Anti-Malvertising and Ad Quality Monitoring

Limeproxies Delivers on Anti-Malvertising and Ad Quality Monitoring


Limeproxies Delivers on Anti-Malvertising and Ad Quality Monitoring for DSP

Limeproxies Delivers on Anti-Malvertising and Ad Quality Monitoring for DSP


With the trading name Jaduda GmbH, is operated by Goldbach Digital Services, a Goldbach Group company. Advertisers gain immediate access to all global mobile inventories that are using RTB and can deploy CPM and CPC mobile ad campaigns within minutes. They allow advertisers to target individual mobile sites and apps and provides detailed analysis to give valuable insights on campaign performance


Techniques to insert malware and disruptive ads are constantly evolving. Without continuous, expert monitoring of ad inventories, even the best DSPs can fall prey to advertisers who mistakenly (or even purposely) serve low quality ads. Understanding the ever-surfacing threats in the ad ecosystem, began searching for a trustworthy solution before they launched their managed services and self-service platform. They wanted to begin their business committed to ensuring only high ad quality for their supply partners, and validate direct advertisers prior to launch as well as live campaigns. The technology needed to accomplish this goal would have to be comprehensive, with continuously developed capabilities to scan all types of ads for malicious activity or low quality issues - specically mobile ads for auto redirects. The solution would identify the problematic ads to make sure that the advertisers would only be top quality demand. SSPs and Publishers would know that is the secure and optimal DSP to work with. The solution would also easily integrate into their workow to allow their time and resources to be focused on their main business goals – optimizing their clients’ ROI.


Limeproxies provides the all-inclusive, automated ad quality monitoring and anti-malverising solution that they were seeking. With Limeproxies continuously scanning and examining the ad inventory, they knows that ads with malvertising and low ad quality will be caught. Limeproxies provides real time response whether the malicious activity is hidden inside the MRAID, HTML5 ad or on the landing page itself, among many other options. The Limeproxies solution also enables to automate their mobile campaign testing, approval and monitoring process. In addition, they knows that Limeproxies is continuously developing features and capabilities to meet the current and emerging threats in the ecosystem.


They have instituted a policy that no mobile campaign gets approved before getting a positive check from the Limeproxies advertising security service. By using Limeproxies, they ensures high quality scores with SSPs and their direct Publishers as they are able to maintain high ad quality for their mobile inventory at all times. As the ecosystem evolves, they knows they can trust Limeproxies to protect them against emerging threats. In addition, by utilizing Limeproxies automated solution, their team can spend their time and eorts optimizing the performance of their customers’ campaigns and strengthening their partnerships.

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