Resolve Mobile Ad Quality Issues

Reduces Time to Resolve Mobile Ad Quality Issues


An online advertising network reduces Time to Resolve Mobile Ad Quality Issues 70% by Working with Limeproxies

An online advertising network reduces Time to Resolve Mobile Ad Quality Issues 70% by Working with Limeproxies


A premium online advertising network with global reach. Their focus is on bringing together premiu publishers and direct advertisers utilizing their proprietary world-class ad serving technology. Their team consists of over 130 employees in oces in Madrid, Barcelona, Mumbai, Singapore & Shanghai.


As they grew and the market became more complex, they knew they could no longer depend on a manual ad quality control process to ensure their partners were compliant. They needed an automatic solution that would continue to grow and adapt to the market. Their goal was to stop problematic ad campaigns before they led to bad user experiences and complaints. They tried a solution from a company reputed to be a market leader but found integration difficult, so they continued their search for an automated solution with easy integration – and turned to Limeproxies.


They found that Limeproxies provided a complete and easy-to-integrate solution that automates their mobile ad quality monitoring. Once the solution was integrated, they discovered that Limeproxies ad security and verication alerts help them meet their high ad content quality standards. Their prevalent issues – mobile redirects, latency and autoplay sound – decreased, and they were able to quickly and eciently resolve any issues that arose. Through collaboration with Limeproxies they rened their ad quality policies, and they can now ensure the integrity of their network and protect their publishers’ reputations.


Since integrating with Limeproxies, they have gained the mobile ad quality control they needed. Their partners are protected from noncompliant campaigns. They have also drastically reduced the time it takes to resolve ad quality issues. Previously, it took them as much as 30-60 minutes to identify and x noncompliant campaigns. Now, bad ad campaigns are controlled and resolved within ve minutes – a reduction of up to 70% in time and resources. They have expanded considerably since starting to work with Limeproxies. They are glad to have a solution that has kept up with their growing business volume.

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