The Ultimate Guide to SEO Proxies

The Ultimate Guide to SEO Proxies

Guide to SEO Proxies

‘’57% of B2B marketers stated that SEO generates more leads than any other marketing initiative.’’ 

SEO, a famous tactic which multiple modern brands today use in order to capture their potential leads, nurture them and finally convert them into a sales lead. 

SEO works its ways to help brands optimize their website by incorporating certain techniques which makes it easy for them to do do. 

Wouldn’t it be great if your prospects search for something and when they type it on Google or any other search engine, your content is the first thing they see?

Whateer the prospect needs will be on the first page, so the question here is, how can you spring up your SEO content from the crowd. There are so many contents being published well before you could step in, how will you make your mark?

If you are looking to expand your business, increase its awareness, grow better with the right prospects, applying SEO measures in your online lead generation process matters.

This article has everything you need to know about SEO and the tricks you can apply to sell better with such a process. Also, there is also another important category you need to know about, popularly called ‘SEO proxies’. This concept will make your SEO processes much better.

But before we can head to the main section of how you can perform SEO, let’s first get to know the true meaning of why such a topic is being discussed.

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SEO stands for search engine optimization and as the name suggests it focuses on optimizing websites so that when Google scrapes relevant information for the online users, it becomes easier for them to detect which website is the right one to pull.

SEO has many tactics under its cap, for instance, there is SEO blog writing, adding backlinks, using keywords and more. The importance of SEO is it stresses more on acquiring more leads. For instance, when you conduct an SEO action and if it’s conducted well, chances are your conversion rates and lead capture tend to grow towards the positive route.

Let me explain this with an example.

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You're publishing SEO blogs each week, now what if in those blogs you add relevant keywords which your leads use to find their solutions online?

What if you add links in your blog of your peers so that when someone wants to find them, your blog appears since they have been added as a link?

All of these factors play an important role in making SEO as the perfect choice when it comes to selling online. 

See it in this way, the online world has now become a medium where every business has the opportunity to engage better with potential prospects. There are many ways to connect with prospects, one such is SEO.

SEO uses the format of content to increase the attention of the solution which prospects are looking for and is also playing a huge part in retaining the same attention through the concept of blogs and other types of content which can be video marketing and much more. 

SEO brilliantly uses ‘content’ as the main magnet that will work its way to garner the needed attention to sell better online. Studies have shown, ‘’Almost three-quarters of SEOs think content is the most important factor for an SEO-friendly website.’’

When your prospects want to find a solution that can satisfy their needs, their first action would be to research about them. What SEO does is it ensures that your website or rather your content is framed in such a manner that when your prospects search for their solutions, your content or website is the first thing they see.

Imagine if this activity takes places on a consistent basis, how well would it affect your brand performance?




Not every lead that visits your blog is a genuine one, some of them would just be there for a second and then leave or some would have accidentally clicked on your link, all these leads cannot add value to your business in any way hence investing your time in them is useless.

The greatest thing about SEO is that it gives you the opportunity to receive only organic leads.

Leads that are searching for a solution and have found that in your blog are the same leads you need to invest your time in. SEO gives you the advantage of capturing the right leads because only the leads who are genuinely interested in what you have to say to them land up on your page. Such leads drive organic traffic and hence your brand benefits from the arrival of real visitors.

For instance, you have added a good number of keywords in your content, when your leads search for it online, they will be directed among the options that are relevant to their search, your content too would appear. 

Only genuine leads will click on the content and explore and retain their attention on your page because they would have found your solution the ideal match for their needs. Such leads are a good investment in your business growth.


The greatest thing about SEO is that it can help to retain the attention of prospects for longer. There are thousands of content being published each day and for your content to stand out from the crowd is important. Hence many brands today don’t just write a plain blog, they do more to it such as add visuals, or videos and even quotes or statistics to enhance their content better.

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So when prospects continue to read the blog, they are triggered with the above tactics to retain longer and understand what more the blog is offering them to fulfill their needs better. This is a great opportunity as it helps you to identify them and hit them at the right time in order to convince them to invest in your solution. 

Since they are interested in what you have to offer, chances are closing deals with such leads becomes much easier. For a prospect to invest in brand solutions the development of trust and confidence is required, with SEO techniques this process takes place in an effective and efficient manner.


‘’93% of online activities start on a search engine.’’ This clearly states that your prospects are searching for you right now while you continue to read this article. One of the main agendas of any brand is to be recognized amongst its target audience and with SEO this is possible. Each day, prospects are on the lookout for a solution that could satisfy their needs.

Imagine how great would it be when they search for a solution for their needs and your SEO content pops up? This would be a great advantage as you will have the opportunity to sell better to them, capture their attention and continue to assist them better during the process. 

There are thousands of competitors selling the same solution, what you need to take care of is how you can beat them all and prove your potential prospects that your solution is ideal for them and the only way to do this is to conduct efficient SEO techniques.


Another great thing about SEO is that its actions can be measured. To continue good business growth, the main focus should be on how you can continue to enhance your current performance.

With SEO this can be done easily. With the help of SEO tools available in the market, you can easily keep a track of how your blogs are performing, what topics are being clicked the most, what is the performance scale for the week, daily or monthly, what keywords can be used and much more.

When you are able to witness the performance, as a brand it becomes easier for you to take charge and work on eliminating what is slowing down your online activities and increase the factors that contribute to quicker growth for your brand. The more you improve your SEO practices, the better are your chances of capturing your leads.


Whenever prospects would conduct their purchase decisions, they would always use the online platform to conduct their research. This is a great tactic as they depend and highly make a choice on the information that content had provided them. This gives you as a brand to increase your sales by considering such an option.

For instance, you can include all the solutions in your SEO content including the solutions which your brand offers, so when a prospect views your information, they would be compelled to view what solution you offer as well. 

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Your SEO content will help the prospect understand that your brand has the knowledge about what their needs are and also are experts in offering them the right one.

Hence that compels their actions to visit your website and try out your solution. This, in turn, impacts your sales numbers and also helps to close deals much quicker.

You now have complete knowledge about how SEO’s existence for your brand can change the way you engage with your prospects.

It’s now time to move forward.

When you know why SEO matters for your brand, the next knowledge you should be grasping is how you can successfully conduct it.




The first step in SEO is to identify which data matters. You cannot sell your leads content which will not help them at all, the main point here is that your prospects have come to your page so that they find a solution to their needs and if you don’t have what they are looking for their next action would be to walk away.

Ensure that the solution you are providing to your prospects is relevant to what they want to see and read. In order to find out what your prospects really want you can try the method of web scraping. The web scraping process can help to extract any kind of data over the internet so that the user can easily monitor and identify what exactly they need to improvise and work on.

With web scraping you can easily identify the following information:

1 . What content is trending?

  1. What content prospects want to read?
  2. What are their expectations for their needs?
  3. What type of content will draw prospect attention?

Another factor that makes an impact on effective SEO practices is by setting up a mobile version for your prospects to read your content. Today the world has gone digital which means that a desktop isn’t the only way your prospects will read your content, they will prefer a more convenient read if it’s also available in a mobile format. ‘’Mobile-optimized sites are more trusted by 51% of consumers half of consumers don’t trust websites that aren’t optimized for mobile. They would simply avoid the companies who have a poor mobile website.‘’

Your SEO tactics remain wasteful when you are not able to target the users who rely more on a mobile-friendly experience. To ensure that your content is mobile-friendly, you can conduct the following steps:

1 . Frame the screen properly so that the content is being displayed clearly

  1. Ensure that the content is visible well
  2. The framework should be user-friendly
  3. Put options for prospects to link to your content page 

‘’According to data released by Google, 53% users abandon a mobile site if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load.’’ It is simpler, would you be alright to wait longer just to see a screen? Understand this, out of the thousands of SEO blogs, a prospect has shown interest to see yours and when they visit your website and have to wait, chances are their interest can fade away. It takes only a few seconds to retain the interest of your prospects, you might as well do it right.

To retain your website loading speed quicker, you could:

  1. Analyze the visuals your place, ensure that it isn’t too big for the content
  2. Identify any factors which can cause a hindrance in your loading pages
  3. Avoid placing any big measures such as placing long videos because it can slow down the loading page

‘’51% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best ROI.’’ If you had the option to choose between watching a video or reading a longer content, you would choose the first option. Today many users prefer a video when it comes to understanding a solution. A video is more attractive, creative, colourful, pleasing and draws attention much quicker.

Video content is one of the greatest ways you can showcase content, for instance when you are creating SEO blogs, adding a video can also retain your prospect attention to read more and stay longer on your page which can win you extra time to convince your prospects about the solution you are offering. To create efficient video content, you can try the following:

1 . Create visually appealing videos

  1. Write meaningful content
  2. Write in short sentences say for 1- 2 sentences
  3. Use appealing colours which soother the eyes
  4. Use better images
  5. Readable fonts

The great thing about SEO is that it helps to optimize your content via search engines with the help of brilliant tactics, one such is using the right keywords. When your prospects use a search engine to find their needs, they type in keywords to help search engines direct them. 

For instance, if you want to find this article, you would use keywords such as ‘best SEO’, ‘best SEO techniques’, ‘SEO techniques’. 

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If this article has placed any of the keywords mentioned above, then this article will be able to rank and appear in front of your prospects. For this reason, it will become easier to rank your website if you use the right keywords. 

To retrieve the right keywords you can use a web scraping technique where you can easily scrape the information related to the keywords competitors are using and what are the common keywords which are being used by your prospects.

By extracting the data you can easily use those keywords in your SEO content and rank your content higher when your prospects use those keywords to find the relevant content. 


The SEO content which you write will soon fall old when you publish new blogs according to your planned strategy. Not all your potential prospects would have seen your old content hence it is important that you always reshare, update it and keep it alive. 

For instance, you might have written a content which spoke about the how the internet was a few years back, today the internet has changed a lot, so in the same content you update the present-day information and share it amongst your prospects. This will be better to drive more traffic as well.

To keep a track of your older SEO content you could:

1 . Keep a track of your previous blogs

  1. Keep a closer eye on the new information
  2. Conduct regular updates and share to your prospects

SEO tactics can only be successful when your target audience is happy with what they see. For instance, say that new technology has been launched in the market relevant to the industry you are in, now you can’t just write content that explains about that technology, you need to also mention how it can be beneficial for your audience as well. Hence creating any SEO blogs which answer your target audience queries is one of the most successful SEO techniques.


Source: Canonicalized

To create what your target audience expects, try answering the below questions:

1 . What does your target audience want to read?

  1. What are they expecting from your SEO blogs?
  2. What topics are interesting to them?

The best way to conduct efficient SEO activities is to always keep a closer look at your performance. You could apply the right keywords, present the blog your audience wants but if you are not able to understand how each of these actions is performing, it won’t help you to create better SEO techniques in the future. 

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For instance, if you have used a few keywords in your blog, you need to keep the analysis of whether those keywords are enhancing your SEO content on the search engines. If a few keywords are not making its mark, you can eliminate them. Conducting a regular analysis will only help to enhance your SEO content better in the search rankings.


Another effective technique of SEO techniques that work better is linking internal links.’’A blog post should have 2-5 internal links.’’The internal links could be anything such as your website, your other blogs, all of these links make a difference. 

See it in this way, your prospect needs to retain longer on your page and when you link any internal blogs it makes them explore what you are offering them much more. 

For instance, whether you are writing an SEO guest blog or a generic one, when you place more internal links you increase the engagement of your prospects towards the solution you are offering them in the form of the solution you’ve created to reach out to them, such as blogs, posts, videos and much more.


Source: TechnoFAQ


Another aspect of SEO technique is the way you set your headings. For instance, your content could have all the knowledge which your prospects require, but if you have an uninteresting heading, it might not catch a larger audience’s attention. 

Did you also know that when you create an impactful header, adding a keyword always impacts your ranking on the search engine? 

For instance, if you have created an SEO blog on the topic how to manage your SEO performance and the keywords being used is SEO analysis, SEO performance, you could frame your heading along with the use of those keywords such as ‘ How to enhance your SEO analysis for better increase in organic traffic?’, ‘ How to improve SEO performance to achieve better conversion rates?’ 


This can be a tricky action but if managed well it can spark some great conversion numbers. Out of the thousand SEO content being shared online every minute, it takes only a few seconds for a prospect to walk away from your content if they didn’t find it interesting enough to tap their attention. 

This is a problem because what you are using the content medium to tap your potential leads and when they are not able to retain longer how can you build that trust in the words you have written? how can they possibly understand that the solution being offered to them is the ideal one? The main agenda to conduct an SEO technique more effectively is to grab the attention of potential prospects and continue to retain their attention for longer.

You can try the below tips to hold on to prospects attention longer:

1 . Add videos for longer attention capture

  1. Add more storytelling examples
  2. Include pictures and infographics to capture more attention
  3. Frame the blog in easy lines instead of a long paragraph

According to a survey conducted by databox, it has been claimed that a blog post should be between 1,000-1,500-word range. Writing SEO blogs can increase your traffic but do you know how much you need to write? Cardinaldigital shared


The modern prospects of today are curious, they require answers for everything, even in the most obvious answers. For instance, if you are writing about how SEO can help increase organic traffic you can’t just state the obvious, you need to indulge in more content such as:

1 . What is SEO?

  1. Why is it important?
  2. Why does it matter in retrieving organic traffic?
  3. How can brands benefit from such actions?

Another factor that determines an efficient SEO technique is the factor to produce high-quality content. You can’t just create video content with minimal information or use any kind of keyword which adds no value to the content. 

As a brand, you are depending on content to capture and attract qualified leads which will matter to your business which is exactly why every SEO content that goes online, you need to ensure that when any search engine crawls through relevant data, your content is the one that needs to be understandable and efficient enough to be ranked higher. 

In order to create efficient quality content:

1 . Have strong pointers for the blog

  1. Apply relevant sources of information to prove the data you are writing
  2. Write the content with subheadings and not like a simple essay
  3. Create the content in a manner where the words engage with the prospects
  4. Conduct regular optimization of the blog
  5. Use quality images 
  6. Use only high-quality references and links


Source: Nichehacks

Backlinks are links that direct a user reading the content to another page. As seen above, when you click on any of the highlighted links, you are directed to the page where the highlighted statements have been drawn from. This is also another brilliant hack of SEO techniques. 

For instance, this can be beneficial to promote your older blogs or get prospects to be redirected to your website page. 

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For example, the image showed above, when you click on the highlighted link you will be immediately taken to another page which in this case is another blog that speaks about the given statement. The greatest benefit here would be you can retain prospect's attention for longer and give them the opportunity to drive closer to what you have to offer them


Topic clusters include links that redirect a person towards understanding a particular topic. So say for instance that you are speaking about SEO as a whole topic, so a topic cluster would be like, ‘Understand the importance of SEO here’. 

What happens here is the reader's understanding of what SEO is but with topic clusters a reader can be directed in detail to another topic to enhance their information better. This is a great SEO tactic as it becomes easier to retain the prospect's attention and make them stay longer on the content page.



Source: Content Marketing Institute

Snippets are what appears in a box when a prospect searches for a solution. Since it appears as the first thing on the search engine page, there are high chances to reveal more clicks. With snippets, appearing in such boxes can be beneficial since it draws more attention, confirms a click as well as showcases that the content holds a higher expertise knowledge of the topic.

To get on the featured snippet, you could apply the following practices:

1 . Create answers for queries which your prospects would most likely enquire about

  1. Answer more and more questions so that when the chances of your content raise to the box
  2. Make use of good keywords when writing your content or answering queries
  3. Increase the questions you answer regularly
  4. Fix a definite word count and stick to it
  5. If you are adding any visuals or videos, ensure they are all of a high quality

‘’Did you know that 50% of all searches will be conducted by voice by next year?’’

In fact, many of your prospects have already started doing that right now. With the voice search option, prospects can easily find solutions for queries instead of them having to type them out. 

If technology is making an easier route for the way users can easily find information online, as a brand it is important that you make use of such an opportunity in order to cater to your target audience needs much better. 

The voice search is simple, for instance, if someone says, what are the top ways to conducting efficient SEO? The search engine will immediately showcase articles similar to the topic being asked for and imagine if your content is the first thing they see? How cool would that be?

To ensure that your content appears the first thing via the voice searches you could:

1 . Research better on the keywords

  1. Include impactful keywords on the header and the body of the text

As we move ahead, in the beginning of the article, you were introduced to ‘SEO proxies’. SEO proxies aren’t a different concept, it is rather a solution that will help you to enhance your SEO activities better.

SEO is an online activity and as you are aware the online platform isn’t as safe as you expect it to be. There are still developments happening which is why you need a secure solution that can help you conduct such an efficient activity like SEO more confidently.

Proxies are one such solution.




To conduct efficient SEO activity, the right keywords which prospects will search for, the right topics which prospects will want to read on blogs and the right content framework which will attract prospects all can only take place when the right data is at hand.

How can brands outsell competitors with real data? By retrieving competitors’ data via web scraping. With web scraping, you can easily extract information from your competitors and save it in your system for better improvisation of your current solution. 

While the scraping activity goes on, proxy servers ensure that all of this is conducted with pure anonymity and without any errors. When the data scraped has all your competitor's information, framing a good SEO strategy becomes more confident and successful. 


As mentioned earlier, data scraping can be a great solution to conduct SEO activities more accurately. With the data scraping process, brands can easily scrape through any data of their wish including even restricted websites so that SEO activities can be conducted better. 

Whether it is targeting the right keywords to rank an article or finding the right backlink which will showcase the content as a well-known expertise source, all of these actions require the data that will help in giving the expected outcome. 

Data scraping ensures that expected outcomes are met because the data-driven are from sources that have implemented the action and have seen progressive results. 


Data mining helps in analyzing data so that likely predictions can be made. 


Source: Digital transformation Pro

For instance with data mining, analysis can be made of how the SEO activity looks like a few years from now, would SEO stress more on video content or podcasts would be the next efficient SEO activity space and other factors. 

This is crucial because the market keeps changing and it is important to be prepared for the new changes well in advance. Again for data mining to be conducted it requires data from various sources which data scraping can provide.

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 Understanding that it is a lot of data to retrieve from various sources, this doesn’t put any restriction on the process with the help of proxy servers. Retrieve any data you require which can benefit your SEO activity at the moment and refrain from the fear of IP addresses being blocked or identity being revealed because the greatest part about proxy servers is that it eliminates both the actions from happening. 


Backlinks are another great asset for brands because it helps in the ranking of the content. When the right backlinks are placed in the content, the article gets viewed, shared and spoken about much more due to the impactful backlinks it shares. 

For instance, when you apply a backlink from a well-known website, the content appears from the search, chances are the content will be viewed most likely. Also, at times when the content is shared from the owners of the backlink references you had taken, the content is spread towards a wider audience hence increasing the more prospects outreach.

To get such quality backlink, again the action of conducting web scraping can help in the retrieval of it. To secure this action proxy server supports the process throughout. When the content has a lot of traffic being drawn towards the page, the ranking automatically rises. 


‘’71% of consumers who have had a positive experience with a brand on social media are likely to recommend the brand to their friends and family.’’

This is why social media monitoring needs to happen and who can do it better than the proxies for SEO monitoring. With proxies, conduct continuous monitoring, share multiple ads, conduct and amount of social media activity without the fear of being considered suspicious or spam. 

Proxies ensure that whenever any posts have been conducted the IP address would reflect as a different one fooling the spam detectors that all of these activities are coming from different accounts when instead of all it is being driven from one account itself. This can boost SEO activities via social media in an enhanced manner and drive more traffic to the websites. 


Campaigns are one of the greatest ways in marketing to trigger the attention of potential leads to a brand’s website. Multiple businesses spend ten and thousands of their revenue to create and promote campaigns that will spring back genuine lead captures in return. 

The need to promote campaigns from one account or maybe just 2 can take place but not more than that. For instance, If campaigns are shared numerous times from one account, the online world considers it as spam and for a company depending on campaigns to source quality leads, this can be a slower growth process but with proxies this is possible.

Proxies for monitoring doesn’t just limit to just SEO monitoring. SEO also includes the use of keywords and backlinks which is used in campaigns to extend its outreach further. The constant need to promote it further from one account may not be possible hence proxy servers can help. With proxy servers posting the campaigns from one account is possible. 

The only thing which will change is the IP address. There are many proxy servers with a tap of a button that can refresh IP addresses so that no matter the number of times a brand promotes campaigns the action will never be caught under the risk of spam or suspicious activities and get blocked. 


When the traffic increases on websites or content pages, the ranking simultaneously increases as well. When the right keywords, meta tags are being implemented, content appears directly to the prospect reach. 

Getting organic traffic is necessary for reasons such as it helps in the growth in the long run. In order to receive organic traffic, the necessity develops in finding the right SEO activities to be conducted well. For that to happen the right data from various sources as well as prospect reviews and opinions matter. 

Conducting the action manually consumes a lot of time and effort hence web scraping helps in extracting all the information and save it in your system on behalf of you. With tons of information being scraped, it is important that no kind of tricks can give way that this action is being conducted hence proxy servers assist web scraping with a more secure and better way of managing this process. 

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Proxy servers can help to scrape to take place from any website or other sources even from geo-restricted locations all while tricking strict rules that the action is considered from the user that has access to it. 

Did you know that there are many well-established SEO agencies that help brands like you to conduct efficient SEO activities?

We have listed a few for your reference.





Ignite Digital ensures you that you can get on Google’s Top 10 with them. It is considered one of the best SEO companies, in fact, it is considered as the number 1. Being a digital marketing agency, they provide their users with exceptional digital marketing solutions such as one being the obvious SEO, content marketing, social media community management as well as website development. Their main aim to drive more sales for their clients in the easiest and effective manner.


1 . Complimentary SEO Competitive Analysis

  1. Long term ROI
  2. Insightful and effective SEO strategies
  3. Increase Web traffic
  4. Receive on top Google placement
  5. Beat competitors quicker





Over the top SEO also referred to as O.T.T is one of the international digital marketing agencies whose main specialization itself is SEO. They also offer other solutions such as Web Development, Design, and lead generation as well as optimization and hosting. Their main focus is to retrieve only organic data to clients as well as exceptionally well click through rates. O.T.T has a well-equipped team that knows exactly what they're doing boosting client confidence and trust.


1 . Enterprise SEO

  1. SEO
  2. Google Maps marketing
  3. Reputation Management
  4. On-page optimization
  5. Social media management
  6. Conversion optimization services and much more





Webimax is another potential SEO service provider in the industry. Apart from SEO services it also offers the following services to its clients such as Paid Search, Social Media, Website design and development, Reputation management as well as a few consulting services. Bagging many awards and accolades in its name, Webimax knows exactly how to use SEO and its other services in the most adequate and result-driven manner.


1 . Relevant backlinks

  1. Targeted local SEO
  2. Increase in usability
  3. Stronger content curation
  4. Effective social media engagement





SEO Image takes its brand name very seriously. They are mighty pioneers in the field of Search, Social and Reputation management. They have created a powerful slogan which states, ‘’It's not enough to just be at the top of the search engines. We put you at the forefront of your industry." They understand that with target methods, a brand can easily improve and grow its reputation as well as make an impact in the conversion numbers. They create the 2020 brand strategies for solutions such as ROI growth, SEO, Social media, PPC and web design.


1 . SEO

  1. Reputation Management
  2. Pay per click
  3. Social media and much more





Started in 2002, Page traffic has an Indian office in Delhi and has its sales office in Chicago, London, and Noida. Driven more from SEO activities, Page traffic also offers exceptional solutions such as Web design, Social media, and PPC. This SEO agency is currently satisfying over 700 clients with effective SEO solutions. Also, get a dedicated SEO consultant that is available at your assistance so that SEO activities never face any hindrance of any kind.


1 . SEO

  1. Link building
  2. Online media planning and buying
  3. SEO training consultant and much more




SEO is here to stay.

With the indulgence of the various techniques mentioned above, selling to prospects has become more refined and efficient.

When you invest in SEO proxies ensure that you opt for the one which is a dedicated proxy, offers a good number of IPs and is great at its performance whenever you apply it.

So, what do you think of this article? Was it helpful? Which technique do you plan on incorporating first?


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