Why the blend of Jarvee and Instagram is better for your brand growth?

Why the blend of Jarvee and Instagram is better for your brand growth?


To grow better online, having just one social media handle isn’t enough. 

You might be a brand that sells multiple products.

So think of it in this way,

Would you use just one social media handle or let’s say one Instagram account to sell all your products?

That is a big no because how are you going to earn well from the products that you offer.

The products that you created have an aim to cater to solving your prospect's needs. 

Your product creation isn’t built on just one type of audience, there is more which is why using Instagram is a better choice, and managing multiple accounts is the best choice.

We can guarantee you that your business can grow 2x more once you complete this article because we have covered everything you need to know about growing your brand on Instagram, a platform where ‘’1 billion people use Instagram every month.’’

Let’s get you started then.

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You need to be reminded of your purpose with this channel and that’s when you understand why understanding the other key terms in this article will matter.


The greatest thing about Instagram is that it helps you to connect to the right audience. Many brands waste a lot of their time trying to reach out to the wrong audience and when they realize it, it’s too late. With Instagram, this isn’t the case. Instagram gives you the option to target who you want to, it allows you to conduct ads to the audience who you believe is the right fit for your solution.

For a business, the main agenda for successful sales should be solving the needs of the audience and that can only happen when you are targeting the right ones. Instagram ensures this takes place.


How can your brand connect with the multiple audiences you have? You cannot cater to each and every audience personally, can you? You need a solution which can help you to attract your audience and as well as help you to connect with them emotionally. That is exactly what Instagram aims to help you deliver with its post option.

With the use of high-quality images and videos, you can convey your brand’s message and connect with your audience emotionally. The videos and images you use can convey volumes that your prospect can connect with. They would be able to relate to it and visuals once seen have chances of being retained in the minds of theirs.


Instagram isn’t just about posting online, as mentioned earlier it is more than that. It is a great medium to sell if you know how exactly it should be done. Instagram has multiple features that let you conduct sales action. It has Stories, posts, highlights and much more which can help you to reach out to your audience without any hassle.

As a brand, when you sell to your audience, the main focus is to first capture their attention, retain their attention and finally move that attention into action. When you use such Instagram features, conducting the mentioned process doesn’t take much.


Another great thing about Instagram is that the traffic rate for business pages has the chance to increase. The reason being an ad or a post has caught the attention of a prospect and they are visiting your page to learn more. This is great because it provides your brand with the opportunity to showcase an elegant yet insightful information which can satisfy their needs better.

With Instagram how well you create and manage your page matters because if your page entices the attention of your prospects, chances are they will click on your posts and might be your website to learn about your brand.


 ‘’1 billion people use Instagram every month.’’

Imagine how well your brand could grow if you target even a small number of prospects using such a platform. With Instagram ads, Instagram business features your brand has the liberty to reach out to any of your prospects from anywhere in the world. It doesn’t have to be restricted to the country you are living in. 

Wouldn’t that be great for your brand?

Now that you’ve been reminded about your purpose using Instagram for your business, let’s view the top 3 ways you can grow your Instagram handle better.



Instagram accounts

Instagram accounts can be created in two ways, one is the normal one which prospects have and the other is a business account. The difference between the two accounts is obvious. While the regular account shows simple stats for any posts being shared, a business account offers to exhibit more information on that. You can get detailed insights into your posts such as the age of your audience, time your page experienced high traffic, as well as your account, will give your prospect the option to contact you directly since you can place the communication method such as email, calls, text.


Once you have created your business account, your next step should be what is your aim in conducting such an action? The reason why this process is important is that you are using a platform that has the highest number of active users. With the statistics mentioned in the article, it is obvious that Instagram is a great medium when it comes to selling and if you are not going to create a plan to accomplish your goals, how will you even start your Instagram marketing activities?

Before you can even initiate the engagement and the posting activities, sit down and understand what is it that you are expecting from such a medium?:

1 . Higher sales numbers

  1. More deals to close
  2. Higher engagement
  3. Brand awareness or more

When you are clear about how you want to achieve your goals, Instagram marketing becomes a smoother journey to travel on.


The next step for an effective Instagram marketing activity to be conducted is to identify who you are doing it in the first place for. Many brands commit the mistake of just selling to anyone and everyone which isn’t the right way of doing it in the first place. For instance, say you are a vendor who sells proxy servers, your target audience would be more of developers, researchers and people who indulge in online activities more often.

Your sales graph will hit the right numbers when you are selling to the right audience. Your audience will add value to your business and will indulge in helping your brand grow. If you are to invest your time in selling to everyone, closing deals would take place but your brand growth would never reach its heights.

You now have the details of why Instagram for business matters and also the top tips to get started, but did you know that doing all this for multiple products that you offer, won’t have much impact?

The reason being the equal opportunity that your products can receive will be overshadowed with just one common product that your prospects would buy, which is why you need to create multiple Instagram accounts and Jarvee can help you that.


Jarvee is an Instagram solution in the form of a software where it automates any number of Instagram accounts you have.

If you had to manage four or five Instagram handles a day, it becomes difficult and there are chances of you losing out on vital actions or information and such risks cannot happen to your business.

Apart from Instagram, Jarvee can also enhance other social media handles such as Linkedin Twitter and more.


It is very easy to get started on Jarvee, all you need to do is customize the settings you require for your accounts as seen in the image below and your account will be managed on its own without any hassle or confusion.


Whether the case is to follow up with your prospects anytime round the clock or to post your content online, just a tweak in settings can help you conduct this action without any errors. 

Let’s understand the value Jarvee’s existence can hold on your Instagram handles.



Jarvee can accommodate any number of Instagram accounts that you have by automating its actions in each of them. As you’ve seen in the above image, you just need to conduct your settings and your account will be taken care of as you visualized it would.


Javee can be used to conduct multiple actions such as automating your target audience, comments, follower count, and more. This is considered to be the better choice in Instagram growth when compared to the other tools being used. Since you have updated the time and frequency accordingly, the action when seen from the other side displays a human touch itself. 


Jarvee has a great design and the team at this brilliant solution is working towards giving you a clear and easy process of getting started on such a solution. The design is so unique that it makes Instagram actions less subjected to being blocked.

Jarvee is a great solution if you wish to grow your business better in 2020, but do you know that since it is helping you conduct such online actions, it can also be subjected to risk?

The risk of being caught at times or a slight suspiciousness maybe, well this can be avoided with one simple solution.


A proxy server acts as an intermediary between an individual who wants to access a restricted website and that website itself.

Say, for instance, you want to access some website but it's not reflecting since your location has been blocked, what you would do is send a request to access that website, but instead of that website receiving that request, the proxy server will receive it. It will change your IP address and then send the request to that website. 

When the website sees that the IP address is of the location they are granting the access to view, they will approve and the approval will be received first by the proxy server and then to you.

Proxy servers ensure that your IP address will be hidden so that there are no chances of you getting blocked at all. This is exactly why using this solution with Jarvee can be useful.

When you use proxy servers with Jarvee, you can ensure that when the outsiders view your Instagram account, it will look like multiple separate accounts from different users. This will help you conduct efficient online activities on Instagram accounts better without any risks. 

Your identity is being hidden, anyone will think that the account is being managed by different users and your IP address is always different from yours, wouldn’t you be able to conduct better Instagram activities?


You can now manage your Instagram accounts with simple investments. As promised, we told you now you can get started on your Instagram activities for the right reason and with secure action plans.

But before you head out, let’s have a look of what we’ve covered:

Key Takeaways:

  1. Instagram is the best choice for your business because it can help you sell better to a larger audience and more
  2. The top tips to grow better using Instagram is to create a business account and more
  3. Jarvee is a software that automates your actions on your Instagram handle
  4. Use Jarvee with a proxy server to enhance your performance better on Instagram and to secure your online activities

When choosing for a good proxy server, ensure that you opt for one that offers you with a good number of IP addresses.

Do let us know what you think of the article.

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