Why Paid Proxies are better than Free Proxies?

Why Paid Proxies are better than Free Proxies?

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  1. Let’s talk about free proxy.
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To answer the question about which is better among free proxy and paid proxy, we will review the case of both. However, if you think about it instinctively, you will find that you can answer the question yourself. Quite like all the services provided in the world that is available both for free and for a price, the one with a price attached to it packs higher value. Higher by a wide margin. Proxy website and proxy hosts are also providing a service. The service of anonymity for those who want to browse the web without detection, or who those who don’t want to be traced by their snooping government, or those who don’t want their personal information to be harvested by corporations, or people who want to bypass restriction on their network. Proxy provides a very important service.

So as you may have guessed by now, the paid proxy is better in providing all the above mentioned services. However, we will discuss the case of both and check their advantages and disadvantages.

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So, how does a proxy works?

Proxy works as a buffer between you and the internet. Traditionally, when you log into the internet and request for a website, the information is delivered by the internet to your IP address. In case of using a proxy, the request for the website is first intercepted by the proxy. This request is then sent to the internet from the IP address of the proxy. When the internet responds to the request with the information, it is sent to the proxy address. The proxy then relays the information to your IP address, keeping you hidden from the web.

Let’s talk about free proxy.

So now that you understand how a proxy works, it’s easy to see that this service will be provided for free by a host who is willing to rent out its IP address free of cost. There are a number of them available on the internet. Are they better than, or at par with the paid service? No. However, for the purpose of an argument, let’s see how free proxy works.

There are a number of services provided by a proxy in addition to anonymity. However, a free proxy only provides the service of anonymity. It provides the very basic service of hiding your IP address. You can access a free proxy in two ways. First, you can use a free proxy website. There are a number of them available a click away on Google search.

  • Open up the proxy website.
  • Now enter the address of the desired website in the search bar in the proxy website.
  • The proxy will assign a random IP address in secure country location to your search and you will be able to browse the website effortlessly.

However, to open up a new website you will have to go back to the proxy website and enter the new website address in the search bar. For every tab open in the window, the proxy website will have to be individually visited in each tab. Second directive is to search for a host IP address. You can find all the free proxy hosting addresses at ‘Free Proxy Lists’. Pick a location and address that matches your fancy, copy it, and paste it in the proxy settings of your browser. Now you will be browsing for the proxy address as long as the window of your browser is open.

Now let’s talk about the disadvantages of free proxy.

The prime concern while using a free proxy is that when unexpected malware is infested in your system or any other problem crops up, there is no feedback mechanism. There is no support system in place to resolve and enhance user experience. The service provided is minimal. Free proxy, by the virtue of being free, is extremely slow and crowded. Also, the added load of advertisements that are usually the ones paying for the free proxy cause the issue of altering the website and making it even slower. Free proxy have reportedly also faced allegations of identity theft and information theft. This makes free proxy extremely unsafe to access payment gateways with. There is an additional phenomenon in place that makes free proxies undesirable. It’s called “burning out”.  This happens when the hosting server burns out or the internet of the host is unplugged, and the websites stop responding. It is more frequent than it is convenient.

So, here is why paid proxy takes the cake.

Since the main concern while using free proxy is the lack of a support system, the main reason to use free proxy is the dedicated technically able service provider who is able to assist 24/7. They can also troubleshoot problems and answer individual questions. One such proxy offering 24/7 assistance, with reliable speed is www.limeproxies.com

Paid proxies provide higher speed and reliability due to decreased traffic. They are also marginally safer when it comes to making online payments and giving away sensitive data online. Since the payment for the proxy is made by you and not an advertiser, the speed increases drastically and unwanted pop ups and alteration to websites is limited. Faster downloads can be made, more network restrictions can be by-passed. When you think about it and do a service versus cost analysis, you realize that  paid proxy is extremely cheap. For example, at www.limeproxies.com an exclusive and dedicated proxy can be bought for $4.99/month. In simple terms, a paid proxy is customized for you and your requirements at a nominal, affordable price.

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