Reducing Data Acquisition Costs for Search Intelligence Company

Reducing Data Acquisition Costs for Search Intelligence Company

Reducing Data Acquisition Costs

The major challenge search intelligence companies face is to keep their clients at the top of search results continuously. They do this by gathering as much data as they can from search engines and other target sites since they give their clients information and SEO tools that will help them compete favorably on search engines. And so Limeproxies works with such search intelligence companies and tries to reduce data acquisition costs for search intelligence companies.

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Reducing Web Scraping Costs

A leading search intelligence company needed a cost-effective way of gathering data from the web and they came to Limeproxies. They had a team that was on standby for their web scraping tasks and what they needed was a way to cut down on the operational costs for maintenance and other resources that would be needed. At Limeproxies, we offered them very affordable proxies to aid them in successful scraping while reducing the possibility of their crawler being detected by the target server as a bot. This reduced their cost but their expenses were still too high and we recommended that Real-Time Crawler be used with Limeproxies.

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The search intelligence company in question had tried several crawlers and proxies for their data extraction tasks before coming to Limeproxies and they had no satisfactory result. After we analyzed the situation and provided them with the possible solutions, we asked that they combine Limeproxies which is of premium quality and passes as human use as long as it’s used responsibly according to guidelines. We also advised that Real-Time Crawler be used as it’s a powerful tool for data extraction that is specially built to scrape search engines and eCommerce sites.

The Solution

Proxies from Limeproxies are optimized to meet your web scraping needs amongst other things. You can be sure of 24/7 customer support if you run into any difficulty making your experience a smooth one. The control panel is fully automated for ease of use, and the IP servers are located in multiple locations around the world. So whichever market or site you wish to scrape from would be available to you.

Real-time crawler is also built to meet the satisfaction of clients and their web scraping needs. You can be assured of help from the tech team and your account manager that is always ready to assist.

With Limeproxies and Real-time crawler, the search intelligence company reduced its cost by 50%. Since the crawler is highly customizable, and the proxies are very affordable and reliable, you can get data from millions of pages in every location you need.

Also, while scraping with Real-Time Crawler, the company benefited from the following:

  • A team was set up to assist in ensuring the success of the company’s data extraction process. Even if your target site is very challenging, Real-time crawler would be able to extract the data you need thanks also to the proxies used.
  • The company could get even more data with Real-Time crawler at a 100% success rate. Since Real-Time crawler only delivers successful results, the company got the required data without having to spend more.
  • With Real-Time crawler, the data extraction process is automated and the company can focus more resources on data analysis and decision making, while real-time crawler takes control of the extraction process.
  • High performance of IPs is guaranteed using Limeproxies as the proxy service provider. So your scraping can proceed smoothly
  • The fully automated panel made it easy to use and manage
  • You can easily change IPs as you need no matter the time. This is useful, especially when scraping a large amount of data to avoid IP blocks from multiple requests being sent from a single IP.
  • Every IP you get is dedicated and not shared with anyone else
  • You get up to 1 Gbps connection speed


Web scraping is a capital intensive process that takes much from the company in question. Search intelligence companies extract a lot of data as they are concerned with keeping their clients at the top of search results by giving them SEO tools and data that would be useful to this end. But most times, the expenses involved in acquiring said data is much more than the company can handle. It doesn’t have to be overly expensive and that’s why Limeproxies works to reduce data acquisition costs for search intelligence companies. By using an affordable and reliable proxy service provider, you can afford as many proxies as you need, and combined with an efficient crawler like Real-Time Crawler, your success rate would be increased and at a low cost to you.

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