How web scraping can benefit the real estate industry?

How web scraping can benefit the real estate industry?

Web scraping for real estate

‘’The average price of luxury homes has fallen 1.6% between 2018 & 2019’’

This clearly states that the real estate industry is witnessing a good number in revenue in the years to come. Real estate has seen its ups and downs and has a scope to grow much better in the industry. Real estate depends highly on one main ingredient which can help in planning and structuring the right real estate strategies

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Data’ is what can help the real estate industry to flourish better. With valuable data, the real estate agents can sell better to prospects, capture the right leads as well as catering to their exact needs. But with the online world being more restricted due to the high rise in cyber attacks data has become an expensive risk for many brands to undergo the process of retrieving data whilst accommodating any risks if any.

With the technology growing and the development of unique solutions in today’s market, there is one such solution that can help in the retrieving of data. ‘Web scraping’ can be a solution that can help the real estate business for any agents to flourish better and add more valuable and relevant information to create effective lead driven strategies.

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What is web scraping?

Web scraping is the process of extracting data online. For instance, say you want data relevant to the pricing strategies. You want information about how much your competitors are charging their prospects and plan yours accordingly. Now you can’t keep viewing that information all the time, wouldn’t it be great if you had it in your system?

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This is exactly what web scraping aims to do. Web scraping helps in extracting that information and saves it in your system in the format you would prefer such as CSV file, XML and much more. This process doesn’t consume your entire time and is quicker and also can be conducted regularly.

In real estate the market keeps changing, preferences change, the prices to fluctuate, at this point, having such relevant information in hand can help agents to reconsider what they are performing with prospects and instead jump into a more reliable and good strategy which can help them to sustain better.

How web scraping can benefit the real estate industry?


1. Helps in better property activities

In real estate pricing plays a crucial role. Many real estate agents cannot add a whopping amount to sell to a buyer. The need to understand how different properties work and the amount it holds. When they do this they can offer the right homes for buyers as well as earn in a much better manner. Hence with web scraping, this is possible. All you need to do is find out the relevant information related to the houses that are in which houses are more in demand, which pricing is more ideal and what features buyers are looking in a house. All of this can help you to segregate the information, categorize the information and serve needs much better.

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2. Keeps a track of your competitors

Keep a track of your competitors, when you are aware of what your competitors are doing you will be able to sell better. Your competitors will have a particular strategy that is winning them over to tap buyers quickly, having an account that will help you to monitor and understand what strategies they are using and help create a better strategy than theirs. In real estate, many new agents have stepped in the market and are looking at ways to sell better to buyers. Having competitor information always keeps you on top of the game and come out with innovative solutions which will help you to tackle them better.

3. Engage better online

The online platform is one of the best platforms to engage better with buyers. From creating the best content strategies with relevant blogs and regular social media posting to creating videos and visuals which can tap the attention of prospects, the online platform is the best way to engage with buyers. Web scraping can help make this more efficient. There are thousands of blogs, posts and videos shared online, how can your content framework stand out? With web scraping, you can easily scrape through all the information related to which blog topics are trending, what buyers want to read, what makes them click a post, what videos they like to watch, what they want to know from real estate agents and so on. When you can grasp all that information, it becomes easier to tap your leads and convert them into a qualified sales lead.

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4. Eliminate bad reviews

With the competition getting fierce and the number of competitors tackling other brands, it is a very common thing for brands to experience bad reviews unknowingly. The reason could be numerous, either to disrupt another agency and many more. Despite such action, any bad review can cause your buyer to take a step back before indulging with you which can be a bad thing. Hence web scraping helps to eliminate just that. With web scraping, you can scrape through all the reviews written about your brand before any damage can take place. Conducting this scraping work regularly can help in maintaining a good image for your brand.

5. Improvise on the current solution

What makes your brand better is the way you engage with buyers. If you are not keeping up with the real estate market or if you are not aware of what your buyers are looking for, it becomes difficult to engage and grow with your selling strategies. Web scraping can help extract all relevant information such as buyers' needs in the current market, market updates and many more. This all contributes to improving your current selling solutions and make it more efficient and effective when you are engaging with prospects. The real estate market is constantly on a change with either the market going down or higher, it is important that with web scraping giving you all the data in your system, the way you engage with buyers should be on point and much better.

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The Bottom Line

The real estate market is growing better. With tools such as web scraping, it becomes easier to find data that matters and it is important to cultivate the growth for your real estate business.

However while web scraping conducts the tedious job on your behalf, wouldn’t it be great if you had an application that could help conduct this action more securely? This application is called proxy servers.

Many proxy servers in the market can help to conduct secure web scraping activities. A proxy server is a solution that ensures that your scraping of data can happen from any place without any identity or risks attached. You can scrape through any information without having to reveal your identity as well as receive only safe information in return. When you have such solutions in hand, grow in the real estate sector in terms of your business is more highly.

What did you think of the article? Which step would you take to nourish your real estate strategies?


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