Top 11 Instagram marketing best practices in 2020

Top 11 Instagram marketing best practices in 2020

Instagram marketing best practices

‘’Instagram’s potential advertising reach is 849.3 million users.’’

Instagram holds ‘1 billion people’ in its count who make use of Instagram every month, what’s not to like about this app? Instagram has witnessed a significant growth as the number mentioned above, and will continue to grow since the modern businesses of today can now use such a platform to tap and convert their qualified leads without any hassles.

Instagram has many users and with more and more individuals joining, it is confirmed that fro a business front, this is considered to be one of the golden opportunities to find your ideal audience from the crowd. Imagine if you have a business page and a follower list of more than 10,000, this basically means that you have a mix of hot and warm leads who are interested in your solution.

While you conduct other marketing activities such as campaigns, infographics, content marketing and much more, you have a dedicated section of leads via Instagram which even you would agree is one of the best Instagram marketing best practices for a company. 

Understanding this, this article is curated to offer brands like yours to apply only the top 10 Instagram marketing best practices which matter in 2020. When you have a lead driven strategy in hand, a platform that can make this process more convenient, it’s time for you to apply the right techniques to achieve the goals you’ve set.


Instagram marketing best practices

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# hashtags have been a super hit in Instagram, today every user who either posts a picture or a video is immune to adding at least one relevant hashtag. The greatest part is hashtags are a great way of extending the post. For instance say if you have posted about your solution which speaks about proxy servers, you could reach out to your audience with the relevant hashtags such as #proxies #server #proxyserver #saasbusiness and much more.

What happens here is say for instance if a user wants to search for something and they type #proxy, your post will appear to them along with the other relevant posts under this hashtag. This is a great opportunity because you can easily extend your outreach and reach out to a bigger target audience. This action could benefit the way your business is showcased in the eyes of your prospects.


Source: Iconosquare blog

As you can see, the minute a user types a word, any content related to it will appear which means that even if they type a word relevant to your business page chances are your page can actually trigger their attention. Use relevant hashtags that matter and use a sufficient amount so that the outreach of the post can be spread on a wider platform.

Business news daily shared a pro tip about hashtags in their article stating the below tips to be followed when using hashtags:

1 . Use fewer hashtags

  1. Use only the popular and trending hashtags



Source: Later

Say for instance you are a brand that sells Saas products, it is wise if you partner with a peer who sells the same solution so that the marketing strategy of yours can be spread across much better. For instance, if a brand deals with lead generation, you understand that for an efficient lead generation to take place, quality data is necessary. 

Since you have a business of proxy servers, it is understood that your peers can benefit better by using your service in order to conduct efficient lead generation activities. When two brands merge this way, the marketing grows twice more profitable. You are not only celebrated amongst your audience but you also stand a chance to be celebrated amongst your peer's audience as well.


Have you ever wondered why your solution’s growth is slower despite it being the ideal solution for your prospects? Chances are maybe you are just selling blankly which is exactly why you need to find a way to fit in what your prospects are looking for. For instance say if your prospects want to access information, any information online and are looking for a solution that could help them to conduct this activity, you could jump in an exhibit how your solution can help them. 

For instance, you could create a post about your solution and add in the caption of that post ‘ Want to view information online? Are you finding it difficult to access information and are on the lookout for a solution that can help you by ass restricted websites? Our proxy server is the perfect solution for you.’’

When you are able to identify what is it that your prospects are looking for the next step should be to identify how and in what ways your solution can be helpful for them. When you are able to conduct this action that’s when you have a unique yet profitable Instagram marketing best practices in hand.


Another factor to keep in mind when marketing your solutions using Instagram is to understand when you should be posting in the first place. 


Source: Wordstream

You cannot post 5 or 10 posts in a day with the expectation that your solution will have a good reach, chances are in such situations, your prospects could either unfollow your page or block you.

Now you don’t need that which is exactly you need to start planning when you will apply this Instagram marketing best practices. Lyfe marketing stated, ‘’Early on the weekdays tends to be the best time for user engagement. Overall, the highest engagement rates occur on Wednesday at 3 p.m., Thursday at 5 a.m., 11 a.m., and 3 to 4 p.m., and Friday at 5 a.m. While the lowest engagement rates happen on Sundays.’’

Understand the motive isn’t to consistently post multiple such kinds of activities, the main agenda is to post the right content at the right time so that triggering your prospect's attention and then finally pushing them into the conversion stage becomes easier.


Another way where you can enhance your Instagram marketing best practices is by extending your page reach. For instance, say if you are writing blogs, at the end of the blog you could add your Instagram account link in a way that can help them click on it. For instance, you could say that at the end of your blogs, or newsletters or even infographics’ Was the information meaningful? Did you find the information insightful? We would like to hear from you. Why don’t you hit us up on our Instagram page and let us know your opinion’.

Apart from the above CTA actions, you can also opt to place the link on the sides so that your prospects can click and view it. The main point here is that you need to attract as many prospects to come and view your page so no matter the other marketing tactics you use, always ensure that you have your Instagram page link applied for your prospects to cater to when they see it. For a more detailed approach about Instagram marketing tips for managers and brands like yours can apply, click on this article.



Source: Econsultancy

Another way to enhance your Instagram marketing is to showcase your brand in a different manner. The main agenda here is to exhibit your brand in a better way so that it compels your prospects to learn more about what you are offering them. ‘’200 million Instagram users visit at least one business profile daily.’’

When posting, always ensure that the images being used are in a high efficient visual form, the captions written are compelling and attractive and also when a prospect views your page, it should look attractive, colourful, eye-catching images and videos and should retain the steps of your prospects to explore more what you have got.

To create a better Instagram page, you can:

  1. Use a theme and colour which is pleasing and attractive
  2. Write eye-catching captions
  3. Using a great font which is easy to understand
  4. Not using too much of the colours or long captions
  5. Keeping the page simple and pleasant to see
  6. Using the Instagram bio to write impactful words which describe your business


Source: Metricool

Instagram has multiple features that can enhance your posting activities better. From the choices of filters to make your images much more better to use stories to engage your audience to learn more about what you have to offer to make use of the features Instagram offers is a great way to enhance your marketing strategies.

Instagram’s business pages also have a results section where you can identify which post is working well, how many people it has reached and much more relevant information which will help you in your business activities using this platform. 


Source: The nextweb.com

Making use of such features will help you perform better using this platform.


Engaging on Instagram is necessary, in fact it is better to conduct such a regular activity so that you can build a great relationship with your prospects and give them the opportunity to learn more about you. Instagram as the stats mentioned above has a huge number of active users which means that conducting even a small activity on your page can compel at least a few of the users to participate in what you are offering them. 

Engaging with prospects is necessary and the ways to do it is:

  • Having a story put up speaking about your solution
  • Giving away freebies
  • Conducting contests
  • Creating a group to engage with your target audience
  • Tagging audiences on posts

A relevant article online shared the 4 ways, one can engage better with other users online:

The first is to like posts. When you like a user's post, you are climbing one step towards initiating a connection with them.

You can also engage with prospects by commenting on their posts via an opinion form or a suggestion or simply giving a statement. This strikes up a good conversation in return.

You can also engage with prospects or your peers by mentioning/tagging them in the posts you share. For instance, you could share your recent blogs and tag a few influential people from your industry and get them to share their views. This is a good marketing strategy as it garners more prospect attention.

Lastly, you can try the method of direct messaging. You could trigger the attention of prospects by messaging them privately and getting to explain to them more about how you can help them.

The more you engage with your prospects, the better you are able to sell to them. With the world going digital, the one thing which lacks in social platforms is the humane touch. By conducting such activities you are opening up about what your business believes in and are indirectly sharing across that satisfying prospect's needs are a priority for you. To set up Instagram marketing staties is easy but o implement I requires the right techniques to do it. Engaging with the audience is one of them.



Source: Later

 ‘’Brands post an average of 2.5 stories per week.’’

Instagram stories, a trend that is breaking the internet. In fact, many users on Instagram use this feature almost all the time to exhibit any kind of thing. On the business front, this could be one of the greatest ways to engage with your prospects. ‘’62% of people say they have become more interested in a brand or product after seeing it in Stories.’’

An Instagram story lasts for 24 hours which means even if your post a story about your solutions on your Instagram stories at say 8 pm, till the next day at 8 pm it will be available which means that it will help to cover many of your target audience’s attention. ‘’500 million people use Instagram Stories every day.’’

So say for instance if you have posted about a new feature in your solution, you showcase minute details on the stories, chances are when your prospects view it a few of them would revert to you to enquire about the new update in your solution. Hence this is another great Instagram marketing best practice, which you can apply to increase the views about your solution.

To create a great Instagram story, you should apply the following tactics:

  • Explain in brief about what you wish to tell your target audience
  • Use compelling images
  • Don’t include all the information, just create a brief attractive sentence
  • The content mentioned should trigger the curiosity of your target prospects to revert to you


Another great marketing tactic to sell better on Instagram is to make use of graphics and well-written captions. 


Source: Mentionlytics

See it in this way, there are thousands of posts being viewed by your prospects as and when they scroll Instagram, so why should they stop their scrolling when they see your post? Instagram has provided you with the platform to engage and sell better to prospects, how you do it purely depends on your strategies.

To garner your prospect attention among the crowd, a compelling caption which is pulling the attention of your prospects to click on the link to your page and a visual which is again pulling the interest of your prospects to explore more on what you are offering them is a win-win situation. 


Source: Placeit

Always ensure the below factors are kept in mind when trying to pull the interest of your prospects:

  • Use only high-quality images
  • Write impactful captions, you only have a few seconds to stop prospects from scrolling forward
  • Use powerful words
  • The images should be attractive and should retain the prospects from viewing it more



Source: Business Linkedin

Another Instagram marketing best practices are the creation of campaigns. Creating campaigns are necessary because it gives a brand the opportunity to cater and attract their target audience. With campaigns, a brand can easily capture leads and bring them to the conversion stage. For instance, you can create campaigns for certain categories such as to draw more prospects towards this social media handle, you can easily create a campaign highlighting the factors your social account provides. If any leads visit your website, you can create another campaign to retain their interest. If they haven’t visited your website, you can continue to target then with the campaigns so that they can push their interest to view your social account. Campaigns are a great way to exhibit your strongest asset which in this case is your lead driven technique, Instagram.


IconHow do I get more engagement on Instagram 2020?

You can get more engagement on Instagram in 2020 by putting up a story speaking about your solution, conducting contests, giving freebies, creating groups to engage with relevant audiences, and tagging audiences on posts.

IconWhat are the most popular Instagram topics?

The most popular Instagram topics are Fashion, Food, Design, Travel, Fitness, and much more.

IconHow do you get 1000 followers on Instagram fast?

You can get 1000 followers on Instagram quicker by using relevant hashtags, posting often, making use of Instagram completely, using Instagram stories, creating campaigns, and much more.

IconWhat content performs best on Instagram

Images and videos are considered to be the best content that performs well on Instagram

IconHow to find content for Instagram

You can find out by typing relevant hashtags and see what content appears, you can also try Post Planner, where you type in a topic and you get relevant details.

IconFacebook Best Practices

The Facebook best practices are keeping a closer look at analytics, keeping posts short and simple, understanding your audiences, highlighting and engaging with customers, and more.

IconTwitter Best Practices

The Twitter best practices are putting relevant hashtags, placing visuals, running polls on questions being asked, keeping tweets short, and more.

Icon How to Use Instagram?

Download Instagram on Play Store, Install, create a username and password. Set up your profile, add a description, photo and you can start adding images and videos. You also have the option to put your account as private or public too.

IconInstagram Tips 2020

The Instagram tips in 2020 are selling better with captions and visuals, engaging better with peers in your industry, using all Instagram features available, and more.

IconHow do you market on Instagram 2020?

You can market on Instagram in 2020 by investing in Instagram influencers, going live on Instagram often, using Instagram ads, creating a content calendar, and more.


‘’Instagram will reach 112.5 billion U.S. users in 2020’’ alone so you can imagine how much the number would it be for other countries across the globe.

Instagram is a great platform for the businesses of today. We usually hear the phrase, you need to engage with prospects the way they want to be engaged with, and with almost the entire population being on Instagram, for any business this is a great opportunity to increase their sales and revenue count with better numbers.

Another way to indulge in Instagram activities is to gather relevant data that could earn you some brownie points towards catering to your prospect's needs much better. The online world does provide data but with the rise in cyber attacks in organizations it has become difficult to access any kind of data online.

Using a reliable proxy server could help in this case. When you view your competitor's Instagram account to have a look at their followers and what their strategies are, using a proxy server can easily help you access it without having any fear of being caught.

Also a proxy server can also help you to manage multiple Instagram accounts when needed. For instance when you engage in Instagram marketing, there will be scenarios where having another few accounts would be help you to reach out to your prospects much better, hence when you conduct such actions with a proxy server it becomes safer and better.

Invest in a proxy server that offers a good number of IP’s so that managing multiple Instagram accounts becomes an easy process.

The modern market requires a modern solution to be applied to engage better with leads and with widely popular social platforms such as Instagram, right from taping leads to converting them has become easier.

Which practice are you going to follow? We would like to hear your opinions on the choice you made.

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