Which proxy is best for SEO campaigns?-Paid or free

Which proxy is best for SEO campaigns?-Paid or free

SEO campaigns


  1. Using reverse proxies to bolster subdomain juice.
  2. Using proxies for linkbuilding
  3. The Question of the Ages: Paid Vs Free

In the world of modern web, more efforts than ever are required to make your website stand out as compared to the billions of others out there. With all that competition out there, it is now harder than ever to reach the top rankings in search with some simple, run of the mill SEO. Your SEO strategy needs to be innovative and dynamic, and keep pace with the newest trends — whether you are an agency running campaigns for your client, or if you are part of the in-house content and SEO team. Of the different SEO improvement tactics which have evolved over the years, is the concept of using SEO proxies.

If you are reading this, you must already be aware about the concept of proxies. Put very simply, proxies allow their user to access the web with different IP addresses. You may even have heard of some of the more common uses of proxies such as visiting banned websites, however, their uses are far more extensive and varied and one of these uses, involves helping SEO professionals give their efforts a keener edge. Using proxies can help you stay anonymous as you scout competitor’s websites, keep you from getting banned while you scrape websites, help you as linkbuilding tools, and much more. You can choose to use either free, or premium and paid SEO proxies to help you in your quest. While free proxies have the advantage of, well….being free, paid SEO proxies have their own set of benefits which we will touch upon, later in the article.

Meanwhile, let’s delve into the meat of the matter, and discover how using SEO proxies can help you in your quest for better rankings.

1. Using reverse proxies to bolster subdomain juice.


best proxy for your SEO campaigns

Webpages linking to each other help boost authority, which among other things, helps boost your rank. This also holds true when you have a webpage on your website, linking to our homepage. So for instance, xyz.com/blog will give xyz.com a boost when it links to it.

However, what if xyz.com has hosted its blog on say blog.xyz.xom? Linking back to the main website will still boost your main website’s authority, however, subdomains transfer very little juice as compared to another page which is directly hosted on your main website, e.g. www.xyz.com/blog. This is because from an SEO perspective, hosting your content in subfolders is preferable to hosting it on a subdomain.

A way to resolve this dilemma is to use reverse proxies. With reverse proxies, blog.xyz.com can easily become xyz.xom/blog, without you needing to go to the trouble of removing the blog from its current position and porting it to a subfolder. Reverse proxies allow access to the content situated on a subdomain, through a path which goes through the main website. They do this by acting as a web broker for a server, and requesting content from another, altogether different source.

Thus, you can deploy reverse proxies to make content hosted on subdomains appear as if it’s within subfolders on your main domain — bolstering the amount of juice it passes back to the pages it links to, and thus boosting your SEO in an organic manner.

2. Using proxies for linkbuilding


best proxy for your SEO campaigns

Linkbuilding is one of the most important ways to boost your website’s search engine rankings. After all, the number of backlinks to a website directly impacts it’s search engine rankings. As such, from a pure SEO perspective, it is in your direct interest to build as many backlinks as possible. With that said, there are only so many backlinks you can build every day, manually. That is exactly where SEO experts deploy linkbuilding tools, which help build more backlinks,  faster.

However, search engines constantly monitor IP addresses which are engaged in building backlinks. As such, it is advisable to use these tools in conjunction with linkbuilding proxies. Not using proxies for linkbuilding may just result into Google blacklisting your IP. On the other hand, using linkbuilding proxies in conjunction with linkbuilding tools can allow you to quickly build up the authority of your website without attracting any penalty.

The Question of the Ages: Paid Vs Free

Now that we have talked about a couple of possible use cases of proxies in SEO, let’s touch upon which proxies you should use in your own SEO adventures? Should you deploy free or scraped proxies which are obviously, free. Or should you use premium, paid SEO proxies? Let’s take a look.

  • Transparency

Technically, proxies are supposed to hide your identity from the rest of the web. However, you are not exactly signing a contract when you commit to using free proxies. As such, there is really no guarantee that the tool you are deploying will maintain the sanctity of your IP address. On the other hand, a proxy SEO tool which is paid, will do a much better job of hiding your identity from the rest of the internet.

This means that you can scout your competitors, engage in larger linkbuilding exercises, access multiple social media accounts (which you would need to do as an SEO/SMM agency) and so on, with complete peace of mind. This is something which only paid seo proxies can provide.

Another major point of difference between free and paid proxies is that of speed. Free proxies usually have a lot of people using them at any one time, and that number may vary with each passing minute. This means that the speed of your connection will be unreliable at best. On the other hand, using paid proxies can allow you to have dedicated fast proxies for SEO at your fingertips. Having fast proxies for SEO will allow you to go about your tasks in a rapid manner, something which is very important when you are doing projects for a client.

  • Less chance of being banned by Google

Like all free things in the world, public proxies are abused quite badly. Using proxy SEO tools along with the paid, premium, fast proxies for SEO can ensure that you do not get banned by Google. What’s more, even if your proxy does get banned, you can also easily get an all new IP address from the proxy service provider and continue your SEO campaign without pause.

Apart from all these reasons, you must also not forget the fact that paid proxy SEO tools will have a much better uptime as compared to the free ones.  So, whether you are running a campaign for a client or for your own website, your efforts will be much more consistent and will yield much better results when you use premium proxy SEO tools as opposed to the free ones.

In fact, you can use the free proxies when you are testing something out, or when you can’t afford to buy paid proxies. However, it is always best practice to get hold of some paid proxies and use them in your campaign, whether you are using linkbuilding proxies or reverse proxies.

The best news if you are not already aware of it, is the fact paid proxy SEO tools are quite inexpensive. And the few dollars that you will have to spend to buy them will yield significantly large ROIs. As such, play it smart, avoid getting banned by search engines, and get consistent performance and high speed with paid proxies instead of using scraped ones.

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