How to increase Facebook followers in 2020?

How to increase Facebook followers in 2020?

Facebook followers

Zephoria states, ‘’Every 60 seconds on Facebook: 510,000 comments are posted, 293,000 statuses are updated, and 136,000 photos are uploaded.’’

Where are you at?

While you continue to read our blog, the numbers listed above would continue to increase and do you know why?

Because Facebook has grown to become the ultimate hub for a brand like you to capture leads, nurture them and close deals with them. That’s right if your business ain’t on Facebook, YOU are missing out on a lot.

Scott Cook stated, ‘’A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is -- it is what the consumers tell each other it is.’’ which is exactly why the online world and to be precise social media has outgrown the traditional methods of selling and have grown into a popular source of sales which needs to take place in the upcoming years.

The online platform has provided you with a solution in the form of Facebook where you can easily make use of it to grow your brand, improvise it and sell better than your peers. Many brands are under the impression that Facebook is long gone as it is considered to be a platform to engage with prospects but did you know that this can be converted into an advantage for your brand?

Just like how one connects with a friend using Facebook, your brand can conduct the same action by connecting with potential prospects. Today every business has a social media account where one if it is Facebook.

The action is simply to increase your Facebook followers and watch your business scale higher with minimal efforts. By the end of the article, you will have everything you need to know about Facebook and what are the right steps you need to follow if you want to increase your Facebook followers in 2020.

Let’s move ahead.

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Why do you need Facebook to grow your business?

1. Receive organic leads

When you sell on Facebook, chances are you are ready to manage some real leads. That’s true with Facebook marketing and sales taking place, you are in to receive leads who are genuinely interested to invest in yours.

For instance, when you create a Facebook business page, you will be promoting and sharing across the blogs, social media posts that you want your prospects to see. When your prospects view it, if interested they will appear on your page or website to explore more about you. Such leads are referred to as warm or hot leads. They are interested in what you have to offer, which is the reason why they have come to you for assistance.

When you are able to assist them at such a point, your chances of closing a deal becomes much quicker and predictable. Whatever leads you to receive from Facebook are those who want to explore, understand and learn more about what you have in hand which is why Facebook becomes a good platform to manage lead generation.

2. Helps target the right prospects

Do you know why many businesses fail to increase their lead growth on time? Did you know that despite brands investing their revenue on the right process, they still fail to close deals? The cause of the reason is not capturing the right leads. For instance, say if you are a brand that sells proxy services, now your target audience would be more towards prospects who indulge in the online world and have more to do with its activities. Anybody outside that will not find your solution helpful to them.

Since you are aware of your target audience, you will continue to sell only to them and watch how your conversion rates skyrocket. What is usually not the case is, brands fail to identify who are their right target audiences. They believe that they can target anyone and work their way to convince them, but what happens is this plan backfires as such prospects cannot add value to your brand growth.

Hence Facebook eliminates this by Facebook ads. To conduct Facebook ads you can choose the right audience you want to target. For instance, with Facebook ads, you can decide which type of objective you wish to receive such as more brand awareness or more engagement or any other factors plus you can also mention the age groups and locations of your prospects so that you receive the specific type of lead you want to sell to.

Facebook ads are great to ensure that you are on track when it comes to applying your activities to your prospects. When you invest in the right audience, the time spent doesn’t go to waste.

3. Has a wider outreach

‘’There are 2.375bn billion monthly active users (as of Q3 2018).’’ which means that if you share or promote one of your blog posts, the outreach of that activity is much higher. The stats mentioned are of just 2018, we are now in 2020 and off course the number of active users on a monthly basis is double.

With such a large audience of active users, imagine how far would your online activity reach. You will be able to cover a wider audience wherein your potential prospects would emerge to explore more about you. The main agenda of selling on Facebook is to capture quality leads that will impact your business and hence with such a solution that aims to grow it's active users more every year, this can be the most effective way of selling to your potential leads.

4. Improvise your activities anytime

When can your business come one step closer to success? The answer is when you learn how to improvise and grow your business much better. The market will keep changing and what matters is how your brand is adapting to it. For instance, the trend today may not be that popular in the next 3 years hence it is important to always find ways to grow your brand better.

With Facebook this has become popular, whatever activities you conduct on Facebook can be viewed with the analytics. For instance, when you conduct an ad, you have analytics which shows you how successful your ad activity went. You will be able to get an understanding of what types of leads viewed your website, how much has the number of views and clicks are, which blog posts or social media posts got more views and much more.

All of this information plays a huge role in capturing vital information that can help you to enhance your actions better. You will be eliminating what does not work out and continue to apply the best strategies which will guarantee you exceptional results.

5. Keeps a track of your competitors

Source: Coschedule

Keeping a lookout for your competitors gives you the opportunity to excel better than them. For instance, if they post a blog three times a week, you can do the same where instead of a blog post you can post other types of content. Such a strategy will help you to garner more attention and pull your [prospect's interest towards your page more.

With Facebook this pointer is applicable. You can get a good view of how many followers your competitors have, what they post on their page, what are the comments and all they receive which will, in turn, help you to perform better than them. The key to a successful brand is to fill in the gaps which your competitors have left out and with Facebook, this has become an efficient task to conduct.

Facebook is here to stay for long because with the advantages shown above, you can confidently say that conducting vital business activities such as marketing and sales can be beneficial when using a Facebook platform.

But firstly for your brand to continue growing and engaging with prospects you need to first work on capturing the attention of your prospects by converting them into a follower. When you have a good number of Facebook followers the word spread our quick and in turn you receive more relevant prospects who want to engage and learn more about what your brand has to offer.

Focus on increasing your followers and watch how your business skyrockets its performance.

Top 8 ways to increase Facebook followers in 2020

1. Conduct frequent Facebook ads


Source: Oberlo

As listed earlier, Facebook ads are a great way to either engage with your prospects or to sell to them. With Facebook ads, you can increase your follower's list since you will be reaching out to them with your solution. When interested, the prospects will head over to your page and even to your website confirming a strong follower from their end.

Facebook ads can help to increase your follower's lists because they are able to help you decide what type of prospect you want to target in terms of location, detailed audience types and even age groups. This makes it easier to capture the attention of your ideal audience and hence compel them to follow you to learn more about what you have to offer.

  1. Send Facebook invites


Source: Oberlo

Another way to increase your Facebook followers is to send an invite of your page to your target audience. You can conduct this activity in an efficient manner by first identifying which type of audience you want to capture, you can do this by using web scraping solutions (the process of extracting information from any source or website).

Once you have in mind which prospects you want to capture, you can send the invites accordingly. Refrain from sending multiple invites to many prospects as Facebook has the ability to block you, keep a gap for each invite being sent. The invites are able to get more prospects to accept the invitation hence increasing your followers count.

3. Create impactful content


Source: Lyfe Marketing

Another way to attract the attention of prospects so that they can land up on your page and hit the ‘follow’ button is through impactful content. The right kind of content is what will turn heads towards your page. When you post content it has the power to connect with a prospect on a more relatable and emotional content.

With a good marketing strategy, you can create insightful blogs, attractive social media posts and conduct insightful debates which will help a prospect to view your brand as a place where they can resolve all their queries. ‘’42% of B2B marketers say they’re effective at content marketing.’’

To conduct efficient content marketing tactics, you can try the below steps:

  • Create relevant content which prospects want to read
  • Posting content at the right time in the right place for maximum prospect views
  • Create content in any form such as visuals, videos and more

No matter which content you create, curate it in such a way that it compels your prospects to find the content informative and relevant according to their needs.

4. Conduct frequent giveaways


Source: Oberlo

Do you know why a few of the pages you use on Facebook have a higher followers count? One of the reasons is because of the page offering multiple giveaways. Giveaways are a great way to capture the attention of the prospects you want to engage with. Who doesn’t like a giveaway and the greatest thing about it is the fact that the reaction that needs to be done is very easy, so why won’t a prospect be compelled to conduct that action?

You can apply this technique when you are engaging with your prospects online. For instance, you can conduct a giveaway where you could ask your prospect to like your post, follow you and share your page with their friends and in return, they can get a huge discount on your products or anything else.

Such activities are a good trigger for your prospects to engage with you. This will not only help you to increase your followers but it will also extend your outreach even if a few of the people share your page with their friends.

5. Indulge in creating pop-ups

Source: PopupAllyPro

A pop up appears when you land on a page where it asks you whether you would like to know more about the brand. The great thing about pop-ups is it works as a quick decision-maker, in a second the prospect can either click on the pop-up or reject it and continue scrolling through your page.

If the pop-up strategy is conducted correctly, chances are you can win yourself some good new followers. The thing about pop-ups is you need not have attractive content to make your prospects curious about what they have just read when you use such content, your prospect will be compelled to learn more about what the pop has to offer.

You can place your pop-ups according to the places you want to wish for instance at the end of the blog, when a prospect is reading your blog, on your social media handles and more. This will work as a great way to divert your prospect's attention towards clicking spontaneously to learn more about your brand offers.

6. Indulge with influencers


Source: Wordstream

Another way to increase your Facebook followers is by partnering with the influencers in your niche. With an influencer, getting followers becomes a whole lot easier. The reason being an influencer’s words are believed and followed by its audience. For instance, if an influencer shares the word that using your solution can help its audience, there will be a few of the influencer's audience who would come to visit your page.

Ensure that you pair with a good number of influencers who have a strong follower base and whose words are taken seriously. Pairing with them can be another effective way to increase more views on your Facebook business page as well as impact your follower count.

7. Make use of automation for a consistent flow of online activities

To increase your Facebook followers, the main agenda is to keep your work consistent. Whether it is posting content on a daily basis or monitoring the stats of your online activities. All of this cannot be conducted regularly manually. Hence it is wise to use automated solutions that can help you conduct this action on a more accurate and continuous basis.

With automated solutions, you can conduct repetitive activities such as continuous posting, monitoring the page, replying to prospects and more. When such activities are conducting regularly and efficiently, why won’t the follower's list on your page increase? The only time your follower list will fall is when your page is inactive or irregular in its online activities.

8. Add your Facebook links to all your online activities


Source: Harshith Das

Now say, for instance, your brand has published a blog and it has been well received by your prospects, what happens is they would want to learn more about you and so when you place your social media link which in this case if your Facebook page, there are high chances of them coming and hitting the ‘follow’ option.

Not only for blogs even in your Facebook ads or social media posts try adding your page links or your website links so that prospects can get to learn about you better. Prospects will never invest in a brand until they are sure of what the brand can offer them and how their solution can complete the prospects' needs.

Hence it is wise to guide your prospects towards exploring and learning more about your brand so that when it comes to making the final decision, they invest in your brand more confidently.

You now have the most efficient solutions that will help you to increase your Facebook followers in the most efficient manner. But apart from this do you know how you can impact the above steps and continue to grow better on Facebook?

The answer lies in the solution technology has provided in the form of ‘proxy services.’

How can proxy services help in efficient Facebook activities?

Proxy services are solutions that can be used well while conducting Facebook activities. With a proxy service, you can easily try to capture more information about your competitors without them having to know it was you trespassing. Isn’t that great?

Proxy services eliminate the main issue for detecting your location which is your IP address. It offers proxies whenever you want to access any information which is restricted so that in case if you are blocked, your original IP address isn’t affected.

While Facebook provides you with all the basic information of how you can sell better, a proxy service provider can offer you more than just that, for instance, it can help you in:

Capturing your prospects detail information, for instance, their prospect list and more

  • You can understand what is your prospect exactly looking for
  • You can get an overview of how your market conditions are changing and immediately improvise on your current solution
  • You can also capture other relevant information such as what blog topics your prospects like to read, when is the right time to post on Facebook and much more

A proxy service does its job to help you grow better with the use of quality data. With such vital information in hand, imagine what would happen when you apply all these solutions in your current strategy?

Without a doubt in hand, your business will flourish in the way you expected it to be.


Facebook is a platform your business needs to function more on. With the data mentioned in the article, with the effective steps to increase your Facebook followers listed, it’s your time to enhance your business with all that you require to get started.

When it comes to choosing a proxy service provider, ensure that you are going for the one which is a paid one firstly, secondly, it should offer you a good number of IP addresses and lastly, it should help you conduct your online actions with a good speed.

Social media is the platform to engage and sell better to modern prospects today. Having said this, which technique or rather which action are you planning to apply first to increase the Facebook followers on your page?

We are listening.

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