How premium proxies can help your business to grow better in 2020?

How premium proxies can help your business to grow better in 2020?

premium proxies

Proxies are the modern solutions for B2B businesses to grow and enhance their solutions in the market better. 

Proxies are being used by multiple users in order to access information from restricted websites or other restricted sources. The reason for its existence is the data that is available online isn’t what a business or your brand would be looking for. Due to the increase in cyber-attacks and data breaching, many websites have limited access to their information.

Due to this, the need for proxy servers grew with time. Proxy servers are a great solution for businesses to grow better because they deliver a significant asset for any business growth, data. Data is one of the greatest reasons for a business to succeed better in the current market and with data being so restricted how can a brand like yours be able to retrieve it?

The option for proxy servers is either public, private or premium but in order to maximize your business efforts in 2020, it would be wiser to choose a premium proxy. But before we can head towards its benefits let’s first understand the importance of having a proxy server for your business.

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Proxy servers stand between you and the source of information you want to retrieve. For instance say if you want to retrieve information from your competitor's website to get their data in order to scale your current business solutions better than them, using a proxy server will be beneficial to conduct such an action. 

When you want to access your competitor's website, you will send a request, instead of that request reaching your competitors, the proxy server will receive it first. It will change your IP address and then send the request to your competitors. Once the competitors approve, the information can be viewed by you. 

Imagine the benefits you can receive when you use a proxy server for your business, but which proxy server would be the ideal one to help scale your business quicker and more efficiently?


Before we can head to why premium proxies are the ideal one to scale your business better, let’s first understand why the other proxies are framed away.

If you opt for a public proxy, there are advantages attached to it such as it’s free and that multiple users can invest in it whenever they like. Now, this may seem great but for your business, this could be a problem.

Now with public proxies, despite it being free and has no user limit it doesn’t hold any security nor can function efficiently for business. For instance, when a public proxy is being used by multiple users, how can you possibly expect the speed of the process to be high since there are many users the changes of you conducting any activity would be slower hence consuming half of your day to conduct even one action.

Similarly, since it’s a free proxy, there are no chances of a secure connection, everyone will be able to witness what actions you are performing. 

Keeping this all in mind is the reason why instead of choosing a proxy which is free to invest in premium proxies who are dedicated and offer multiple benefits which can help your business to scale higher amongst the tough crowd. 

The whole agenda for you to scale your business is to increase your brand exposure, capture more leads for a higher conversion rate and above all stand number one in the market. For that to happen, having all the information needed is necessary so that the same can be applied to improvise the solutions you are selling.

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Hence premium proxies ensure that this takes place. The greatest factors about premium proxies are:

1 . It is a dedicated proxy

  1. It offers higher internet speed

  2. It offers a secure platform

  3. It helps to conduct data retrieval activity much quicker and better.

Let’s understand this in detail.

Premium proxies are dedicated proxies which means that only you will be able to use this proxy. Since you are using this proxy, you have control over what you are doing. You can access any data you like without having the doubt that someone else can view your action.

Since premium proxies are dedicated proxies, there is no hindrance in the speed of your online performance. This means that you can retrieve data from your competitor's website without the internet slowing you down. For a business to scale their performance better, they require to make quicker decisions and the agenda of a proxy server is to help you get all the information so that you can sell better. Now when you top that with good internet speed, wouldn’t you succeed much better with your quick actions? That is exactly what premium proxies aim to deliver.

In a public proxy as mentioned above, since there are multiple users there is no security in the actions you conduct but with premium proxies, this isn’t the case. Since it is only you utilizing the actions using this proxy, only you are able to view the actions you are conducting.

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Lastly, proxy servers are great in making data retrieval an easy process. Any information you want to access can be done with a premium proxy since it has multiple IP’s in replacement of hiding your very own. Another way you can retrieve data online from sources is through a solution called web scraping. Web scraping is another solution which helps to extract data from websites or server without the website owner has to be alerted.

The greatest thing is premium proxies support this solution. This means that while you conduct efficient web scraping activity from any restricted source no matter the number of times, premium proxies act as a protective shield to help hide your identity to conduct such online activities.


Premium proxies are the wiser decision when it comes to scaling your business and e-commerce performance. To sustain the tough competition, conducting quicker actions that can capture the attention of your prospects is important. Hence when premium proxies are fast in helping you retrieve the most important asset for your business, data, how can you not witness the rise in your business growth?

Always keep in mind that whenever you choose a premium proxy, invest in the one that contains the following factors:

1 . A good number of IP addresses

  1. Offers good internet speed
  2. Is a paid proxy
  3. Is efficient in its actions

So, when are you planning to upscale your business with premium proxies?

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