The Ultimate SEO Checklist in 2019 | By Limeproxies

The Ultimate SEO Checklist in 2019 | By Limeproxies

SEO Checklist

‘’SEO Industry is poised to reach $80 billion.’’

The SEO industry has now become a crucial factor for any B2B business with regards to their content marketing strategies. It has become so impactful that SEO techniques has been considered to drive a 14.6% conversion rate alone in recent years. For a business seeking a great lead capture number, SEO justifies its existence well. 

In 2019 and the years to come, content marketing is slowly becoming the next sales factor after cold calling. From creating and sending bulk emails, campaigns, blogs, social media posts, and many other measures, content is grasping heights to help brands tap and convert qualified leads quicker. ‘’In 2018, B2B marketers rate blog articles as the most effective content format in the awareness stage, whitepapers during consideration, and case studies during decision.’’

With content now becoming a significant measure to capture lead attention, with the competition growing tougher, what would make your content stand out? Even if brands create the finest solution to sell to their target audience, if it doesn’t reach them, there is no point in exhibiting that solution.

This is exactly how and why SEO can guide you through. In this guide, you will not just learn what an SEO is, you will be covering the main agenda which is,’ how it can help your business grow?’.

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SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is a process where it helps to rank your content on the top Google search with the help of the keywords your prospect would likely type upon.

For instance, say a brand writes a blog post on proxy servers and how it can benefit businesses. For it to rank as the top searches, it needs to find the keywords which will direct prospects to the article. Since the topic is about proxy servers, the keywords that prospects would likely search would be proxy, proxy servers, free proxy servers, proxy servers for business and so on. Now in your article, if you have applied even one of those keywords, your article will automatically show up when prospects search for it. 

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When we want to find a solution or need assistance to queries we simply go on Google and type our needs and the first 5 answers that we see, are most likely what we will click on. This is the role SEO plays.

With SEO:

  • Prospect attention can be triggered quickly since your content will be the first solution they see on their screen
  • Analyzing the clicks, opens helps determine the warm leads which are efficient for a brand to capture them instantly
  • Another road is being created so that prospects can find their ideal solutions quicker
  • Content marketing can be shaped according to the interest of prospects which will benefit a brand with better engagement 
  • Helps to target the right audience and send them solutions which will win them over and bring them more closely to the brand



You create an article and publish it on a website.


The search engine you place it in, which in this case is Google will crawl your website to get an understanding of the information you have listed is all about.

STEP 3: 

Your website will then be placed in various categories and search terminologies matching your type of information.


When users find your website with the keywords they have used and this action continues to take place more frequently, your article will be ranked as the top 1 henceforth.

To beat the tough competition, there are many brands today that are going under the process of buying traffic. Many believe that paid traffic can speed up their engagements with prospects and help close sales quicker.

But what happens here is that this won’t be a great idea for the long run.

SEO is a great medium to engage and capture leads when done by generating organic traffic. It isn’t an easy process but it’s valuable in the long run. When your paid traffic slowly starts to fade away, the organic traffic will continue to bloom with more lead captures and conversions.


Ultimate SEO Checklist



‘’56% of companies have said they plan to increase their content marketing budget.’’

This is a great initiative since SEO would be a great mechanism to boost content amongst multiple target audiences. Living in 2019 with the market changing every day, how will you be able to find keywords which would push your article right in front of prospects more often?

The easy solution is through web scraping. With web scraping you can easily scrape websites, other sources of information and even your competitors to find out which keywords are often typed by prospects and implement that information in the content platform.

This is a great technique that can be backed up with secure support, proxy servers. With proxy servers available in the market, brands can identify which server would suit their system and continue conducting secure SEO keyword captures without any hassles.

‘’64% of B2B buyers report they would like to see content organized by industry on company websites’’ which means that it’s time you start building up your organic traffic via SEO to grab in valuable leads which will help grow your business towards a healthier path.  From creating podcasts to innovating selling techniques to capture leads attention quicker, SEO is a great mechanism to trigger lead capture activities in a more organic and genuine manner.

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