Reduce Customer Churn

Limeproxies helps marketing company reduce customer churn

How Limeproxies real-time blocking of bad ads allows a marketing company to gain more trust with their publishers

In A Nutshell

A monetization platform for publishers, that promises their clients an increase in ad revenue by connecting them to top SSPs (Supply Side Platforms) from around the world in a header bidding way. Recently malvertising became a real threat in the advertising industry causing the drop in publishers’ revenue. Povilas Goberis, this marketing company’s COO, turned to limeproxies for a cost-efficient solution that could help effectively address the issue in real-time. Our real-time blocking solution has helped us to gain more trust with our clients.

The challenge: An increase in malvertising and low-quality ads

This Company helps publishers to find a way to join the programmatic ecosystem and increase revenue streams by displaying ads on their websites. Due to recent malvertising attacks, This Company began to receive client complaints of low-quality ads, auto-redirects, and ad popups. To troubleshoot the problem, they resorted to having its ad-ops team manually block the ads. At a minimum, locating and weeding out the source of the malvertising cost Setupad valuable employee time, with drastic cases taking up to a full day to diagnose and resolve. Concerns about user experience in client websites further pushed them to look for an alternative solution that would prevent malvertising threats faster and more efficiently. We understood from the very beginning that ad quality in a programmatic environment is crucial in order to maintain successful and long-term cooperation with publishers. In fact, malware, fraud, and misleading advertising might be the reason (other) companies fail to satisfy the high-quality requirements set by their customers. We developed our own tools and implemented limeproxies as part of our technology to mitigate the problem of bad actors in ad inventories where we run our solution

The search is on: A simple to implement, native solution

They concluded that dealing with the problem in-house was simply not a viable option. They seemed like the natural choice as the company’s ad security solution fit three main criteria: 1. Native implementation within their home-developed platform 2. Quick and easy setup 3. Real-time blocking to address the problem, before it impacted clients’ user experience Limeproxies real-time blocking solution has helped us to gain more trust with our clients

The solution: Real-time blocking of malicious ad activity

This Company implementation was quick and easy. More importantly, the software’s impact was immediate! They now identifies and blocks 99% of deceitful advertising auto-redirects in real-time, leading to the natural reduction of customer churn in this company's inventory. Additionally, the ad security software immediately kills those pesky popups and unwieldy looking display ads, providing for the clean, safe and secure user experience that this company has always prided itself on delivering to clients.

The result: Maximum ad revenue, minimized customer churn

Gone are the days of hours spent manually identifying malicious ad content. This Company can now focus on delivering the ultimate ad monetization solution they promise their clients, without worrying it will hinder the publishers’ user experience in any way. Instead, that valuable time is now placed on more important ventures, like driving new business and further developing the product. As for This Company clients? They can now fully focus on delivering advanced ad optimization solutions and further increase publishers’ ad revenue without wasting time and resources conquering malvertising threats.

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