What to Do If Craigslist IP Blocked You?

What to Do If Craigslist IP Blocked You?

Craigslist IP Blocked

The reason why you have got blocked from your last ad website is because your IP address gave your identity away.

IP addresses are the real reason how a website can identify who you are with your location.

As we are speaking about Craigslist, this is one such medium where the chances of getting blocked are higher because of your IP address.

You need to post ads because it can extend the product outreach better and yes Craigslist is a great platform but also this platform eliminates any suspicious activities insight,

So how can you conduct smooth Craiglist activity without getting blocked?

We have a reliable solution that can help you which we will cover in this article today:

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Craigslist is a great platform to post ads.

Multiple brands use Craigslist because you can post multiple frequent ads there and the audience outreach is more.

This action is done by agencies mostly to exhibit the product their client has.

But most of such agencies have faced the issue of getting blocked because of their IP address, so why is this happening?


IP stands for Internet protocol. 

The IP address is a unique number every user has.

With the IP address, your location details can be revealed, not the exact location but where you are from can be revealed. 

IP addresses are the main reason why you get blocked. For instance, say that you want to access a restricted website and you get blocked, this happened because that website would have an authorized audience only and so when the request was detected your IP address wasn’t matching the audience location, it got blocked. 

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Now you need to understand that posting ads on Craigslist isn’t wrong, but if you are going to post multiple ads on the same day with the same IP address, it will look like spam which is why Craigslist has conducted the blocking procedure.

For this reason alone, your IP address gets blocked because your action fell into the suspicious activity. 

But as promised earlier, we do have a solution that can help you avoid this.


The simple answer is by using a proxy server.

Proxy servers act as a mediator between a user and the information it wants to access. For instance say if a user wants to access information from a website it will send a request. The request instead of it reaching the website, it reaches the proxy server. The proxy server will change the user’s IP address and send that request to the website. Once the website approves of the access request, the information will be viewed by the user.

There are many instances where you must have realised that your IP addresses have got blocked. This generally happens because you were trying to access information from a website which was restricted. At times many websites tend to block users who don't match their restrictions.

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For instance, one website would have put the restriction that only UK users can access their website information, now if you are staying outside of the UK, the minute you try to access the information, chances are you would either be blocked or denied.

As technology evolves, so does the solutions it offers, with a tool like proxy servers there are many reasons why it is considered to be an efficient solution for users like you:

1 . Proxy servers can help access any data you wish to review

  1. Proxy servers ensure that the identity of any user is hidden

To enhance your experience with Craigslist, you are aware that proxies are great but for a user like you who is going to post multiple ads either for yourself or for your client, the ideal proxy you need to use is private proxies.

There are two types of proxies, Public and Private. Public proxies as the name suggests relies on more of the public usage. It is a free proxy so for instance, if you want to access any information, you just need to conduct this action with the help of a public proxy.

But what happens here is since it is free, there will be multiple users which means there is no privacy with reference to your actions. Also, since there are multiple users making use of the public proxies at the same time, there are chances of the internet speed even  lowering down.

If you are someone who highly depends on the online platform, using public proxies is not the ideal fit for you.

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When it comes to privacy and conducting consistent activities online, always invest your time and money on a private proxy.

With private proxies it is simple. Since it is a dedicated proxy, it will be used by the user itself. It is a paid proxy which again means whoever has paid for its service can only use it. Private proxies are great because they secure your online actions and also since you are the only one utilizing it, the internet seed will not reduce.

Also since we are talking about Ads whether it is Facebook ads or Instagram ads, such ads are most widely used as it is a good sales measure. There is also another place where many brands post their ads, it is popularly known as ‘Craiglist’ Similar to Craigslist, there are multiple other ad pages where brands use to post their products.

Using a private proxy you can make use of such a platform. You can indulge your prospects from across the globe with such a platform. Not only will your traffic be driven much higher but you will be able to capture organic leads quicker.

When you're using the support of proxy servers, you understand that it serves a huge purpose in your ad activities which is why making sure that the proxy you have is a great one is necessary.

We got you covered for this as well.



All users may not be technical when it comes to resolving any errors with the proxies. Hence a good proxy provider would be the one that offers great support in times like these. The support systems need to be 24/7 present to cater to users who are experiencing any problems.

Support services are looked upon by multiple users hence it is necessary that when you invest in a private proxy service provider, their support game is on point.


Another feature you need to keep in mind when choosing the best proxy server is the speed rate. As a business, there will be much work for you to conduct using the online platform and in this case, if you have a slower internet speed, chances are your work will slow down and so will the productivity levels.

Hence to avoid that, it is advisable to invest in a proxy service that offers a good internet speed so that you can conduct efficient online activities without any risk or stoppage.

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Another feature you need to take into consideration is the number of proxies being offered to you. Conducting online activities with so many limitations isn’t safe as your brand can stand a chance of being blocked. To avoid that, invest in a proxy server that offers you a good amount of proxies so that your IP address doesn’t get tampered.

The number one reason why many brands like yours fall under the trap of getting blocked is because your IP addresses disclose the location you reside in, hence when you invest in the best private proxy services, you decrease the chances of revealing your identity. 


Another feature you need to keep in mind when investing in a proxy service is whether the proxy is secure enough. Every proxy service will be passing through requests and saving data in the cache so that it becomes easier for you to view the same data another time.

But because it is saved in the cache there are chances where it can be exhibited or exploited hence it is necessary for you to identify which private proxy servers are better in terms of security so that you are able to conduct efficient online activities without any errors.


Proxy servers can save you from Craigslist blocks.

Before you get started, let’s so a quick summarization of what we’ve covered:


  1. Craigslist is a great platform to post ads.

  2. Posting ads on Craigslist isn’t wrong, but if you are going to post multiple ads on the same day with the same IP address, it will look like spam which is why Craigslist has conducted the blocking procedure.

  3. To avoid IP address blocks, use a proxy server

  4. To choose the best proxy server to ensure it provides good security and more

  5. Invest in a reliable proxy server so that your activity on Craigslist runs smoothly.

Do let us know your opinion on this topic and for more such related articles, watch out for Limeproxies.

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