How to choose the best proxy for Brand Protection?

How to choose the best proxy for Brand Protection?

proxy for brand protection

‘’Cybercriminal activity is one of the biggest challenges that humanity will face in the next two decades. Cybercrime is projected to cause damage of over $6 trillion annually by 2021, up from $3 trillion in 2015.’’

Cyber attack is on the rise and it’s getting worse by the decade. Despite constant measures being taken place in the past years, the rise in threats never seem to reduce. From data breaching to hackers access in confidential information, a minute miss from your end could open doors to the online fraud world into attacking your brand.

We live in a digital world where today almost half of the businesses are leaning towards the support of the social world. From social engagement with leads to improvising brand names on a higher level, the B2B sector thrives on this platform to grow successfully.

But with the constant threats and suspicious activities it becomes difficult to sustain your brand higher. Today for brands to retain its success, quality measures need to be taken to ensure that none of the online threats can access through, but is there a permanent solution for this?

As technology rises, techniques become more efficient to crack which makes it even easier for hackers to continue their wrong practices. If you are not protecting your brand in 2019, you may as well not be able to retain the brand’s identity in the next few years.

Honestly, this can be a greater problem.

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Brand protection refers to the process of safeguarding, securing and protecting your brand from any threats that could cause harm to your business and the way your identity.

The market gets tough and change is a feature no one likes to adapt to. In order to eliminate the need of such changes, many brands and sources tend to hack their competitors strategies to out power them without their knowledge. For instance, if you have a strategy that you know will place well in the market and if your competitors get a hold of it, the qualified leads will shift their attention to the latter.

Brand protection is crucial, infact it needs to be maintained all the time not just from outside but within also. Today, even a minor mistake could transform your brand under the risk of getting hacked and you know quite well what it means to lose away you hard earned identity within just minutes.

‘’Every day, around 230,000 malware samples are created by hackers. The amount of malware created will continue to grow in the coming years and the creation of trojans, potentially unwanted programs and other threats would continue to enter targeted PCs and cause more harm than ever.’’

Top 4 reasons why you need to safeguard brand protection for your business:


As mentioned earlier, even one careless mistake is enough to set your hackers into your system to begin their activity. ‘’Destructive cyber-threat activity is becoming more common and attribution is getting harder. Information loss is the most expensive component of a cyber attack, with 43% of costs involved in it ’’. Safeguard your brand so that you can eliminate any errors, any effective plans that can grow your brand and also unauthorized users from preventing your business to grow higher. Secure your brand with the highest solution so that hackers can find themselves in a tough spot to crack open your business success.


When you identify that another brand is selling the strategy that you had planned to conduct for your brand, the next would be to sue them. This process might seem keen to your mind now, but when you see it in the long term, it accumulates all the money you have keeping you away from investing in what actually matters, your brand. Securing your brand would be efficient when you instead invest that money into secure applications that can cater to your brands privacy and security. 


Nothing is worse for a brand when its identity soon fades away from the minds of its clients.  With the high increase in threats and the news spreading that your brand has been caught in the trap of hackers, it isn’t a very trustworthy moment for your existing clients. Fear of being tampered forces them to leave you and have doubt on your security measures. Eliminating this can make the reverse happen.


The number one reason why brand protection is required is because you need to stay away from the threats, malicious activities and other risks surrounding around the online world. When you take the right precautions to create a barrier, you make it easier for your brand to grow in a healthier space. For instance, if you invest in a good brand protection practice, you can concentrate on growing your brand whilst the program supporting your actions with a protective shield even when you are away. 

The threats will never stop, ‘’today's organizations are struggling to secure their endpoints and paying a steep cost for each successful attack. A successful cyber attack costs over $5 million or $301 per employee’’, but does that mean you don’t begin taking precautions?

The threats may never be avoided, but as mentioned technology may have a solution beyond the drawbacks. One such solution is ‘Proxy servers’.


Proxy servers are software that helps to create a protective shield whilst you continue your online activities. It’s an impactful solution that can help your brand to prevent such errors and threats.

Proxy servers work in this manner:


Source: Theselfemployed

You use any device to request access to any content from a restricted website, without a proxy server your request would be banned and blocked. But with a proxy server, you can easily access it because the server hides your identity. For instance, say the website is only allowing users from its location to view the content. What the proxy server will do here is that it will change your IP address into the format that it will look as if you are the user from their location. Once the website approves, you get your data.

When it comes to brand protection with proxies, there are many reasons how proxy servers can be a great solution to help protect your brand against such dangerous threats.


proxy for brand protection


Proxy servers as you are aware, act as a shield when you send requests to the website and when they approve and come to you. This is a great process taking place because with the growing information online, not every website you see is genuine. You might not be able to identify hence with a proxy server all the suspicious websites are kept far away from reaching you hence safeguarding anything that falls in your traffic. This is crucial because many things unknowingly can enter your traffic, you may consider it as harmful since it is easy to create a fake website today and appear genuine looking, proxy servers add an extra strip of security ensuring that you don’t fall under any risk.


To outsell your competitors, your brand requires the complete information of what your top competitors are doing. To retrieve such information isn’t easy, which is why a proxy server can help you.

When you want to retrieve information and if your IP address doesn’t match the rules of the content accessibility fixed by a website, chances are you can be blocked. To avoid this, you can use a proxy server to continue conducting this action whilst your identity remains hidden. While you grasp more information to grow your business well, proxy servers ensure that your online activities are safeguarded.


It is very annoying and frustrating when one has to wait for a website to load. It not only diverts attention but also sparks a furious emotion to walk away. This is the same case with your clients. With a proxy server, this can be prevented. The reason why your website slows down is that many hackers want to access and reach your traffic or some of them will start copy-pasting the information that you have which in turn is another reason for slower growth. The proxy server eliminates this and ensures that no such activities are being conducted. Proxy servers ensure complete brand protection for business by focusing more on driving genuine and real traffic.


‘’21 percent of all files are not protected in any way.’’

The reasons could be numerous. Just like how you monitor and are preventing the outside world from tampering your current system, you need to apply the concept internally as well. You need to ensure that a few websites are blocked or restricted so that your team wouldn’t be able to access it. When you conduct this, you are not just allowing your team to grow and learn in a healthier space, you are conducting a good brand protection technique. With proxies, this action can be conducted without any hassles.  


Your brand engages with clients on different levels, it could be email management, social media management or content marketing management. Whilst you conduct all these actions you need to understand that this all takes place online which brings you under the risk roof. To conduct this activity efficiently without any fear requires you to make use of convenient proxy servers available. With proxy servers, for instance, you can eliminate any spam emails or hacker's account requests. You can even whitelist or blacklist them with proxy features. Brand protection with proxies isn’t just helping you conduct safe online activities, it is creating a secure barrier from every possible dangerous threat.


Planning to launch a new product or maybe changing the way your current business strategy is, you can conduct all these actions without living in fear that it can be leaked out. The last thing you want as a brand is your ideas being applied by your competitors. With proxy servers, this can be tough for hackers to crack. With its high-security shield, it eliminates the need for any unauthorized access to even have a small sneak peek of your activities hence increasing the bar for higher brand protection.


With so many threats and risks sitting on your website, it tampers with the way your brand engage with potential leads. With proxy servers, this issue can be resolved. With high internet usage and a dedicated option for every proxy user, you don’t have to worry about your brand's assistance slowing down to your clients. While proxy servers tackle unauthorized users, they also ensure that you conduct your lead activities quicker and more efficiently.

The proxy server doesn’t just stress son complete brand protection, B2B brands can benefit from its presence the right to conduct efficient and smooth online activities to tap qualified leads sooner. 

There are many proxy servers available in the market which can help you in conducting efficient brand protection activities better. Ensure that these servers fit the right criteria which are the security measures, speed, and many other factors.

Whilst you conduct brand protection activities with a proxy server, you can use the support of this miracle with many other brand protection tools.



‘’A study states that by the year 2020, the costs related to damage caused by cybersecurity breaches may reach $5 trillion and that is why it becomes essential to ensure that your business' infrastructure is up-to-date and ready to ward off cyber crimes.’’

The 2019 market is growing, advancing and developing. While the online platform is considered as a great medium to retrieve information, the high rise in cyber attacks, data breaching and online fraud don’t seem to reduce.’’A typical data breach remains unnoticed by the concerned organizations for up to 6 months and even the major IT players are on the list of such organizations.’’ 

The technological growth benefits businesses but it also gives way to the hackers to crack the new solutions in the markets.

Proxy servers are great measures when it comes to brand protection for businesses. Apart from helping brands to succeed better, it creates an impactful wall that isn’t that easily accessible to any hackers out there. Its extra strip of security is exactly what brand protection with proxies can rely upon.

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