Web Scraping through the worldwide web

Web Scraping through the worldwide web

web scraping

The world is a global village; indeed, it is. Thanks to advancements in technology, we can explore much more than we could before progress. Today we can use this technology for our best use. The invention of Proxy has changed the game. A proxy allows changing your IP address to another virtual IP address, allowing you to hide your IP and replacing your original IP with another one. Who would have imagined that you could tap markets in other countries without the need to be physically there? No one would practically, however, using a proxy, you could visit the Internet and view things as if you are from that country. A proxy server lets you access the market there and an idea of how you can penetrate that market too.

Using proxies to optimize your websites in other countries to compete with local competitors is also an option to win a fair market share. Also, if you live in a country where some useful websites are banned due to politics or other reasons, don't worry; Proxy has got you covered. Using a proxy allows you to visit prohibited websites in your country, so if you are one of those frustrated guys, a Proxy is for you to get your work done. As the Internet has grown up in recent times, cyber-attacks have increased too. Using a proxy will help you here, providing you with complete anonymity over the Internet. It will help you stay protected from hackers, scammers, or the dangerous freaks on the Internet trying to spy by keeping your IP anonymous.

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What is Proxy and why do you need them when web scraping?

Is a proxy server your best friend? Or a middle man conveying your questions to the provider? In literal terms, Proxy means representative. Is it a representative or something else? Proxy server function is similar to a middle man communicating, but technically it deviates a Lil bit. The proxy server acts as an intermediary link between the Internet and the user. It helps bring information from the Internet that users search on the web browser while saving loading time. When you surf a question on the webpage, the Proxy simplifies your request and passes it to the provider. After collecting relevant information that you were looking for, the proxy server brings it to you. It has some additional benefits of security and privacy. After looking at its explanation, we can conclude that it is representative. 

Web scraping using Proxy:

Proxy provides numerous advantages when web scraping. To understand the need for using a proxy server when web scraping, we need to understand the term web scraping. This specific technical term has deep meaning—extraction of data, backlinks, and precise information of any particular web. It enables you to copy data on google sheets and make changes to it accordingly. Some software that can do web scraping includes Mozenda, Parsehub, Crawlmonster, etc. Proxy has an IP address that allows you to veil web scraping while saving your time as it can collect information in bulk. Contrary to this, it takes ample time to do it manually. 

No more localized result: 

Furthermore, it removes the restriction of location, which can make your result personalized. To understand this, consider an example of a Tv show popular in the USA, and you are unable to watch it because of your IP address. But guess what? You can easily manage it using a proxy, as a proxy server will request using its IP address. 

Lifts the risk of getting ban: 

There is a potential risk of getting a ban when web scraping, as many requests aren't favorable for the website. But why is the website banning you? It happens when a specific IP address makes numerous requests as there is a risk of data theft, and it can increase the loading time of that website and decrease their ratings. However, with Proxy, most searches are possible as the website will receive the new IP address every time. 

Hides your IP Address: 

It also has some additional advantages related to security as it hides your IP address and permits you to do web scraping anonymously. 

Here is the list of best proxies you should consider buying: 

● Cyber ghost (VPN): It is software that hides your identity from ISP, government, authorities, and snoopers. It is rated 4.8 based on 13,431 votes.

● HMA (Unblocker proxy): HMA hides your IP address and DNS request with AES -256 encryption. It is rated 4.6 based on 22,243 reviews. 

● ZenMate (VPN): It helps you connect from a remote location while keeping your data encrypted. It is rated 3.6 based on 69,673 votes. 

● Hotspot shield (VPN): It prevents data logging. It keeps your identity and info safe from hackers. It is rated 4.1 based on 11,429,823 votes. 

● Hide.me (VPN): It provides a wide range of protection from protecting your identity to wifi security and browsing experience regardless of your location. 

● KProxy )Unblocker proxy): KProxy does the same thing as other proxies, but it has the unique feature of changing your IP Address when surfing. It is rated 3.9 based on 39 votes. ●VPN books (HTTP(S) Proxy): It does the same task as other proxies, like hiding your identity to remain restriction-free while surfing. It is rated best due to its ability to access Netflix USA.

What are your proxy options?

I am sure you must be confused between proxies and must be wondering to find an ultimate guide to help you choose between representatives. To solve your query, I have gathered information about different types of proxies. 

HTTP(S) Proxy: 

With an increasing rate of cybercrimes, it is vital to secure yourself with the best Proxy. HTTP(s) meets your demand for high security. It sits between the user and the servers for the

transportation of requests. Make sure that you have selected the correct port as the incorrect port will prevent connection. In terms of security, HTTP(s) take the lead. 

Unblocker proxy: Wanna view the restricted content of the websites? Then unblocker proxy is your ultimate solution. It enables you to visit restricted websites. It allows you to enjoy content not available in your region but unfortunately, it doesn't work most of the time. 


Who doesn't love privacy? Most of us want our lives to be private in every aspect of life.VPN lets you accomplish it by hiding your IP address. It provides an additional advantage of encryption that makes your information impossible to read by a third party. After enabling proxy settings on your PC, you need to decide which Proxy you should use. We generally go for things that have the best ratings. To assist you with your decision, here is the list of trending proxies. 

Free Proxy: 

Anyone can use free proxies as they are available to a wide range of people; they perform the same task of making your identity invisible when surfing. These are lifesavers for those new to the business and have a low budget to spend on such tools. 

For startups, it is a great option. However, everything has its pros and cons. Similarly, free proxies are risky to use because it is serving a large number of people. 

Paid Proxy: 

Not all people spend money buying tools. Everyone expects to get something unique when they pay for something. Paid proxies are much more trustworthy and are less risky to use. Due to this reason, they serve the lesser user and are safer. 

I can deviate you from your opinion. However, the final decision is in your hands. Think about the aspects of both proxies and decide which one you need.

Best paid proxies in 2021

VPNBook: It does the same task as other proxies, like hiding your identity to remain restriction-free while surfing. It is rated best due to its ability to access Netflix USA. ProxySite: It encrypts your internet connection and conceals your identity. Whoer: It uses encrypted channel communication. It protects while connecting to public wifi Networks. 

GeoSurf: It provides access to a wide range of IPs and makes local surfing possible. How to set up your proxy management:

Here is how to set up proxy settings on your computer. Your screen may be different, but these are the basic steps compiled for your assistance. 

Windows 10: 

● Turn on network settings in the window settings. 

● It will direct you to the Network and Internet window. 

● By clicking on the Proxy from the left column, several options will appear on your screen.

● Keep scrolling and click on the manual proxy settings. 

● You can select desired settings from here. 

macOS 11: 

● As you open settings, you will see the option of the network. 

● Click on advanced, and it will redirect to the proxies lab. 

● You can select the proxy types accordingly.

How does a Proxy work?

The proxy server works by providing you with an alternative to searching on the web safely. It passes your request to the server without revealing your IP address. It changes your location by using its IP address when passing a request to the server. However, the function of Proxy is different depending on its type. The proxy server works by removing several restrictions and web filters. There are few technical terms that you need to learn before understanding proxy server working. 

Web filter: 

It controls the access of different content which a user can see. 

IP address: 

It is that peculiar address that identifies your device on the Internet. 


It refers to the service that is providing you with the Internet. 


The group of computers or software provides services to other devices, known as the client. After building up your general knowledge about technical terms, some of you may find it hard to understand. We will move on to the working of different proxies according to their function and specialty.

Working of different types of proxies

Open Proxy: 

It works similarly to a standard proxy by forwarding the request to the server without being identified. 

Reverse Proxy:

It works by forwarding requests to an ordinary server and presenting to the client that they have come from the original server. 

High anonymity proxy: 

These proxies provide the best security as they erase every information before the proxy server connects to the target website. 

Distorting Proxy: 

Distorting proxy works by concealing its IP Address and permits you to access any website without being identified. It is ideal for people who are willing to search without revealing their location. 

Datacenter proxy: 

Datacenter proxies do not have any link with ISP. They come from secondary resources and provide security. 

Residential proxies : 

It delivers requests using the real IP address provided by ISP, which considers these requests an organic user and does not ban them. 

CGI proxy : 

It works by passing requests from the web form and returning them to the user. It is ideal for people who do not have access to changing proxy settings on their computers. 

Suffix proxy : 

It works by allowing users to visit web content by adding the proxy server name of the URL that the user wishes to see. Although they do not provide a high level of anonymity as there are advancements in technologies and web filters, they somehow assist in bypassing web filters. 

TOR onion Proxy : 

It works by concealing a user's identity, bypassing internet traffic to a worldwide network. It makes tracking user activity hard to trace and is best for people conducting different tasks requiring a high level of anonymity. 

12PAnonymous Proxy: 

IT works by encrypting peer-to-peer communication; along with this, it helps to have a censorship-resistant connection. It establishes this connection with the help of different volunteer computers set up for forming a volunteer-run Network.

Benefits of using proxies for web scraping

Why is Proxy getting so much heed? Is it that beneficial or again high shop vapid food? We live in a society where encountering judgemental thoughts is something we experience daily. It will be a cherry on top of a cake if something about us gets leaked or maybe something worse. But don't worry! You will be amazed by the benefits of the proxy server that it provides us. 

Content sieve: 

Many things are uploaded on the Internet daily, but few of them are eligible enough to remain on websites. The removal of illegal or indecent content doesn't happen by itself. Any organization or government usually performs this task by the usage of special content filter proxies. Furthermore, the use of the content filter provides authority to control the flow of content. Schools, colleges, and workplaces mostly use it to control several websites and watch the activity. 

Bypassing filters and restricted content: 

To explain this, take the example of Netflix. The contents available on your Netflix homepage might be different from the person living in China or the UK. It is because of your geographical location. Proxies assist you in avoiding these restrictions. You can freely search on the Internet without censorship by the use of proxy servers. If you want to do web scraping and wanna know about trends in other markets, then the Proxy is your ultimate solution. It is also beneficial on vacations when you can't access websites. 

\ Helps in repairing errors: 

It helps in improving errors as it automatically detects errors. 

Makes anonymous searching possible: 

It allows you to search anonymously without making your IP address visible. But how is that possible? It happens as your IP Address is not revealed to the end-user because the Proxy uses its IP address instead of using yours. In addition to this, it is very helpful in web scraping as the desired website won't identify your device. There is a high risk of getting a ban when you visit the same webpage many times. Proxy helps you to see the same website multiple times by changing your IP Address every time. 

Additional benefits: 

Additional benefits include security improvement, as your IP Address is concealed so no one can identify you on the Internet. It is useful on vacations when you connect yourself to a different wifi, increasing the risk of privacy problems. Still, with Proxy, you can enjoy freely worrying

about security problems. It also allows you to make a cross-domain connection and functions as a translator by routing traffic to a specific market. Furthermore, it increases website loading time as the information is stored in Proxy as cache or cookies in proxy server. If you visit the same website again, it will load faster, improving your overall experience, beneficial for businesses dependent on the Internet. On the contrary, it also has cons, including data theft, making the website slow by visiting the same web page from several IP Addresses. It makes tracking criminals hard as they can be identified or linked.

How to scrape data through a website locator?

Setting up your shop in front of your competitor's store is the most efficient way to boost your business as you can spy on their activity every time they do something unique. To perform this take, you need to scrape their website data, and the information available for their client can be of great use to you.

Firstly, you need to download Parsehub or any other software to scrape data. Once you have downloaded the software, the next step is to visit their website, then start a new project by clicking on the URL. After this, you can start by clicking on any of the location pins of your choice. Then press on plus command beside your location bar. After doing this, click on advanced. Then change the name, begin the new command to map. To delete it click on extract name. To choose to continue executing the current page, select plus and then click the command. After repeating the steps mentioned above, press control + 2 to select the location name, then change the name of selection to location name, then click on plus sign to extract location name if you are willing to extract phone numbers. Then repeat the steps till clicking on the select command. Continue by clicking on the location then its phone number. After following the steps mentioned above, the Parse hub extracts the location and phone number. By this method, you can extract data through a website locator.

However, these points are not that precise. To understand web scraping better, you can try several courses available on the Internet.



A proxy has a lot of benefits for the user, especially if the user intends to go for web scraping. Allows you to scrap a big load of data in the fastest possible way without fearing getting blocked by the websites. It will allow you to spy on your competitors without getting caught and use their information to enhance your Search engine optimization. Proxy is very useful if you are looking to go international markets, you can change your IP using a VPN of the country, town, or area you want to target, unlike old times where you had to visit the country to start a business there. Of course, you can bypass the restricted country websites too. For example, certain websites are only available in certain countries. Using a VPN will enable you to roam in restricted zones freely. To decide which Proxy suits you the best, you need to see your requirements. i.eIf you want to scrap huge data from websites, a premium paid VPN would be the best option that can be used, together with different locations available, so you can target more than one market. If the nature of your work is small, you can use free VPNs to get your job done, but they are less reliable. Also, an important note to remember is that proxies provide anonymity, but you shouldn't use this for illegal purposes or any other unethical work. The law agencies are always on the lookout to catch such wrongdoers. Try to avoid such acts, and take full advantage of proxies.

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