Complete Guide to Sneaker Servers

Complete Guide to Sneaker Servers

Sneaker Servers

If you are serious about having the upper hand when it comes to buying limited-edition sneakers, you will find a sneaker bot very handy. Sneaker servers work with sneaker bots to better your chances at copping shoes especially when you need to make multiple purchases.

Note that you don’t always need the server, and in some cases, they can even reduce your chances when copping shoes. So how then do you benefit from it and where do you get them from?

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Sneaker Servers

A sneaker server isn’t much different from a basic server you can run from your home. It’s a computer network that you control remotely using your PC. It runs in a datacenter close to the sneaker site you want to cop from. Using a server is easy and is similar to operating a computer running on Windows OS.

Setting Up a Sneaker Server

For those using Google Cloud or Amazon AWS, you will have to begin by creating a virtual server instance, and then connecting to it using Microsoft Remote Desktop. For Amazon AWS, click on this link to create the virtual server instance. Click on this guide for Google Cloud and remember to enable both HTTP and HTTPS traffic.

If you are in doubt of the specs for your server, you can use 8 GBs of RAM, and CPU of 4 cores for casual copping. If you however run multiple tasks on your bot, you would need more powerful hardware.

Copping With Your Mobile Phone

If you want to cop on the go using your mobile phone, you can connect to your sneaker server using the Microsoft Remote Desktop app, available for both iOS and Android. Don’t expect great user experience with this though.

Advantages of Servers for Sneaker Bots

  • For multiple bots or tasks: sneaker bots make use of a lot of computing resources, especially when you are running multiple tasks all at once. While running more than one task can increase your chances of purchases, they can reduce your efficiency and so you’d need servers. Since sneaker servers are more powerful than your laptop, they will work with your bots more efficiently.
  • Faster Speed: some websites are very competitive and only the fastest speed succeeds. You may have up to 300 Mbps but it won’t be enough for your copping task. A sneaker server can give you speeds of up to 10 Gbps, and you can even get a server that’s very close to the website’s server. These factors contribute to significantly increasing your speed and chances to make purchases.
  • Stable Connection: if you have an unstable connection, it would make copping slow and reduce your chances of making successful purchases as speed is very important here. This is especially common if you are in a different region from the site you want to cop from and so using sneaker servers would help stabilize your connection for faster speed.

You Are Using macOS or Linux: most sneaker bots are only compatible with Windows OS, so if you are using a computer that runs on macOS or Linux, you need a sneaker server.

The Best Sneaker Server Location

The best location of a sneaker server is as close as possible to the target site’s server you are copping from. This way you will get faster speed and stable connection. If you are in the US, popular locations are Virginia, New York, and Chicago. For those outside the US, choosing a server that is in the same country as the target site’s server is good enough. Crown it all up by selecting sneaker proxies in the same location as the server for the best results.

Does Your Sneaker Copping Task Require a Server?

Now that you have understood the benefits of using sneaker servers, the big question is, do you need a sneaker server?

Recently, the servers have not been in the best favor of users as more and more sites are moving from first come first serve as a means of determining who buys, to the raffle system. In the raffle system, speed isn’t important but rather users are chosen at random. So before you use a server, as yourself: are you trying to cop multiple sneaker pairs? Are you copping from shoe sites like Supreme where speed is very important? Are you using a Linux or Mac OS based computer? If your answer is yes, then you probably need a server. If your answer is no, it may not be necessary for you.

Premium Sneaker Servers

There are three major types of sneaker servers and they are:

  • Amazon AWS: This sneaker server is probably the best at the moment for copping. They are faster and also charge per hour. However, if you would be using them for longer drops, you would spend more as they are expensive.
  • Google Cloud: this is a great option for noobs. They charge per hour and lack speed, so it’s not the best server for sites like Supreme.
  • Dedicated Sneaker Servers: these types of servers are purchased monthly and not hourly unlike the previous two. They are great for use during release crazy months, and also for restocks. Examples of dedicated sneaker servers are 10xServers and Iced Out Servers.


Copping sneakers is one of the most difficult things to do because of the competition, and so to succeed, you need to have your tools ready. Sneaker servers are a necessity if you plan on copping more than one pair of sneakers, or if you have an unstable and slow connection.

It’s also a must-have if you are using Mac OS or Linux. Pair the best sneaker server with the best sneaker proxy, and you are two steps closer to getting those pairs of sneakers you dream of having.

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