Top 5 Ways To Get Paid To Play Video Games In 2018

Top 5 Ways To Get Paid To Play Video Games In 2018

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  1. Registering at Twitch
  2. Play Second Life
  3. Post Gameplay on Youtube
  4. Be a Game Tester
  5. Become a game marketer

Gaming is not limited to just for recreational purpose only. Most of the people around the world are earning millions by playing video games.

Some use gaming for entertainment while some as a stress buster. However, people who have embraced gaming as a profession are required to keep themselves technologically equipped all the time. Apart from owning a system with the latest processor, high-speed RAM, Updated Graphics Card, High-speed broadband connection, Gamers also need a gaming proxy server to escalate their experience.

Lagging internet connection and geographical restriction is the biggest hurdle of an enthusiastic gamer, especially while participating in international competition. Lagging of internet during a match often results to a disconnected server and in some cases; it leads a player to lose a game. Also, using a proxy server like limeproxies would help a gamer to change their location and gain expertise on a worldwide basis.

Now let’s move forward!

Here are top 5 ways how one can monetise from playing video games

1. Registering at Twitch

Make Money with Video Games - Registering at Twitch

At Twitch, people can earn beyond the average household income every month. It may have started as a streaming service to view video game gameplay, but now it has become a source to earn money through legitimate ways. Twitch provides a wide range of methods implementing which streamers can monetise their channels.

Few ways to earn money through streaming includes

Twitch offers some additional options for Streamers who are popular through reaching a certain level. Such Streamers are often known as Twitch affiliates and partners and are allowed to use more features. However, new Streamers can still enjoy few options; as well despite they do not have a huge base of followers.

Twitch Subscriptions

Through subscriptions, Streamers can earn a recurring source of income, which grows over time through the increase of viewership. Generally, the earnings of the streamer are split between Twitch at 50:50 ratio but famous twitch partners are given more than 50% as a token of gratitude and a way to encourage them to stay at the platform.

To become twitch affiliates and partners, Streamers must garner at least 50 followers, which makes sense as Streamers under 50 followers will not get paid subscribers. New Twitch Streamers will not find the Subscribe button unless they are upgraded to the partner or affiliate status.

Important Notes


To encourage more subscribers Streamers must set up alerts within a stream, which notifies them when they get a new subscriber. Streamers can also create customise emoticons for new subscribers to make them feel closer.


Streamers who do not have twitch subscriptions can ask donations through a third-party service like Patreon. Setting up a Patreon page is free of cost and Streamers will get a Patreon Username through which donation can be made.


Bits are essential animated gifs posted by users to support a streamer on Twitch within a stream’s chat. To send a gif, a user must purchase them via amazon payments using real money. With each bit, a twitch partner and affiliate earn one cent. So, if a streamer gets 100 bits, then he/she receives $1.

Important Notes


To encourage more Users, streamers can thanks to their viewers verbally. Besides, streamers can tie special sound effects and graphics whenever they receive new bits. Rewarding viewers with special chat badges with viewers name displayed on it can also encourage people to send more bits.


Receiving donations from viewers is also an easy way to earn some extra cash through Twitch. Streamers can ask their viewers to support them from as low as 1 dollars to thousands based on how good they are with their viewers.

However, many scammers or internet trolls often claim a dispute after donating a large sum of money and have them refunded. The period for a PayPal dispute is 180 days after payment, and unless the period is over, it’s crucial not to use the received donations.

Playing Video Ads

Associating video ads during a stream also makes Users earn few bucks. However, the earns through Ads are not a good source of incomes as twitch only pays $2 per 1000 views. The average viewers of most prominent twitch streamers range around 600. Although it gives an extra earning relying on it solely is not worthy.

Streamer Sponsorships

Twitch Streamers can also earn money through endorsing products and services just as the influencers of Instagram. Sponsorship can be attained either through reaching out the marketing team of a company or sometimes it’s the marketing team who often reach out to streamers. Earning through sponsorship entirely depend upon the intensity of the promotion. Some streamers wear T-shirts of their sponsors while others verbally encourage a product or service.

2. Play Second Life

Make Money with Video Games - Play Second Life

Since 13 years, second life is providing the best web-based multiplayer games to the masses. Second life is as similar as The Sims but Users will get endless options virtually and will also have the opportunity to whatever they want with their characters. Second Life is the best way to make some money. There are also some people who are making millions playing Second Life.

In Second Life, Users will have to collect virtual currencies. All they have to do is to find a way to translate this virtual cash in real cash. Most of the money is earned through dealing with real estate, selling fashion and other goods as well.


The best way to make money in second life is to building up a brand and having a successful marketplace store. However, producing new mesh could be daunting and equally challenging. As there is already diverse marketplace in the game, one has to work hard to create something unique.

Play Goldtokens.net games

Earning linden in second life by playing goldtokens.net games are ideal for those Users who do not want to invest much time in the virtual world but still want to make money. These games are specially developed to provide better accessibility to new players to get linden in second life.


In this process, one has to post well-written quality articles on a daily basis and maintain the quality of the content forever. This process often takes a significant time for payback as one have to build up his/her Google ranking, which does not happen quickly. However, one got established, Users will start making money as designers & other life businesses will begin asking for advertisement and sponsorship on the User’s blog.

Writing Guides for others

Users in Second life especially newbies are often confused and lost in this virtual world of Secondlife. Most newbies want to know how to get themselves started in second life. People who are looking to make money in Second life can write guidebooks about the game and sell them on the second life marketplace.

3. Post Gameplay on Youtube

Make Money with Video Games - Post Gameplay on Youtube

With good content and strategic advertising plans, one can make a living out of YouTube. Choosing the right game and the right system is crucial for players. Beginners can start their luck with PC as it’s easier to set up. Users need a game capture and screen recorder app, and a mic. However, Users who like to play with consoles have to work a little harder. With consoles, Users have to get a video capturing device to capture the game in HD, a mic, a system to edit everything. While on PC, one can do a quick edit and then upload it.

Creating a Channel

To add an attractive factor to the channel users can add some impressive youtube background and add some favourite intro videos. Users can hire some professional services for that purpose or can do it by themselves if they are skilled enough for that. Adding information about the use of the channel, info about Users make the channel more personal. Users should also verbally ask people to subscribe to the channel to get the latest updates.

Accumulating fan base


Users have to create an official Twitter account and converse with many people as they can. Apart from collecting followers, users must also use loads of hashtag to get people to follow the channel.


The easiest way to get followers is to inform all friends and families about the new channels by creating an official page in Facebook and sending the YouTube link to them. Users must also ask their friends and families to share the link to their group of friends. Besides, Users can post the link in several other affiliated pages of Facebook requesting people to pay a visit to the YouTube channel.


Active engagement in forums can result in a large number of views and subscribers. Start by joining some good gaming forums, comic forums, Minecraft forums etc. Users can start by asking and answering ten questions in the forum on a daily basis. The focus should be to build a good reputation and let people start talking about the channel of the User. Sometimes, Users may have to pretend someone else and spread a positive rumour about his/her channel as well. Well, it may sound little eccentric but that how things roll on the internet.

Accessing some forums might be denied to users who live in a different country. However, during the initial phase of accumulating Users, one can’t miss any chances due to geographical factors. Users who face issues can always use a reliable proxy server like Lime Proxy, which allows Users from any country to access anywhere in the world.


Users can chat with other YouTubers and ask others to feature them on a video. Users can also ask other YouTubers to do a shout out about their channels.

4. Be a Game Tester

Make Money with Video Games - Game Tester

Gamers can earn a right amount of money just by playing the latest games. To become a game tester, one needs to prepare an attractive resume. As recruiters receive a massive number of resumes, Applicants need to make their resume stand out from the rest. Rather than being too elaborate its advisable to keep the resume simple and to the point. The start of the resume should include the User’s interest in becoming a game tester while also mentioning the reason behind the decision. Then Users should also add other things like experience, education etc.

To find recruiters, Applicants can Google “Game testing Jobs”. Users can see a lot of recruiters looking for game testers for the latest games. During the interview process, it’s recommended to act professionally and explain one’s interest in gaming. Applicants = can start by their informing the interviewer by their education and experience, followed by mentioning how many consoles and games they own.

As a starter, Applicants must take their first job quite seriously as their professionalism will matter in future. After completing the first assignments, applicants will have a chance to get more jobs in the field.

5. Become a game marketer

Make Money with Video Games - Become a game marketer

Gamers who have an influence on the internet and have a fair knowledge about gaming can earn money by sharing their experience on the web. The best way to do is to start a website or a gaming blog with social media channels and play at the best online casinos.

Using various attractive contents, and SEO boosts Users must try to make their website known to users. It may take time to establish a good reputation in the online platform, but the results are quite promising. As soon as Users became famous, game companies will start coming to their website to promote themselves. Users can also become a game tester, reviewers and influencers through following these steps.

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