Snapchat Proxies and Snapchat Automation

Snapchat Proxies and Snapchat Automation

Snapchat Proxies

Are you one of those whose multiple Snapchat accounts have been discovered and banned? Snapchat clearly states in their terms and conditions that it's one account per person and no two accounts belonging to the same person can exist at the same time. In social media marketing, two or three accounts won’t be enough to reach the target audience.

Some marketers can have as much as 500 accounts but how is this possible? Snapchat proxies. With Snapchat proxies, you can automate your Snapchat accounts with Snapchat automation tools so you can have as many accounts as you want without being discovered and banned. What’s more, is that you can also view insights and know who is looking at your stories and who is interested in your posts with the ultimate Snapchat viewer.

**Snapchat proxies aren’t just for automation and managing multiple Snapchat accounts **on the same device. It can be used to grant access to those in regions was Snapchat has been banned. Those in China and Iran have no access to Snapchat, but if you are a visitor there and need to go online and post or view stories, you would only be able to have access with a Snapchat proxy.

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Discovering Snapchat Proxies

Snapchat proxies follow the same principle as regular proxies and they act as intermediaries between your device and the internet. So all your traffic passes through the proxy server before reaching Snapchat’s servers and they are recognized as coming from a different device even if you are using the same device. Proxy servers that can be used successfully on Snapchat without getting banned are referred to as** [Snapchat proxy.**](https://www.limeproxies.com)


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Some proxy service providers customize their proxies to be specific to the need of Snapchat servers to prevent detection when used. This way, the chances of being detected as using a proxy are slim. Other general proxies can also be used without being detected and in either case, your IP address would be changed and would be that of the proxy server you are connecting through.

Do You Need Proxies for Snapchat?

There is a popular misconception particularly among newbies that you would need proxies if you would be automating your Snapchat account. While this is true, it only applies to multiple accounts. So if you would be automating a single account there is no need to use proxies. Just be sure to follow safe automation practices to avoid being spotted as a bot and penalized for it.

You can however use a proxy with a single account if you are in a country where Snapchat isn’t allowed. The proxy would change your IP address and make it seem your request is coming from a different country.

Snapchat proxies are only important when you are managing multiple accounts.

How Snapchat Proxies Work?

Since Snapchat doesn’t support the automation of Snapchat accounts or the opening of multiple accounts, Snapchat proxy helps to solve the problem. The use of multiple accounts together with the ultimate Snapchat viewer are ways to successfully promote your brand online. So Snapchat proxies hide your real IP address so that each account is created and managed through a different IP address.

Even though you can become popular following due process with just a single account, it’s a painfully long process and social media marketers don’t have such patience. They’d rather create a group of accounts and launch an ads campaign so they can trend and earn from there.


You will find many proxy service providers out there whose proxies work well with Snapchat and would serve you well. We would however recommend that you only opt for paid proxies and not the free ones as there is no guarantee that free proxies would work as they should. Even if they do, free proxies always come with a price you may not be comfortable paying. Your email may be spammed, or your device may be infected with malware.’

When using paid proxies, choose either mobile proxies, residential proxies, or private proxies.

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Best Mobile Snapchat Proxies

Mobile proxies are so far the best proxies for use on Snapchat. This is because they don’t act like proxies and would be difficult to be detected by Snapchat’s anti-spam detection system. Another thing about mobile proxies is that even if they do get detected, they wouldn’t be banned.

Mobile users get their IP address whenever they want to connect to the internet, and they get a new IP address each time they connect. So placing a ban on an IP would mean denying an innocent individual access to Snapchat’s services, that’s why mobile proxies are not easily banned.

Some examples of mobile proxies include:



Luminati was the first commercial provider of mobile proxies and have over 7.5 million mobile IP addresses all over the world. They give premium services and have many companies as their customers. You can trust that they are reliable and would serve you well for Snapchat automation and management of multiple accounts but they are expensive.



AirProxy provides you with the best proxies you can use with Snapchat without fear of being banned. Their servers are located in Italy and as they own mobile devices, it’s easy for them to use their internet connection and assign their IPs to you. by this you will get super-fast speeds and overall great performance.

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Once you subscribe to AirPorxy, they would assign a SIM card and modem to you, giving you a genuine mobile IP address, but also making them very expensive.


After mobile proxies, the next best choice for you to use our residential proxies. This is because they also don’t act like proxies and they route your request to Snapchat through real residential IP addresses. Since these IP addresses are provided by the ISP, Snapchat doesn’t count them as spam and they are not detected by Snapchat’s anti-spam system.

Some examples of residential proxies include:



Smartproxy has over 10 million residential proxies in their IP pool, and are one of the best residential proxy providers you can buy from. They offer fast internet speed and great overall performance. their IP servers are in over 195 locations, so no matter the location you want to connect to, they will be a server for you.



Microleaves works perfectly with Snapchat, making them one of the best Snapchat proxies you can use. they give you unlimited bandwidth and a 99.9% uptime. For great speeds and a general great performance, Microleaves is a great option for you.



GeoSurf is a proxy that is built by experts on web scraping for that purpose. It’s no surprise however that this proxy works perfectly with Snapchat seeing that a lot of considerations were put into its programming. Its IPs are secure and very reliable.


Private proxies are for those who are after a cost-efficient but effective way of managing multiple proxy accounts on the same device. Note however that most private proxies have bad reputations already and will be flagged once it’s used.

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Some examples of private proxies you can use include:


Limeproxies offers you dedicated IPs, promising you great performance and a fully automated control panel. They offer you high internet speeds and more than 300 subnets from various locations. For IP rotation, you can add as much as 25 IPs to be authenticated for your use. all of these with a customer service that is always available to assist you makes Limeproxies one of the best options of private proxies you can use for Snapchat.


High proxies are based in the US and they provide you with dedicated datacenter proxies. They have specialized proxies for social media and you can use those for Snapchat. They are affordable and offer fast speed.


Instant proxies are one of the cheapest proxy services you can find. Despite their cheap cost, they give you great performance as they are fast, secure, and reliable. They have unlimited bandwidth and servers all over the world.


SSLPrivateproxy has its servers in the US, Canada, and Europe. Even though they don’t have special proxies for Snapchat, their proxies are known to be compatible with Snapchat.


1 . Is it Advisable To Use Free Proxies With Snapchat?

No, you shouldn’t use free proxies for Snapchat. Snapchat’s anti-spam system is smart enough to detect proxies especially the free ones. Apart from the risk of your accounts being banned, free proxies can also compromise your security.

2 . How Many Snapchat Accounts Should You Use Per Proxy?

Even though you can use two accounts per proxy, its risky. So to be safe, use one account per proxy to avoid any ban.

3 . Does Snapchat Support The Use of Bots?

No, Snapchat doesn’t support automation that’s why they have not released an API to the public. There isn’t any Snapchat automation bot commercially available in the market but you can have bots developed for you by programmers.

4 . Does Snapchat Support the Use of Proxies?

Snapchat doesn’t support the use of proxies as they see it as a tool to carry out malicious practices. When a proxy is discovered, what they wonder is “what are you hiding?” because of this stereotype, they deny requests from proxy users.

5. Which Types of Proxies Are Compatible With Snapchat Bots?

Snapchat bots need HTTPS proxies.

6. Does Snapchat Ban User Accounts Easily?

No, they don’t. But if you use Snapchat automation tools the wrong way, your IP would be banned. If you use multiple accounts on the same IP, all the accounts would be banned too.


For social media marketing, the best results are gotten when every tool at your disposal is being used. Following up on your brand with a single account just like Snapchat would want you to work, but it would take a very long time and may not be as massive.

With multiple accounts, you can easily trend and reach out to your target audience faster. The only way to use multiple accounts on your device without getting banned is to use a Snapchat proxy. Apart from using the proxy on different accounts, you also need a Snapchat viewer to help you monitor your progress and growth on the platform.

There are different categories of proxies that you can use on Snapchat without getting caught and they include mobile proxies, residential proxies, and private proxies. While mobile proxies and residential proxies are very effective, they are expensive.

Private proxies are cheaper but riskier to use with Snapchat as they get blocked easily. Limeproxies is a type of private proxies that can be used on Snapchat without fear of your accounts being banned. So what you get is a budget-friendly service, with great performance and reliability.


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