How Social Media Marketing Generated $7 Million in Affiliate Sales for This Entrepreneur?

How Social Media Marketing Generated $7 Million in Affiliate Sales for This Entrepreneur?

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  1. Define your niche audience.
  2. Strive to add value
  3. Make use of videos
  4. Work with other social media influencers
  5. Use wise hashtags

When the game changes, players have to adapt in order to win. This is exactly what Jason Stone did thereby enabling him to amass $7 Million in affiliate sales through social media marketing.

Yes, you read it right. The man earned $7 million in one year (June 2016 to June 2017) through affiliate marketing alone. And I am telling you that it’s not through sheer luck. In a nutshell, Jason Stone was able to achieve this because he adapted to the changes and challenges around him.

First of all, Jason Stone started out as a mechanical engineer. He had a pretty good business acumen already as he started Treadstone Performance Engineering, an engineering company that is still operating to this day. This proves that college education, while allowing you to make a living, does not always make you a millionaire.

Jason Stone saw the game in the business world change because of the Internet and later on, he became a social media influencer. He amassed an impressive 10,000 Instagram followers between 2013 and 2014, back when Instagram was just really starting to make noise (Facebook bought Instagram for $1 billion in 2012). Jason Stone saw the potential of Instagram as a business platform even while the social media platform was still new and in the process of transitioning to a new owner.

This day, Jason Stone has 3 million Instagram followers under his famous handle @Millionaire_Mentor. This figure is more than impressive, given the fact that Jason Stone is not a celebrity or a political figure. Jason Stone is just a normal person like you and me who just happened to know some secrets on how to use social media to build his business.

But Jason is not the Millionaire Mentor for no reason. He had shared the strategies that had helped him grow his following, and in effect, his business. His message is that if you follow the following strategies AND don’t give up, you will definitely be successful in the social media world.

1. Define your niche audience.


Traditional marketers call them your target market, or your demographic. In social media speak, they are more commonly referred to as your niche audience. Basically, you need to answer the questions: Who do you want to follow your Instagram account? What age bracket do they belong to? What are their interests? What are their educational background?

You have to be very specific in defining your niche audience. You have to know exactly what kind of people you want to reach out to. Why? This is because you will be creating content that will attract this group of people. So you have to know who they are in order to know what they like.

If you go after the general public, you are most likely to fail. You really need to have a specific niche just like Millionaire Mentor which targets people who are interested in business opportunities.

2. Strive to add value

Competition is fierce in the social media realm. Marketers are always out there, looking for ways to gain followers. But the most effective way is just really to add value. If your social media account does not add value to your target niche, then you won’t succeed at all.

Everything you do or say must be able to help out someone, somewhere. Millionaire Mentor uses motivational messages in order to inspire its followers into pursuing their dreams. Find ways to help your followers, and in the process you will gain more followers. Ask yourself right now how you can add value.

3. Make use of videos


Jason Stone invests in a good video creator. He pays someone to create videos for him in order to build his brand. If you don’t have the financial resources to pay someone yet, there are tons of video editor software that are available online. Make time to create appealing videos that will engage your target market.

Videos have the potential to reach a large audience especially when they are done the right way. When videos go viral, there are no limits as to the number of people who can view them and in the process know your brand.

4. Work with other social media influencers

Look for other social media entrepreneurs who have the same goal as you and collaborate with them. You may give each other shout outs on a daily basis, just like Jason Stone and other like-minded Instagramers did in their early days in order to build up their following.  

In the beginning, Stone had trouble gaining new followers. But when he joined forces with 14 other Instagram marketers, his audience grew and his followers increased. Stone collaborated with the other 14 Instagramers and started out a Kik group. Their only mission is to give shout-outs to each other on a schedule.

So every day, all 15 members of the Kik group will give a shout out to one member, until all 15 members are marketed on each of their social media accounts. It was pretty much a simple but powerful strategy that you can also make use of.

Success did not come overnight for Stone, and he certainly did not do it by himself. In the same way, your success will not come overnight. You can’t expect to amass thousands of followers after a week of starting an Instagram account. You also cannot do it alone. You need other entrepreneurs.

You can reach out to other influencers and see if they can feature you on their account. Better yet, you can ask how you can help them. You can offer content for free, and in the process ask for a shout-out. The key is to never be afraid to reach out to other influencers. You will be surprised at how others on social media are actually willing to help out.

5. Use wise hashtags


Hashtags work by allowing social media marketers to get their message across to their target niche more easily. However, it has become a challenge to create a hashtag that will dominate over the millions of hashtags being used these days.

You need to really take time to think about the hashtag you will use, and you may even need to research on it. The key is to use a hashtag that is related to your content and is relatable to your target audience.

In Conclusion

Jason Stone almost gave up on his dream of becoming a successful social media influencer in 2014, just a year after he started out. He had around 10,000 followers during that time, and to him this was a pretty impressive number for someone who just started in the social media realm.

His home was burglarized during Father’s Day in 2014, and the burglars was able to know he wasn’t home through his Instagram profile. Stone was insulted by the crime, and this prompted him to delete all his social media accounts. He never wanted to let people know his whereabouts again.

A month later, he saw someone making thousands of dollars from an Instagram post alone. He changed his mind. He knew he needed to go back to social media but with something different this time. Thus, he created Millionaire Mentor and right now, it has 3 million followers. Stone has earned $7 million in affiliate sales in one year.

Jason Stone’s story can also be yours if you don’t give up.

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