Limeproxies Write for us page -Guidelines

Limeproxies Write for us page -Guidelines

Limeproxies Write for us page -Guidelines

If you are a writer that is looking to grow in this field and want to enhance better on your research and writing skills, then you’ve reached the right platform.

We are on the lookout for writers who can:

  • Convey simpler solution to the audience
  • Write brilliant answers to clear all the readers doubts
  • Shape writing an article into an elegant piece of information
  • Share the knowledge that readers are missing out.

If that’s you, we would want to collaborate with you. In return for this partnership you receive:

  • Better enhancement of your knowledge and research
  • Create a mark in the field you want to grow in
  • Connect better with readers and grow simultaneously
  • Promote your brand

let’s dive right into the details.

These are the guidelines to submit Guestpost on limeproxies blog

  1. You have to come up 3 topic names for guest post
  2. The article must be in 2000 words
  3. Article should have have good introduction
  4. Adhere to SEO guidelines, Include proper keywords in title,headings.
  5. It has to include statistics and recent trends
  6. Article should have short paragraphs
  7. Good Tweets from influence's
  8. Images for statistics
  9. Related Image for Featured post Dimensions: 1000X500px
  10. No Spam links and spam anchor texts
  11. Topics from Technology, Saas, Proxies and Networking, Security
  12. Article has to ends with conclusion- Summary of the whole blog in 1-2 paragraphs.
  13. Article has to encourage comments- Author must accept to reply to all the comments
  14. Article must be unique and copyscape has to be passed
  15. Re posting of article is not allowed
  16. Need to share article on your social media
  17. No author accounts will be provided-Submit blog through email
  18. Once shared the draft, purple-rain owns the content and has all rights to edit the blog.
  19. 5 maximum external backlinks are allowed
  20. Final decision to publish the blog remains with purple-rain admin
  21. Suggest all the links and the anchor texts at the bottom of the post. Instead of adding directly.

Note: If your blog doesn’t fit into any of the above topics. Go through our Blogs, and if you still think it can be a good fit. Send it to us jyothi@purple-rain.io. We always welcome new ideas.

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