. Creating helpful and insightful blogs which would help your audience to learn more about you and get back to you with doubts
  4. Going Facebook Live is also a great way to engage with your leads and give them a more insightful representation of your solution in a more visual form


To prepare a great Facebook marketing strategies, the main point is to understand how you want your marketing strategies to be curated. For instance, you would have to work on numerous strategies such as how would you frame your facebook campaigns, how do you plan to exhibit your facebook page as a selling point and above all how do you aim to use your marketing tactics to win over your prospects?

Each marketing strategies when applied on Facebook has immense values, for instance when you decide to sell via content that too in the form of blogs, Facebook can provide you insights that will help you enhance this sales method much better.


As you are using Facebook, you need to understand how exactly will you nurture your leads. You have managed to grab their attention and now what next? Your Facebook marketing activity is more than just grabbing multiple gazes, it has to do more with how you can change your prospect's mind in a way that could compel them to buy the solution you are offering them.

For instance, to nurture your leads, you would have to send me content via different stages, such as to capture their attention you could send them brief content information, to nurture them you could explain in the content being sent to them about your solution in-depth and how it can solve their needs. Finally in the last stage which is the conversion stage you could explain to them the perks of your solution and how easily they can get started. 

To nurture your leads you write compelling blog posts, share more frequent and relevant facebook posts and much more. 


While the online world is a great way to engage better with prospects, it is important that you sound humane and Facebook has just the right way to get it done. With Facebook Live you are able to provide your prospects with a deeper understanding of what you sell in a more convenient communication as well as help to develop that bond with the prospects.

For instance, when you scroll through the Facebooks posts from a brand, it doesn’t completely win you over, you still need some more time to read about it and understand it better, but what if those same words are being said from an employee of the brand, wouldn’t you be at least 5% thoughtful? That’s the power Facebook Live provides which is why you need to use this Facebook marketing best practice to best use.

You can use the Facebook live for the following occasions:

1 . To announce product launches

  1. To give a heads up brief about the solution being sold
  2. To answer queries
  3. To have a session on how your solution outsells your competitors
  4. To showcase how your brand works around


Another great way to enhance your Facebook marketing is to use the results Facebook provides. Any brand would be incorporating the famous ways of selling to prospects which include, creation of blogs, small length videos, infographics, social media posts and more. The great thing about Facebook is that it helps to show a small result section which can help you to analyze the action you just did. 

facebook marketing

Source: Adespresso

Any action that you commit can be easily displayed in a graphical form which could give you an idea of how your action is being looked at by your prospects. For instance, if you are posting regular social media posts on Facebook, with the results you can easily identify how the posts were received by your prospects such as how many clicks, how many people liked, shared and commented on it.


Facebook ads are another great way to boost your marketing strategies. With Facebook ads, you can easily target the right audience and show them your solution in a better manner. It could be in the form of posts or videos, Facebook ads can be witnessed by many users since the outreach is being decided by you.

You could reach out to just your locality, the entire neighbourhood and even a further audience. 

facebook marketing

Source: Leadsquared

As you can see from the image above when you conduct a facebook ad the post is exhibited as Sponsored. You can even link your website so that when a lead lands on your page you can instantly divert their attention towards your website sooner.


Another Facebook marketing best practices would be implementing what your audience speaks about your products. Your target audience via reviews, feedbacks states what they think about your product. When you are able to apply their words in your products, you're creating and selling a solution which your prospects have been looking for. Hence it becomes easier to sell to prospects.

For instance, say if a prospect has commented on your Facebook posts stating that if your brand could include an automation feature for a few features that would be great. When you apply for that review, you are not only catering to your prospect's needs but you are also enhancing your product quality. 


On Facebook, content plays a vital part in taping leads. When you are able to give prospects rich content which is a valuable blog story, insightful social media posts, attractive captions and much more, you are able to enhance your Facebook activities much better.

Content in any form whether it is written or in a video needs to have relevant content which adds value to the prospects reading it and should also be able to convert the thoughts of prospects to invest in the solution you are offering.



Facebook is growing and it's bound to grow much bigger when brands like yours start to use it as a platform to enhance your marketing activities.

For an effective Facebook marketing strategy, it is always ideal to have enough data in hand so that a brand like yours can easily implement and incorporate the right solutions for prospects. Many market solutions such as a proxy server can help brands like yours to access data from places without the fear of being caught.

This means you can access your competitor's data to see how they are managing their facebook marketing tactics so that you can create better strategies than theirs. Social media is the trend and if you want your brand to soar higher, using social media handles such as Facebook can help.

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