How to manage multiple Facebook accounts?

How to manage multiple Facebook accounts?

Manage multiple facebook accounts

What started as a platform to connect individuals from across the globe is now becoming a revenue source for the modern businesses of today. Facebook today has been providing a huge revenue count for businesses that use such a platform for the purpose of lead driven activities. 

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The world is going social and with such a social platform like Facebook, businesses are confident that investing in such a social media handle will yield them quality benefits. The greatest thing about Facebook is that active users have increased over the recent years which is exactly why brands like yours need to take advantage of such an opportunity.

It is well aware that the brands today don’t just limit their business solutions to one. There are many solutions which a business offers to cater to different types of their target audience. Understanding this, many brands tend to use Facebook to create multiple accounts to sell their solution better, but the drawback here is that with the technology developing at a faster rate, actions like these can cause a brand to find their account being blocked.

Understanding the priority, many businesses today are using the option of creating more than one account to cater to their business activities. Creating multiple accounts can help a business in multiple ways that could enhance business activities as well as ensure that the purpose of using Facebook to sell to potential prospects is achieved. If you too are looking to create multiple accounts on Facebook but want to stay away from the fear of risks, this article can guide you through an easy solution. 

A solution which is popularly known as ‘Proxy servers’.

But before we head into the details, let’s first what is the need for a brand like yours to manage multiple Facebook accounts?

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The number one reason for businesses to have more than one Facebook account is due to the fact that they can engage with multiple types of audiences from different locations. ‘’49% of users like a Facebook page to support a brand they like’’. For instance, a brand like yours can create a separate account for users in the USA, or Australia or Japan and cater to the needs of the users in that particular country. 

The benefit here is as a brand, your outreach in global countries will be higher, you will be able to cater to your target audience's needs no matter where they reside, your chances of conversions are higher as well as since you will be catering to a number of leads.


As a brand, there wouldn’t be just one product that you will be dealing with. It would confuse your prospects when you tend to sell more than one product on your Facebook page hence creating a separate account for all your products gives you the opportunity to sell them better and allow your prospects to understand what the product is about completely. For instance, when you share all your products on one Instagram account, chances are:

1 . They will be confused

  1. They might not remember all your products

  2. It will be too much for your prospects to take in when you exhibit the line of products you have 

However, on the other end, when you create a separate account for your products, chances are:

1 . You can earn better revenue with the advertisements for that product

  1. Your prospects can explore and understand each of the features of your product much better

  2. It becomes convenient to tap prospects who would like your product and convert them quicker


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Not all your prospects are the same. Each of them will have different preferences, tastes, and choices which make their needs different too. Engaging on Facebook is necessary and the way you engage in Facebook matters because it helps you to create a unique batch of content dedicated to serving such prospects.

With the help of multiple Facebook accounts, brands like you can show different sides of your business to develop the trust of prospects as well as attract them towards learning more about what you have to offer. For instance, you could create dedicated accounts where you can show:

1 . How well your employees function?

  1. What are the activities you employ in your organization?

  2. What goes into the making of your solution?

  3. Existing prospects testimonials

So, why are brands being pulled back to not create more than one Facebook account?


According to Facebook standards, the need to develop more than one account is prohibited. So say for instance if you create multiple accounts and are under the suspicious eyes, chances are it can be reported and immediately blocked by the Facebook authorities.

The internet has become a hub for all businesses to function but did you realize that despite the online world providing us with a vast number of benefits, the drawbacks to being attached to it. For instance, Facebook doesn’t allow the creation of multiple accounts for many reasons such as it could be a cyber attack, hackers would have created it and much more.

The rise in cyber attacks is one of the main reasons why such social platforms are going towards a restricted route. The main reason here is to safeguard the interest of the users but with such a limitation, how can a brand like yours be able to conduct efficient selling activities?

The social platform is what will make your brand more evident in the eyes of your prospects, but with such a hindrance, how can you sell in a place where you are confident the results will be great?

Facebook is the rising social media platform which is now garnering the interest of multiple businesses to function better in the 2020 market. But did you know that having multiple accounts can be risky? There are chances that your accounts can be blocked.

So what can you do to prevent such a situation from happening? If your account gets blocked it deprives you of the chances of engaging better with your leads which in 2020 is one of the most crucial ways to tap your potential prospects.

Proxy servers are just the solution you require. 

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Proxy servers stand in the middle between a user and the information it wants to access. For instance, say you want to access information from your competitors but the website is restricted, what you will do is you will send a request to view the website. The proxy server will receive that request and the next action would be to change the IP address. Once this takes place the request is sent to your competitors who once approves of the request is then viewed by you.

IP addresses are one of the main reasons why many brands get blocked when viewing websites. It is because of proxy servers who offer the advantage of providing multiple proxies which helps brands to hide their identity and continue their online activities much more easily.

Proxy servers are a reliable solution that can help you to conduct risk-free actions online. The greatest thing about such servers is that:

1 . It prevents any hindrances from stopping your online activities

  1. It helps you to conduct efficient online activities

  2. It safeguards your identity better

  3. It is a risk-free tactic for conducting regular online activities

So how can a proxy server help you with the creation of multiple Facebook accounts?


When you create multiple Facebook accounts you will be using a proxy server. Since a proxy server offers multiple IP addresses and proxies, creating an account wouldn’t be a problem. For instance, say you sell 4 solutions, you can create 4 separate Facebook accounts exhibiting each of the solutions in a more dedicated approach.

So when Facebook views it will actually be a different IP address and location. While you manage all your Facebook accounts sitting in your office, your accounts will show a different story. With the help of proxies, you will be accommodating many benefits, such as:

1 . Your identity will be hidden

  1. In case if one proxy has been blocked it doesn’t block your actual IP address

  2. Since you are using a proxy, you receive a dedicated service which improves your online performance on Facebook

To sell solutions online has become a mandatory approach to achieve better results and understanding the hindrances, proxy servers are the unique solutions that could help brands like yours to conduct efficient selling activities without any hassle.



When you are investing in a proxy server also ensure that you are opting for a good proxy service. Which provides you the below advantages:

1 . A secure service

  1. Faster internet speed

  2. A good number of proxies 

  3. Changes IP address quicker

The modern businesses of today just like yours depend on social platforms to sell better, which is exactly why the demand for proxy servers has increased. Incorporating a proxy service whilst managing the Facebook accounts helps you to function more efficiently and gives you the leverage to sell better to your prospects.

Do you agree with the advantages a proxy server offers you?

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